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Jan 22, 2019



Dear Friends and Family,


Our connection to blood cancer began when we were just three and a half years old and we met Ella Behnke playing CYO soccer. We met Ella just a year after she had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. We became fast friends with Ella and her twin sister, Berkley and they are like our sisters to this day.  At our young age, we did not quite understand the seriousness of the situation and what Ella was going through.  As we have grown older, we now understand Ella’s strength and what she has overcome.

In 2016, we helped Ella run in the first ever Students of the Year campaign, for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a nationwide competition where students are given the opportunity to raise money for blood cancer research. This year, in Ella’s honor, we are joining the Students of the Year competition and are asking for your help.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. LLS is at the forefront of the battle against blood cancers, already contributing $1.2 billion towards cutting edge research and technology that helps save countless of lives. Every single donation brings us one step closer to saving a life.

Please consider donating to our campaign. You can make your tax-deductible donation online through our fundraising page: or if you prefer to mail your donation, please make your check payable to: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and print “Team Dikin” in the “memo” section. The deadline for receiving donations is February 28, 2019.


                Thank you so much for any help you can give to Team Dikin!




        Will Dikin

        Gentry Dikin


               Will and Gentry Dikin


               13702 Winston Oaks

               San Antonio, Texas 78249



  • Wilvin William Racca

    Our family wishes you well in this great cause!

  • Donna Lennane

    So proud of your involvement with this cause! My sister Lisa's husband succumbed to leukemia at the age of 26, so my family knows how important research is. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Lori and Dan Johnson

    Wishing you the best for this great cause!

  • Patricia Noll

    Way to go Dikin Team! We are so very proud of you and were not at all surprised to get your letter announcing your commitment to this effort and your dedication to Ella. Wishing you a most successful campaign & most enduring friendships, Love, Patsy and Larry

  • Joseph Kelley

    This is awesome... thank you for making a difference today, tomorrow and for years to come ! 👍👍

  • Sarah Wolf

    Great job Dikin’s! With love from Indiana.😀

  • Ashlee & Binkan Cinaroglu

    Good Luck!! Ashlee & Binkan

  • Cheryl Bollinger

    Super proud of you both, Will and Gentry! Love from MI!

  • The Norman Family

    Thank you Will and Gentry for your hearts of service and love for those around you! Your lights shine brighter together and the Norman's are so proud of you both! What an honor it is to know you guys! This donation is in memory of our grandfather who lost his battle with Non-Hodgkins Leukemia Lymphoma as well as in honor of those who are still fighting! With love from Louisiana!

  • Linda Gustafson

    We live in Hawaii

  • Stacy Husted

    Best of Luck!!!

  • Geronimo Gutierrez

    Proud of you guys!

  • Kathy Fick

    In support of Tia and Kalea too.

  • Brooke Glass


  • Anonymous

    Great cause!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Tia for inviting me to contribute to this important cause!

  • Tim Seeliger Brad Parman

    Thank you both for your hard work for such a great cause!

  • Steve & Denise Lindsey

    Wishing you the best and proud of your work in fundraising for this great cause!

  • Kimberly Stewart

    We are so proud of your efforts to make this world a better place! There is much hope for the future with guys like you!

  • Kate and John Garcia

    Way to go Dikin boys! Super proud of you.

  • Mary Arnold

    Hello from Chattanooga!

  • Karen Solomon

    Will and Gentry- this is an amazing thing you are doing! Good luck ! I know you both have a spectacular future! Blessings - Karen and Marc

  • Art Burdick

    LLS is a great cause. Best of luck to your both on your Campaign. ~Art Burdick

  • Laura Asencio

    Best of luck on your campaign for this amazing organization Will and Gentry!1384

  • Bill Behnke

    12 Hours left gentlemen, every dollar counts, let's cure blood cancer! We need to drive volume to the site today! Thanks to all for your support!

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