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Training day to day, grinding through the rough workouts, chasing PR’s and records, and stepping on the platform to battle with the weight on the bar is tough. Us powerlifters like to think that we are strong.

It is a bleak thought, but most of us will be affected by cancer at some point in our lives. Even if you aren’t the one fighting the disease, there’s a good chance that a friend or family member will eventually have to.  When that time comes, you will witness true strength.

You think that last squat PR was heavy? I promise you that it’s not as heavy as the diagnosis: “You have cancer.”

Did you grind out that last rep on the bench? No, grinding is living with pain and suffering through treatments so that you might live a little longer.

How hard was your deadlift max? Not nearly as hard as putting on a smile and telling your loved ones that everything is going to be okay – even after you’ve exhausted all treatment options.

The pursuit of new personal, state, national, and world records is undeniably arduous – so much so that we tend to forget how truly lucky we are to be able to pursue these goals. There are countless others who aren’t as fortunate.  Those individuals struggling for their lives – for an extra week, or month, or year with their families – didn’t choose their battles the way we chose ours with the weights, but they fight so bravely nonetheless. That is strength. They are inspiration.

I’m sure many of you would love to assist in the fight against cancer, but most of us are not doctors or researchers or wealthy philanthropists. Watching those around us in the midst of their battles, we feel helpless. As individuals, we may never find a cure or fund the latest breakthrough, but we are not helpless. As a community, we can do our part. We can devote our passion to something greater than just chasing records.  We can rally behind those that inspire us the most and multiply their strength. Their strength and ours, together, against cancer.

#StrengthVsCancer will start as a platform for lifters to pledge and donate money for feats of strength. It’s as simple as this:

  1. Choose a goal. Whether it be a rep PR, a new max attempt, a specific WOD, or plyometrics, anything will do.
  2. Make your pledge.  Dollars or cents per rep, per pound, per second, etc.
  3. Attempt to hit that goal! Be sure to record a video.
  4. Post the video on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Youtube with #StrengthVsCancer
  5. Tag at least three others to do their own challenge.
  6. Submit your donation at
  7. Tell others about #StrengthVsCancer !

On Saturday, July 18th, we will host the #StrengthVsCancer mock powerlifting meet at Olympus Sports Coliseum (4500 Pell Dr. Sacramento, CA 95838), with all proceeds going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


You can register to compete here:


We need as many volunteers as we can get, so if you would like to help and stay updated as we work out the details, please contact us at


To learn more about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, visit



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