Student Visionaries of the Year Chicago

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  • Sayed Amir Husain Rizvi

    Keep up the noble work.

  • Rajiv Kumar

    Thank You!

  • Atanu Ghosh

    Sohini- I really admire your effort. It's a great cause. All the best, Uncle Atanu

  • Manohar Chintala

    All the best Diya Nair. Thanks for making me part of this initiative. -Manohar Chintala

  • Mark and Ingrid Snedecor

    thank you for your hard work to fight leukemia!

  • Deepsikha Das

    Sohini,Wishing you all the luck in the world! You're going to do amazing!

  • Sandeep Nema

    Thank you for your efforts!

  • Guddi Mohanty

    Way to go Anushka! May you and your generation of kids find the cure for this ravaging disease!

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