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Feb 24, 2018

ATTENTION! Ladies and gentleman, we have less than two weeks until the campaign deadline(3/09/2018)! Every dollar counts! Spread the word and help me reach my $50,000 goal- the required amount to fund a research grant. Let's get this cancer research grant for Lennie. Let's let Lennie's Legacy live on through the power of a research grant! Let's save lives. 


To my father (Lennie's brother), 

You often say how proud you are of me. However, perhaps I should be the one telling you how proud I am of you for staying strong throughout the campaign after the recent loss of Lennie. The timing of Lennie's death seems unreal as it was literally just before the beginning of the campaign. With Lennie's Celebration of Life the night before Kickoff, perhaps we had to feel overwhelmed with emotion in order to dig deeper for more motivation throughout the campaign.. Lennie lives on through his Legacy he has left with us all..


A Community Effort

Feb 17, 2018

Uncle Lennie believed in people and their potential even on his toughest days. Cancer took his physical strength, but could not TOUCH his positive energy. Lennie's legacy lives on through this campaign. He was known for his outgoing and social personality. Therefore, one of my goals for this campaign is to make it a community effort- to incorporate all the lives that Lennie touched and more. Let's get that $50,000 research grant to write under Lennie Whitcomb's name. A grant is the key to opening doors to find cures. Before a drug/treatment is FDA approved, it's considered a clinical trial. Grants FUND those clinical trials! 

No matter your age, YOU can help me honor my uncle, Lennie Whitcomb. Check out these cute kiddos helping out!

When you donate, write a comment about your favorite memory of Lennie Whitcomb or a loved one that has fought/is fighting cancer. Let's get this research grant to let their legacies live on! 

Just a few days after his passing, this is what his coworkers had to say about Lennie:



Dear Uncle Lennie...

Jan 31, 2018

Dear Uncle Lennie,

I know it has been about a month since you passed away, but I still struggle to understand why such an awful disease picked such an incredible person to hurt. Your life had hardships that many individuals never face. You lost your twin brother at the age of 13 in a fatal car accident, yet you never gave up on people. You still filled your life with love. At your funeral, the pastor talked about your fear of dying. He said he thinks you were so worried because you had so much to live for and had so many people in your life that you didn't want to leave behind. I know if I had one more chance to call, you would say, "Madison- take your grief and use it to motivate you. Set your goals and go after them." I miss you, Uncle Lennie.. I hope I'm making you proud...

With love,






Want a Ticket?

Jan 31, 2018

Tickets can be found under the "Shop Our Store"

1) The BRAND NEW laptop's value is $800. Woo hoo! Laptop tickets will be as follows: 

1 ticket- $20

10 tickets- $50

25 tickets- $100

Laptop tickets run throughout 6 weeks and the drawing will be made on March 9th at the Student of the Year Grand Finale via Live Video. You DO NOT need to be present at the event to win.

2) Lennie's Love & Legacy Dinner:

@ Carlisle Country Club

February 17th


Event Includes:

sit down dinner, professional table side magic, pianist, silent auction

(silent auction items will be listed on website)

Ticket Price: $100



Welcoming Letter

Mar 05, 2018

Dear friends & family,

Every nine minutes, someone loses their fight against blood cancer. From January 21st to March 9th, I am raising money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society- the world’s largest volunteer health agency dedicated to funding life saving cancer research. I am fundraising as a candidate in Central Pennsylvania’s Student of The Year campaign. My goal is to fund a research grant. I was nominated by last year’s Student of The year, Annabel Krebs. Although crucial strides have been made as a result of research and clinical trials, there are still 1.2 million Americans living with blood cancer. With your help, we can turn that number to zero. With your support, we can save lives.


Sadly, my Uncle Lennie was one of the 1.2 million. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma three years ago and went through different treatments, fighting for his life, when I was nominated to fundraise for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I told my uncle that my goal is to raise $50,000- the amount needed to fund a research grant in his name. I will never forget his reaction- his enthusiasm- to want to help me. It was a powerful and emotional moment for us both, a moment for which I will be forever grateful.


On December 30th, 2017, my Uncle Lennie passed away. It was a devastating loss for my family, but I know my uncle would want me to take the emotional grief and use it to motivate me. Now, more than ever, I have the opportunity to give a very important gift- to my family and to the world. I am determined to reach my goal of $50,000 to fund a research grant in my Uncle Lennie’s name. I have the opportunity to honor his incredible generosity while giving hope for families who may face cancer in the future. I have the opportunity to help Uncle Lennie’s positive spirit live on. Most importantly, I have the opportunity to save lives.


During this past summer, Ian, my friend and classmate, was diagnosed with Leukemia. I don’t see Ian in the halls anymore. He used to sit in the same desks as me, but now sits in a hospital bed, fighting for his life.  He used to take the same standardized tests as me, but now goes through blood tests and chemotherapy treatments. When I asked Ian if I could talk to him about his fight, he had nearly the same response as my Uncle Lennie, “Madison, what can I do to help you?” You see, cancer damaged Lennie and Ian’s bodies, but cancer was never able to touch their positive spirits. I need to create hope for people like Ian and Uncle Lennie, but I need your help to make a difference for those fighting for their lives.


You can help my fundraising efforts from January 21st, 2018 to March 9th, 2018 through the following link: https://events.lls.org/cpa/CPASoY18/mwhitcomb

We need your support to achieve our goal of raising $50,000 to fund a research grant. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will continue to lead the charge to advance leading-edge research to find cures and ensure that patients have access to these therapies. Please know that your financial support is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact Rene Krebs, my campaign manager, at renedkrebs@ymail.com or (717) 503-0116.


With gratitude,

Madison Whitcomb


(717) 462-9694

2018 Student of the Year Candidate


To understand more about how important clinical trials and research grants are, please watch the brief video attached below

Help me get that research grant!

                                                                                                                               Campaign Events

                                                                                                                                DONATE ONLINE

You can make a 100% tax-deductible donation right online.  You can also donate for a chance to win a laptop! Please share this on social media and with friends and family.  I will be updating my site regularly, so check it frequently to learn about my progress and see pictures of my fundraising journey.


T- Shirt Sale

Purchase a LLS T-shirt!

Contact Rene Krebs at 717-503-0116 or by email at renedkrebs@ymail.com to order or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities


Sam’s Club Canning Fundraiser

February 3rd and 4th

11AM-2PM (for both dates)


Lennie's Love & Legacy @ Carlisle Country Club

February 17th


Event Includes:

sit down dinner, professional table side magic, pianist, silent auction

(silent auction items will be listed on website)

Ticket Price: $100

*Tickets will be available on the campaign website on 1/21*


LLS Jazz Brunch

February 24th 10 – 3

Café Fresco Center City 215 N. 2nd Street   Harrisburg, PA  17101

Call to make a reservation before the event- (717) 236-2599



March 3rd


3806 Market Street Suite 1, Camp Hill, PA 17011


Sign Painting Party at Jigsy’s Pizza

March 4th


225 North Enola Road

Enola, PA 17025



  • Mike & Wendy Murray

    Madison, What an awesome way to honor your Uncle Lennie and keep his memory alive! You can do this!! Will be watching....<3 See you in Bubbletown!!

  • Ryan & Rachel McElhare

    Lennie was a kindhearted person and a wonderful neighbor. Many fond memories of standing on the sidewalk catching up and chatting about the neighborhood. He cared with his whole heart. The world lost a good one. Our warmest condolences to his family.

  • Madeline, Steve & Hannah Moore

    Madison, What a wonderful way to contribute and make a difference! We wish you well in your philanthropic effiorts! Steve, Madeline & Hannah Moore

  • Bob Murray & Shawn Barron

    You’ll be missed Lennie! Your legacy lives on. ?? ~Bob & Shawn

  • Nell McCormack Abom

    Proud to join Madison's team building a #LegacyofLennie to end lymphoma and give hope and healing to patients, friends, and family members touched by this disease. Stay strong!

  • Amy Beamer Murray

    I had the pleasure of serving on the board of Dixon University Center with Lennie. What a wonderful soul. And what a wonderful tribute to his memory. Go, go, go, Madison!

  • Tammy Smith

    Good Luck Madison! Tammy Smith, All Pro Trailer Superstore

  • Charles Ward


  • Paige Geatz

    This is a great thing your doing Maddie, I can’t give much, but I really do hope you reach your goal

  • Michael & Susan Ewing-Rathfon

    We think of Lennie daily whether at work, caring for Lennie The Lemon Tree, or making renovations to 2401, Harrisburg. He’ll always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you, Madison, for everything you are doing to make the world a better place! you remind me of Lennie in this way. : ) ~ Susan & Michael

  • Becka Zimmerman

    Lennie was one of the most kind-hearted individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. His charismatic, positive, and sunny disposition was so encouraging and uplifting and he is so greatly missed by all who knew him.

  • Nikki and Neal Hoffman

    Madison ~ I think what you are doing is wonderful! Your uncle would be so proud of you. I knew Lennie from working as a consultant to Gannett Fleming. Every time I was there and would see him, he would always have a smile on his face. He will be missed dearly. ~ Nikki

  • Natalie Heckendorn

    I went to school with Lennie and lived right down the street. Th Whitcomb's were a huge part of my childhood.

  • Briana Smith

    We love you, Uncle Lennie & Madison!

  • Stephen Hughes

    Good luck.

  • Michelle Miller

    We cannot stop the fight for Lymphoma. It has taken family and close friends dear to my heart. Please donate today to help find a cure to help a Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and friends/co-workers have the long life that should be intended.. A little donated, can help a long way..

  • Stephanie McGee

    From the McGee/Farmer family! Best of luck to you on reaching your goal for this very worthy cause!

  • Tony Pologruto and Michelle Pologruto

    Madison Awesome Job! Very impressive what you are doing to help! Tony and Michelle Pologruto

  • Friends of Lennie

    Friend's of Lennie from Gannett Fleming. Please call Deb Wilhelm at 717 497 8512 at GF if there are any problems or questions about this purchase. Thanks. Deb

  • Marc Zimmerman

    I'm please to donate to such a good cause. I hope you raise a tremendous amount of money and awareness. - Marc

  • Kellie McCaffrey

    Lennie had such a positive spirit and a real passion for people. This is a wonderful way to honor his memory. Best of luck! Kindest regards, Kellie McCaffrey Carnegie Mellon University

  • Bogar and Hipp Law Office Bogar/Hipp

    We wish you the best in your fundraising efforts! Thank you for all you do! The Law Office of Jim Bogar and Jennifer Bogar Hipp

  • Barry Runk

    Go Madison!! Love Rene’s parents!!

  • Tina Nixon

    In memory a genuinely kind persons. I'm honored to have known him.

  • kelly kintzel

    You were a bright shining light dimmed too soon. Your fight being part of the drug study was courageous and blessed many. You were a true friend and are dearly missed.

  • Nell McCormack Abom

    Madison Whitcomb is living the legacy of love demonstrated by her Uncle Lennie. We are proud to join the fight against blood cancer diseases in his memory. Together, we can fund the research to wipe out these cancers. God bless you all! Nell and Jay Abom

  • Tom and Gina

    Madison, thanks for your efforts in support of Lennie's memory. Our family will miss him dearly !!!!

  • Ann Shields

    Thank you for all of your efforts Madison! Lennie is so proud of you, I am sure! What a gift he was to all of us!

  • Christine Vasiliades

    This donation it's for all who fight, all those that lost their battle and those that are fighting hard to make someday today.

  • Lee Ann Murray

    Len was a unique guy... and not afraid to be. He was a gem, a gentleman and a good friend. I had the pleasure of spending our high school years into our late 30’s... early 40’s as his friend. He could make me laugh like no other!! He had that special knack of being able to imitate ANYONE and I would just about die laughing at him. I miss those days but am forever grateful to have been able to spend those special times with him.... and I’ll cherish those memories forever. Thank you Madison for honoring your Uncle’s memory. You are the best!!

  • Lori Himes

    So sorry for the passing of your Uncle Maddie. He was very kind and dedicated to education. Your gma in heaven is now reunited with him pain free in the presence of our Lord.

  • Thomas Leckrone

    This gift is in memory of Lennie Whitcomb. Lennie was a co-worker at Gannett Fleming who was taken from us at the end of 2017 by a rare form of Lymphoma. He was a wonderful person who had an impact on the entire Gannett Fleming family.

  • The Gregory Family

    Your hard work is helping make some day today! Congratulations!

  • Joni, Jim,and Jayme Baker

    Good luck in reaching your goal! Jim, Joni, and Jayme Baker

  • The Harker Family

    Madison, It is an honor to support you in your effort in memory of your uncle.

  • Nikki Shenk

    Go Madison!! You are amazing - sure you will reach your goal :)

  • Jeff and Laura Morey

    We are so proud of Madison and her efforts to abolish blood cancers! Your neighbors, Jeff, Laura, Jake and Luke Morey

  • Deena Day Nedimyer

    In memory of my sister Vicky Whitcomb, who lost her courageous fight against this dreaded disease.

  • Flo Garlinger

    In memory of my mom who passed away january 23 from Lymphona. What a wonderful thing you are doing!!

  • Jean Wolf

    With fond memories of the class of '79. Lennie was such a great guy.

  • Bryan Mulqueen

    Thanks Lennie, for all you taught us.

  • Lori Wimer

    In honor of Lennie Whitcomb. Hopefully someday there will be a cure for this deadly disease. Too many people taken so young. I will always remember Lennie and his cheerful personality.

  • Jackson Law Firm, PLLC

    Madison - I never had a chance to meet your Uncle Lennie, but I had the privilege of working with Mary Quinn for several years. I know she loves him dearly. We supported Annabel Krebs last year and are honored to provide support again this year in memory of Lennie Whitcomb. Thank you for continuing this initiative! Sincerely - Julia Jackson, Jackson Law Firm, PLLC

  • Naldo Gonzalez

    Lennie was a wonderful colleague at Gannet Fleming. He was always willing to help and had a great attitude towards work and life. We will miss him.

  • Paul and Mary Ross

    Good luck and thank your for your efforts.

  • Beth Musser

    Such a great guy!

  • Michele Reber

    Donated to Madison Whitcomb

  • Terry McLaughlin

    One of my first crushes of Junior High school at Boiling Springs. Great friends with his great sister Lana. Lennie was an all around great guy. Like most people out of high school we lose touch. It seems you did amazing things with your life, was there ever any doubt you would. Your niece Madison is a special young lady. I pray you reach your goal Honey. Fly high handsome sweet man. Love Terry Mc Laughlin

  • Lindsay Drew

    Thank you!

  • Nelson Le & Paul Dobitz

    You and Lennie will always be important and special people in my heart. Much love. Nelson

  • Sheri Collins

    Congratulations to you on a very successful campaign!

  • Glenn Conway

    He was such a kind and gentle soul, he is missed by many

  • Elizabeth Mihmet

    Madison, Thank you for doing this! Your leadership and your courage will inspire others to fight blood cancer, too. You are making cures happen. Beth

  • Sherry and Paul Lipka

    Madison you are an inspiration and Lennie would be so proud! Way to go! Love Sherry and Paul Lipka

  • Rene Krebs

    You are the BOMB!!!!!

  • Lori Bard

    Best of luck!

  • Nadia Sharifi

    You are inspirational! I wish you the brightest future so you can help and change the world! One person at a time.

  • Robin and Robert Scaer

    In memory of Lennie Whitcomb

  • Brian Bittinger

    Good luck in your fundraising efforts. Your uncle would definitely be proud.

  • Eager’s

    Great job Madison!

  • Lisa Barkley

    You are fighting for HOPE & CURE! Lennie is now free, and watching you warrior on in his memory! Thank you Madison!

  • Joelle Shea

    In memory of Lennie! Love, Joelle, Pearce and Eleanor

  • Mindy Wes

    God bless!

  • John Russell

    Lennie was a super nice guy who I had the privilege to meet and converse with many times last summer. I am all too familiar with what took his life. The beautiful thing about memories is that they make us human and hopefully, better people ourselves.

  • Theodore Bandy

    Lennie will be so deeply missed. A true motivator who touched so many with his zest for doing the right things!

  • Kam Shadan

    This supports Madison's fund raisin

  • Madeline Cree

    Congratulations on your amazing campaign Madison! I know your Uncle Lenny is so proud, and you should be too!

  • Alan Matheson

    City Wide of Central Pennsylvania is very proud to support your fund raising for such an important cause.

  • Scott Deon

    Good Luck Madison with your fundraising effort! Like most, I've seen too many good people battle cancer and lose. I admire what you are doing and think this is a great way for you to honor your Uncle Lennie!!

  • Dallas and Georgann Bailey

    Madison, you are an inspiration to us all and I know your uncle is very proud of your efforts and dedication to this worthy cause. He was a wonderful human being.

  • Harv & Donna

    A gift in loving memory of a very special person and a thank you to Madison for sharing her uncle with everyone.

  • Heather Ilgenfritz

    In honor of our niece and cousin, Madison Whitcomb, for her leadership and dedication to this important cause. Madison is so inspiring and we are very proud of her! We support Madison and the LLS organization in their efforts to fight cancer. The Ilgenfritz Family

  • Joanne Burkhart

    Madison Whitcomb is an exceptional young woman who exemplifies those qualities of compassion and motivation to help others. Her efforts are an inspiration to us all.

  • Tender Years, Inc. Child Development Centers

    Go Madison, a Tender Years Alumni and future teacher and leader. We are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. We are looking forward to watch you soar

  • Beth Sova

    Love and support in Lennie’s memory❤️

  • Robin Whitcomb

    Madison, your dad and I are incredibly proud of you for accepting Annabel Krebs nomination to run in the LLS Student of the Year Series to honor your Uncle Lennie. Stand tall and be so very proud of what you have accomplished in a ground work campaign for such a great cause!! We are so grateful to Rene Krebs & Family for their experienced LLS campaign leadership and continued support to LLS. Take time to reflect on the support and kindness of the many friends and strangers met on your LLS campaign trail. Take time to reflect on the new learning experiences, and all the memorable events and moments! We all will remember the beautiful Celebration of Life made possible by your Aunt Mary. Continue to carry in your heart the essence of Lennie as you near the day of writing the ultimate gift of a Cancer Research Grant to honor your Uncle Lennie and give hope to others. We love you so very much!! Mom & Dad ***SNOWFLAKES WILL FOREVER BE KISSES FROM HEAVEN***

  • Briana Smith

    We love you Uncle Lennie and cousin Madison! I'm so proud of how hard you are working Madison. We all believe in you.

  • Lars Augustin

    Every experience I've had working with Lennie was a good one; he was kind and always did everything he could to help you.

  • Bob Polard

    When I was young I lost a 12 year old cousin to Leukemia so I'm glad to see what you are doing

  • Mira Tagliento

    Though I never had the pleasure of meeting Lennie in person, we talked over the phone for years. He was always so helpful and so nice. I was truly so sad to hear of his passing. I think this is an excellent campaign and I hope you reach your goal!

  • Yvette Lynch

    I met Lennie and Mary at the East Shore Branch YMCA. During those years, I was a runner and we would sometimes run together. Lennie also served as a board member at the Y. I always enjoyed his sense of humor. He was an amazing person and I'm so sad that cancer took him way too soon!

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