Sailing in the World ARC for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Hoping to set sail again in 2022!

What do you do when you have been in the marine industry for 55 years? Go sailing, of course. Johannes “Jopie” Helsen and his partner Heidi Trilsch entered the World ARC 2019. On Saturday, January 12, 2019, a fleet of sailboats left Saint Lucia and sailed the 9th World ARC. The itinerary includes going through the Panama Canal and stopping at such places at the Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti, Australia and on to South Africa. See itinerary

Due to Covid-19 SV SKY will not be able to sail the second half of the World ARC until the COVID-19 virus is under control. At this point all we can do is wait until Australia will allow visitors to go to Australia.  SKY is at The Boat Works in Coomera, QLD, Australia after having gone through a total renovation of electronics, hydraulics and engine room issues in the spring of 2020. SKY is in better shape than it has ever been with major improvements made after 16,000 miles of ocean sailing.

Since both Heidi and Jopie have been involved in supporting charities, they decide to make it a fundraiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Jopie is a cancer survivor and Heidi’s step-mother is a Lymphoma survivor. They chose The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society because of the research and dedication towards finding a cure for blood cancers and improve the quality of life for patients and their families.  

Heidi and Jopie’s goal is to raise $1 million by having at least 200,000 followers on social media follow their trip around the world who can donate directly to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

They also plan to have sailors who want adventure and be part of the crew bid on the 60-plus legs that will be available. The two aft double cabins will be available for sailors to sail a leg(s) and 100% of that money will go directly to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The boat SV SKY is a custom-built 57-foot Vaudrey Miller, Simonis Voogd design. The 4-cabin boat was designed to sail the world and Jopie’s boat yard, the Sailor’s Wharf, is renovating the boat for easy sailing so that one person can easily do everything on the boat. 

The people who have the opportunity to sail on SV SKY, will sail with captain Jopie Helsen, a 2-generation boat builder and yacht designer and Heidi Trilsch will be the Admiral.  Heidi is from Massachusetts and has been sailing her whole life.

Heidi and Jopie thank all the supporters for World ARC 2019 and are looking forward to continuing in 2022.  They hope that thousands of followers will donate to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

Thank you to the following supporters who helped during the initial World ARC 2019 campaign to help raise over $20,570!

World Arc 2019 Donors:

Henry Lund

Fair winds and safe sailing to Sky and all who sail aboard her.  Jopie is an inspirational character, who is also my sailing and cancer mentor

Linwood Gilbert

I hope you have a wonderful time on this exciting venture. And thank you for your wonderful help fighting cancer.

Deborah Thompson

Jopie Helsen

Heidi Trilsch

Sue Ann

Stephanie & Robert

Good luck Heidi and Jopie on the ARC!

Susan Baumann

Susie and Dteve wish you a fabulous, safe voyage.

Beverly Gilford

Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc.

Bob Jacobs and Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. in St. Petersburg, Fl. make this donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of Jopie Helsen & Heidit Trilsch's upcoming sailing adventure to help raise $1,000,000.00! Fair seas and following winds...

Joe & Becky Lettelleir

Sherry Cohen

Best of luck Heidi and Jopie!

Irv and Sherry Cohen

Michael Busher

Good Luck on your trip and thank you for your efforts in raising funds for the Leukemia and  Lymphoma Society.

Mike and Sandy Busher

Bill Ballard

Jopie has been a leader in the enhancement of marina facilities and in the preservation of a working waterfront in St. Petersburg, Florida, and in publicizing the economic importance of the marine industry on the West Coast of Florida. He has earned this voyage.  I hope it has just enough bad days to make it memorable.

Steve & Monica Cunningham

Dennis Wilcoxon

For a tough little girl and two tough parents!

Michael Caswall

Mark White

Diane White

inwood Gilbert

Have a wonderful journey and thank you for helping with cancer research!

Shirley and Steve Dehmlow

Torrey Androski

Laura Andrews

Smooth Sailing!?

Heidi Trilsch


Fair winds

Chris Gourley

Jonathan Ezell

David Lau

Ezra and Skipper Singer

This is awesome Heidi and Jopie! Your adventure is inspiring and will impact so many people. Thanks for your commitment to finding a cure! Good luck!!

Ezra and Skipper

Silvia and Bill Hoyt

Philip and Nancy Foley

A wonderful adventure for an amazing cause!

Louise Hunter

Have a fabulous sail!

Kim C Potts

My husband, Bill Potts, is in his second remission from non-hodgkins lymphoma. He has given so much back to people with cancer by example and with his support. He finished Ironman Texas following his first treatment at MD Anderson in Houston TX where he was in a clinical trial. We are eternally grateful to the team at MD Anderson who we see annually, as well as the many organizations which continue to support the cure for all cancer. Thank you Heidi and Jopie for making this journey! Safe Travels!

Kimberly Ibson

My mother was the one with cancer diagnosed and my dad we believe had died of cancer, he never went to the doctor but we kinda guessed. Anyway, Godspeed on your voyage and look forward to following the journey.


Marlaine Krouse

Sail ho, Heidi and Jopie!

"MAC"  MacKellar from S.P.Y.C

Wishing you a $ucce$$ful journey, smooth seas, brisk winds, a fun crew and lots of fresh catches.

Leon and Marysue Wechsler

Fair winds.....

Krista McManus

We are looking forward to our trip onboard SV SKY, but very glad we can help with this great cause. Krista & Todd

Gail & Jeff Elberson


TACO Metals

From all of us at TACO Metals, thank you for all you're doing and good luck on your journey around the world. You're doing amazing things! Happy holiday and safe sailing, Jopie and Heidi!

Tish McQuillen

Bon voyage for a successful and trip and fundraiser!!

jack rice

good luck don’t drown

Sally Helme

What an inspiring vayage for a great cause!  I wish you fair winds and following seas. 

Steven Youngerman

Wish you all the best

Randi and Steven Youngerman

William Campbell

So proud of you, Heidi.  Fair winds and following seas.  We will be following you.  Judy & Bill

Lynn  Jones

Thank you, Heidi & Jopie, for honoring this wonderful cause. Wishing you fair winds and smooth sailing on your exciting adventure! See you in Capetown, SA if not before! Lynn Jones

Henry Lund

Bon voyage!  Safe sailing and fair winds to y'all. My great regret I cannot join you. Bring us back a parrot. Henry

Donna Guillaume

Capt Jack Satterfield

Fair Winds and good RF

Best Regards & 73's

Capt Jack


Karen  LaFleur

 Merry Christmas xoxo

Pam Bittner

Godspeed on your journey and thank you for doing it for this great cause!

Nancy Leblanc

Best wishes on your amazing adventure!!!

Nancy and Bruce Leblanc

robert adriance

Myrna  Cruz

Tampa Bay Yacht Management

Sara Helsen

Sara Helsen

Brigit Steely

Good Luck Heidi!!

Susan  Baumann

Julianne Marley

Lorne Wazny

I will be fun to follow you along on this great adventure. Hope to join you on one of the legs!

John Nichols

It’s bittersweet  knowing that my dear friend  Chris Gourley lost his brother Gregg to cancer last year, but is committed to helping others - including my brother - battling various forms of the dreaded disease.  Godspeed to everyone aboard SV Sky.  Thanks for using your sails to put winds in those of others!

Frank Agliano


edward lamoureux

in memory of my brother, Paul, who succumbed to leukemia in 2011.  we miss you, Paul!!!  many thank to the crew of sky for their fundraising efforts for lls!!!


Dank je wel #teamsky dat jullie dit doen voor dit mooie doel en dat jullie het zichtbaar doen zodat wij mee kunnen volgen! Veel liefs ook aan onze vriend Chris Gourley. Dit is onze eerste donatie en wij blijvenjullie volgen en steunen! Sail on, sail strong! xx jessica, wouter, max & sophie

Michael Farley

Irene was mother to Mike Farley and his five younger siblings. She died of leukemia in Iowa in 1973 at age 51. 

Roland  Leveque

Joe Murray

Great cause, Jopi.


Take care out there

Nancy Nalty

Chelsea Pictures

Cindy Keehn

Glad for the effort to help victims of Blood cancers. Thankful for Mark Iusi embracing the challenge to adventure! Smooth sailing!

Mark Pimentel

My donation is is in honor of my dad David Pimentel who has had Leukemia for the past decade. He is thankfully still with us but the disease has attacked his lungs.

Laura & John Good

Laura and I are proud to support or old friend Jopie Helsen in memory of our oldest friend John Gillespie, whom we loaast to Acute Leukemia in 2016.

Allen Thomas

Safe travels Jopie and Heidi

Marliese Vincent

Hi Kyle here
I met up with the crew of Sky and they said they were raising money leukemia and Lymphoma so I chose to donate 20.00

Kyle Vincent

Cynthia Russell

Having met Jopie in my shop in Vava?u, Tonga when the World ARC Rally arrived, Let’s all be generous and kind like the captain and crew of SV SKY.

Sarah (Callahan) Reggio

Kevin Curran

Sailor's Wharf Inc.

We are very proud of the boat that we commissioned is sailing around the world. We also hope that Heidi will recover from her lung cancer and, will once again sail on SKY as it continues its voyage around the world to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Karen Marley

DeWitt Wilkerson

Thank you for your dedication to support research for leukemia, which took the life of my beloved father way too young.

Michael Seltzer

Wishing you a speedy recovery
Michael and Linda Seltzer

Fred and Linda Mangelsdorf

Brenda & Jeff Hicks


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