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Feb 03, 2021

Our names are Sophia Shaker, Andrew Holzinger, and Lekha Choudary, and we are Team Rams for a Cure! We are honored to participate in the 2021 Students of the Year Campaign, and we are eager to enter the world of philanthropy! The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has done outstanding work in the fight against cancer, by funding 60 out of the 70 FDA approved blood cancer treatments since 2017, investing over 46 million dollars in life-saving research just last year, and so much more.


In the United States, 45 children are diagnosed with some form of blood cancer every day. These children don’t get to experience basic childhood experiences such as going to school or hanging out with friends, small events that we often take for granted. The three of us are running to ensure that no child has to go through this, and that every child is able to live a happy life with their friends and family. 


Each dollar donated brings us a step closer to a cancer-free world. Your donation will not only support us, but will support the generation that will find a cure. 


Thank you for your generosity. Together, let’s bring an end to childhood cancer.



Sophia Shaker, Andrew Holzinger, Lekha Choudary

Team Rams For A Cure



  • Tyler Benedict

    Go Team Rams!

  • Connie and Pat Hodges

    Such a worthy cause!

  • Richard Ernst

    Go team Rams

  • George Knight

    Go Team Rams! Thank you Andrew, Sophia and Lekha!

  • Kelly Meyer

    Great job! Good luck!

  • Anil / Aparna Gogineni

    This donation is in the memory of our friend Siva reddy who passed away with this Lekuhmia. If this small donation helps any other person that's contribution in the memory of our friend.

  • Anvitha Gogineni / Surya Prakash Gogineni

    This donation is on behalf of our daughter and son Anvitha & Surya Prakash Gogineni for this great Cause

  • Ramesh Rayala

    This donation is in the memory of our friend Siva Prasad Reddy.

  • Maha Kashani

    Go, Sophia, Go!

  • Michael Roediger


  • Donnie Hill

    Proud of the example you are setting. Never fearing the challenge!

  • Billy and Cathy Johnson

    Go team Rams! Good Luck!

  • Naresh Paruchuri

    Great initiative for a great cause Good luck on your race

  • Jeff and Christine Warbis

    Thanks for all your hard work. Jeff and Chris Warbis

  • Molly Treese

    Best of luck to Sophia and team on this wonderful challenge!

  • Eric Carson

    This is a wonderful thing you and Team Rams are doing to aid in the cure against cancer!

  • Debbie Schuler

    Good luck with meeting your team’s goal for such a worthy cause!!

  • Douglas Fiessinger

    Admire your efforts to get rid of this awful disease. GO RAMS FOR A CURE! THE FIESSINGERS

  • Marilyn Makiewicz

    Good Luck!! God Rams!!

  • Louis Buonomo

    Kudos to Sophia and her friends for helping those in need.

  • Patricia Gross

    So proud of you three for doing this! Way to support a great cause❤️

  • Mark Behnken

    This is a very worthy cause! I wish you great luck in meeting your goal.

  • Paul Shaker

    good luck with the campaign, Sophia

  • Carol Flautt

    Go Team - Rams for a Cure. All the best in your endeavors to raise funds for The Cancer Cure!

  • Josh Holzinger

    Good luck!

  • Caren DiMario

    What a great cause Sophia! Go get them! Rams for a Cure! Both M&M are the best role-models!

  • Kavitha Choudary

    Father / father In law

  • Jan and Howard Kurdin

    Proud of you Sophia for doing this!!!

  • Ty Sutton

    Keep up the great work!

  • Cindy & Jeremy Louderback

    Praying for a cure❤️

  • Jeff & Rebecca Lightner

    All who've been affected and who are battling cancer.

  • Cynthia Louderback

    Hi Andrew Holzinger Happy to donate for your worthy cause! Bret and Cynthia Louderback

  • Lisa Elliott Shoup

    Rams for a cure

  • Maureen and Dan Shaheen

    It is inspiring to see such dynamic young people working to help eradicate Leukemia. Thank you!

  • Mary M Conroy

    I'm so impressed with you young people! Thanks for giving back!

  • Gen, Mike, & Kai

    Thrilled to support the team and such a worthy cause!

  • Anne McGrane

    Kudos to all of you for making a difference in a meaningful way!

  • Jon Harding

    Go Sophie!

  • Marypat Abowd

    Go TEAM!!! Good luck Sophie, Lekha and Andrew!

  • Steve Salemi

    Great cause... Nice Job Andy Holzinger!

  • Sri and Marc Lazzaro

    Great job supporting a wonderful cause. We are proud of you.

  • Jayne Gmeiner

    Sophia, The Valentine's Dinner will not work out this year and what a great idea! Thank you for your fantastic support of this important service! Appreciate your dedication very much.

  • Hyacinth Paul

    Good luck!

  • Schierloh Family

    Go Sophia!

  • Curtis Parker

    Love you Julia! I am very proud of how you are weathering this storm… I love you and we are all here cheering and praying for you. Love your brother, Curtis

  • Tyler Marick and Wright Alcorn

    Keep it up Sofia! Keep doing great work. Wright and Tyler

  • Sarah Peaslee

    Thank you Sophia and Rams for a Cure for your fundraising efforts!

  • Peter and Missy Mayhan

    Great Job. Way to make a difference!

  • Dr. Kaustubh Shrivastava

    From Dr. Kaustubh Shrivastava

  • Anjali N Balwally

    Keep up the good work, Team Rams for A Cure!!

  • Mark Williams

    Go Rams, great job Sophia!

  • Bryan & Angie Holzinger

    Delicious Biryani!!!! Thank you Team Rams for a Cure

  • Jennifer Pleiman

    This is such a great cause! I am proud of the example you are all setting.

  • joe & terry shaker

    very proud to support your efforts.. Good luck ! Joe & Terry shaker

  • Robert Poteat

    Good luck Sophie!!

  • Thomas M Eldridge

    Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Students of the Year campaign. Students of the Year is a seven week long campaign starting on February 3rd, in which high school students in the Dayton area will raise awareness of the research, programs, and advocacy being conducted through LLS. Thank you for making us aware of the needs of our neighbors.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Andrew for raising money for such a great cause! Love Randy & Kathy Louderback

  • Susan Flautt

    It's wonderful to see your leadership - thank you for your efforts for this important cause! Susan Flautt & Steve Mink

  • Kim Saylor

    I am in awe of the selfless work these teens are providing to help advance a cure through the work of LLS. May your efforts inform and inspire others. PS- Go Sophia!

  • Anthony Shaker

    Sophia, we congratulate you and your fellow students in this drive to help eliminate leukemia and lymphoma. The battles are widespread and difficult. We applaud your efforts in making a difference in the world. Cousins Anthony and Lucy Shaker

  • Patrick Allan

    We are always honored to support the Miami Valley School's work and effort in the fight against leukemia and lymphoma. The parents of Justin R. Allan

  • Andrea Kinkade

    Leah from Swanton, Ohio. One tough young lady!

  • Cathy and Bob Breit

    We are so proud of your philanthropic efforts!

  • The Geehans

    Great work Sophia!

  • Joe Paul

    Thanks to your efforts my Mom is a recent survivor of this same disease that took my brother many years ago.

  • The Raucci Family

    Great stuff, team!

  • Stephanie Hundt

    Way to go Andy! We couldn't be prouder of your efforts. The Hundts Steph, Dan, Lanie & Luke

  • Cheryl Oberlin

    Sophia - wow! You're all grown up now! So wonderful to see you continuing your momma's fundraising and social responsibility roles in the community to support leukemia awareness. I am happy to help in memory of my husband, who fought (but lost) a hard battle with ALL when we were very young. I pray for a cure daily. Thank you for helping others fight the fight, Sophia! With Gratitude, Cheryl Spillman Oberlin

  • Tom and Lorie MacDonald

    Great job raising funds for such a worthy cause

  • Ganesh Loganathan,DDS

    "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future , but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly."---Buddha

  • Bonnie and Paul Holzinger

    Good luck Team Rams for a Cure!! Proud of you!♥️

  • Jared Saperstein

    Great cause, good luck team!

  • Cayce Huebsch

    So proud of the kids representing this fundraiser! I believe that this disease can & will be beat. The determination & love put into raising these funds make a difference!

  • The Planton Family He

    We are so proud of you, Cousin Sophia! Love- Rownan, Briar, and Greer

  • Bob & Chantal Ernst

    Go Team Rams!!!!! Thank you for your good work!

  • Mia KerivanOMalley

    Sophia Shaker - so proud of you dedicating your time to this worthy cause!

  • 1Love LLC

    In honor of our dear friend who passed away today from myeloma. Be Kind. Be the Change. One Love. 1Love LLC- Myla, Alan, & Geo

  • sara priest

    So proud of these young people making a difference to those affected by Lukemia.

  • Vicki Traud

    Thank you!

  • Anil and Mina Patel

    Anil and Mina Patel

  • Mark Bevington

    Such a wonderful enthusiasm for such a wonderful cause!

  • Michelle L Shone

    I love you Sophia and appreciate you keeping the focus on fighting this disease. Go Rams for a Cure!

  • Susan Strong

    Dear Sophia,Lekha, and Andrew: Thank you for your devotion to this worthy cause. My husband had lymphoma almost 20 years ago and is so healthy now, thanks to research like this. I admire and appreciate your efforts. Susan Strong

  • Denny Tucker

    Sophia, what a great cause you are supporting! Good luck achieving your goal.

  • Anthony Abowd

    Go Sophia! What a wonderful cause.

  • Tom &Diane Meyer

    Good luck Andrew in your amazing effort to help others! So proud of you! Go MVS for all you do to help educate and encourage students to help others. Say hello to Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Paul from Tom and Diane

  • Dan Sands, Factor 7 Medical

    I lost my sister June 21, 2019 after a long battle with a rare form of blood disease. She responded well to a bone marrow transplant and extended her life for 5+ years. She was a fighter to say the least and my big best sister was like a mom to me. I miss her everyday. Thanks Sophia for helping to make a difference!

  • John Payak III

    Great Work!

  • Mary and David Montgomery

    Best of luck, Sophia! Proud of your hard work!

  • Tobey C

    Always a worthy cause

  • Michele Peterson

    Wishing you the best in your charitable efforts!!

  • Sue Mani

    Keep up the good work team!! Very proud of you all.

  • Vicki Giambrone

    Thanks for your great efforts!

  • William Whistler

    Go Sophia Go!

  • Noelle Hecht

    Always so proud of you Soph!!! Way to follow in the footsteps of your amazing mama!!

  • Sandhya R. Nuthakki

    Go team Rams for Cure! Thank you for the hard work

  • Pani and Vijaya Akuthota

    Wish you the very best, good luck!!!

  • Paul

    Thanks for all you're doing in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

  • Triangle Precision Industries, Inc.

    Good luck Team Rams for a Cure! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication.

  • Jennifer Moore

    Cancer is such an ugly disease. We all know someone or countless someones who have lost their lives to its vicious nature. My father, two aunts and my brother-in-law are just a select few who have fought valiantly and lost. There is seldom a day that goes by that I don not think of them and wish they were still here. Please donate today and help to preserve future lives. Thank you to the MVS students who have worked so hard to increase awareness!

  • Vineet and shama Gup

    Rams for a cure

  • Curtis Parker

    Great job team!

  • Sanju and Linty Varghese

    Great work. Proud of your dedication.

  • Scott and Susan Stegman

    Sophia, We can't thank you enough for all your efforts to raise money for this very worthy cause. Every bit counts when it comes to finding a cure for cancer. Love, Scott and Susan Stegman


    so proud of you Andy for doing this !

  • Charlie Holzinger

    Good luck to my big brother and his friends!

  • Anonymous

    So proud of you kiddos for everything you’re doing! Way 2 go Rams!!!!! #Givingback #Beatingcancer #WAP #Nomorecancer #pact

  • Raise your Brush

    Way to go Team Rams! Best of luck in the final week!

  • Carrie Bembry

    So proud of all your hard work for such a great cause!

  • Malathi Kotla

    I really like what you are doing Lekha. Keep up good work!

  • Sharon Bailey

    So proud of Miss Sophia Shaker.

  • Sandhya Chaparala

    Proud of you Lekha, wish you & your team all the best in meeting your goal.

  • Robert Fleming

    great cause

  • Karen Carter

    Great job Sophia and team!!!! Good luck!!

  • Dawn Betts

    My donation is to honor my Mother Barbara Terry who passed in 2003 from cancer.

  • Raj Grandhi

    Happy to see your dedication.

  • Neerja Chaudhry

    Good luck team! Amazing work so far!

  • Martin and Kim Jarvis

    Great job! Great cause!

  • Jyothi Sakhamuri

    Good job, Lekha fund raising for a great cause!

  • Curtis Parker

    Great work team... Good Luck! Thank you all for everything that you are doing!

  • Sridevi Manne

    Donation for lekha fundraiser , great job lekha

  • Julie stephens

    Go Team MVS

  • The Rajottes

    Good luck!

  • Bayer Family

    Hey Soph! So proud of all the work you are doing for such an AMAZING cause! We are all rooting for you here in NOLA! Love and miss you so much! Good Luck!! <3<3<3 Rosie and the Bayer Fam!!!

  • Sabitha Reddy

    Happy to be part of your fund raiser

  • Hiroyuki Takizawa

    Great work!

  • Anonymous

    This is a very worthy cause and we are glad to donate! Best of luck to your team! Tarek Sabagh and Ghada Madkour

  • Anusha Valluru

    Donation is for yenkipatalu book

  • Alicia and Joe Scaglione

    Sophia and Team- Thank you for supporting this extremely important cause.

  • Meg Ressner

    Good luck Sophia and team!

  • Anonymous

    In memory of my mom who died from lymphoma

  • Ramaraja Yalavarthi

    Go Rams!

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