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Emilie Miller | Got Hope?

Emilie's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 10, 2023




Hello everyone, 


My name is Emilie Miller and I am a junior at Palm Beach Central High School. Earlier in the school year, I was given this amazing opportunity to be a Student Visionary of the Year (SOY) Candidate. The SOY is a campaign ran by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with a goal to help and save lives. My great grandfather and grandfather both passed away to Lymphoma, this is why I was inspired to join this campaign, so I could help join the fight against cancer. My team and I are working diligently to raise money that will help find better treatments. Any donation amount helps! I am asking you to help by making a tax- deductible contribution. You can donate at the top left at the page where it says "support our effort". You will receive an email confirmation of your donation as soon as it is made.  I thank you in advance for your support which will make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients battling blood cancers. Thank you so much for your generosity!


Thank you,

Emilie Miller 


(P.S. Please tell as many people as you can to encourage them to donate as well!)





​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Past Fundraisers 

Believe it or not, but this is not my first time rasing money for LLS! Growing up I would participate in Pennies for Patients in my elementary school. For a little girl raising most of her money from lemonade stands and selling pins, year after year I would end up collecting large amounts of money. Some years I was even able to get over $1,000!  



Lemonade for Leukemia 

Ever since 1st grade, when Pennies for Patients happened in my elementary school, I would go out to the corner of my neighborhood and sell lemonade. We didn't just make a little table on the side of the road with a pitcher of lemonade and a jar for change. We would make pitcher's of regular lemonade and pink lemonade; we made a huge colorful sign, along with little signs we would walk up and down the sidewalk with to point at cars. We did all of this for one weekened (two days) from morning till the afternoon. I am planning on keeping the lemonade stands alive during my Visionary fundraising campaign this year, so keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for updates!


Pin It To Win It!

After doing the lemonade stand for a few years, my mom and I thought of making pins that come with every 5 dollar donation to encourage people to donate. Let me tell you, this worked! We started out with Shrinky Dink and glued on pin backs, after they were a hit we got a pin maker and completely upgraded to much better quality pins. P​eople loved purchasing these little pins at the lemonade stand and online. We saw amazing results after adding the pins and continued to sell them every year we participated in Pennies for Patients

I am debating on whether or not I should make them this year. If you think I should, send me a quick email at and give  me some recomendations of what you would like to see. 

​​​​​​​Together we can cure blood cancer!



  • Gordon Marshall

    Emilie, big fan of your Dad, makes me a big fan of you. Way to go

  • SAK Construction, LLC

    Emilie, thank you for your fundraising efforts for this is excellent cause! SAK Construction is proud to contribute and support you! Charlie Kuhnmuench

  • Star Pipe Products

    Make 2023 a year that matters!

  • Dan Pardus

    Great to see young People like Emilie working to help cure Leukemia and volunteering her time. You go girl.Danus Utilities is glad to help you work towards your Goal. Thanks Dan & Alice

  • Anonymous

    WVBA Fundraiser

  • Maxx Environmental, LLC

    Maxx Environmental donation to LLS :) We are very proud of the efforts and wonderful job Emilie has been doing 👍

  • Sandy Brunner

    Thanks for making this happen Emilie

  • Beaudreau LLC

    Good job

  • Dan McLeod

    Great cause Emilie and hope you achieve. Your objective. Dan

  • Sophia C

    The girl with the eagles pin lol

  • Timothy Teahan

    A great cause championed by a lovely young lady dedicated to helping others.

  • Jolene Elifritz

    Passed away in 1974 from lymphoma. Diagnostics and treatment have come a long way since then.

  • Anonymous

    this is pretty cool good job yo

  • Judy Wiesner

    Good job Emilie!

  • Janet Kimble

    My niece is a warrior !!! Hope it’s gone for a long time 💪🏻💪🏻🙏🙏

  • Ms.Martinez

    So proud of you!

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