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Devon's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 20, 2021

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page, welcome!

My name is Devon Wormley, and I am a senior at Saratoga Springs high school. I am the captain of the Saratoga high school hockey team and a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan. Due to current times, our season was cancelled so I decided to join the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) Student of the Year campaign. Every year this campaign is run in which students are nominated to help raise money in support of cancer research. Throughout my life I have seen the effect of cancer on my friends and my community. My team, Worm’s Wishes, will be fundraising from January 21st to March 12th, 2021 with a goal to raise $20,000 to support the LLS in their mission to cure blood cancer. My appreciation for your support cannot be overstated — each and every dollar donated to LLS brings us closer to our goal to end blood cancer and makes an impact for cancer patients and their families.

You may be wondering why donate to LLS? Well, LLS has funded 57 out of the 66 FDA approved treatments since 2017. Before I learned about LLS I had no idea that the treatments for Leukemia patients had not changed in so long and knowing that LLS was a major impact on changing the treatments has helped to motivate me. LLS is now focusing their efforts on battling pediatric cancer. In the past 40 years only 4 oncology drugs have been approved for use in children and 80% of all childhood cancer patients develop some other illness later on in life as a result of these treatments. If we can all support LLS we can hope to see the same advancements be brought to children's care that we have seen the LLS make in the past.   

Please visit my website as often as you can and share it with everyone you know who would also like to join us in the fight against cancer. Together, we have the power, the passion and the resolve to achieve a world without blood cancer. All donations are tax-deductible.

On behalf of cancer patients and their families everywhere, I sincerely thank you for your support!

For more information about LLS, please visit



  • Dave Merriman

    Thanks Devon. Good job!

  • Bryn & Mac Wormley

    You’re awesome Devon!! So much to be proud of! #wormswishes Let’s Go Buffalo!

  • Linda Pelletier

    I had lymphoma myself. God bless your effort.

  • Brittany Wormley

    Keep up the good work dev! Live ya! Britt

  • Linda Thompson

    I pray for the day when all cancer is eliminated.

  • Angela Sperry

    Go, Dev! Proud of you!

  • Devon Wormley

    FER DA KIDS , Bobear and kiernan

  • Mason Bloem

    Werm 🤩

  • Schwartz family

    Keep up the great work!

  • Devon Wormley

    Venmo donners

  • Devon Wormley

    Julia and Jake

  • Maureen Scoville

    Keep up the great work Devon ❤️In memory of Elsie.

  • Devon Wormley

    Sara Stalica and others

  • Richard and Carol Sheridan

    Great job Devon. You are an impressive young man, from the Mcgregor pro shop to your achievements at Saratoga High School. Carol and I received so much support from the Saratoga and McGregor community when we lost Jim. We are very happy to assist you in this endeavor. Again, well done.

  • Holly Louis

    Keep up the awesome work!👊🏻

  • Cindy Dack-Fauler

    Proud of you Devon ❤️

  • The Stanley’s

    Good luck - the Stanley’s

  • Greg Beaulieu

    Happy to support this great cause! Way to go!

  • Devon Wormley

    Brian and emma

  • Indairo Namnum

    Justin gathered the boys

  • Tom and Beth Egan

    Great cause! Good luck Devon!

  • Laurie Nelson

    We are honored to support your fundraiser for such an important cause, Devon. Laurie and Mike Nelson

  • Roohan Realty

    Good luck Devon!

  • Alexis Osborne

    This is amazing. I work with your mom (kind of) and I am not the least bit surprised that her son is just as wonderful! Keep up the great work!

  • John Kelly

    Good Luck Devon !

  • Patricia Wormley

    Great job Devon and a very great cause.

  • The Carey Family

    Good luck

  • geoff wormley

    Good job Devon Wormley

  • Leah Ferrone

    Great work Devon!

  • Barbara Parrish

    Proud of you Devon!!❤️

  • Nancy Harris

    My Mother, Shirley Daubney.

  • Jack and Kristin Parrish

    Great job, Devon ... good luck!

  • The Kolligian Family

    Best of luck! Great cause - great work!

  • Matt & Jill Smith

    Great Job Devon!

  • Tim Grande

    Keep up the good work, Devon!

  • William Hart

    Good work Devon!

  • Krista Knapp

    What an amazing effort! Way to go!

  • Kemp Bundy

    Good luck to you and your team!

  • Elizabeth Riter

    Hope you reach your goal for this worthy cause!

  • Mary Beth Ells

    Proud of you Dev!

  • Jennifer Wormley

    Proud to be your sister <3

  • Jeff and Amy Wink

    Great job Devon! You rock!

  • Rochester Wormley's

    Thank you for all the good work you are doing Devon and raising awareness for LLS! We are proud of you and love you.

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