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Jan 10, 2019

Dear Friend,                                                                                       

I am announcing my candidacy for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) 2019 Student of the Year. Student candidates of this campaign work to raise the most funds over 7-weeks starting January 10 and ending at the Student of the Year Gala on March 1. Along with 15 candidates throughout Colorado, I accepted this challenge wanting to end my high school years giving back to my community, and, in doing so, honor of my dad who, five years ago, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Dad has survived AML, partly due to a new treatment protocol as a result of research funding. 75 cents of every dollar raised by LLS is dedicated to their mission. Research dollars contributed to my dad’s recovery with huge personal support from family, friends, and co-workers and now I want to contribute more to the research that will save future lives.

Dad spent nearly 60 days in University of Colorado Hospital at the Anschutz Medical Campus after two extended and intensive rounds of chemotherapy and one round of radiation. All of this culminated in a bone marrow transplant which kept him out of commission for six months. Since his treatment, the same doctor who treated him has discovered a treatment for AML that is out patient, does not involve chemotherapy, does not require radiation and does not require a bone marrow transplant. It is simply a pill, one that attacks and destroys the cancer t-cell. It recently received FDA approval and LLS has played a significant role in the research that led to its discovery. This is one of many stories about the advancement in blood cancer research over the last five years. Since the start of 2017, 38 new treatments were FDA approved for blood cancer patients, 31 of which were funded by LLS. Blood cancer research doesn’t just benefit patients with blood cancers. Remarkably 40 % of all drugs developed since 2000 treating many forms of cancer had their origins in blood cancer research.

I am forever grateful for the support towards our family from extended family and friends throughout my dad’s struggle with AML. I have a substantial fundraising goal for my LLS Student of the Year Campaign and ask for your support in benefitting the next generation of research in finding a cure for cancers. For information and ways to make an online donation, be a corporate sponsor, host a Gala table, purchase individual Gala tickets, or contribute an auction item, contact me directly at or visit my website at If donating by check, make the check payable to LLS, include James Chrisman in the memo line, and mail to LLS at 720 S Colorado Blvd Suite 520-N; Denver, CO 80246. If your company has a matching program, ask them to match your donation and encourage your friends to make a tax-deductible donation.

Approximately every three minutes someone new is diagnosed with blood cancer. Every ten minutes someone dies. Dad has met seven individuals diagnosed with blood cancers since his diagnosis in 2013, one of which just recently passed away. The next generation of research will save some of these lives and eventually, with continued research, all will be saved. Please join me in taking the next step and make a donation.

With sincere appreciation,

James Chrisman                                                                                           

Caroline Caplis           
Daniel Carr    
Claire Chrisman, Family Chair

Joe D’Angelo, Regis Jesuit High School Chair
James Dahlen
James Faudel
Alexandra Haymons
Lily Fox, Colorado Academy Chair
Oliver Greenwald, Graphics
Elsie Halvorson
Elsie Hauser
Grant Ho
Caden Joseph, Kent Denver School Chair
Tucker Joseph
Matthew Klein
Claudia Melendez
Sebastian Melendez
Andrew Park
Amanda Schlatter, Vineyard Vines Event Chair
Olivia Schmergel
Tate Schmergel
Lauren Sperry, Heritage High School/Bow Mar Chair
Jackson Walvoord
Mark Walvoord
Maddie Wilten, St. Mary’s Academy Chair

Campaign Advisors
Renee Duncan
Heather Fleck
Andrea Linneman
Nicole Ridley
Suzan Schlatter
Kim Sperry



  • Hannah Brown Cohen

    You're going to rock this, James! Thank you!

  • Robert Levy

    Keep up the good work, James. Your Canadian cousins are very proud of you!

  • James Musbach

    What a great thing to be doing. We wish you the best of luck in your fundraising goals.

  • Holli & Erik Christman

    We're honored to support you. Good luck!

  • Lori Houston Smith

    Thank you James Chrisman for your commitment to this valuable endeavor. Good luck.

  • Ellen J Collins

    Way to Go! Let’s find the cures!!

  • J. Adair Prall, MD

    Go for it James!

  • Bruce R. Huebner

    May the Productive Research continue!

  • Barbara M Rush

    Good for you James. Happy to support your effort. Barbara and Wally Rush

  • Hoogie Family

    Good luck, James!

  • Laurie Collamore

    Proud of you, James!

  • Susan Wilkes

    Good Luck James and Team Chrisman❣️

  • Julie Ort

    Keep up the good work James!

  • Monica Hustead

    Great cause!

  • Greg Dietmeier

    James, I'm so proud of you. Keep Smiling, Dr. Greg Dietmeier

  • Elisabeth Lawrence

    Way to go James!

  • Kelli Russell

    Good Luck!

  • Diane and Andrew Kane

    James, We are happy to support you being a part of this terrific event to fund research for new and better treatments for blood cancers. We were thankful for your Dad's health, and want to support you honoring him. Good Luck! Diane and Andy Kane

  • Stephanie Maser

    Good Luck!!

  • Bob Austin

    Good Luck James ! It is awesome to see you so involved with such a worthy cause. With Caden helping you at Kent Denver, I know you have a great team behind you. Best, Bob Austin (Golf Coach at KD)

  • Augustine Kim and family

    James! We always knew you would use your talents to glorify God and better the world. Good going on this effort — ABUNDANT blessings! Augustine Kim and family

  • Andy Barnes

    Congratulations to the Chrisman family for sponsoring this funding initiative with special kudos to James Chrisman, Jr.

  • Hilary Morland

    Good luck, James, and thank you for your efforts on behalf of LLS.

  • kirsten handler

    Good Work James. We are proud of you..... With love, The Handler Family

  • Anonymous

    We are honored to support your campaign! Keep up the good work -- The Gregoires


    Go James!

  • Maureen Witt

    Great job, James! Good luck! Maureen Witt

  • The Nading Family

    James, it is an honor to support you in such an inspiring and impressive effort. The cancer world and your community are fortunate to be the recipients of your drive and commitment. As a nurse, I spent close to 8 years in the breast cancer community and navigated too many newly diagnosed women into treatment. As you outlined in your thoughtful and articulate letter, the big wins in cancer treatment are directly attributed to the amount of dollars that go towards research. However, big wins are not enough until every diagnosed cancer patient survives. Thank you for including our family in your efforts.

  • Ted Pomeroy

    James, Your Dad is an amazing guy. I remember visiting him and despite his physical weakness and uncertainty about the treatment, he was update and determined!

  • Staci Mantegazza

    James, you are an incredible young man! Wishing you a huge success! Staci Mantegazza

  • Kate and Scott Perry

    Amazing story, happy to support a great cause!

  • Patrick Lang

    Thank you for your support of LLS!

  • Megan Tobler

    Keep up all the hard work to help LLS!

  • Halvorsen Family

    So proud to know you James and to watch you make a difference to something important to you. much love, the Halvorsens

  • Louis Dupart

    Happy to support the Chrisman family as it helps to meet the challenges faced by Leukemia and to support new innovative research.

  • Stephanie P. Evans

    Well done James..this is really great!

  • MaryAnn McGeady

    It is my privilege to support you, James, in your campaign!

  • Bob & Laura Wiberg

    James - You are working for a great cause. We are glad to help! Bob & Laura Wiberg

  • The Groves Family

    You rock James...well done. So proud of you. Love the Groves Family

  • Carol and Rick Pilgrim

    Best of luck James - you are continuing an important legacy to show us all how much this program makes a difference in developing a cure.

  • Kevin & Jeanne Custy

    I will submit a matching gift request via Charles Schwab.

  • Dennis Arbogast

    Great job! Just participating in such a worthwhile cause makes you a winner.

  • Jon Moellenberg

    Good for you James. What a great choice to lead this effort. Best of luck

  • Betsy Henry

    Way to go James! Thanks for supporting such a worthy cause! You are amazing!!

  • Ellen Ruble

    Go Team Chrisman, LLS 2019 Student of the Year Campaign

  • David Hyde

    James, Keep up the hard work! It is always great to see efforts to support research that are leading to such wonderful and effective cures for challenging diseases. Best of luck to you and your family. Go Irish, Dr. Hyde

  • Geri Martinez

    In honor of Will Maniatis

  • Matthew & Denise DeBartolomeis

    Great work James!

  • John Dee

    Keep up the great work and Go Irish! :-)

  • Samantha Baumgarten

    I am so touched by your post, James. I'm so glad your dad is doing well! We are living in miraculous times, and it sounds like your challenge to raise fund for LLS is a great way to help make miracles happen!

  • Michael Mulhern

    James. Great effort. We hope your work helps many more people survive and thrive as your Dad has done. Mike Mulhern.

  • Paul and Meredith

    Way to lead your team James! Thanks for all of your efforts!

  • Debra Robinson

    I'm proud to join your team in the fight against blood cancers!

  • Terry Willis

    Go James! I'm glad to support you and your dad in this very worthwhile mission. We have seen the great results firsthand! Terry

  • Bill Thompson and Jim Bolt

    James, excellent job here, keep it up !

  • Rebecca Russell

    You are already a champion for blood cancer cures! Way to go, James!

  • Dehan (Danno) Glanz

    Great work!

  • Oscar Aguirre

    James - this is a great cause. We're so proud of you putting this team together. Good luck. The Aguirre's

  • Patra Attig

    James Chrisman - so happy you beat this disease and, hopefully, more research can put a halt to it.

  • Elsie Hauser

    Great job James!!

  • Lori Silliman

    Good luck James! This is such a great cause.

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