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Chris Gastelum | Team Together Against Cancer

"One Kind Act at a Time" Fundraiser

Feb 28, 2023

Dear Prospective Hero,

Have you been touched by cancer and felt helpless in the battle? My name is Chris Gastelum. I am 16 years old, a sophomore at Palos Verdes High School. I know what it’s like to watch someone you love suffer from cancer and feel helpless in their battle. My Dad was the kind of guy that always put others first. Sadly, he would not live to see me reach my 15th birthday. On March 2, 2021, I watched my Dad pass away after a long battle with cancer. Anger and helplessness followed because I could not bring him back to life. 

A few months ago, a high school student was a guest speaker at my church. She shared her experience as a Student Visionary of the Year (SVOY) candidate with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS), and how her team raised thousands of dollars in the fight against childhood blood cancer. As she spoke, I remembered my Dad and the hurt I felt. I asked myself: “Do I want to continue to sit back and be a bystander to cancer? Or do I want to get up and do something that honors my Dad’s legacy and so many others like him?” 

For all of those that have been touched by cancer, I am proudly announcing my own candidacy as a Student Visionary of the Year! I am leading a multigenerational team in a competition from February 21st- April 14th to raise $50,000 in just seven weeks!  We are called: “Together Against Cancer” because no one should face cancer alone. Our team’s mission is one with LLS: Find a CURE for cancer and spread HOPE and SMILES to cancer patients and their families.

Your donation will not only help fund cancer research but help cancer patients access life-saving treatment. Did you know that over 40% of cancer treatment came from LLS funded research, benefiting not only blood cancer patients but those affected by other cancers and diseases as well? My Dad lived many years beyond his life expectancy because he was able to access cutting-edge treatment at the City of Hope. Unfortunately, not all cancer patients are treated equally. That needs to CHANGE! LLS’s network of more than 35,000 heroes advocate for guaranteeing coverage for clinical trials and life-saving treatments without families having to worry about how they will pay to save their loved one’s life. Now, I am offering you the chance to take action today and be a hero for a child touched by cancer, my Dad, or someone you love by putting them first.


All donations are 100% tax deductible. In addition, you can show your support by:

      Attending our Day at the Park Fundraiser on March 4th! RSVP HERE: 

      Purchasing a t-shirt, designed by my team HERE: 

      Sharing this link on social media to spread awareness about the campaign!  HERE:

We are ONE TEAM, with ONE MISSION, to help raise funds for patients and their families. Feel free to use my contact information below to ask me questions.

Let's beat cancer with One Kind Act at a Time! Together we are Stronger than Cancer! Thank you for being a Hero! 

Chris Gastelum

Together Against Cancer: “One Kind Act at A Time” |424-452-7414 |IG @togetheragainstcancer_




  • Shira Martorana

    Good luck Chris! You’re amazing and I know your Dad is proud. I know I am! Xo Shira

  • Tadashi Kondo

    Thank you for fighting and bringing awareness for such a great cause. Prayers to you and your family.

  • Guilda Sarraf

    So sorry for everything! I’m sure your dad and the rest of your family are extremely proud of you! Thanks for all that you are doing.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Nikki Stark & Gus Stark

    Thank you, Chris, for your incredibly hard work! Bravo to you! Nikki and Gus Stark

  • Daphne Zamudio

    Much love to you and your family Chris! Daphne Zamudio and Family

  • Kristine Castro Twomey

    Thank you for turning your pain and grief into helping others fight this horrible disease. You are resilient and brave! A true inspiration!!!

  • Rebecca Goodrich Wolfe

    Such a worthy cause and so happy to contribute! Let’s cure cancer together!

  • shiva Asrari

    Great work Christopher🙏❤️

  • Dori Hebert

    Go Chris! The world needs more visionaries!

  • Joni Kearney

    I don’t know you Chris but I know your Grandma, Debbie Letcher. We have been friends for a long time! I have heard of your families journey with your dad. What a wonderful event you are involved in for the memory of your father and for others who have struggled in the same way! Good luck to you on your journey! Sincerely, Joni

  • Cristine Albanese

    So happy to support this cause! What a remarkable tribute to your wonderful father. He is smiling from heaven and so proud of all your efforts! Good luck Chris!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Chris, Blaine and team on a great campaign!

  • Adrian Gonzalez

    For Tio Gilberto

  • Summer Ranaldi

    Let’s fight the fight!!

  • Lisa Rosenbloom

    In memory of my beloved husband Joe Rosenbloom and my mother Marie Wolfson.

  • Turk Family

    We love you!

  • Barbara Ferraro

    So proud of Chris Gastelum!!!

  • Luna Peak Foundation

    Love Luna Peak Foundation

  • Elizabeth Swanson

    Chris, You are an inspiration and it was an honor to interview you for RPVtv at your Together Against Cancer fundraiser. Keep the faith and fight against cancer going strong. Best , Liz Brown Swanson

  • Elijah Ortega

    Always in our hearts! An amazing man.

  • José Ortega

    Always in our heart never forgotten.

  • Claudia Ortega

    Way to go Chris!!Your dad and Rosa are smiling down at you

  • CaCe’ Gardner

    You know how much I loved my chats with Gilbert as he’d walk by my office! He was an incredible person, father, husband and fighter! I’m so glad I got to spend a few moments with him before he passed on, but he’s for certain in Heaven now, so very proud of Chris and his beautiful family!

  • Dianne Shoff

    Both of my parents had cancer. My mom had leukemia & my dad lymphoma. I’m happy to help out! I had a great cause.

  • Anonymous

    Spreading Kindness! Let’s beat cancer together!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome work!

  • Anonymous

    Great work!

  • Carla Schmainda

    Your dad would be so proud of you for your strength and compassion. Thank you for taking this on to raise awareness. I dedicate this to my dad that I also lost to cancer. ??


    Your Dad is looking down on you from Heaven with a BIG SMILE on his face! I am so PROUD of you for taking your grief and turning it into action to help others!

  • Raquel Gastelum

    So proud of you Chris!

  • Luis Guerra

    Great job, Chris, Blaine and team!

  • Melissa Gallagher

    Chris such a beautiful tribute of moving your Dads memory forward to help fund further research into helping others. All the best.

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