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Rise Against's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 24, 2023

Rise Against Cancer.


Raise money to fund cancer research

Inspire those around us to join the fight

Send the message that we care

Engage the community so we can win this together!


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was built on a vision of a world without blood cancers


Rise Against Cancer from Tipp City, Ohio is proud to be a part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student Visionaries of the Year Campaign, working to raise as much as possible for LLS’s mission.


We have a team full of Tippecanoe Red Devils! Including:

Jack Wyant, Madison Featherstone, Katy Landis, Ellie Mcormick, Kara Snipes, Brenda Mahaney, Ben Anticoli, Caroline Kaibas, Jackson Smith, Lily Ares, Merrick Johnston, Lily Graham, Nikki Baur, Katy Smith, Logan Smith, and Charli Walters!


Please consider joining this fight by making a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.
Spread the word! Share this with your friends and tell them about all the upcoming Fundraisers, which can be found on our 

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you!

Let's change the world!


For more information about LLS, please visit




  • Reese Hornick

    Go, Jack, Go! We love you & are so proud of you for doing this! Love Lisa, Reese & Sadie

  • Lori and Jason

    Thank you for thinking outside of yourselves to help others.

  • Tipp City Rotary

    Thank you for presenting at Rotary. We are behind you 100% to reach your goal!

  • Greg & Patricia Simmons

    Two spouses taken before their time! Please find a cure!

  • Tim Priddy

    Great cause, thanks for your involvement Logan Smith!!

  • Evan Folkerth - 5th

    Evan Folkerth- 5th

  • Misty Preece

    Abigail Preece- 4th Grade

  • Anne Darner

    Thank you, Logan Smith, for including us! -The Darner Family

  • Emily Schmitz

    Brandon Schmitz 5th grade

  • Brody Foster

    Brody Foster 4th Grade

  • Deborah Rodenberg

    Zach Rodenberg 4th grade

  • Christine Muir

    Aria Muir 4th grade

  • Anonymous

    Sam Kettel 4th grade

  • Thomas Hughes

    Gabe Hughes - 4th Grade

  • Anonymous

    Join the fight against cancer. Best of luck Makya in the Dodgeball Tournament! We love you!

  • Gina Craun

    Gideon Craun 4th Grade Mrs. Moore

  • Jennifer L Trappe

    Will Trappe 4th grade

  • Lori Willoughby

    I recently lost my brother to complications from leukemia. Thank you for raising awareness and funds to support such a worthy organization.

  • Jeffrey Mains

    Cameron Mains 4th grade

  • Nicole Fisher

    Harrison Fisher - 4th Grade

  • Anonymous

    Bailey Perry, Grade 4

  • Chase Rickey

    Chase Rickey 4th

  • Collin Brown

    Barrett Brown, 5th grade

  • Brady Smith

    Brady Smith 5th grade Mr. Leiber’s class

  • Aide Coppess

    Aiden Coppess 5th grade

  • Arthur Lambers

    Arthur Lambers (4th Grade) donation for LT Ball Intermediate Dodgeball Tournament to Raise Cancer Funds.

  • Kirsten Hutton

    Liam Hutton Lt ball 5th grade

  • Amber Morgan

    Lily Morgan 4th grade

  • Wyatt Isaac

    Wyatt Isaac 5th grade

  • Alex Rossetter 4th

    Alex Rossetter 4th

  • Karissa Hept

    Eddy Hept 5th grade

  • Melissa Lukacs

    Claire Lukacs, 4th Grade

  • Faye Gray

    Savannah Gambill 5th grade.

  • Kim Bulgin

    Paxton Bulgin-4th grade

  • Jennifer Elchinger

    Kayleigh Elchinger

  • Anonymous

    Payton Gibbs - grade 4 - LT Ball

  • Landon Newton 4th

    Landon Newton 4th grade

  • Laci Day

    Skylar Day 4th grade

  • Julie Heffner

    Grayson Prince 4th grade.

  • Robert Lesher

    Max Lesher 4th grade

  • Courtney Bailey

    Alex Bailey - 4th Grade

  • Ashley Eckert

    Briggs Eckert 4th grade

  • Merri Smith

    I am making a donation in support of my granddaughter Katelin Smith from Tipp City High This group of High School students are making a difference.

  • Danielle Artz

    Greyson Artz

  • Belle Merry

    Belle Merry 4th grade

  • Lynn DeMange

    Parker DeMange, 5th Grade

  • Anonymous

    Sadie Venters, Grade 5

  • Tanner Pitts

    Tanner Pitts 5th grade

  • Valerie Petry

    Isaac P/ 4th

  • Danika Westfall

    Donation for Bryce Westfall to play dodgeball with 5th grade class March 22nd

  • Heidi Reynolds

    Grady Reynolds

  • Anthony Barthel

    Taliyah Barthel 4th Grade Tipp City

  • Rebecca Reckers

    So much fun for a great cause! 👏Sawyer Reckers, 5th grade

  • Cody Cohoon

    Kinsley Cohoon - 4th grade

  • Anonymous

    Xander Greulich 4th Grade

  • Anonymous

    Dawson Vocke 5th

  • Anonymous

    Everett Henry - 5th

  • Oakley North

    Oakley North 4th grade

  • Treyton Neely, 4th grade

    Treyton Neely, 4th grade

  • Anonymous

    Teddy Tavenner 4th

  • Rinston Dinh

    Rinston Dinh, 4th grade.

  • David Withrow

    Liberty Withrow- 4th Grade

  • Owen Boggs

    Owen Boggs- 5th Grade

  • Marla Birchler


  • Myles Mabelitini

    Myles Mabelitini 4th grade

  • Kiersten Adkisson

    Mason Smith - 5th grade

  • Aiden Robb

    Aiden Robb, 4th Grade

  • Ashley White

    Tobin Krapf-4th grade

  • Lily V

    Lily Van Oss 4th grade

  • Anonymous

    Aiden Burns-4th

  • Anonymous

    Sophie Wead, 4th grade

  • Donald Ragan

    Go, Emily!! You can do it!

  • Alex Eilerman

    Alex Eilerman -5th grade

  • Kenya Core

    Duck Kymari!!!! Your Nana would be so proud of you.

  • Eli McClain

    Eli McClain 5th

  • Amber Hartlage

    Cole Hartlage 5th grade

  • Beth S

    Kyle S

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