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Feb 08, 2023


  1. Make a tax-deductible donation before March 31st right here or send a check payable to LLS! (4370 Glendale Milford Rd. Cincinnati, Oh 45242) **Please write “Rams 4 the Cure” in the memo line so we get credit**.

  2. If you are making a personal donation, look into your company's donation matching program. For guidance, use the additional resource below.

  3. If applicable, get us in contact with your company! If you work for a corporation who may be interested in donating, become an advocate. Reach out to us for more details. 

  4. Share our cause! We would greatly appreciate your help by sharing our mission and story with your friends, family, and colleagues. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and by email are great ways to do this! The first step to finding that cure is spreading awareness. Use the additional resources below.

  5. Donate an auction item! We are currently collecting item baskets or experience packages for the LLS silent auction at the Grand Finale party on March 31st. Proceeds from our auction items will go towards our goal. Reach out to us if this is something you are interested in! 

  6. On March 28th, our silent auction site will go live! Stay tuned to see the items that the Dayton region has to offer! 

  7. Follow and share our Instagram account @rams4thecure to stay updated on our campaign!


Additional attached resources: 

  1. Tax write-off form: W-9 form.pdf

  2. LLS employee matching gift helper found here:​​​​​​​



Feb 08, 2023

Every 3 minutes, someone in the US is diagnosed with cancer, and 33% of blood cancer patients do not survive 5 years after their diagnoses.


As a global leader in the fight against blood cance​​​​​​​r, LLS:

  • Funds cutting-edge research leading to breakthroughs in immunotherapy, genomics and personalized medicine that are improving and saving the lives of patients.

  • Provides free education and support for blood cancer patients and families, including personalized, one-on-one support, assistance with identifying and enrolling in clinical trials, and more.

  • Mobilizes thousands of advocates to drive policy changes that accelerate the development of new cancer treatments and break down barriers to care.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For more information about LLS, please visit





  • Tyler Benedict

    Go Rams 4 The Cure!

  • martha, mark and sophia shaker

    Mackenzie and Kendall, I am so proud of the both of you for taking on this wonderful challenge. You both have been touch by a world WITH cancer. Your selfless work will bring much needed funds to bring us closer to a world WITHOUT cancer. Good luck!! Martha, Mark and Sophia Shaker

  • Andrew Holzinger

    So proud of all your work so far! Good luck!

  • Anonymous


  • Women Making N

    You are both Women Making News

  • Adam Burwinkle

    Rams 4 the Cure

  • Rex Brooking

    Good luck with your fundraiser!

  • Judith Fedder

    I support the young leadership team Rams 4 the Cure and their efforts to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. In loving memory of Chuck Fix.

  • Anonymous

    Mackenzie and Kendall, you are doing an amazing job with this campaign and I'm excited to see you reach your goal. #CancelCancer

  • Anonymous

    RAMS 4 the Cure

  • Guy Morriosn

    All the best to the Team: Kendall Ohlemacher and Mackenzie Lightner Team Rams 4 the Cure

  • Christopher & Kelly Meyer

    Best of luck on raising money for your goals and go Rams!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck!!

  • Scott Koder

    Good luck in reaching your goal Kendall & Mackenzie for this worthy cause!

  • Teri French

    Good luck Kendall and Mackenzie! What a worthy cause to support!

  • Mailinh Nguyen

    Go Kendall and Mackenzie!

  • Rick Kappel

    Don Olemacher

  • Anthony Estamponi

    God bless you all.

  • Ben and Steph

    Love you Kendall!! Your dad would be proud.

  • Greg Ohlemacher/Lori Cassidy

    This is such an important cause and I want to thank Kendall and MacKenzie for leading this campaign. Good luck on reaching your goal girls! Uncle Greg and Aunt Lori

  • Kirschmans

    Good Luck on supporting this great cause!

  • Lisa Elliott Shoup

    Such a worthy cause. Good Luck with your fundraising!!

  • Mitchell Leibsla

    Rams 4 the Cure Great job MacKenzie !

  • Madi Russ

    So proud of you Kendall! You inspire me to be a better person every day, and I know you guys can achieve your goal:)

  • Holly and Andre Marinkovich

    MacKenzie and Kendall, what a wonderful thing you are doing. My daughter Ariel died of leukemia 23 years ago and this is a cause near and dear to my heart❤

  • Christine Lajara

    Thank you for your efforts Kendall and Mackenzie! You are making a difference!

  • John and Sattie Cole

    Kendall, what an extraordinary example of leadership and strength; your Dad would be so proud. Good luck to you and Mackenzie with your campaign. John and Sattie Cole.

  • Shelley Hessinger

    Admire your work for a great cause!

  • The Stubbs Family

    Kendall and Mackenzie- we are privileged to support this amazing fundraising effort! I will never forget your bravery when your dad was diagnosed and am proud of you for making a difference in his memory. God Bless and great job. No matter what, you both are hero’s in this fight against cancer.

  • Valerie Upd

    In memory of my wonderful husband and soul mate

  • Sheri and Jeff Sanders

    Kendall and Mackenzie, thank you for sharing your campaign with us. In heartfelt memory of Don Ohlemacher, we are honored to participate. - Jeff and Sheri Sanders

  • UAI Accounting & Tax Services

    Great job presenting and good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Way to go! We love how you are turning your sad stories into something good and pray this funding will serve to help so many others. We are grateful for your servant hearts and wish you great success.

  • Deanna Fecher

    God Bless you, your loved ones , and your mission.

  • Natasha Nuttbrock

    Best of luck!

  • Mike, Autumn, Mikaela & Ethan Garza

    You both are doing amazing things for a great organization. Good luck ladies! Love, The Garza family

  • Woodard Development

    You two have done an outstanding job, Woodard Development is happy to support you and this great cause.

  • Mile Two LLC

    LLS Rams 4 the Cure Donation

  • James Lash

    Please provide credit to “Rams 4 the Cure”

  • Colleen Minarik

    Great cause. Good luck ladies!

  • Bill Kale

    Your efforts are inspiring!

  • Byung Choi

    Thanks Mackenzie for putting this together. I am impressed that you are representing the Miami Valley School in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 2023 Student Visionaries of the Year Campaign. I watched the video and I must say you two put together really educational and touching video. V/R Byung Choi

  • Caroline Mazurkivich

    You did a great job at the Optimist Club meeting!

  • Lois

    Best of luck with your fund raiser. You are amazing!

  • Jim and Eloise Fonte

    We are Ben Fonte’s parents. His FB post stated he loved the Ohlemacher family. We have come to love you too through his stories. What a beautiful tribute you girls are giving your loved ones. We are very proud of you and want very much to support and encourage you.

  • Christine Sallos

    Such a great cause. Hope you crush your donation goal!

  • Ryan Watkins

    Nice job Kendall and Mackenzie, MMC match's my personal gift - thanks and nice job

  • marty grunder

    Best of luck, I admire what you are doing!

  • Bob Ross Auto Group

    The Bob Ross Auto Group is Proud to support the Rams for a Cure

  • Jenell Ross

    Glad to support the Rams for a Cure as an alumni!!!!!

  • Lonni Schaefer

    Kendall, I am so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful way to honor your father's memory. My father passed away in 2010 from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia and we have participated in several Light the Night walks for the LLS. I am very proud of you and I know your dad is too!

  • Kristie Ohlemacher

    From WG Event

  • Jeff Kofford

    Rams 4 the Cure Thank you for raising awareness to this cause!! My company Myriad Genetics will be matching this manually upon receiving my receipt.

  • Rick and Derya Martin

    Credit to you for taking on this endeavor in memory of your Dad and we wish you all the best. Love, Rick and Derya

  • Kristie Ohlemacher

    AF Social

  • Timothy Fuller

    Don was a brother-in-arms, boss, and friend. God bless his soul.

  • Kelli Pierce

    Sending my love to the Ohlemacher family.

  • Jim and Rhonda Hickey

    Don Ohlemacher was a kind, caring and fun-loving guy who no doubt positively impacted the lives of all who knew him, as he did ours. His presence brought a calmness, and his sense of humor made us laugh! We cherish the closeness our families shared whether it was camping, on a houseboat or visiting their home. Don will always be in our hearts, never forgotten. We would love to see a cure to prevent this from happening to others. Love to Kristie, Ashley and Kendall from Jim and Rhonda

  • The Lee Family

    Kendall and Mackenzie, you’ve done an amazing job with this campaign and should be very proud. Keep up the great work!

  • Chris White

    What a great cause ate at crooked handle

  • Benjamin Philllips

    Good Luck to you in meeting your goal!

  • Rush Family

    Great job with your fundraising efforts! Good luck!

  • Kristie Ohlemacher

    Band event

  • Michele Lacroix

    Thank you Mackenzie for raising money for this cause. My brother, Jon, is currently in remission from lymphoma. I am honored to support your cause!

  • Lori Kleinfelder

    Good luck with reaching your goal!!

  • Corey Luhrs

    So proud of you!!

  • Scott Lightner

    We are very proud of the work you girls are putting into this project. Good luck reaching your goal.

  • Victoria and Christian Sorg

    Great work!

  • Diane Dolan

    Beautiful presentation that will make a difference in the lives of many.

  • Mike and Marie Klapmeyer

    In memory of our friend Don, thank you for your efforts to find a cure.

  • RetireMed

    Best of luck, ladies. What an accomplishment - your hard work is impressive!

  • Jessica Brainard

    So proud of you Kendall, I know your dad is watching from heaven so proud of the woman you're becoming. Love and miss you guys!

  • Triangle Precision Industries

    Triangle Precision Industries proudly supports Rams 4 The Cure! Your presentation was impressive and informative. Thank you for taking on this challenge and raising funds for an amazing cause!!

  • Bryan & Angie Holzinger

    Kendall and McKenzie, thank you for your selfless work raising funds for this amazing cause. Good luck in the home stretch of your campaign!

  • Michael Brink

    Great work! Ohly would be proud!

  • Jennifer Betz

    Incredible work you ladies are doing!

  • Sam & Mike Boyer

    Dear Mackenzie & Kendall, Best of luck in reaching your goal. Most Sincerely, Sam & Mike Boyer

  • Teresa Huber

    MacKenzie, I read the heartfelt letter you sent me. I have also watched your video along with Kendall. You ladies are truly putting your heart into this. I would like to make a donation to support your efforts. I hope you are able to reach your goal on this worthy cause. Sincerely, Teresa Huber

  • David Huggins

    Your work to help this very important cause is impressive!

  • Toms Mulch

    You all did an amazing job. Thank you for coming and doing your presentation..

  • Donna Diehl

    I hope your fundraising efforts are super successful! I know you e worked hard! This is in memory of my mom whom we lost to lymphoma.

  • Anne Dettmer

    Go Rams! Let's help get rid of cancer!

  • Elizabeth Pifer

    Proud of you, Kendall! 🤗

  • Kristie Ohlemacher


  • Frances Lash

    Thank you, Mackenzie and Kendall, for a compelling presentation on LLS's important work. You both did a fantastic job shining a light on LLS among many worthy causes. Our team felt your passion, empathy, and desire to help rid the world of this devastating disease. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to support you both, and I am grateful your journey with LLS will continue through student mentorship.

  • Bethany Tucker

    Rams 4 the Cure: Please give credit to Kendall Ohlemacher

  • Jason, Ana, and Siena Hernandez

    The dedication and commitment to this cause has been inspirational. Thank you both for everything you are doing to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

  • Dan and Melodye Olsavsky

    We are happy to support Kendall Ohlemacher and “Rams 4 The Cure.”

  • The Black Box Improv Theater

    We are so very inspired by your efforts and the very real impact they will have. Kudos to you all - we're happy to be a small part!

  • Cynthia Romanovich

    Rams 4 The Cure

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Mackenzie and Kendall! Happy to be helping the cause.



  • Brian Barnard

    Dear Kendall, We are so proud of you and Mackenzie on your hard work to help this worthy cause so near to your hearts. Much love, Brian, Nichole, Jacob, Noah, and Nora


    TEAM Rams 4 the Cure Jeff Kofford

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