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Ava Clara | Team 2x Stronger

Ava and Clara's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 23, 2024

We believe that a future without blood cancer begins with cancer research. Just before we kicked off our campaign, the FDA approved a new drug to treat the most common form of Leukemia in adults. LLS was the backbone of this discovery, funding the new research, and supporting the clinical studies that made this possible. 

This is a huge step, but the battle is far from over. 

On February 5th, LLS and Blood Cancer UK teamed up to dedicate over $4M towards researching ways to prevent Leukemia. 

This is a huge step, but the battle is far from over. 

For more information on how the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is making a difference through blood cancer research, please visit, or visit our page often for updates on how LLS is creating a world without blood cancers.


Ava and Clara


Our why:

Feb 07, 2024

We are extremely proud that we have been nominated to be candidates for the Student Visionaries of The Year 2024 campaign! 

We are fundraising in honor of our dad who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2016. He battled blood cancer for over 6 hard months which included 12 rounds of chemotherapy and countless appointments with doctors. Thanks to current research and treatment options for blood cancer patients, our dad is now over 7 years in remission! 

Because 1 in 10 people are diagnosed with blood cancer at some point in their life, It is important to understand that all people will likely be affected by blood cancer in some way. We learned firsthand that advancements in blood cancer treatments and research don't just benefit cancer patients, but every person in their life. 

We chose to work with LLS because of the outstanding advancements they have made regarding blood cancer treatment and research. Not only has LLS supported the advancement of 70% of FDA-approved blood cancer treatment options, but they have also invested over $1.6 billion towards cancer research since its founding. 

We believe that blood cancer research is the most important factor in future outcomes of blood cancer patients regarding overall recovery as well as treatment options, which is why we chose the research mission pillar. 

Thank you for joining us in the battle against blood cancer!



  • Josephine

    So proud of you and thank you for making an impact on the LLS mission! - Jo

  • Djimmer Bosman

    Proud of you girls!!


    Your dad is an amazing person - very talented and unique. I so enjoyed working with him! I am sure he is very proud of you both! I hop this donation helps.

  • Scott Beckman

    Way to go girls! As a survivor I thank you for doing this!

  • Amanda Henning

    Your girls are amazing

  • Andrea Schumacher


  • Allison Moreno

    Great work, Pope Family! Stay healthy & happy- Allison, Dave, Isabelle & Nicholas Moreno

  • Aaron Wong

    Best of luck girls and Pope family!

  • Stephen Wieland

    Happy to support this great cause!

  • Jennifer Gamba

    Nice work!

  • Hanna + Matt Newell

    Thanks for your advocacy!

  • Mom & Dad

    Great job, girls. We are so proud of your hard work and selflessness. Donating to your campaign with all of our love.

  • Amber Giauque Callender


  • Fran Simon

    Proud of you girls for raising money for a great cause in honor of your dad! Love, Fran, Anna, and Jeremy Simon

  • Susie Smith

    Way to fight the disease.

  • Hartmann family

    Well done young ladies! Keep going and going in this good work honoring your dad.

  • Steven and Ginny Sewald

    Ava and Clara, We appreciate so very much your participation in the fund raising program for blood cancer research. Wishing our Pope family good health always. Steve and Ginny Sewald

  • Lemmons

    Ava and Clara, this is so great on so many levels. Give your Dad a hug for me.

  • The Spoor Family

    We are happy to support blood cancer patients and survivors, as well as their friends, and families.

  • Anonymous

    Accolades for pulling together this group in support of Leukemia - very well done! I am very happy to contribute. Kind regards, Richard Carty

  • Skylar Orton

    So impressed with your efforts! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Zivaro, Inc.

    Nice job ladies, appreciate the work you are doing for a good cause!

  • Kathy Carfrae & David Johnson

    Thanks Ava and Clara for fundraising for this important cancer research! Watching your courageous dad and the way your family supported him as he received treatment was inspirational.

  • Abbie Wright

    So proud of you, Ava and Clara! All the love to you and your family. Xoxo Abbie Wright

  • Danielle Vacanti

    Keep up the great work on such a meaningful and impactful campaign!!!!

  • Karen Overlin

    Great job girls!

  • Nicole and Lucas Garland

    Very proud of you both!

  • Crosby Burns

    For Cameron!

  • Anonymous

    Because of the energy of Ava and Clara, we move a step closer toward further lymphoma and leukemia research!! Thank you both….

  • DeAun Gehring

    We love you guys!!!

  • Dan DiCaprio

    Your dad is the coolest guy on planet Earth or anywhere else! Wishing you all the best and thank you for doing this. - "The Cloudfather"

  • Tessa Becker

    Good luck!

  • Oza and Milan Klanjsek

    Thank you!

  • Stefanie Jones

    Very proud of you two and grateful for your efforts to support this mission!

  • Warren W. Weiss

    Great job, ladies! Your dad is one of the great ones!

  • Susan Mastro

    Eva and Clara! So very proud of you for your efforts on behalf of your dad, Cameron, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. You must know that your work makes a difference in so many peoples’ lives. Keep up your leadership: you are both champs!!

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