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Jan 10, 2019

My name is Abigail Pullen.  I am a Junior at Tom C. Clark High School and I am honored to be a candidate for Student of the Year. 


I was first touched by leukemia when my grandmother, Reesa Pullen, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2007.  After her diagnosis, my grandmother immediately entered a drug trial protocol at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.  During treatment, she was in isolation for thirty days, speaking to us through a small glass window.  She returned home in remission, but her leukemia returned. In 2009, she received a bone marrow transplant at the Methodist Hospital Transplant Center from my great uncle, Bernard Rabinowitz who was a 100% match.  She has been cancer free for five years, but still suffers from Graft Versus Host Disease, a complication of her transplant. 


I am also dedicating my campaign to one of my best friends, Mason Taylor.  Mason and I are teammates on the Clark Tennis Team.  Mason was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when he was just 10 years old! Mason endured three years of chemotherapy before being cancer free.  Both Mason and my grandmother are an inspiration to me for their fight and determination to beat blood cancer. 


LLS is an amazing organization that does amazing work.  Through my Student of the Year campaign, the money I raise will go directly to changing someone’s life forever. I have made it my personal mission to raise $30,000 for LLS.  Beating cancer is a community effort.  Please join me, my amazing grandmother, Mason, and my entire family in continuing this fight.



  • Eric Pullen

    Mommy and I love you!

  • Michael H Gibbs

    God bless you for making this your personal mission Abbi

  • Elliott Cappuccio

    Best of luck, the Cappuccio Family

  • Lisa Friedman

    Way to go Abbi!!

  • The Met Family

    So proud of you Abbi! The Met Family

  • Elizabeth Glazier and Michael Piesman

    Great job, Abbi! Keep up the good work Glazier-Piesman Family

  • Mindy Cytrin

    So proud of you Abbi! Great cause to support!!!!

  • Danna & Jim Halff

    Congratulations and GO ABBI! Thank you for fundraising for an important cause - The Halffs

  • Allison Schley

    What a wonderful thing you are doing for others. May you live a long and blessed life.

  • Barbara & Jerry Friedson

    ABBI, we are so proud of you “Little Bubbe & Papa Jer” Barbara & Jerry Friedson

  • Stuart Pullen

    Way to go, Abigail.

  • Tiffanie & Eric Clausewitz

    Good luck Abbi - thank you for all you are doing for LLS!

  • Jessica Rutstein

    Way to go Abbi!

  • Molly Sowry

    Ab Fab, you will do great!

  • Lee Stacy

    Love and miss you Mom! In Memory of Margaret Ann Stacy

  • Judy Cohn

    In honor of the birthday of Ressa Pullen.

  • allan smith

    Abbi. Thanks for supporting this.

  • Michael Rosenberg

    Abbi, a great job!

  • Amber Fly

    Best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    Abbi: what a great cause! Thanks for what you're doing. SATA is proud to sponsor and be part of this great Tennis related campaign for LLS.

  • Yoav Shiloah

    Great cause Abbi. Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work!

  • Kim Tindall & Associates

    Thank you so very much for helping to find a cure!

  • Mitchell Simon Pullen

    Abbi- I am so happy you are doing this. Good luck??

  • Barbie Scharf-Zeldes & Adam Zeldes

    Good Luck Abbi!

  • Pulman, Cappuccio & Pullen, LLP

    The members of PC&P are so proud of you Abbi.

  • Lizette and Brian Feld

    Way to go, Abigail! Love, Lizette and Brian Feld

  • Debbie Grieder

    In loving memory of my father, Allen J. Mertz.

  • Annie Zucker

    So proud of you Abbi! Another shining star from the Friedson and Pullen families!

  • Sheryl Jalnos


  • Jeremy Jalnos

    Abbi keep up the great work. Jeremy

  • Stephen Sherman

    Sensational way to help. Good deed!

  • Leslie Hyman

    I'm very proud of you for doing this!

  • Carisa Heoss

    Go team Abbi!

  • Courtney Silver

    Great job, Abbi! You go girl! Keep up the good work - Steve and Courtney

  • Luis C. Rodriguez

    We support you! Luis, Amy, Alex, and Natalie

  • Carey Calvert

    The best to you in everything

  • Camila and Andrew Kunau

    Thanks Abbi, for your efforts! The Kunau family

  • Scott Pullen

    Rachel and I are proud of you Abbi!

  • Rabbi Jeffrey & Lauren Abraham

    Mazel Tov Abbi! Great work! Rabbi and Lauren Abraham

  • Rhonda Gurinsky

    All the best!! XXX's s The Gurinskys

  • Paula and Sophie Rabinowitz

    We're proud of you Abbi! I will put in for a company match also. Love, Paula and Sophie

  • Raphael Sonsino

    In honor of Reesa Pullen, a courageous woman. Proud of your efforts Abigail. The Sonsino Family

  • royal lea

    this is in support of Abigail Pullen's campaign in support of LLS. Please apply this toward Abbi's campaign in support of LLS.

  • Matthew Klein

    So proud of the Lady you have become. Great job continuing the fight!!

  • Sylvia Lopez

    I wish you the best for all of your hard work. Congratulations.

  • Jordana Pazin

    Way to go Abigail! You make a difference!

  • Altomares

    A Great Cause, best of Luck!

  • Maxine and Allan Endy

    For Maddie Stanton and all of the children who have fought the good fight! May you go from strength to strength. Maxine and Allan Endy

  • Lori Solomon

    Great work Abbi!

  • Amy Sugarman

    Way to go Abbi!

  • Rhonda and Allie

    You are so amazing and inspiring, Abbi!! So proud to know you!! xoxo Rhonda and Allie

  • Carol Baskin

    Good luck Abby. This is fine work that you are doing.

  • Libby Wiedermann

    Good luck Abbi!!

  • Lois & Arthur Solomon

    So proud of you, Abbi!

  • Zaltsman Family

    We are proud of you Abbie!

  • Helena Gossen

    In good health with much love, Lala Emily & Eleanor

  • Luke, Caroline, Benjamin and Teddy Kraus

    Go Abbi!

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