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Cure Big or Go Home Students of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 26, 2021

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the mission of LLS!  Please note, gifts made on this page after 4:00pm on Friday, February 26, 2021 will not be counted towards the competition for the 2021 Virginia Students of the Year

To make a gift that will be credited to your candidate’s competition total after 4:00pm on Friday, February 26, please visit  


Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for checking out our fundraising page!

While you’re here, please, please, please consider supporting us by donating to Team Cure Big or Go Home’s fundraising campaign. When you make a donation to LLS, you’re funding groundbreaking research to find a cure, helping patients get education and support, and advocating in the federal and state governments for legislation that would benefit those living with cancer. Every dollar put toward Cure Big or Go Home’s fundraising goal and to LLS helps support patients and puts us one step closer to curing blood cancers.

With LLS, you know that every dollar you donate is doing good. As a global leader in the fight to end cancer, LLS is committed to doing more for blood cancer patients and families than any organization in the world. Campaigns like Students of the Year drive critical support for its mission, including a nearly $1.3 billion investment in cutting edge cancer research worldwide since it was founded in 1949. Since the 1960s, survival rates for many blood cancer patients have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled. LLS works hard through research, education and support, and policy and advocacy to ensure that patients are put first.

Check back on our website as often as you can, and share our page with friends and family who would also help us reach our goal. Together, we have the power, the passion and the resolve to achieve a world without blood cancer. Also, all donations are tax-deductible.

On behalf of cancer patients and their families everywhere, thank you so much for all your support!

For more information about LLS, please visit

--Bruce, Brenna, Gracie, Ibrahim, Jackson, Miriam, Mary, Wendy, Andrew, Bailey, and Amanda



  • Dr. Jenny Alsop

    Best of luck in achieving your fundraising goals for this worthy cause!

  • Bill Fiege

    Keep up the great work!

  • Amy Heller

    Proud of you guys!

  • Judy Bowles

    LLS continues to make a difference in the lives of so many with blood cancers! Good Luck! Thank you for your work to raise money to find a cure!

  • Ed and Amy Luczak

    Proud of all of you for doing this! God Bless!!

  • Anonymous

    Go team, Cure Big or Go Home!

  • The van Eerden Family

    Go Team Cure Big or Go Home!!!

  • Kate Waltman

    What a great cause! Way to go Bruce and team!

  • Pearsons - Michigan


  • Ursula J Hull

    Good luck meeting all your fund-raising goals!!

  • Todd Adams

    It is for Bruce Yanovitch

  • Sara Headley

    New Mexico!

  • Marty McIntyre

    My sister beat Hodgkins lymphoma!

  • Kelly J Farrell


  • Claudette Farrell

    From Rhode Island!


    From Oklahoma

  • Lawrence Yungk

    Cincinnati, Ohio is representing.

  • Jennifer and Justin Petruzzelli

    Great work team! Wishing you good luck 🍀 on your goal.

  • Ann Marie Madigan

    Go Bruce!

  • Kim Hallowell

    Good Luck from Wyoming

  • Wiley McCarthy

    Good luck. One New England state checked off

  • Jody Titze

    South Dakota for Bruce’s Big Cure Team

  • Gabriel Scala

    Big hearts save lives! Thanks for your hard work.

  • Evangeline Beechler


  • Jamie Dahman

    Good luck!

  • Amy, Louis, and Elise

    Bruce and teammates, we are happy to help cure big! We support this cause and appreciate your work and dedication.

  • Richard Van Straten

    Thank You.

  • Shannon Murray

    Go Team Cure Big! MMG RVA wishes you all the best with reaching your goal ??

  • Ron Miner

    Best of luck with your project and thanks for your good citizenship!


    From Montana!

  • Warrior Construction Company Inc.

    Good luck in meeting your fundraising goal! Thanks, Warrior Construction Company Inc.

  • Bruce Yanovitch

    you're welcome kid. donuts, baby

  • Bill & Marge Yanovitch

    Bruce et al - great news we raised $200 from your mask sale. Keep on keepin' on.

  • Jessica Wilson

    Bruce Rules!

  • Juliana Thomas

    Thank you Bruce and team for your dedication to such a wonderful cause!

  • Cathy Cheely

    Great work. This is a cause that is very near to me as I have a family member affected by lymphoma. Thanks for doing this!

  • Morgan and Courtney Dean

    Good luck y’all!

  • Jewel Caven

    Bruce - what great work you are doing. Good luck with your fundraising!

  • Kimberly Brown

    Thank you for hosting a fundraiser for a great cause!

  • Marc & Lisa Just

    Best of luck with your fund raising efforts!

  • Bobbi Jo Sample

    Good luck!

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