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Cole Fearnow & Quade Marks | Team Carve Out Cancer

Team's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 12, 2023

Dear Friends and Family,

We are extremely honored and excited to participate in the Student Visionary’s of the Year campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Starting January 12th, this 7-week campaign will end March 4, 2023. LLS is an organization that is committed to saving lives by funding research for treatments, and providing valuable support for patients and families as they battle blood cancers.

Quade:  As many of you may already know, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 17th, 2016. I was told I had weeks to live if I didn’t seek treatment immediately. I ended up spending 168 nights in the hospital and went through 4 intense rounds of chemotherapy and received a bone marrow transplant along with many blood transfusions, biopsies, and other procedures. In the summer of 2016 as I was getting used to living in a hospital, I started fundraising for LLS. I have been raising awareness and money for the organization ever since. I am so thankful I have been cancer free for seven years, but I am the lucky one. There are too many other patients and their families who are facing the same battle each year.  LLS can help end blood cancers with your support.  

Cole:  Several forms of cancer have made an impact during my life. My great grandmother died of Multiple Myeloma and I never got to meet her. My friend’s brother who was 16 got his leg amputated and recently passed this December from Sarcoma. And now my neighbor who is 15 just found out last week that she has Lymphoma in her chest. The fight to find a cure for Cancer must be done. While I am healthy, I also feel very lucky to have never been sick in this way. I would love to do my part to raise awareness and money to end cancer. 

 How you can help

Save the date for February 24 & 25 at Breckenridge for QGames: an epic ski and snowboard event – details to follow.

In 2017, on the first anniversary of Quade’s diagnosis, the first inaugural QGames was held benefitting LLS. This year, the Marks and Fearnow families are hosting the 5th QGames as part of this campaign.  Enjoy a day on the mountain skiing or snowboarding, a scavenger hunt, food, drinks, music, an awards ceremony, cool prizes, and so much more.  

More details to follow.

Donate directly through these websites/QR Codes





Information about LLS  

LLS believes in a future without blood cancers and we do too. Join our team in the fight to beat cancer. Every dollar raised will go toward the mission of LLS to advance research and help other patients, like Quade, not only survive but thrive! 




  • Josephine Schott

    Happy Kick Off Day! So proud of you!!

  • Frederick Churbuck Jr

    Great job Cole!

  • Sam Winegrad

    Thank you for supporting LLS. From a former winner to the next winners, we look forward to your success in this worthy competition. We know far too many people with blood cancer and can’t think of a better way to find a cure. We are disappointed we won’t be able to make the ski event, know it will be a great event for all. All our best thoughts. Sam & Leigh Anne

  • Minsun Baglieri

    Great job Cole!!

  • Saya Family

    Mark you got this🙏🙏

  • David and Lynn Biviano

    In honor of Mark Biviano and Quade Marks. From David and Lynn Biviano

  • Angie Costello

    Best of luck in your fundraising, Rocco!

  • Joan Liddle

    Good luck with your fundraising, Rocco.

  • Andee Foutch

    Go Cole!

  • Connie Wiegers

    Thank you for doing this Cole - you are making such a difference!

  • Mary Gay Gordon & Bob Hancock

    Appreciate Mark’s great nephew Rocco who Is raising money to find a cure!

  • Anita Huenke

    Thank you, Rocco, for supporting this wonderful cause!

  • Rachel

    Go Cole!

  • The Epp Family

    For Mark Biviano, my brother and all those fighting Leukemia. Looking for a cure. The Epp Family

  • Cathy and Terry Heltzel

    In honor of Mark Biviano, We’re praying every day for your quick and complete recovery! All best, Cathy and Terry Heltzel

  • Capacity Group

    Cheering Mark and others on to a healthy state!

  • Scott Brubaker

    Great idea Rocco. hope you reach your goal. Scott Brubaker

  • Nancy Davies

    To honor Mark Biviano in his fight against leukemia.

  • Leslie Mazzola

    In honor of my friend,Mark Biviano, who is fighting AML ❤️

  • Mark Biviano

    May these donations help find a cure for AML. Prayers of thanksgivng to all who donated.

  • Erin Yokomichi

    Wishing you a great Carve Out Cancer Event Q!!! The Yokomichi family

  • Blackman Family

    We wish you the best, Mark, and know you can crush this!! We love the Biviano family and send our best. The Blackmans.

  • Reider Family

    Awesome job!

  • Stacey Moreno

    Thank you for hosting this special event!!

  • Will and Kris Oddis

    Blessings to you for your commitment to help the cause. -Will and Kris Oddis Burnett Pools

  • Beyer Family

    Sorry so late!

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