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Dani Malone | Team Believe

Dani's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 10, 2022

Dani's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 10, 2022


My name is Dani Malone. I am a junior in high school and this year I was nominated to be a 2022 Student of the Year Candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is an organization that raises funds for the research and development of medicines and cures for blood cancer. LLS has invested $1.3 billion into cancer research, and their research has saved many lives. Over the last decade, 40% of the cancer treatments and drugs approved by the FDA came from LLS funded research, which is not only being used to treat blood cancer patients but also those affected by other cancers and diseases, such as breast and liver cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

As a candidate for Student of the Year, I have assembled a team that will embark on a seven-week campaign to raise funds for LLS from February 10th through April 2nd. My team and I are known as Team Believe. Our goal is to work very hard to raise at least $50,000 for LLS. In raising $50,000 we will have the pleasure to dedicate the money we have raised in recognition of our honored hero, Aylee Sharron

The reason that I am so passionate about this cause is that I have seen multiple people affected by cancer. Within my family, my grandma had an aggressive form of breast cancer and had to undergo extensive treatments. Her battle and determination to beat her cancer gave me perspective on the magnitude of the disease and a very real need for a cure. My grandma is my best friend and I couldn’t be more grateful for the doctors and researchers who made it possible for her to fight and beat breast cancer. 

I also saw the pain, hardship, and depth of cancer when I was in second grade. A boy in fourth grade at my school named Garrett had Leukemia. Seeing him come to school after defeating cancer truly inspired me. The entire student body organized a parade and celebrated his victory upon his return.

Thank you so much for visiting my page and donating to this wonderful cause. I am so thankful for your love and support!  No donation is too big or too small and all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Team Believe not only believes we can reach our goal with your help, but we know we can reach it with YOUR kindness and support. We are dedicated and ready to work hard to represent LLS and make as big of an impact as possible. 


Thank you so much for the support, 

Dani Malone, Team Believe



  • Anonymous

    So proud of you!! Go Team Believe!

  • Kristy Tavera

    Proud of you doing great things for others!

  • Ron and Linda Haven

    This is Avery worthy cause. I’m beyond impressed with the young people who have worked so hard to help fund cancer research. GREAT JOB, TEAM BELIEVE.

  • Leah Chock

    Dani Dani Malone! Doing good things with so many more to come. Good job, girl! Love ya! -Leav

  • O McClung

    Excellent work Dani!

  • Peter Wolfe

    Dani Moalone, My mother, Elaine, was a double cancer survivor. All the best to you, Paul, Gina and family. Peter Wolfe

  • Ryan Burke

    Keep of the great work for this fantastic cause!

  • Sherry Long

    We are so proud of you Dani, you are an AMAZING HUMAN BEING!!


    Dani, we are so proud of your involvement and commitment to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You are representing a cause very near and dear to our hearts. Team Believe is very fortunate to have you as their team leader. With your tenacity and leadership, we truly believe that you will exceed your goal of $50,000. More importantly, you are building relationships, examining available resources, and learning what it takes to be civic-minded in a community. We wish you all the best as you forge ahead with this honorable endeavor. Much love, Bryan and Carol (Deede) Perrin

  • William Silver

    Thank you Dani for your hard work supporting this very important cause.

  • Nicole & Jared Perrin

    GO Team Believe! This is such a great cause and we know your efforts will make an amazing impact, way to go! Love, Jared, Nicole & Adam Perrin

  • Elena Rizzuto

    Best wishes in reaching your goal! In memory of my Mother, Susan Vasconcellos, who passed away from complications of Lymphona in 2021.

  • Kelly Heisinger

    So proud of you!

  • Chris M

    Let's go Dani...make this happen!

  • Tamara Bish

    Proud of you Dani! Good luck with your fundraiser!

  • David Cook


  • Michael Haven

    Go Team!

  • Elaine Durazo

    Dani, You are an amazing Soul. May God Bless your journey and THANK YOU for coordinating this wonderful project. Team DURAZO

  • Maureen Lyon

    Dani -- you are an angel! God Bless You!

  • Monica Crumley

    Well done, Dani!

  • Anonymous

    I am a cancer survivor; that is why my wife and I find it important to save more lives.

  • Belinda Paris

    Wonderful thing you are doing. Thank you.

  • Victoria Albert

    Thanks Dani and Team Believe! My Dad was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) many years ago, so this fundraiser definitely hits home. Appreciate all the hard work you’re doing on this!

  • Steve Carr & Bryan Lewis

    Great job Isabelle Kull for doing this! Bryan Lewis & Steve Carr

  • Tom & Bonnie Marx

    Thank you for caring!!

  • michelle munn

    Good luck on the fundraiser. This is for Ella Gordon.

  • Anonymous

    Team very stable geniuses are looking forward to the event.

  • Elle Wood

    Great Campaign TEAM BELIEVE!

  • Andrew Kranitz

    Never give up!!!

  • Cynda Warr

    So proud of you Dani! Hope you raised lots of money last night! So great seeing you! Love you!

  • Andres Pena

    good work helping those affected by this horrible disease

  • Tom Pera

    for future student of the year Dani Malone...

  • The Penney Family

    Go Team Believe!!!

  • Laurie Hoskinson

    Thank you Dani for your efforts to raise awareness and funds for this organization. My dad (Bridgette's grandfather) died of lymphoma in 2000. You are such an impressive young lady. Enjoy your reign as a Student of the Year. Duane and Laurie Hoskinson

  • Jo Ann Barton

    Hi Dani! This is Bridgette's grandma. So proud of you 👏 and thankful for your support of this organization. ❤️ You will make a wonderful Student of the Year!!

  • Strength In Mobility

    Praying for all those who are sick! Keep your head up! We all love you and are rooting for you! Thank you Summer S!

  • Anonymous

    Glad to help for this good cause. Pete and Dana Christl, Tahoe Neighbor

  • Melanie Lavery

    Go Team Believe!!!

  • Danielle Stroud

    Great job Lauren!

  • Angela Pereira

    With so much suffering going on in our world, we need to help the youth keep their faith in humanity and help fight and erase disease. Continue your great work of helping the ones in need. Great example Angela Pereira

  • Gerald & Sharyn Nolan


  • Danielle James

    We are so proud of you Dani! Go TEAM BELIEVE!!!

  • Miki DeLeon

    Way to go Dani and Team Believe!!

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