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Carter Rich and Alexia Peterson | Team CURE

Team CURE! Fundraiser

Mar 26, 2021

We will be able to accept donations thru May 8th.  Please consider donating to an amazing organization that is doing incredible work to help patients and families in their fight against cancer.  Almost $.80 of every dollar raised goes directly to finding treatments and cures, helping people get access to life saving treatment and patient advocacy. 

You can donate through our link (, send me (Carter) a check by mail, (1468 E. Michigan Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84105) donate cash or Venmo (@TeamCure2021). If you have any questions about our fundraising campaign or the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society you can always text, call or email:

Carter - 917-744-2310/ 

Matt (dad) - 917-455-8958/        

Amanda (mom) 347-334-2707/

Lexi - 646- 787-6441/

Kyndra (mom) 646-808-6776/

Thank you so much for your support!

Carter & Lexi


Why raise money for LLS?

Mar 27, 2021

This is why we're raising funds and awareness for LLS:


“Liam was my friend and someone important to our whole family. At the beginning of Liam’s Junior year he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. William “Liam” Lloyd Fairbanks passed away on August 4, 2020 at the young age of 19 after a courageous three year battle with brain cancer. No one should have to lose a loved one to cancer. No parent should outlive their child. This campaign is dedicated to Liam.” - Carter

“On the eve of a family wedding, my 2-year-old cousin Jonathan Blake was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. The day of the wedding he began chemotherapy and his difficult and uncertain 5 year cancer journey.  Ultimately Jonathan triumphed over cancer thanks to excellent medical professionals and scientific advancements. I’m participating in this campaign so there can be more happy endings like Jonathan’s.” - Alexia


Carter and Lexi's LLS Students of the Year Fundraiser

Mar 27, 2021


We're 2 high school juniors trying to raise money to fight cancer in a Covid world.  We need your help!  

Here's what you can do:

1. Donate money (see info below).

2. Tell your friends!

3. Post and follow our campaign on social media.


For a tax deductible donation please donate through the link on this website  

You may also donate directly to our Venmo account.


1. Follow us on Instagram @lls_teamcure_2021

2. Participate in the "Smile for a Cure" challenge and post it on your social media platforms and tag our Instagram account.

     "SMILE FOR A CURE" Film yourself saying "Smile for a Cure" and then put an orange slice in your mouth and smile at the camera.



  • Jennifer Schreiter

    Good luck to your team. This is a great project and I admire both of you for your efforts!

  • Darren Strawn

    It’s amazing what we can accomplish if we only put our minds to it. We can cure cancer!

  • The Bergstroms

    Carter is a rockstar

  • Maddie and Dave Scott

    Good luck! Let me know how else I can help!!

  • Vanessa Shannon

    My cousin Melissa died from Leukemia complications at the age of 17. This is a great cause! Thanks Carter!

  • Madeline Wuayle

    Thank you..

  • Emily Eliason

    We hope they can find a cure!!

  • Wells Family

    Good luck with your effots!

  • Julie Cropper

    Best of luck with this wonderful goal!

  • Cami Hoff

    We love and support your cause. Best of luck! Mike and Cami Hoff

  • Anonymous

    My father is a 3 time lymphoma cancer survivor and is 90 years young. Cancer is beatable! Thanks for caring enough to campaign to find a cure.

  • Anne and Bill Butler

    Love all your hard work for such a good cause

  • Caroline & Jason Harris

    Thanks for all your hard work Lexi and Carter. “Out of small things proceeds that which is great.”

  • Alex Lowe

    Thanks for being such great examples!

  • David Eccles

    David and Sally Eccles support your efforts on behalf of such a wonderful cause. Thank you.

  • Robert Fowles

    All of us are in the fight against cancer!

  • John & Alyson Jackson

    What a great cause! We support your efforts in this worthy endeavor.

  • Bart Goldsberry

    Good work!

  • Dan Ricks

    In support of Connor Rich

  • Aaron Brock

    Congrats Carter on supporting a great cause!!

  • Stuart Hunt

    Keep up the good work Carter!

  • Ryan Rees

    Love you Carter! Let’s kick some Cancer butt

  • Zach James

    Thanks Carter Rich for raising awareness.

  • Uncle Frits

    Way to go Carter and team! Bills Mafia and uncle Frits

  • Matt & Amanda Rich

    Good Luck Carter & Lexi!!

  • The Blake Family

    Alexia and Carter thank you so much for your hard work for this amazing cause. As Lexi knows your cause is important to our family because our son Jonathan was diagnosed with ALL when he was two years old. Cancer research saved his life. Best of luck. The Blake Family.

  • Rebecca Anderson

    Great cause Carter!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck, Carter!

  • Elizabeth Lund

    Thank you Carter and Alexia for all your efforts in the fight for a cure!

  • Thomas Wright

    Great job putting your energy toward a great cause! Wrights

  • R Spratling

    Good work Lexi!

  • Linda Durham

    Find a cure for Mutiple Myeloma

  • Mackenzie and Douglas Harris

    Good Luck Carter!

  • Bennett Family

    Love the Bennett’s

  • Robert and Mary Rich

    Carter and Lexi - good students working for a good cause. Love, Bob & Mary Rich

  • Jared and Ruth Sine

    We love you two so much and are so proud of your hard work. ❤️

  • Nathan Quinn

    This is a great cause and effort Alexia and Carter! Let's go!

  • Julia Sorenson

    Good Luck, I’m so impressed by your hard work for such a good cause.

  • Bonnie Wilson

    A worthy cause! Hope you reach your goal!

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck Carter & Lexi! You guys are so great!

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