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Hannah Reynolds | Straight Outta Chemo

Welcome to Hannah Reynolds' SOY Fundraising Page!

Jan 12, 2018


My name is Hannah Reynolds and I am currently working to cure blood cancers! Thank you so much for coming to my page to support me or to read about my story. 

My dad, Jeff, Reynolds was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in 2010. After his diagnosis, he was able to make it through six years before receiving chemotherapy treatment. However, this past year he received his first round of treatment (6 months of specialized chemo). He is now doing great and and we are hoping it will be a long time before he will need another round of treatment. 

It is hard as a kid to show your sick parent that you are there for them. Being a part of this campaign is allowing me to get involved and show my dad how much I support him. I am also blessed to be supporting my team members who are either touched by cancer or are a survivor!

I want to thank you again for helping me reach my goal to end blood cancers. I hope that eventually no one will have to endure what my dad did! Your donation and support truly means the world to my family and I. 

With love, 

Hannah Reynolds 

P.S. I am also seeking sponsorships from business so if you know a business that would be willing to help, feel free to contact me at hanreyrey@gmail.com or by phone (414)-614-5696 



  • Trotiers

    This is for Hannah Reynold’s raising money in honor of her Dad, Jeff. God bless you!

  • Jay and Arlene Preston

    Good luck to you, Hannah, as you embark on the LLS Student of the Year Adventure! It is great to be part of your effort to raise money for LLS research. Jay and Arlene Preston

  • Uncle Tim & Aunt Jodi

    We’re Wishing you much success with your fund raising campaign. So much to be proud of. Way to go.

  • Mike and margo Lehmann

    Such a great thing your doing. Best of luck.

  • Dena Fura

    Best wishes with your initiative, Hannah!

  • Puccetti Family

    Best wishes Hannah! My mom passed away from leukemia 14 yrs ago and it’s people like you that are going to help find a cure sooner than later! Praying for your dad‘s continued good health (and Hi to Lulu lol)!

  • The Maley Family

    Great job Hannah! Super inspirational

  • Wendy Kendeigh

    What a beautiful tribute to your father’s battle ... fight on!

  • Anonymous

    Even though our lives may have never crossed paths, I think it is such an awesome thing you are doing, happy to donate to your effort.

  • Shawn & Kristin Owens

    Hannah - Your father is a legend. Keep up the good work! Kris & Shawn

  • Kimberly Eisendrath

    Way to go Hannah! You are an inspiration to us all and a blessing to all those those lives you are changing! Your Pewaukee Community is very proud of you and your efforts with your team.

  • Becky Nelson

    Love you Jeff, proud of you Hannah!

  • Michael Atkins

    Thanks for your efforts! Best of luck to you.

  • Patrick Gengler

    Hannah, you should be so proud of the great work you are doing on behalf of your Father. We are happy to support you in this effort. Patrick & Karen Gengler

  • Cindy Retherford

    Good luck Hannah! Such a great cause & amazing job by your whole team! Drew's grandma is going through chemo right now for Hodgkins Lymphoma so this is very close our hearts. Praying for you, your dad & entire family! <3The Retherford Family

  • The Kozlik Family

    Thrilled to be a part of your inspiring efforts to support your Dad! Many Blessings Hannah! The Kozlik Family

  • Karen Krumenacher

    Congrats Hannah Reynolds on your fundraising efforts. Hoping and praying your efforts help find solutions for this cancer. We lost our friend and cousin way too soon.

  • Kim Orfitelli

    So proud of you Hannah! You're doing great!

  • Brian, Brenda, Cole & Zack Miller

    Great Job Hannah! You should be proud of all your efforts!

  • John Loew

    From John, Paula and Emmett Loew

  • Jun Davantes

    Wishing you all the best Jeff. Davantes Family

  • The Loya Family

    Jeff Reynolds....

  • Anonymous

    You are an inspiration to all of those with a sick relative! You are making a difference! I saw this in article in the Lake Country NOW! Keep asking for donations and you will succeed and beat this with your Dad. Your family is in my prayers.

  • Coach C

    Love you Hannah!

  • Jim & Kim Ashland

    Hannah, Wishing you all the success with this worthy cause. Best to you and your family. Jim & Kim Ashland

  • Amy Samuel

    Keep up the great work Hannah! You and your team are doing amazing:)

  • Julie Miller

    We are so happy to support you and your wonderful team!

  • Becky Nelson

    I'm so proud of you, Hannah!!!! Love you!

  • Elaine Erickson

    My husband Jeff has the very rare Hairy Cell Leukemia and also CLL and MGUS. He had intensive chemo 6 1/2 years ago and is still stable as of his 6 month checkup in December. He has taken 8 grams of Curcumin daily since his diagnosis and his doctor says he is doing remarkably well. MGUS is the precursor to Multiple Myeloma and we believe the Curcumin is helping. Read Margaret's Corner blog for an amazing collection of legitimate medical studies of Curcumin and blood diseases. Thank your for helping advance the treatment of blood diseases. I know your dad will be fine because progress is moving at warp speed. You are a wonderful daughter!

  • Sarah Gray

    Wishing you the best in your efforts and a long healthy future for your dad! Sarah Gray (classmate of your dad's)

  • Aunt Beth, Uncle Moe, Spencer & Sophie

    We are so proud of what you are accomplishing!

  • Jackie Magennis

    Best wishes and good health to you and your family Hannah!

  • Bill Fagerland

    Best Wishes to a Great Family

  • Jennifer Koel

    Hannah! I think what you are doing is INCREDIBLE! We are happy to support you! You are making such a difference in the lives of so many! Your parents must be unbelievably proud of you! The Koel Family

  • Adriane Sherman

    You’re doing a great job Hannah. Keep fighting for a cure!

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