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Jules Weinstein | Team CBC: Curing Blood Cancer

Jules' Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 11, 2023

Welcome to my 2023 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Houston Student Visionaries of the Year fundraising page! Today more than one million Americans are fighting a daily battle with blood cancers, and every 3 minutes another person unwillingly joins the fight.


Team CBC is my fundraising team, and I have great ambitions to lead my campaign toward our goal to raise $75,000 that kicks off on January 12, 2023 and culminates in a grand finale celebration on March 4th. With your help and support, we are looking forward to Curing Blood Cancer.


Last year, my best friend Lindsey Karkowsky was an LLS candidate and asked me to be one of her team members, inspiring me to lead my own team this year. I grew up in a household with my father and grandfather being doctors, and my mother and sister being heavily involved with non-profit organizations. Conversation surrounding the importance of both health and advocacy became normalcies. Starting from the day I was born, Annie Wells made her presence in my life as a babysitter and soon became a part of our family. Annie told me about her internship at LLS, which she described as life changing. This sparked my desire to get involved with LLS, giving me the opportunity to experience something that changed the life of someone who had such a prominent impact on mine. Annie told me that she was “so proud to see the next generation focused on finding a cure and fundraising,” which means everything to me. As my childhood went on, blood cancer was a perpetual and relentless villain. One day my mom’s friend Joy called to ask if she could help a friend of hers headed to Houston for treatment at M.D. Andersen for acute myeloid leukemia. My mom would hang out with Robyn, bring her meals and drive her to appointments while she was getting treatment. My mom said the time she spent with Robyn, the girl with the amazing laugh, was a gift. Robyn passed away on October 4, 2012. Later, in high school my cheer coach’s son Charlie developed leukemia at 3-years-old and passed away at age five. I am so honored to take on this challenge in honor of Annie, Robyn, and Charlie.


Help be part of the cure and help my team compete in the Houston Student Visionaries of the Year campaign. For more information, please contact me at For more information about LLS and Student Visionaries of the Year, please visit


Jules Weinstein

2023 Student Visionaries of the Year Candidate 



  • Emily and Adam Weinstein

    Way to go Jules! XO - Mom and Dad

  • Laura Powell

    I still can’t believe you’re gone, feels like you’re still here & I wait for the day I can hear your contagious laughter again.

  • Lindsey Karkowsky

    SWEET J!! YOU WILL KILL IT!! Soo soo soo proud!! - lindsey Karkowsky

  • Amy Barcomb

    This is in memory of Joy's friend Robyn and in honor of my friend Maria, currently battling it out with lymphoma. Thanks for doing this!

  • Rachel Holland

    So proud of you Jules! Go get ‘em!

  • Lori Borchard

    I got to meet Robyn through Erin. What a gift of a person she was. Best laugh in the world.

  • Judy and Richard Kaplan

    Happy to support you Jules! With love, Uncle Ricky and The Judy

  • Garrison Rabalais

    Good luck Jules much love!

  • John Fl

    Glad to support Jules Weinstein in her leadership of Team CBC to combat this disease

  • Gretchen Walter

    My sweet Annie, so happy to see you here!! Glad to help.

  • Karen and Brad Satenberg

    Go get 'em Jules!

  • Michelle Lu

    Yay Team Leader Jules!

  • Dickson family

    Best of luck with your campaign Jules, xxoo, Susan & Asael Dickson

  • Catherine Orr

    Thank you for the good work and best wishes Jules! Katie and Bob ORr

  • Lisa Reed

    Great Work Jules!

  • DIANA Lopez

    Will always support you and your team! - Diana Lopez and family.

  • Shari London

    Way to go Jules!!

  • Courtney and Eric Haas

    Thank you for all that you are doing, Jules. Much love, Courtney and Eric

  • Beth Backer

    so proud of you, Jules! My mom passed away of Leukemia.

  • Annie Wells

    I'm beyond honored to help such an amazing family fundraise for such an Awesome cause! Thank you for your support in the past, I'm so happy to be able to support your efforts today!

  • Lila Henningsen

    Good luck meeting your goal, Jules!

  • Jarrod Ford

    Keep up the great work, Jules!

  • Laurie Berson

    WTG, J SVOY & team CBC!

  • Tommy & Nicole Wolf

    We are proud of you Jules. Great cause.

  • Jeff & Francis

    Great job, Jules!

  • The Mann Family

    Thank you Jules Weinstein for your drive and support for LLS.

  • Karen Feldman

    Congratulations on your hard work and dedication to this important cause! - Karen & James Feldman

  • Scott Herckis

    Keep rocking it Jules!

  • Jordana R

    So proud of you, Jules!

  • Cathy Norris

    Jules, you give me hope for the future! Joy is my treasured friend, and Robyn was one of a kind. Hard to believe it has been 10 years. Having recently survived my own bout with cancer, I thank you for your dedication - keep up the great work!

  • Emily Browning

    Love you Jules.

  • Jane Greenberg

    Thanks, Jules! You’re doing such meaningful work!

  • Julie Fette

    Thank you for inspiring us to help others.

  • Carol Hurwitz

    You go, girl! We are very proud of you. Love from Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom.

  • Lauren and Chris Patten

    We, too, have had too many family members with Leukemia & Lymphoma. So proud of the work you're doing! Love, La La and Chris

  • Lorie and Clint Malone

    So proud of you, Jules!

  • Lindsey

    GO J GO!

  • CJ Schmidt

    Wishing you all the best!

  • Meredith and Michael Rice

    Thank you for fighting against blood cancers, Jules!

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