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Max's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 21, 2022

Dear Friend,

Some find it hard to ask others for money.  But, when I’m asking you to honor my friend, Nic – a cancer survivor – it’s easy.  I have compiled a team to raise $50,000 in just 7 weeks for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  I would be grateful for your support of this goal – my mom always said: “go big or go home!”

Nicolas Hambalek was just 10 years old when he received the shocking news that he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  He endured six long months of chemotherapy and radiation.  I’m happy to report that Nic is now 14 years old and has been in remission for three years – he’s a freshman at Memorial High School in Fresno, CA and plays on the JV football team.

LLS was right by his side, offering support and advocacy.  LLS has helped countless families by funding new drugs to treat leukemia, lymphoma, and other forms of cancer.  They provide advocacy support when insurance is lacking and help connect families to resources.

 I am inspired by the research work that LLS is leading to treat blood cancers.  In 2020 alone, LLS advanced 14 of the 17 blood cancer treatment options approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

When I was little, I dreamed of finding a cure for cancer.  I may not be the scientist that will discover a breakthrough cure, but I have hope that one day we will.  I am honored to participate in this year’s Students of the Year campaign to support the work of LLS.

I am excited to invite you to join my efforts to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so that they can continue to help and support people like Nic.  To donate, please visit my website at: or you can send a check payable to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to me at:  398 East Salmon River Drive, Fresno, CA  93730.  

Let’s be the generation that kicks cancer! 

Thank you!

Max Bauer

Students of the Year Candidate

Nic and Me!



  • Kelly & Jack Swertfager

    Best Wishes from the Kelly & Jack Swertfager!

  • Echo International Export Co Inc.

    this is because I play bridge with your grandmother. Patrick Carroll Echo International Co.

  • Karen Torres

    Max, we are happy to be a part if this cause. Good job! Richard & Karen Torres

  • Gayle Merritt

    Best of luck

  • The Hambalek Family

    Congrats, Max! We are honored to support you.

  • Angelica Terlikas

    Best of luck Max! Jag and Angelica Terlikas

  • Kim and Mike Ball

    Good luck Max and Nic!

  • Bill and Linda Smittcamp

    Good luck on your effort for Student of the Year!!

  • Sue Arnold

    Table for the Dueling Pianos

  • Victoria M Bommer

    Good luck Max!! Great cause!

  • Carolyn and Dan Vache

    Good luck fundraising for this worthy cause! Carolyn & Dan Vache (Friends of Gayle & Nick Smirnov)

  • Sarah Bauer

    Max, I am so proud of all of your accomplishments. You are a thoughtful young man who thinks of others first and can be counted on to do the right things for the reasons. I smile when I acknowledge you are my grandson. You will accomplish your LLS goal because you believe in the cause. Good luck, Max. Love, Mema xoxo

  • Brian Hildreth

    Let's DO this! Happy to support the cause, Max!

  • LuAnn Joy

    3 tickets for Dueling Pianos event.

  • Irene Wiegand

    Good luck with your fundraising, Max. It was a pleasure to meet you last December and thank you again for helping with our Santas House event. You are a wonderful elf! Irene Wiegand

  • Ronald Samuel

    Gayle Smirnov referral

  • David Jones

    Go get ‘em kid!!!

  • Ron Monis

    Good luck Max, yes let’s kick cancer!

  • Julie & Harry Lee

    A very commendable goal for such a worthy organization and cause. Our best wishes for your success. Thanks Gayle for reaching out.

  • patrice M SULLIVAN

    Congrats Max.

  • Mari Ann Ricchiuti

    Congratulations Max! Fit Family @ the Ft table! Best to you! Mari Ann Ricchiuti

  • The Satterberg Family

    Gayle Smirnov sent me. Good luck! 🍀

  • Marz & Ferol Garcia

    I wish you the best of luck in your fundraising efforts!

  • Lisa Ryan

    Thanks for being part of a wonderful cause to find a cure! So proud of you and the HS students I know participating on behalf of LLS.

  • David & Shelley Dever

    Max, what a wonderful cause you are dedicated to. We wish you tremendous success at the raising of money to help Nic and the LLS organization. Dave & Shelley Dever

  • Mary Lou Pease

    Way tTable for Dueling Pianos

  • Bristol Hospice

    Table for Dueling Pianos.

  • Rita & Gary Gladding

    Dear Max, Best of luck! LLS SOY is a great effort! Good luck and Congratulations Rita & Gary G

  • Jannah Devine

    Thanks for supporting a great cause! Jannah Devine

  • Teri Hustedde

    Go Max

  • Marion R. Austin

    Proud of you Max. This is a wonderful cause.

  • Melanie Chandler

    Hi Max, I'm a friend of your mom's from La Feliz Guild. I'm making a donation toward your fundraising competition! I hope you reach your campaign goal! Good Luck! Melanie Chandler



  • Vivian Franco

    I am on the LLS donor registry. Proud that you are supporting your friend. Good luck.

  • Kirsten L Years

    We applaud and support you! Stephen and Kirsten Years

  • Davey Jones

    Dualing piano

  • Donna Kern Fagundes

    This is for an individual ticket to the "Dueling Pianos" event. Please seat me at the Smirnov table. Best wishes for a truly successful fund raising event! Thank you, Donna Kern Fagundes

  • Allison and Edward Karahadian

    Good luck on your efforts for LLS

  • Greg and Kelly Mortensen

    Good luck Max and Nic!!

  • Tracewell Hanrahan

    Good luck Max!

  • Sandy Darling

    I am so proud of Max Bauer and all that he is doing to fight this terrible disease!

  • Natalie Kaita

    Let's GO! Happy to support you Max, and this cause.

  • Kelly Winter

    Love the hard work for a worthy cause.

  • David & Katharine Balabanis

    Thanks for making a difference Max. You are truly going big!

  • Rose Willems

    Good luck team Bauer!

  • John Horstmann

    Go Max!

  • Gunner Thomas Teixeira

    Here’s To kicking blood cancer’s butt.

  • Jeanne Castadio GV Burrows Inc

    RIP Chris Allen.. I pray every day that they find a cure for these diseases..

  • Cathy Hew

    donation on behalf of fundraiser Gayle Smirnov

  • Kim and Tim Dvorak

    Good luck!!!!. LLS is a wonderful organization. Our son was “Boy of the Year” in 2018 and while going through a difficult time, this was one of the best experiences and a privilege to be a part of. What your doing truly makes a difference. Thank you!!

  • Angelica Terlikas

    Great job max!!!

  • David McNamara

    Good luck!

  • Sabrina Polote

    Max Bauer campaign. Continue to soar!!!

  • Samuel Dalesandro

    Keep up the great work Nic and Max!!

  • Suzan Grazier

    Good luck, Max! You are doing good things in our world…keep up the good work!

  • Diane Chrisman

    Max, great work!!!!

  • Darlene Matoian

    Way to go Max!

  • Falcon Family

    Doing big things Max, keep up the great work!!


    Thank you Max for all your hard work and dedication to the cause.

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