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Sophie Bell | Shout Out For A Cure

Sophie's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 21, 2024

Hi, my name is Sophie Bell,  I am a Junior at Vel Phillips Memorial. I also have a speech problem so I didn't talk until I was five - so talking to you is a big deal for me. I am a candidate for the Student Visionaries of the Year Campaign, which is a 7-week fundraiser for high school students sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  We raise as much as we can. I am doing this for two reasons. My Mom is a cancer survivor. Without research and treatment, she would not have been able to have me.  I am also motivated to utilize this campaign to improve my confidence in speaking and using my voice.  I know my challenges were hard, but not nearly as hard as those facing Leukemia and lymphoma. I know I will lead my multi-generational team to success, raising money and having lots of fun with it. 



  • Lisa Dinndorf

    Way to go Sophia Bell, you're doing great work!

  • Julie Trinkner

    Sophie, thank you for making the world a better place!

  • Nicholas Berndt

    Way to go Sophie, great job setting this up and helping others!

  • Alfie

    I hope you raise a lot of money!

  • Brett Wheeler

    What an important cause. Thank you Sophia!

  • Katherine WallCe

    Go Sophie! Happy to donate to a great cause.

  • Anonymous

    Go Sophie!

  • Lane Manning & Mad City Dream Homes

    Sophie, Thank you for taking the LLS SOTY challenge, you are doing amazing work that will help many in the future! I look forward to connecting with you in the future. Kind Regards, LM

  • Ginny Jackson

    Go Sophie!

  • Matt and Aimee Walsh

    Way to go Sophie!

  • Constance Kramer

    Thank you Sophie Bell for your support of this worthy cause. My donation is in memory of my sister Susan Kramer Devlin who was challenged by leukemia during the last 25 years of her life.

  • Immanuel March

    Thank you for being my Parkcrest coach. From Immanuel

  • Shampo Family

    Sophie your efforts to raise money for those with cancer is very admirable. Keep up the fight. The Shampo Family

  • Anonymous

    Good luck Sophie bell!

  • The Young Family

    What an amazing cause! You're quite the inspiration Sophie! The Young Family

  • Kendall Storch

    Excellent cause

  • Ann Conroy

    Go Sophie!

  • Stephen and Linda Kailin

    Such a great cause. You have real dedication, Sophie!

  • Cindy Ball

    Way to go Sophie...always doing amazing things for others!

  • Connie Baker Douglass

    Good luck with this, Sophie!

  • Lucy McNamara

    Thank you for the opportunity to support such an important organization. Wishing you continued success!

  • Mad City Dream Homes

    Thank you for raising money and raising awareness!

  • Chad and Melissa Thomley

    Go Sophie Go!

  • Jennifer & Pete Sheridan

    Go Sophie! From the Sheridans

  • TDS Connecting With Our Communities

    Donated on behalf of TDS Connecting With Our Communities.

  • Juliet Hefty

    ?? from Juliet

  • The Gittleman/Blumenstein Family

    This is great Sophie! Way to step up and honor your mom and fight cancer!!

  • Catherine Patton

    Good luck with your fundraising Sophie!

  • Sue and Oliver Perry

    What a great idea, Sophie! Thanks for getting involved with this cause. Oliver and Sue Perry

  • Bill Leonard

    Way to go, Sophie! Keep using your voice to make the world a better place!

  • Cowles Family

    We are happy to be able to support you in your fundraising goal for such a wonderful organization. You are an inspiration to others to get involved in this fight.

  • Gillean Kitchen

    So inspiring Sophie! Happy to support your efforts!

  • Lynne Sears

    Good luck reaching this goal!!

  • Judi M

    This is amazing work you are doing!

  • The Richards Family

    Love you, Soph!

  • Kevin Robertson

    Thank you Sophie

  • Anna and Andy Burish

    Congrats Sophie on all your hard work. I hope this helps get you closer to your goal!

  • Jake and Emmalee Hagenbucher

    You're amazing, Sophie! Thank you for raising money for such a great cause!

  • Alicia & Dave Lundal

    Good luck with this, Sophie

  • Jacob & Alison Dykstra

    Way to go Sophie! Keep up the great work!

  • Jenny Iskandar

    Good luck Sophie! This is a wonderful campaign.

  • Jason Maas

    Happy to support such a good cause!

  • Amy & Brian Kishter

    Thank you for your efforts to support research to eradicate cancer! We are happy to contribute to this cause.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to Sophie Bell, and all her dedication to such an important cause.

  • The Stuesser Cornwell family

    Thanks for your efforts in the fight against blood cancers, Sophie! We are happy to help you raise money for this worthy cause.

  • Mark Hewitt, Hewitt Real Estate (Keller Williams)

    Jane was my second mom growing up — I lost her just a month and a half ago to cancer. I’m so grateful to be able to support this fundraising effort and I’ll continue to give until we work to find cures. Thank you!

  • Laura and William Bird

    Soph, we are so proud of you! Keep up the incredible work!

  • Amos Kaldor

    Thank you Sophie!

  • Julie Hunter

    Thanks for supporting such a good cause, Sophie Bell! 🔔

  • Anonymous

    We hear your message loud and clear, team! Thank you for speaking up for cancer patients!

  • Stephanie Chatelain-Taapken

    Really proud of this work you’re doing!

  • Anonymous

    So proud of you, Sophie!

  • Billy N.

    Thank you Sophie for all your hard work on this worthy cause. :)

  • The Zuvers

    Way to go Sophie

  • Rachel Breger

    Good luck Sophie!

  • Kara Machleidt

    Way to go, Sophie Bell! I received fellowship from LLS a long time ago to research on how immune cells function. Really appreciate the funding and people like you who made it possible! Keep up with the good work! Kara

  • Gunn/Capuano Family

    Sophie, you are an amazing human being. Your kind heart will help people everywhere you go.

  • Raffle


  • Gabriel Nahn

    Hope this helps, Sophie! Proud of you!

  • Adam Nahn

    Thank you Soph!

  • The Beneke Boys

    Way to go Sophie!

  • Mary Clare Mulcahy and Brad Gillman

    Awesome work, Sophie Bell!

  • Christina Jurotich

    Great job, Sophie!

  • Clark and Susi Albert

    Thanks to you Sophie for all your effort.

  • Julie Olivier

    In memory of my dear mother who battled her CLL for over a decade. You fought the fight.

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