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Now is the time to be one of FALKNER's FIGHTERS!

Mar 28, 2019


I am honored to participate as a team member for the 2019 Students of the Year program, a seven-week initiative in which select high school students from around the country participate in a fundraising competition to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I am proud to support my candidate and am raising critical dollars in honor of a young patient hero who is currently battling or is in remission from a blood cancer. Each dollar is a vote. The candidate team that raises the most money at the end of the seven weeks is named Student of the Year. Our mission is to not only raise the most money but also to bring attention to blood cancers like leukemia, which is the most common form of cancer in children and teens.

Since the early 1960s, five-year survival rates for many blood cancer patients have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled. And many LLS supported therapies not only help blood cancer patients but are helping patients with other cancers and serious diseases. In fact, drugs first approved for blood cancers are now approved to treat patients with stomach cancers, skin cancers, and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

We really are changing the face of blood cancer!

All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. They'll not only support LLS-funded research but will help provide critical information and support for patients, and support advocacy for laws to ensure patients can access the care and treatments they need.

Please visit our website often and bring friends who would also like to donate!

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you for your support!

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  • Roger Smith

    Great job Nicholas!! I am more than glad to support your efforts, always!

  • Sandra Tompkins

    Great thing to do.

  • George CF Chang

    I do love and am concerned about those who are affected by the horrible disease.

  • Anonymous

    In memory of my late mother Edna who passed away 6 years ago this December.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you for taking up this fundraising campaign.

  • Deacon Al

    God bless you and your efforts Nicholas.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a cancer survivor of 22 years! God bless you for your efforts.

  • Darren A Jones

    God bless you and your project.

  • Anonymous

    We are the body of Christ. Every branch, leaf & seed contributes to wholeness of life for all through Christ.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you for your service to his loved ones.

  • James Butkus

    Peace be with you!

  • Jodie Palmer

    I lost my little sissy to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Let’s keep fighting.

  • Kay Bush

    Good job Nicholas! Ms. Bush :)

  • Kristy and Khosrow R Shotorbani

    In honor and support of Nicholas dedicating his time in support of this noteworthy cause. Love. Khosrow and Kristy Shotorbani

  • Mary, Robert, and Daniel Higgins

    Way to go Nicholas! You are doing a wonderful thing here.

  • Jennifer Williams

    Nicholas, you are AWESOME! Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much Nicholas! You are amazing! Keep up the good work :)

  • Jedd, Stacy & Sophia Bogenschutz

    Nicholas, My good friend Shirley Hansen and the many who are fighting the fight Thank you for your efforts to find the cure.

  • martin spahn

    Thanks for your good work!

  • Mark Anderson & Ann Erickson

    We're happy to help.

  • Wiley Doby

    In memory of Wiley Jacob Doby

  • James Niemann

    Judge Dever’s request for a Show Me State donation.

  • Michael Dever

    Good Luck Nicholas!

  • Gregory S. Henderson, MD, PhD

    Outstanding effort for a very worthy cause.

  • Robert, John, and William

    Way to go Nicholas!

  • Caroline Sparrow

    In loving memory of Lisa Anne Church, who fought metastatic breast cancer with courage, grace, humility and resilience despite long odds.

  • Pat Bayer

    Go get 'em, Nicholas!

  • Helen Bero Van Wagoner

    We hope this helps with your goal! Good Luck! Love, Rick and Helen

  • Angie Piccoli-Steady

    Thank you for your fine work! Take care and God bless....

  • virginia s drew

    God bless you for undertaking this endeavor!

  • Dr. Thomas McNamara

    Keep up the good work. Dr. Thomas McNamara

  • Lee Dever

    We are proud of your hard work

  • David Hoak

    Great effort for a great cause.

  • Cort Dennison

    Thank you for your dedication to this worth cause.

  • Mindy May

    We are proud of you, Nicholas. What a great cause! My mom has had CLL for 10 years now.

  • Mackenzie Rainaldi Sullivan

    Awesome job!

  • Kiewiet - Kansas

    From Kansas!

  • Ted and Chris Schumm

    Great cause... Happy to participate!

  • Stephanie Watrin

    We are so proud of all your efforts!

  • Patricia Hagberg

    In honor of our nephew in law Rod who beat this disease and remains in remission! You go Rod!💗

  • Christopher Manios

    Great Job Nicholas

  • Allyson and Dan Chard

    Nicholas, thank you for taking on such a worthy cause. I know you have a bright future ahead because you are always involved in such valuable activities. Dan and I are so happy to support you and support this cause! Allyson and Dan Chard

  • Sarah Niemann

    In memory of my mom who passed away 11 yrs ago.

  • Anonymous

    This donation is made in honor of our grandniece Alyssa who battled leukemia so bravely and successfully in her teens. Thank you, Nicholas, for working on behalf of other leukemia and lymphoma patients to find a cure.

  • Godfrey

    Nicholas, you are most convincing. We are pleased to support your cause. We are all relentless to find cures for genetic and other diseases. Wishing you great success! Judy and Larry Godfrey

  • Carly Dirig

    From Alaska!

  • Sadie Bauserman

    Much love from Indiana

  • Kellie Garris

    Nicholas Falkner, our friend MayJo’s son issked me to support his cause a fundraiser for Leukemia Cancer Cure.  Proud to do so!

  • Liz Kabbush-Peterson

    Nevada supports you! 💗

  • Kristin C Kanka

    Way to go Nicholas! Keep up the strong work!

  • Amber Pecora

    Nicholas Falkner

  • Mansooreh Palosaari

    My name is mansooreh.I am Peggy Ahlin’s friend . Proud of your work in this cause. Wish you all the best

  • Dan Bishop

    Donation from NJ

  • Pam & Mark Haik

    Nice work, Nicholas!

  • Anonymous

    God be with you in this most worthy effort! Jesus who is Healer, comfort your people!

  • Michael L Ahlin

    Nicholas Thank you for this undertaking. The world needs more young men of your caliber. Uncle Mike on behalf of the Ahlin Family

  • Thomas and Mary Beth Johnson

    We are very glad to support NIckolas in his efforts in this very important cause! Good luck and health to all who are part of this fund raising!

  • Patrick Dever

    Enjoy Nicholas. All the way from Texas

  • Elizabeth & James Knackstedt

    Way to go Nicholas!

  • Angela

    Go Nicholas! I appreciate your fundraising efforts!

  • Alisha, Itai, & Faye

    We love you, Nicholas, and are proud of the work you are doing!

  • Kenton Brine

    Leo is fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Seattle. We're all in it together!

  • Brigitta Kramer

    Good luck from Germany!!

  • John and Karen Baci

    With sincere appreciation for this endeavor! John and Karen Baci

  • Luke Perkocha

    Good luck!

  • TJ & Susan Welsh

    Great job Nick!

  • Helga Watrin

    Nicholas, We are proud of you!! Sending our love from Germany -Omana and Opapa

  • Melissa Lord-Toof

    Nicholas - best wishes to you in your campaign for SOTY, from a fellow LLS volunteer & friend of your Aunt/Uncle!

  • Lisa Milligan

    Well done Julian You should be very proud of yourself to be fundraising for this foundation Every dollar counts and more than happy to support you

  • Leanne Simmonds

    Good job Julian. What a great foundation

  • Allyson Gamble

    You are an amazing person to work so hard for an incredible cause good luck Nicholas! Jim, Ben and Allyson Gamble

  • Faye Keller

    Thank you, Nicholas, for making this enormous effort to eliminate such an insidious diesease! Faye Keller

  • David Grenache, PhD

    Dear Nicholas, Thank you for your campaign. I am a friend and colleague of your uncle, Ron, and am delighted to help you achieve your goal. Your work is appreciate by many, including the thousands of patients who will benefit from your efforts. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. David Grenache, PhD

  • Zara and Russ Juillerat

    What a wonderful project. Keep up the great work Nicholas!

  • Kelly Love

    What an important cause xoxo The Love Family

  • Caroline Sparrow

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of an important cause! Go Nicholas!

  • R Chas

    In loving memory of my Uncle, Craig Hibbard.

  • Susan Lowman-Thomas

    Thank you, Nicholas, for the fine work!

  • Elaine Adams

    From Washington State!

  • Carol Calacino

    From Colorado

  • Paula Smith

    Keep it up! You got Virginia.

  • Shawn M Hokanson

    A donation from Kentucky

  • Terese Walton

    For FALKNER's FIGHTERS - keep up the great work!

  • Dot Stefanich

    Best of luck Nicholas with your fundraising!!

  • Cynthia Sanders

    In honor my beautiful college sisters who have passed or who continue to fight and win against cancer.

  • Marianne Dennison

    Thank you for being such a wonderful young spokesperson Nicholas!

  • Sara Bamford

    Way to go Nicholas! I’m proud of you! Cancer sucks!

  • Joseph & Judy Rainaldi

    Nicholas you are a great example of the selfless individuals the world needs more of. Congratulations on undertaking this endeavor. You are a winner!

  • Missy Bass

    Happy to support!!

  • Sue Bauman

    Leukemia took my mother much too soon. I hope these donations find us another step closer to a cure.

  • Anonymous

    A great cause for cure

  • Heather Beagley

    This cause has a special place in my heart. I'm a 17 year survivor of lymphoma. Happy to donate. Thanks for doing this!

  • Joni Dahle

    Way to go Nicholas Falkner!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We're happy to support this excellent cause!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck

  • Jerri and Tony Jacyno

    Honored to help Nicholas with his selfless act of helping others! Good luck with your efforts.

  • Lane & Liz Tucker Perry

    Great work Nicholas - thank you for doing this!

  • Susan Lowman-Thomas

    Your great aunt Mary Ahlin Jones would be very proud to support your efforts, Nicholas.

  • Anonymous

    My son Shane battled Lymphoblastic Leukemia for four years. The LLS was a lot of help to us

  • Michelle Bruno

    Happy Birthday Ronda and best of luck Nicholas.

  • Heidi Trichler


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