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Isabel Bongino | Team Hope

Isabel's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 25, 2022

I have signed up to save lives with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and will be working hard to raise as much funds and awareness as possible over the next 7 weeks. Please join me. Every dollar raised counts as one vote for my campaign. The candidate(s) whose team tallies the most votes earns the title of Students of the Year. I am counting on your support to help me earn this title. 
As many of you know, I was devastated when my dad was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in October of 2020. Watching him suffer through chemotherapy and radiation treatments broke my heart and changed my life forever. 

While my dad is lucky enough to be living cancer-free today, I know that many people who have been diagnosed with Leukemia and Lymphoma have not been as fortunate. My experience with cancer and the pain it causes gave me the motivation last year to raise money for my dear friend and classmate’s campaign last year. And, as they passed their legacy down to me, I hope to raise even more awareness, and more money for the great things that LLS does for people whose lives have been altered by cancer. 
Many LLS-supported therapies not only help blood cancer patients but are also now used to treat patients with rare forms of stomach and skin cancers and are in clinical trials for patients with lung, brain, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers. And LLS-funded drugs like targeted therapies and immunotherapies are now saving thousands of lives every day.

We really are getting close to our goal of a world without blood cancers!
All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. They'll not only support LLS research, but patient services, advocacy, public and professional education, and community services as well.
Please visit my website often and share with friends who would also like to donate!
On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you for your support! For more information about LLS, please visit



  • Dr. Jim and Marianne Pelura

    Good Luck with your fundraising efforts to help fight blood cancers Izzy Bongino/Team Hope! Our best regards to your family, Dr. Jim and Marianne Pelura

  • Eileen Wilkinson

    This is a worthy cause, and I am happy to donate on behalf of the great men I have known who have fought valiantly to overcome a blood cancer. Isabel, I wish you all the best in reaching your ambitious goal!

  • Lauren Johns

    Fantastic Cause! Good Luck with your leadership program! With Love - The Johns Family


    “I am the way and the truth and the life,” Jesus answers. Only by accepting him and his teachings and imitating his life course can one enter the heavenly house of his Father. Jesus says: “No one comes to the Father except through me.”?—John 14:6.

  • fred moskowitz

    DON BONGINO, Thank You!!!

  • Chris W

    Love Faith and Ty

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck to all who are impacted by cancer generally. Hopefully, we will ultimately attain a definitive cure or preventative measure to halt the scourge that is cancer.

  • Jennifer Smiles

    Keep up the good fight!

  • The Rev. Amy J. Samonds

    Thank you, Isabel, for your hard work to raise money for this worthy organization. God bless you for all you are doing for others!

  • Anonymous

    God bless You Dan and your family.

  • Eric Blakeman

    Keep up the fight!!!

  • Anonymous

    Let's go Brandon

  • Darlene Marek

    Keep up the fight. God Bless

  • Marty Bognanno

    Proud to donate to this cause.

  • Robert LaRose

    Because Cancer Sucks!!!

  • Stephen Byrne

    God bless you and your family.

  • Thomas Ferner

    God Bless the Bongino family

  • Lisa Hyde

    Thank you for all that you do

  • Kristi Dawson

    We love Dan Bongino as if he were our own son.

  • William Wetherton

    Proud to donate to this great cause

  • Zachary Dawson

    Thank you for caring about others. We love Dan and his family!

  • Kevin Bunn

    Rush left a big void in the fundraising efforts for the organization. Thanks for helping to fill the void.

  • Anonymous

    In memory of Anthony. Always in my heart❤️

  • Anonymous

    Keep Fighting, Never Give Up

  • Liberty

    Thanks Dan and Family for your courage and dedication

  • Dane Martindale

    Attagirl, Isabel!

  • Gina Stout

    God Bless!!

  • Sally Hemingway

    I hope that this donation in memory of Jim Davis, will help to find a cure!

  • Judy Conway

    In honor of the Bongino family - thank you for caring about our country

  • Howard Tennyson

    One of my best friend's father died of leukemia at a too early age. I'm glad you have beaten it. :-)

  • John Callahan

    Continued good health Dan

  • Alpha Crane


  • Christie (AngrySenior)

    We love your Dad! Cancer survivor here, so I know every day is a gift. GOOD LUCK with your fundraising!

  • Susan Bill

    Proud of Isabella and love your Mom and Dad.

  • Karen Collareno

    In honor of our family friend and survivor William Burek.


    All the years that Rush did the Fundraiser, I didn't have any extra money. Now I do. God bless Dan, and their work.

  • Kristi Lyons

    God bless and keep you all.

  • Joni DeSmet

    Thank God Dan is well and protecting our Republic. On Social Security or I would donate more.

  • Joseph Simon

    Love the Bongino family - your causes, efforts, and activities in the name of freedom and liberty. Thank you!

  • Michael Fleshman

    Great cause! Thank you for all you do.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all you do, Dan Bongino

  • Craig Priest

    Glad to help.

  • Kathleen Curran

    Hope this helps

  • Andrew Schultz

    Good luck!!

  • Barbara Eastland

    So grateful for the work your organization does. And happy Dan is healthy again. 😊

  • David Conrad Insurance Agency NV

    Thanks to Isabel Bongino

  • Anonymous

    Very happy to continue the great work of Rush.

  • Ann Rogers

    Continuing to pray for your great health going forward.

  • Julia Mueller

    My friend Jerry Senatore was a Special Agent with the FBI who, after working at the 9/11 cleanup site, developed and lost his battle with non Hodgkin lymphoma. The LLS is a great organization and dear to my heart. Thank you for your work obtaining donations!

  • Amy Alvero

    My mother had b cell lymphoma in 2018 and 2019. She survived but it has had devastating long term effects of the chemo. We are grateful that she survived but hope to see better and improving treatments in the future.

  • Julia Holt

    Love from the Holt Family in Texas


    Love You! Miss you!

  • Micahel Gdovic

    Good Luck with your efforts I am proud to support a wonderful young woman who is an aspiring leader

  • Fletch

    God bless Dan Bongino and family.

  • Maxine Ackerman

    Bongino Family......Good Luck and God Bless......#Go A.m.e.l.i.a!!

  • Michael Sparling

    My wife, Susan Sparling, a 30 plus year leukemia survivor!

  • Terese Pulver

    Isabel Bongino

  • Shelley Hawkins

    Praying for Healing for who are dealing with this horrific disease.

  • Michael Caccia



    Bongino and I have both survived cancer. Not the same cancer but cancer just the same. We are both among the truly blessed to have made it thus far; others were not as fortunate. Thanks to Dan for pointing out that I can lend a bit of support to LLS on behalf of others still in need of help.

  • Donald Quigley

    As a pastor, I have suffered the pain and loss of many people to cancer. It can be extraordinarily overwhelming to deal with this disease over and over again sometimes with 3 or more people at the same time. I gladly support Isabelle and her cause in the hopes that cancer will one day be a mere memory.

  • Joe Laprairie

    I want to thank Dan for all he does for people in America. I'm happy to help with his causes or things he supports.

  • Katherine Holley

    Thank you for doing this.

  • Kris Keele

    Love supporting this great cause!

  • Anthony

    In memory of Rush Limbaugh who supported this organization . Rush's support has helped Dan .We miss you Rush!

  • James P Lewis

    Member of the Bongino Army. We're always ready to help out... Jim and Denise Lewis

  • Anonymous

    Your pops is the best and appears you're following closely

  • Janet Kelly

    In memory of sweet Sarah Tillery 3 years old. Please help end this hateful disease.

  • charles bigbie

    Good luck and stay strong.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you all.

  • Scott Jackson

    I lost my older sister when we were kids. Leukemia. You go girl!

  • J&S Mugrace,LLC


  • Anonymous

    My mother died of Leukemia. Rather she died of the chemotherapy that she was being treated with. My hope is that chemotherapy becomes a thing of the past and that a true cure for Leukemia and other cancers can be developed and used to great affect. L

  • John LaMarr

    Great Job, Dan! You're doing a fantastic job during Rush's timeslot! I'm dedicating my donation in memory of Our Hero, Rush. Sincerely and Thank you, John S. LaMarr, III

  • Stuart May

    Good luck with your goal!

  • Lisa Roseman

    Our family is praying you surpass your goal for such a great cause. We are also thankful for you Dan and your family for speaking the truth. You all are true Patriots. Fondly, The Roseman Family. Steven Lisa and Olivia.

  • CathyC

    For Isabel, blessings and God speed to your dad. Cathy

  • Chad Fleming

    Thanks for Dan and Isabelle for the great work you are doing to help in the fight against lymphoma. May God Bless you and you Family for all you do everyday fighting for all of our great Americans! Peace and God's Love! Chad Upstate NY

  • Anthony & Linda Quiñones

    Dan & Team, Please accept this donation for this very worthy cause. God Bless!

  • Alan Laughlin

    thanks to The Bongino Show on Rumble;

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the powerful work you are doing and may God's Grace and Mercy be with you and your family.

  • Diana Johnson

    In honor of my husband Doug Johnson. He has kicked AML!

  • Scott Campbell

    I love your Dad and want him walking the earth for a very long time! I am thankful that he is doing well. He must be very proud of you for leading this effort!

  • Jerrold Moody

    Isabel Bongino

  • Brian Ebert

    Keep Fighting for all that is good Dan!

  • Bill Field

    In memory of my dad who passed away at the age of 69 from complications due to Leukemia. I really miss that guy. Hope this small donation helps others suffering from the same condition.

  • Richard Niedner

    My nephew, a childhood leukemia survivor who dedicated his life to medical practice at a pediatric hospital.

  • Zoilo Suarez

    Rush Limbaugh

  • Bill Dallin

    We love you Dan, you are damn near to being another Rush. Keep it up and God bless you. Good luck Isabell.

  • Scott Liddicoat

    Bless you.

  • Shelly Woodburn

    What a great cause! Isabelle, you are a beautiful and strong young lady-I know your entire family is so proud of you!!!

  • SkySilk, Inc

    Thank you, Isabel, for running this campaign. Cancer effects so many of us and our loved ones. We stand by you on this journey.

  • Sandy Woodburn

    Isabelle Bongino

  • gary lenart

    Good job to all who help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean Leahy

    God Bless Dan!

  • Ric Sayler

    Jane and I are blessed to be able to help you, Izzy. Give my love to your Mom and Dad. Ric Sayler

  • Tony Hill

    Thank you, Isabel!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless each and everyone.

  • Jim Taczy

    I was diagnosed with Stage 4 NHL 15 years ago and went through "The Journey" successfully. If not for the amazing research done for cures and treatments, I may not be writing this. Thank you for taking up a great cause. My wife and kids thank you as well.

  • Domenic DeSantis

    God Bless Dan and your family for all the work you do.

  • Jeremy Bergman


  • Kenneth Kline

    I stand with Dan

  • Craig Johnston

    We love you Katie and know that God is watching over you!

  • Steven Kelly

    Praying for anyone with this terrible affliction. May God put his hand on all those who are healing.

  • Robert Evans Sr

    very good cause

  • Anonymous

    Rush would be proud.

  • Kleinstuber Family

    From the Kleinstuber family in Wilmington Delaware.

  • Tim Richey

    A worthy cause indeed!

  • Adrian Gall

    Thanks Danno, for everything

  • Anonymous

    Fight on!

  • Virginia Thomas

    Good luck!

  • Lenny Lamb

    Thanks Dan Bongino!


    My son has CML & I am so very grateful for research that has saved his life❤❤❤ I always donated with Rush & I am now honored to give with you Dan❤

  • Sandra Markoe

    You're a fighter, Dan. Stay positive and keep up the great work you do every day for our blessed country.

  • Daniel Alberti

    I'd like to donate this in honor of my Aunt Connie who was one of the kindest, most loving, people I have ever met. May God Bless all the people & families who are struggling with cancer.

  • Linda Mientus

    Bongino Family - God Bless & Good Health!

  • Lily Bowen

    Thank you Dan for everything you do. My family and my husband's family have been plagued with this terrible blood cancer.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless America!

  • Kathy Fair

    Stay healthy Dan. The world needs you now more than ever!

  • Gary Baylis

    I wish I could afford more. Keep up the great work!

  • Ross Cooley

    Best Pop in the world

  • Stephen Garcia

    My better half was diagnosed with non hogkins lymphoma march 2020. Thank God is was detected early, was treated, and she remains in remission to this day. Thank you for raising awareness. God bless you and Thank You. Sincerely, Stephen Garcia PS..Dan, I hope you and your family are alive and well for many many years. This is from a retired Marine and retired peace officer. Take care Brother.

  • Karen Case

    Sandy was a wonderful friend who died 10 years ago on Jan.30, 2012. I'm also donating as my youngest grandson was involved with this same fund raising time in San Antonio, Texas, and managed to raise nearly $25,000 in honor of his paternal grandfather who died from cancer.

  • Kimberley Stephens

    What a strong young lady you are! Keep making Lemonade Aid and inspiring others to do the same!

  • Anonymous

    A great cause, thanks Dan and Family

  • Katherine Gallagher Payne

    Hello Dan, I was diagnosed with NHL and CLL in 2015. I had a bone marrow transplant at Johns Hopkins in 2018. My beloved niece saved my life! I am still in remission, and hope that continues. I live in Ocean City, MD - I’m sure you know Ocean City! Keep up the good fight. You inspire me everyday - your such a great and smart person. Rush would be proud! All the best! Katherine Gallagher

  • jennifer stackler

    To my beloved Ed, Bobbie, Ed Jr, Leslie, Pam and our beloved Rush...all victims of cancer. And to Dan Bongino, who's beating it!

  • Bruce Belles

    Together we Beat this!

  • Shawn Blum

    In memory of my daughter Daria Rae who lost he life to Lymphoma at 23 years old

  • Anonymous

    Love you Bro

  • Anonymous

    I'm an old widower with prostate cancer. I'm so thankful that I will be traveling on toward the new heavens and earth soon enough, in God's timing. I can't imagine how fortunate I have been compared to young people whose journeys have been drastically impacted by cancers. Take care and get better.

  • Jo Russom

    God bless!!

  • Wayne Parker

    I hope this helps to work toward better treatment for everyone with this disease.

  • Doug Whitesell

    My Father Robert E Whitesell WW2 Vet

  • Roberta Wells

    My Sister in law was recently diagnosed with Myeloma. I am 4 yr cancer survivor. Let's beat this!!!

  • James Egan

    May God's Blessings find those in need!

  • Anonymous

    Hope and love to all!

  • Anonymous

    Stay well Dan and God bless you and your family.

  • Mario Pricopio

    Thank you for taking the time to teach me about the importance of believing in what God means to all of us and the importance of helping others.

  • Adrian Lainez

    Jose we miss you and remember you Rest In Peace my brother

  • Robert & Linda Casagrande

    In memory of our wonderful mother.

  • Kevin Leili

    Thanks Dad you were my favorite hero

  • John Jacobs

    Good luck in this effort. You are doing a important service. I hope many., many people donate

  • Tom Griese

    From a fellow survivor!

  • regina robinson

    Thank you for your efforts to help Isabele Bongino. God Speed to a cure!

  • Lee in liberal Boston

    Keep up the good work!

  • Cathy Bader

    I'm dedicating this donation in the name of my sister, Kristine Dassinger. She is battling BIA ALCL lymphoma right now. Thank you, Isabel for doing this!!

  • Anonymous

    Both My Mother & I had/have blood cancer. I’m fighting the fight..and thankful for LLS!

  • Melanie Wiesner


  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Dan and our country.


    My wife and I are big fans Dan. I wish I could give more. I am also a cancer survivor.

  • Anonymous

    Maxine too, Dan.

  • Joseph Bochicchio

    My sister died from leukemia in 1963. I was only 3 years old but think about her and the pain my parents felt every day.

  • Jim Wohlleb

    Dan, luv ya buddy! Keep up the good fight!!!

  • Dennis Scholl

    Keep up the good work Dan.

  • Kevin S

    Thanks Dan, Kevin

  • Efren Fontecha

    Love your bad ass daddy

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have much money, hope you can do something good with my small amount.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the reminder to set aside relatively trivial daily noise. Curing leukemia will take time, and steady progress need not be interrupted by the topics of the day.

  • Landell Lawson

    Thanks for all you do. Retired LEO. Keep the faith.

  • John B.

    Keep up the great work! -Dan’s Fan

  • Anonymous

    I've had MDS which is not technically cancer, but is treated like Leukemia. It is very eye opening. GOD SPEED! DAN from Lexington, Mi.


    stage 3 nonhodgkins survivor

  • Timothy Valik

    GOD Bless the Bongino family!

  • Anonymous

    God bless everyone!

  • Joe Giambrone

    God bless, wish I could have done more. My brother past from it.

  • Daffner Family

    Isabel Bongino what an excellent undertaking. God Blessings.

  • Linda Surber

    Thanks Dan.& Paula

  • Anonymous

    I miss you so much.

  • Joann Bleeker

    Survivor of AML thank you for the support I got when I was 44 years old and needed the help. God bless all of you And the people that are on the register for donating bone marrow I wouldn’t be here today. Joann

  • Anonymous

    Saw your show on the 25th of Jan, 2022, with your daughter talking about this opportunity. Thanks for taking a stand and working on helping all who have endured these issues.

  • Barry Mlodossich

    Keep fighting the good fight Dan and Izzy!!! Barry

  • Craig Jones

    You're doing a great job/service to our country and lls. God bless you my friend.

  • Denise Newton

    Keep up the good fight Dan. You are an awesome Father, Husband and Friend to all of us. I have learned so many things from you everyday and despite how bad so many things are in this World, you always remember God and Family First. Thank you so much for helping me keep calm and Trust in God and the many Good people in this world. You are truly a Blessing to all of us. You are Loved more than you know. Blessings to you Dan, from Denise Newton, Tampa Florida

  • Duane Hess

    I hope that my donation is helpful.

  • Brenda Cummins

    In memory of my beautiful son who passed away from Lymphoma on Feb 6th 2010 at the age of 33 - I miss him so much Bibbity Bobbity Boo - Mommy loves you !

  • Anonymous

    Isabel Bongino

  • YuJen Chang

    Keep on good works

  • Kenneth Pence

    In honor of ALL veterans

  • Barbara Malka

    My 19-year-old nephew succumbed to cancer 10 years ago. He is rejoicing with his Savior, Jesus Christ.May the Lord guide your research team to the cure. Thank you for striving toward that goal.

  • Randman

    Dan, in NJ and hav been a fan for years, listen via iheart 560WKSFO and watch fox on cable- May God Bleas you and yourfamily- kudos to your daughter! Best, Randy Sokolik, Ridgewood, NJ

  • Joyce Bailey

    For the children...

  • Anonymous

    The whole that is left in your heart, and the scar that is left after watching someone you love die from cancer is devastating. It is something I wouldn’t wish on my enemy. We must destroy this disease.

  • Barbara McIntosh

    For a great man who has won the fight with HL.

  • Kristin Richards

    God Bless you Dan and your family. I listen to your show every day and want thank you for all you do!

  • James Slater

    God bless you Isabella and Dan.

  • Richard and Sandra Hlenski

    In loving memory of Jim. Loving husband, father, grandfather, friend and Vietnam Veteran.

  • Anonymous

    We miss you, Rush! We love Dan Bongino who is fighting the good fight in your place. God Bless America!!

  • Mike Heyrot

    I feel like there’s no difference when I’m listening to you on the radio or if you’re sitting next to me on a barstool. Same story. The real story. This is you

  • Heath Harrington

    Per Dan's request

  • Ann sutton

    God bless all those diagnosed and their families with whom support and love them

  • christine wynn

    Isabel Bongino: Great job that you are doing.

  • George Marchand

    From Northern Ontario, Canada. I love your show on Rumble. God bless you and your daughter for this, I wish I could give more. Canada needs this type of movement.

  • Lee Falk

    Too late for my grandmother, but in time to save others.

  • Kevin & Joan Coleman

    Prayers for those and their families affected by this disease.

  • Ted Staats

    Too many people in my life have passed, or are fighting cancer to mention just one

  • Jeff Jenkins

    Isabel Bongino fundraising drive. We appreciate the work you ate doing by raising awareness and supporting research and developing treatments.

  • mimi

    Hello. My husband, Bob Putman died from acute myelogenous leukemia 20 years ago. He had 1 option which was to have a bone marrow transplant. Thankfully his only sibling, his brother Bill was a perfect match and was willing to donate. The bone marrow transplant failed and the medical facility sent my husband home to die. We still had hope and flew to MD Anderson in Houston Texas where he was accepted into a trial program. The trials failed as well and Bob died almost 1 year to the day he had been diagnosed. I think about him everyday and tears still come to my eyes when I talk about him. He was the love of my life. I understand today they still haven't made a whole lot of progress curing this disease. Cancer of the blood is a horrific disease. I hope this small contribution helps.

  • Robert Edmondson

    Every little bit can help this amazing cause! Thanks Dan and family for raising awareness about it!

  • Ticknor Dental Lab

    God Bless you to all who are and that have suffered through any kind of cancer.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work, Dan!

  • Anonymous

    I gave annually to Rush's campaign and am so pleased this fight continues!!!! I still miss him dearly and am so grateful Dan is in his time slot and am so proud of this effort by his daughter and the group. I would like to help more but know that it all counts! Best wishes for continued success in this fight!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for continuing this event.

  • Roger Nelson

    Contribution on behalf of Dan Bongino - God bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you

  • Christopher Janiec

    After hearing Isabel and Paula, I had to donate! God Bless you Sir

  • Anonymous

    Cancer sucks. Thanks for doing this. You rock.

  • Ellen Meszaros

    Praying for you, Dan!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your work for this cause

  • Roberta Hackett

    Bless you and your family. My husband, Walt passed away in Aug of 2021. A 5 year battle with CML, 2 stem cell transplants and much chemo therapy. I wish you only the best. I too hope new research will find a cure or continue to improve treatments for better outcomes. Sending prayers to you and your family.

  • Brandon Vincent

    Find a cure for cancer ????????????

  • Anonymous

    Thank you

  • Keith Wagner

    Let's destroy this awful "stuff"!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great work Isabel!

  • Steven Beres

    Isabell, congratulations on being selected to direct fundraising in the Palm Beach area. You are a lovely young lady, I know your parents are so proud. I am donating this in the name of my son, Sam Beres, whom passed away from leukemia at the age of 5 years old. Keep up the great work and best of luck in your future endeavors now that you have turned 18 and are out to make your own mark on the world!

  • Brian Newland

    Just watching the show, and had to help out. I hope your Daughter reaches, and surpasses her goal. Love your show.

  • Suzanne Finn

    Thank you for all that you do. Rush would be proud!

  • Victoria Parillo

    As a breast cancer survivor, I support all attempts to find a cure for any cancer

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I saw her request last year and what a difference one year makes. Isabel looks so grown up and beautiful. You two should be proud. She's very articulate too. I look forward to hearing about great success from her.

  • Michael Hoff

    In honor of my father who has successfully battled Multiple Myeloma for more than a decade with the help of advancements in treatment options with clinical trials. Also in memory of Rush Limbaugh who did so much to raise funds for this great cause.

  • Kellie Montgomery

    On 9/11/1991, my brother died from complications of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I am happy to donate to this cause.

  • Anonymous

    Rush Limbaugh raised my awareness years ago of the progress in fighting the blood cancers. I’m glad to support the Bongino family in continuing this battle.

  • Wendell Thornton

    Your doing God’s work! I pray you find a cure!

  • Stephan Halasz

    God bless you in your journey Dan. We, the citizens of the United States of America appreciate you.

  • John Allaway

    I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia as a result of my exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. So far with careful monitoring and regular blood work I am doing well. Thank you for having this fund raiser.

  • Gary King

    Great cause and thanks for leading the way Isabel. You are a leader just as your father is. Watch the podcastGary T King everyday for many years now.

  • Anonymous

    This donation is a direct way of saying I support the Dan Bongino Show I listen to on WJR Radio at noon on weekdays. This is a cause close to his heart. Lead on, Dan.

  • FW Rose

    Thanks For Supporting L&LS

  • Scott Butler

    Awesome job young lady. “There’s something in you that the world needs.” I pray that you are an inspiration to other young people to get involved. It restores my faith in humanity.

  • Deb & Ray Simpson

    Dan, we thank God that we have you for inspiration. I survived Breast Cancer, and our son survived thyroid cancer. We don't donate to any other cancer fund, except this one.

  • Lee Jackson

    Isabel, Appreciate you and your father's efforts to raise funding and awareness of blood cancers. My daughter was diagnosed at age 3 with Leukemia. Our family leaned on the wonderful people at LLS to navigate our 3 1/2 year treatment protocol. Taylor is cancer free and currently in her Junior year in college. Good Luck in your Student of the Year Campaign!!

  • Bruce Bettencourt

    I hope this helps. I will try to do another donation later. BRUCE BETTENCOURT

  • Jon R Hoffman

    Thanks for all you do.

  • Anonymous

    Luke 21:3

  • Robin Castile

    Keep Jesus in your heart

  • Heather Rhoads

    Dan Bongino for all of his hard work for America!

  • Patt Shelley


  • Terry rasmussen

    Help those in need.

  • Gerardo Estrada

    Keep up the good work. RUSH would be proud of you

  • Kent D Terrill

    God Bless Dan and all those who are being challenged with cancer

  • May Walker

    I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino

  • Somewhere in Time


  • Frank Hoffman

    Great Job Kid, it's not much but hopefully it will help someone.

  • Anonymous

    After hearing Isabel on Bongino's podcast last year, I donated immediately. I just heard her again today, and I'm back to donate again. I know this cause is near and dear to her heart. You can hear it in her voice (not to mention Dan's voice when talking about her and all members of his family). God Bless the Bongino Family and all other families dealing with blood cancers and other devastating diseases.

  • Greg Richards

    Keep up the good work, I can see your proud of your daughter and should be.

  • Anonymous

    We've donated to the LLS in the past associated with Rush Limbaugh. Now we will donate in honor of Dan Bongino as well and in honor of my brother-on-law, Mike H who has CLL. Good luck Dan we watch and listen to you regularly.

  • Steven Greiner

    Every little bit helps. I would donate more if possible.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Isabella!!!!

  • Anonymous

    My dear friend fought leukemia but lost the battle. She passed away on the day she was scheduled for her second stem cell infusion. She is missed.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck

  • A Burton

    Been a fan of Bongino for a long time. So glad to be a part of a such a giving community!

  • Karla Fresia

    Keep up the great work, Isabel!

  • David Wolf

    Would like to thank Dan Bongino for promoting this campaign and LLS for all they are doing in helping cancer patients and research to cure this dreadful disease. Cancer survivor.

  • Mark Erklin

    I love you and miss you MOM.❤ you are the biggest loss in my life ever! And I pray for everybody who has to deal with cancer. Especially all the brave kids who got dealt this nasty rotten hand. God bless you all. Thank you Dan and your family. Just like Rush, you don't know me but I feel like you're part of my family. Love you brother! And thank you for everything you do. Mark Erklin

  • Anonymous

    Best wishes to those suffering from this disease and may god bless your efforts to help them.

  • Anonymous

    For all of my fellow cancer patients. Praying for a cure.

  • Jeff Newton

    God bless you and your family.

  • Ernest Coccorese

    Thank you dan for fighting for us

  • Anonymous

    I make this donation for the fund raiser Isabel Bongino

  • Mary Vienneau

    Mike is my son. He has leukemia. I'm helping him and his family, financially and prayerfully. God bless you all for doing this.

  • Edwin Motta

    I donate this in honor of my brother Dan Bongino

  • Barbara Reynolds

    So happy you are still with us.The world needs the cure.

  • John Krieger

    Be very proud of your daughter you are truly blessed.

  • Catherine Antos

    In memory of my father-in--law. He was a great man who made a difference in countless people's lives. He left an empty space in so many hearts. We think about him every day and miss him more then words can express.

  • Anonymous

    Great deed to raise money for a worthy cause.

  • Roberta Mains

    I just completed my breast cancer radiation. Sorry I couldn't do more.

  • Dan Fischer

    Make a splash in the news!

  • Anonymous

    Love this cause and love the Bongino family!!

  • Anonymous

    I can only afford $10 right now...but, happy to give something.

  • john soria

    Thank You Isabella for spearheading such a great cause and thank the Bongino family for all that you do for this country. We Patriots need to support one another in any and all causes that will benefit, not only our political party, but more importantly, human life.

  • Ed Kanthack

    Thanks for running this donation. Best to you and your family.

  • Jim Planamento and Terry Blondet

    So very hopeful that a cure can be discovered very soon. Prayers to all fighting cancer. Jesus, all powerful Savior, cancer is such a scary word. Cancer is unknown, unpredictable, yet far too common for so many people. I pray for everyone fighting cancer right now. Lord, please be with all people fighting various forms of cancer. Send your spirit down and bring your strength, comfort and peace to all that are fighting cancer, also to their families and their support system. God, comfort them during their treatments. Ease their anxieties. Help them find solace in you. Lord, hear my prayer. Amen.

  • Edward J Kantor

    Keep up your great work to fight this awful disease


    Isabel Bongino, this is such a beautiful thing that you are doing! I am proud to donate. Good luck and I hope you crush your goals!

  • Ally McMahon

    Kudo's to you Isabelle, for taking on this challenge. Proud to donate in honor of you and your dad and the hard work you put in every day to make the world a better place. #TeamBongino :-)

  • Anonymous

    We love Dan Bongino, what s great patriot! He told us about this. Thank you Dan for all you do!

  • Mary Martinez

    Proud to support your cause.

  • Andrew and Solveig Hobbs

    Jeff survived and and doing great. Please help me send prayers out to my dear hockey friend Shawn Campbell who is fighting hard.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you all.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan, God bless you and your family

  • Gary Dutton

    Thanks for the good work.

  • michael treder

    It was always a pleasure to participate in Rush Limbaugh's annual Cure-A-Thon for LLS, in memory of my wife's lymphoma and my dad's leukemia. And, now, in honor of Dan, too. God bless you, Dan.

  • Anonymous

    For Isabel Bongino's project

  • Keith Stein

    In memory of my Grandfather and Rush Limbaugh. Dan thank you for doing this.

  • Anonymous

    Every little bit helps. Blood is blue

  • Mark Kordic

    God bless you in this effort! I’m a lymphoma survivor!

  • Meghan Beers

    Thank you for your fundraising efforts! My son was diagnosed when he was 2 years old with leukemia. He is now a healthy, happy 13 year old! He was Boy of the Year for LLS in Michigan in 2016:) Good luck on reaching your goal!!!💗

  • Harry Allen

    Please show America and the World the charitable love that permeates throughout all of PepsiCo. Please donate to this charity or any charity of your choice. Give back to the loyal consumers of PepsiCo products.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless your hard work and good health to your dad.

  • James Hoff

    Thanks Dan Bongino for the opportunity to donate.

  • Lee Huey

    For Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grant

  • frank zoretich

    Thank you!

  • Jim Goodrich

    I'm happy to help you and your daughter in this important project. Thanks for all you have done for our nation. Best. Jim Goodrich

  • Anonymous

    God bless all who are suffering. May be find a cure soon.

  • John Rynn

    God bless you!

  • Tiffany Werner

    Thank you Dan for bringing this devastating disease to the forefront. Congrats on your recovery & keep fighting! Loyal Listener

  • Anonymous

    Great online cause!

  • Danii Gleason

    Much love from Communist California. We aren’t all liberals ?? God Bless you and your family!

  • Anonymous

    God bless!

  • Ruzdi Qira

    Good luck with reaching and hopefully exceeding the goal. God bless you and your family.

  • Jill Stevens

    My birthday wish is for Cancer to be irradiated. My Dad passed away from Cancer 5 yrs ago. Good luck with your fundraiser!

  • Paul Wilson

    Thank you for helping. Seeing good people and kids get horrible cancer breaks my heart.

  • Jeff Wheeler

    Wish I could give more, but times are tough! Love the voice you are putting out there for all us who feel we aren’t being listened to!

  • Anonymous

    In memory of my father.

  • Anonymous


  • Robin Seib

    Several family members lost their battle over the past decades since the 60s

  • Geoffrey Wilkinson

    Thank you for the opportunity to make this small donation to such a good cause. Dan you and Pamela must be so very proud of your daughter Isablla for this initiative.

  • Dennis Watabayashi

    My cousin Gary was taken from us way too young by leukemia.

  • Sophia Grace

    You’ve raised a lovely daughter. Wish we could give more but wanted to support you.

  • Gail Ireland

    My father who loved Rush and taught me how to live a consertive life. He would love you Dan. Just like I do.

  • Anonymous

    Wishing Good Health To All

  • Johnny Brewer

    God Bless you Dan

  • Sharon Dashner

    Thank You for continuing the fight!

  • Scott Holland San Jose CA

    Thanks Bonginos for fighting the good fight on so many fronts!

  • Catherine Dzurella

    Hi, when I put my makeup on every day...I have an old transistor radio on the vanity and only channel I get is conservative radio. LOL, I am an independent/leaning middle of road Democrat and really don't agree with anything on your show, however, you and Joyce seem like very decent people and I enjoy the shows. I am donating anyway as you said cancer does NOT discriminate and hits all of us. Keep up the good work. I also would love to see a cure for horrid cancer during my lifetime. I am 63. Thank you.

  • Cheryl Szczechura

    I am a survivor of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, in remission now for 18 years. I am here today because of the kindness of others who donate every year to help find a cure, a cause which was dear to Rush Limbaugh's heart and is kept alive through this effort on Dan's radio show to raise funds again. God bless those who fight on and those who never give up on the efforts to find a cure.

  • Jeri Okuma-Farry

    Such a great cause! God speed to all who are fighting any kind of cancer. Sadly, my friend Jennifer lost her fight with breast cancer and it's a sober reminder that we still have a long way to go.

  • Roderick Garcia

    Prayers to all who suffer from this illness.

  • Linda Hughes

    Love and Blessings to Our Dear (and Fierce) Bongino Family !!

  • Thomas McCloughan

    One of the few voices of reason out there.

  • Lisa Browning

    Proud of you supporting your father and others!

  • Stephen Ke

    My little brother has cancer he is my friend and brother


    Thank you Dan and Isabelle for all you are doing everyday. God bless

  • Carol Ewing

    Tony, gone way too young from a blood cancer. May you rest in peace. ~ Carol

  • Anonymous

    Bongino Fundraiser

  • Anne Wagg

    We are a Bongino fan household!

  • Dorothy Tompkins

    Dan Bongino and his awesome daughter

  • Eric Kramer

    Thanks for everything you do.

  • Damon George

    RIP Not Goodbye Just See Ya Later.

  • Greg & Robyn Coggins

    Thank you, Isabel, for organizing this fundraiser. I am praying for your dad and your family for continued health, peace, and strength. God Bless you all.

  • Neal Schultz

    I have been donating to this great charity with a great mission for years.... They do great work!

  • Tabitha Pellegrene

    Because cancer just should not be. Our prayers to all medical and pharma staff that help our loved ones have tools to fight this dreadful monster.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good fight!

  • Anonymous

    Glen Halloran

  • Sara McMurry

    A wonderful and compassionate effort for a very worthy cause. My thanks to all involved in this endeavour. Wishing you great success.

  • Ken Payer

    My 2 year old grandson was diagnosed with Leukemia last week so I am very happy to help again in your fundraising efforts. God bless you!

  • marco lopez romo

    Great cause! I stand with the Bongino's!

  • Anonymous

    My son is a survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma, we have seen firsthand the devastation this disease has on individuals and their families, we consider ourselves to be the lucky ones, good luck and thank you for your hard work on this.

  • Patricia Tadolini

    In 1987 my Mom died at the young age of 56 from Lymphoma.

  • chuck blouse

    My wife Kathy is a survivor of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

  • Anonymous

    Happy to help.

  • Vincent Saporito

    Proud to support Dan and his beautiful family.


    Glad to see young people making a real difference in this World. I know you are proud Mr. Bongino.

  • William Jordan IV

    Keep up the great work!

  • David Olson

    I was diagnosed with leukemia 3 yrs ago and so have a very personal experience with this disease. This gives me hope to see such a young person such as Isabella Bongino being so active in fund raising for such an important cause for leukemia research. Keep up the great work you are doing Isabella!

  • Anonymous

    thank you for your efforts with this

  • Katherine Lane

    Congratulations on your nomination to lead your local campaign Isabel! Keep up the great work helping fund blood cancer research and those affected by it. You are amazing!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless your efforts to help bring and end to this disease.

  • Anonymous

    Prayers for continued good health and supreme longevity, Dan. Thank you for all you do!

  • Dave Kuipers

    I have been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and my brother in-law Bernard DeLoof had also battled the same disease years ago. Praying for a cure in the future.

  • John Frazzini

    Thank you for asking!

  • Rene Diaz

    God bless you! 🇺🇸

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Isabell to you and your family for all you do. You are all awesome.

  • Thomas Carlson

    Good job Isabel.

  • Anonymous

    Keep fighting the good fight! Thank you for all you do

  • John Grzeskowiak

    Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma possibly due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. Due to God’s blessings, I’m well. The Dan Bongino Show is great! Good luck Isabel. Keep up the great work! Thanks John Grzeskowiak, formerly from Tottenville, Richmond, Staten Island, New York.

  • Martin J Plush

    The least my wife and I can do without you Dan we might still be living in Chicago. Also Isabel you did such a terrific job on the podcast just now so well spoken and articulate. God bless the Bongino family!!

  • Judy Mays

    May the Cancers of the world be eradicated - Cancer sucks!

  • Mark Satterlee

    Keep up the good fight! My brother in law is a survivor of non hodgkins lymphoma.

  • Tiffany Butler

    I love that your daughter is doing this. A great way to give back. She was so poised on the show in talking about it.

  • Stephen Bailey

    Wish it could be more. I, too, have an incurable disease called Myasthenia Gravis. An autoimmune, neuro-muscular disease.

  • Marci Hanisch

    In memory of my 2 uncles who lost their battles and started my support of this organization.

  • Anonymous

    Miss you Dad everyday! God Bless Dan and keep him healthy.

  • Sherry S.

    We lost Kristin at age 11. May this work prevent other families from having to live through/with the loss of a loved one.

  • Jane W

    Dan, you are an amazing person, and so is your beautiful daughter Isabel. This is such a great cause as it had hit our family as well.

  • John Tomasiewicz

    I donated last year and will again this year. In memory of my cousin Jeff Stien who passed away from cancer at the age of 43. With courage and God, we will endure.

  • David A Carter

    Let's kick this disease in the ass.

  • Douglas & Sandra Garmer

    Dan, congrats on your ongoing recovery and especially on having such a caring daughter. Isabel, congrats are having such an awesome Dad that you willingly share with us daily. Here's hoping that you meet your worthy goal, and that others benefit from your efforts as well.

  • Linda Anne Jones 20.00

    I am a huge fan of Dan's and want to help, albeit in a small way.

  • Bonnie Blackburn

    He and his family are an inspiration

  • Anonymous

    It is good to see young people working for a very good purpose.

  • James Williams

    Praying that God will give wisdom to the researchers to eliminate cancer.

  • S. Nick Tomacelli

    God bless you and your efforts. The Bongino family is obviously not only an honorable asset for America but more significantly for God.

  • Mike Edwards

    Bless you Isabel and Dan.

  • Anonymous

    Help find a cure for cancer!

  • Anonymous

    This was a way to honor my father - in - law and let people know there are many people out there praying for you.

  • Gail Powers

    Save wonderful people like Dan Bongino.

  • Kevin Conboy

    I had a brother, Michael Conboy, that passed away from leukemia back in 1979 when he was only 10 years old. More research needs to be done to fight all forms of cancer. For those of you that are in the fight for your life, keep it up and kick its butt!

  • Garylee Brackney

    god bless your daughter dan

  • Terry Havens

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Dennis Sieglaff

    I lost my wife of 48 years to Covid this year.

  • Donald Schoolcraft

    Dan, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

  • Carol Brigley

    We are a survivor family as well. What a great family you have and the awesome work you do!

  • Thomas Del Guidice

    Just trying to help. Thanks for the effort!

  • Daniel Hewitt

    She lives on in the memories of her children.

  • Michele Reilly

    Praying someday there will be a cure for every cancer

  • Anonymous


  • Cindy Romano

    There were family members who I have known who have survived and sadly not survived other types of cancers ; such a GIANT KILLER . The more we can do to help those who are fighting to survive this beastly disease the sooner a cure could be made !

  • Brent Knaeble

    God Bless!

  • Steven Ridgley

    In my Sister name who lost her battle with Cancer in 2005, Please God Find a Cure

  • Nick Iuro

    Dan, you have a great family and should be busting with pride.

  • Jane Jaeger

    God Bless you all. Praying for all.

  • Anonymous

    Jack Kuhl best father-in-law who ever lived

  • Anonymous

    For my friend Mark and the Bongino family

  • Anonymous

    My friend Kermit died of Lukemia when we were in our first year of college. He was a very good friend who is missed.

  • Letha Weaver

    Thank you for doing this fund raiser. Paul and Letha Weaver

  • Anonymous

    You got this, Jason! Work hard, we are pulling and praying for you, my friend!

  • Anonymous

    My exhusband is also afflicted with LLS. Just wanted to help.

  • David Seitelman

    Stay strong and focused

  • Patti Boose

    Thank you Dan Bongino and family bringing this disease to the public’s attention.

  • Julie Hahn

    As a survivor so thankful for you to bring much needed attention to lLS Thankful for your truth telling! America First

  • Tracey Pfister

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Raymond Claunch

    Love you guy's !

  • Todd W. Robb

    I have come to know Dan Bongino over the last few years so I am pressed to do something to help.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Dan Bongino.

  • Anonymous

    I heard a man say "It's not in the say, it's in the do." I hope the money you raise helps to do something to fight lymphoma and leukemia.

  • Don Bottoms

    We can each help, even a little bit counts!

  • Linda Schmitz

    Wife a 23 year breast cancer survivor

  • Dan Villeneuve

    Doing what I can to help with this great cause you are supporting. Thanks for making this happen!

  • Denise Rivers

    We are donating to a great cause. Also we are very thankful for Dan and his contribution for bringing truth. Thank you and continued prayers for his health and for all that are touched by cancer.

  • Sal Allegra

    Great cause. Best of luck

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for all you do. Hope this donation can help someone with this deadly disease.

  • Anonymous

    Credit Dan Bongino and his daughter for this contribution. Praying that Dan is around sharing his message for years to come.

  • Chris Washburn

    Thanks Dan Bongino for allowing Isabel time on your show. Thank The LORD that you made it through your battle.

  • David Rasp

    God bless you for doing this. My mom died from this so anything to help anyone with this diagnosis hopefully will help reach your goal

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Chuck Ledwin

    Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for reminding us of how fortunate we are. God bless

  • Barry Thomas McRaith

    Great cause supported by a great family!

  • Dianna Dobrilla

    You should be so incredibly proud of yourself Isabel!!! What a selfless act of helping others. You come from such an amazing family.... Happy to donate to this very important cause.

  • Robert Gelston

    Isabel Bongino

  • Cynthia Busch

    In honor of a real patriot, a hero, an honorable man, a truthful man, a man of faith, and a caring and generous man, who gives his all in everything he does.

  • Jeremy Bl

    Keep up the good work Dan!

  • Paul A. Cronin

    Thank you for doing this for those in need.

  • Rory & Kathleen Rago

    Thank you, Isabel Bongino. Your efforts are appreciated more than you will ever know. All the best to you and yours. Rory & Kathleen Rago.

  • Dave MacDougall

    Thank you Isabel for your exemplary community service.

  • Anonymous

    Great to see Mrs. Bongino helping out the cause.

  • Claudia Eilenstine

    My father had lymphoma and with the blessing from our Savior he has been 15 years cancer free. He had great doctors to kick this disease. Blessings to you Dan and your family for what y'all do to enlighten and inform us. Thank you and God bless.

  • Russell Carter

    A credit to your Daughter she is following in your footsteps.

  • Ronnie Hall

    Happy to continue Rush’s tradition of supporting this worthy effort.

  • James Garcia

    May GOD BLESS and heal everyone with cancer

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all you are doing in this cause. Your generosity is contagious, I wish you all the best in your efforts.

  • Francine Pfitzenmaier

    We need a cure. Great idea for fundraiser.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the great work. We will PREVAIL.

  • Dave Jeffers

    Just heard about this on Dan Bonginos podcast and wanted to donate because my mom and brother both died from Cancer.

  • Clarence Chrisman

    Happy to support this good cause and this good family

  • Anne Hansen

    You can beat this Dan!

  • Tammy McGeehin

    Good Luck and God Bless.

  • Bruce Tobias

    God bless those who suffer with faith hope and love

  • Terry Mossman

    Thanks to Dan and his awesome daughter. Saw you both on Rumble today, wanted to help.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic cause. Good luck.

  • Aaron M.

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Gary Carnivale

    Thank you, Isabel and Dan, for all you are doing every day. God bless

  • Carey Kerby

    My youngest sister died of leukemia 2 years ago she was only 42

  • Ismel Perez

    For Dan

  • Anonymous

    Hope you triple your goal.

  • Kevin L Price

    Though I have never met you or your Dad, I feel like you are part of my family. I look forward to rectifying that soon. Best of luck in your quest to rid the world of these diseases!

  • Robert


  • Michele Breton

    Thank you Isabell & the Bongino family for all you do, God bless you all

  • Tygh Outland

    In memory of my father that past to cancer.

  • Elvis Paldino

    As an already member of DKMS.ORG to which I am registered as a potential donor and as a huge admirer of Dan and what he represents, I felt it only right to donate and support this cause. I have also included a link to this page via my Telegram Channel in the hope that others can donate too. Hoping that's ok.

  • teri s.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Susan Henshaw

    My son is a T-cell ALA survivor. At the age of 2 years old is was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia. Today he is 30 years old and is well.

  • Kim G Campbell

    In honor of My mom who has beaten Multiple Myeloma

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for being an honest voice in a cacophony of liars!!

  • John & Barbara Frasca

    Frank recently passed away and was a true patriot and fellow veteran, who served two tours in Vietnam, and was twice awarded the Purple Heart. He suffered from PDTS and multiple forms of carcinoma, due to his exposer to Agent Orange. I would like to make this donation on behalf of his widow, Paula.

  • John Purdy

    In memory of my father, John R. Purdy, who died of lymphoma

  • Randy Scott Lydic

    A great cause, a great man, father and patriot. Commend your daughter for stepping up. I just wish more of her generation would Make America Great Again.

  • Joan Johnson

    By HIS stripes, we were healed.

  • Traci Holt

    My son had leukemia (AML) and had to undergo intense chemotherapy, long hospital stays and many complications. He was on a ventilator for 10 days at the onset. He was doing well for 10 months but then it came back. He needed to do all the chemotherapy over again for 4 months and then had a bone marrow transplant at 20 years old. He went through hell and back. The doctors said the research they use is from 40 years ago so this is an important cause to our family. Thank God he’s been cancer free a little over 4 years now and he managed to do online classes and graduate from college only a few months behind his classmates while going through all of this!! Thank you Dan Bongino for all you do and thank you LLS for your continued research for these horrible diseases! Traci Holt

  • Sally Scharff

    Thank you, Dan, for educating me! I have been listening to your podcast since episode 628. I'm so happy you're cancer-free! May God Bless You and your family with good health and success!

  • Sheldon Rosenbaum

    As a one year survivor (non hodgkin lymphoma), regular follow ups are required.

  • Ken Radolinski


  • James Ferguson

    The Bongino Family

  • Daniel R Kelsey

    Thanks for bringing attention to this important cause.

  • Meredith Mackiernan

    I lost a cousin to leukemia on her thirteenth birthday. Thank you for what you are doing.

  • Andrea Gallo

    We don't give enough credit to our young people in this country. I want to make this donation in honor of Miss Isabella Bongino and her dedication to raising money for this wonderful cause. Be proud of yourself and the wonderful family you come from. I pray my daughters will follow in your footsteps becoming wonderful citizens of this country and have your heart of gold. God bless you, your family and everyone battling Lypmphoma.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work.

  • michael soucy

    Thank you Isabel for all you do! I’m sure your father Dan is so proud of you!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your work to conquer this disease.

  • S Christ

    Thank You

  • Andrea Varnauskas

    In honor of my father

  • Sandra Joiner

    Thank you Dan and family for doing this. Many from my husband's family have fought cancer and several of mine too. So Dan keep up the great work that you do. Sandy J

  • Christina TylerStClair

    Never stop looking for a cure!

  • Anonymous

    The Apple definitely fell close to the tree! Thank you, young lady for all your work.

  • steve tetz

    sorry could not be more, no doing good

  • Matthew Dullea

    Good luck Isabel! We love your dad. Thankfully, your dad is doing well and let's pray that your efforts will save many more! -Matt from Massachusetts

  • Tim & Rhonda Kittle

    Almighty YHVH God bless your work.


    This is a great thing you are doing to help others!

  • Janene Jones

    Great job Isabel!

  • Dallas Amhof

    Keep up the good work Isabelle!! We love your Dad and listen to him every day! We were very sad to hear the diagnosis and have been praying for your family since. God bless you and your family, and we hope you not only reach your goal, but blow it out of the water!

  • Matt Lantry

    God bless

  • Ann Whipple

    God bless you all! I lost my brother to leukemia, my mom and dad to cancer and I, myself, have CLL. Cancer SUCKS. Love Dan's show and all who are a part of it!

  • Denise Morencie

    My mom had leukemia and passed away when I was 16. My cousin and a good friend are both survivors of Hodgkins Lymphoma. Thank you for what you are doing and bless your family!

  • Mark Belisle

    Thank you Isabel Bongino for bringing awareness and financial support to this cause.

  • Bob Alphonse

    Much love to you all Great work Isabel.

  • Larry & Teresa Arnold

    Glad to support this worthy cause - Thanks for the great work your doing Isabel. So much respect for your Dad and all he does. Best of Luck in reaching your goal

  • Kevin Geohring

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Michael Trzinski

    Nice job, Isabel!!

  • Bill Blais

    To help Isabel Bongino reach her goal. Bill Blais (RI)

  • Steve Elchlepp

    I understand first hand how deviating cancer can be, I have watched my brother battle brain cancer for many years, and my mom survive uterine cancer. Dan, I know you must be proud of what your daughter has accomplished, it is truly a reflection of what you and Paula have done raising her. I look forward to many long years of watching your shows and seeing you be the change and doing the do! Kudos!

  • Lazrus7

    Love to the Bongino Family. God bless

  • Linda Alvers

    Isabela, your passion and love for your father sent me straight to this donation page. There is nothing like the love we have for our parents. Good luck in your mission of raising funds and meeting your goals.


    Hope you reach your goal!!! LLS is an amazing organization doing great work!!! I’ve been a volunteer for many years. Thank you for being part of the SOY Campaign!!!

  • Bella Fattoria


  • Kathie Ingram

    I want to do what I can, but I can't afford much. I have stopped contributing to political requests, but my Mom died of cancer and I support funding cancer related or cancer causes. So you caught my heart on this one. This is a superb cause.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you!

  • Kelly Rice

    Best wishes on a successful campaign!

  • Anne Cayford

    Thank you for setting up this donation. My father Arthur Durante was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 1966. He was only in his 20's when he was diagnosed. With the great doctors from Massachusetts General Hospital, he lived until he was 56 years old. He was taken far too early.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Isabel for being an example of what a wonderful daughter is. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    What a great cause! Thank you!

  • Paul Wolfrey

    Please my donation in honor of my Great Granddaughter Layla she 3 and in Childrens Hospital fighting this terrible decease. I love the Bongino Podcast and Fox Show.

  • Fernando Vasquez

    Thanks for all you do👍👍👍👍


    We need everyone to stand up for this cause, before we too are stricken with this deadly disease and can't. Thank you to our customers to make this donation possible.

  • Joann & Gary Mele

    We watch your Dad's show every night.

  • Melvin Abero

    Thank you so much for doing this...praying one day we will defeat this deadly disease. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for all you and your entire family do for all of us! Your dad is an invaluable purveyor of truth, and is a man I would want a son of mine to look up to.

  • Jeffrey Mangum

    God Bless Dan I am donating because Dan Bongino is a warrior for America

  • Joseph Huycke

    Please donate! We don't want to lose anyone else to this disease!

  • Dave and Pauline Buete

    This donation is in loving memory of our sons CHET and DAVE BUETE. Thank you Isabel for your wonderful contribution to the cause. Dave and Pauline Buete

  • Edward Hoffmann

    My Mom, Sister and Brother all have had Cancer. This is the most worthy cause

  • Vicki Kersey

    God bless you Isabel for your efforts. Your Dad is our voice and we are so thankful for both him and your family. Love, Patrick & Vicki Kersey

  • Peter Passaretti

    For Rush

  • Ed Anzore

    Thank you young lady

  • Deborah Green

    good luck!

  • Richard Miller

    Find a cure! Thank you Dan Bongino

  • Lori Helton

    Also a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor. Good luck with fundraiser Isabella!

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, we all know someone who has been afflicted by cancer. I'm glad you have taken up this cause.

  • David Hinkley

    My father was a vibrant and energetic 86-year-old man. physically active and sharp. late September 2010 he commented that it felt like the flu was trying to get hold of him. Oct 6th I thought maybe the flu got the better of him. He was unusually tired. I checked in with him on Sunday the 8th and Monday the 9th. that Monday he was completely incoherent, and I had him transported to the hospital, after several hours and tests they announced that he was having a Leukemic blast and his white blood count was over 180,000. 5 months earlier his doctor gave him a clean bill of health. less than 24 hrs later on October 10, 2010 at about 6 in the evening my father took his last breath. I thank the Lord for Dan's recovery, but his illness has changed him, his wife and his daughters forever. Likewise, my father's death made Leukemia part of my life forever.

  • Anonymous

    My 6 month old neice is being treated for acute myeloid leukemia. She is on her fourth round of treatment at Johns Hopkins. She will have one more round after this. My prayer is that these treatments will successfully rid her of this disease and that she will never even remember any of it. This is just a small way that I can help in the research to find a way to rid our world of this cancer.

  • michael rodriguez

    Never give up!!

  • Deb Sullivan

    I wish I could donate more. This is a horrible disease and I pray that a cure can be found. God Bless!

  • Perry Pollock

    Isabel, I'm certain you don't remember me as the last time you saw me I was the old guy in the wheelchair waving a Bongino for Congress sign at US 41 & Bonita Beach Road. You have blossomed into a young woman that makes your dad beam with pride and rightly so. God bless the job you're doing and tell that old man of yours that Perry from Cape Coral said hello and I still never miss a podcast or an episode of "unfiltered"...

  • Randall Hood

    My dad suffered with a rare disease called polycythemia. He eventually died from lukiemia. Miss you dad

  • Anonymous

    Nicely done Isabel.

  • George Gamblin

    Rick died at the age of 49 from non Hodgkin’s Linfoamer. He was my stepdad and was a great man. Genius IQ but always willing to help other people out. Numerous times he’s helped a lot of people and became a guidance counselor for kids with alcohol and drug related problems. He’s taken more than one under his wing to help keep the kid clean. Just an all around great guy. They contributed his cancer to Asian orange from the Vietnam war.

  • Barbara Tripp

    Many blessings to the Bongino family. Thank you Isabel, you are lovely.

  • Susan Lucot

    Bless Dan Bongino and his wonderful family! Best of luck to his daughter, Isabelle in her fundraising efforts!

  • James & Jessica Servidori

    God bless everyone who has battled this horrible disease!

  • Barry Newman

    Dan and Isabel - Thank you for this opportunity to help! I have been a listener to your podcasts since about episode 600. As a former Econ major (class of 1969), I appreciate the economics wonkery, especially quotes and clips of two of my heroes, Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. Keep up the good fight. Barry Newman Woodridge, IL

  • Sarah Morrow

    I’m a fellow survivor of Lymphoma myself. My donation isn’t much but I hope it helps! Thank you for doing what you are doing!

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino Rocks!! Glad to help this worthwhile cause.

  • Todd Ellington

    Great job Isabelle! Great to see young people making a difference.

  • Letizia Salvo-Gregorio

    God Bless you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with your fundraiser Isabel!

  • Anonymous

    Praise God!

  • Chris Seidel

    God Bless, Isabel Dan, Us Queens boys need to stick together!

  • Anonymous

    Stay well, Dan

  • Chrisha Kirk

    Donating in honor of my mother, Kathleen Ferre, who has been battling CML for years. Thank you, Isabel, for raising money for such an important cause. God bless you, Dan; we pray for your recovery.

  • Anonymous

    Your the best.

  • Mark Murphy

    You think it's cold there, the high here was -1 degrees. I hope this donation helps. Have a fantastic Day!

  • Shailesh Patel

    Keep the fight on!

  • Joachim Dankanich

    Dan, you have a beautiful family and you promote traditional family values.GOD bless you and you family.

  • Joe Hurray

    God bless you Isabel and your whole family. We love you guys!

  • Theresa Vince

    35 years… pediatric hematology/oncology nurse. Dan. You should be so proud of your daughter. We need research into leukemia and lymphoma now more than ever. I was listening when you talked about the lump you found. Prayed for you and continue to pray. Love your show. I have to say….Let’s Go Brandon.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the Fight.

  • t. roback

    Keep up the great work. Never give up. I am happy 100% of donations go to the cause.

  • Peter J. Bertini

    It's not much at all but I hope it helps to achieve the goal.

  • Lesa & Curt Frederick

    Thank you for your hard work Isabel Bongino.

  • Ron Br

    Anything for the Patriot Dan Bongino!

  • Anonymous

    My family is so grateful for you. There are no words…..but…we are wreaking havoc down here in Texas!!!!! Civil disobedience…..

  • Michael Gutierrez

    I am current LEO in the south Florida area and you are an inspiration to me and my family. Thank you for your service and your continued fight against those who hate this country. Praying for you for a 100 percent recovery and all the best to you and your family.

  • Dale Terry

    God Speed to a full recovery to everyone affected by this horrible disease

  • Ann Gospodarek

    We love your Dad and what you are doing is amazing! God bless you Dave&Ann Gospodarek

  • Anonymous

    Dan, thank you for the news you provide. So happy you recovered from cancer. God Bless America

  • Jane Sweet

    Bless you for this heartfelt mission. My father passed away from Lymphoma

  • Jeanette Helyes-Guertim

    In honor of my grandmother

  • John Siddens

    God bless you and your family and anyone with this dreaded disease.

  • Lindsay Christiansen

    Praying for you!

  • Bill Craig

    Best wishes for a successful prosperous campaign!

  • Candace Hart

    Lost our father to leukemia. Prayers that our scientists and researchers will find a cure for this cancer.

  • Sigmund Hanson

    In memory of a talented friend who died much too early.

  • Kathy White

    In loving memory of my Father, Edward O’Brien , who We lost in 1978 from Leukemia

  • Casey Shine and Family

    For The Bongino family

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Dan for all you do! I have learned so much from you. In memory of my mother Ruth Levy that died from brain cancer in 1981.

  • Heather

    Thank you Dan, to you and your lovely family, for being warriors for others in need, and bringing awareness to such a great cause. God Bless, Heather

  • Penny Scott

    It's an honor to donate to Isabel's LLS fundraising campaign. Prayers this money will assist to provide the cure!

  • Teresa Dillard

    I lost my dad to cancer in May 2021. My husband has had prostate cancer to return three times and bladder cancer twice. To everyone going through this battle, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families that go through this with you.

  • Brigitte Charette

    Dan, keep fighting and dig deep to find strength on your toughest of days. Each day is a precious gift. You are an inspiration and a true Patriot ????

  • Valerie Cannon

    Moved to donate by listening to the Bongino families testimony! Bongino's daughter Isabel is an absolutely a beautiful young woman, I'll be praying for their family's continued success!

  • Anonymous

    My father suffered with CLL. It advances slowly and then much more aggressively and ultimately took his life. I pray someone can find a cure for these blood cancers and all cancers

  • James Altizer

    Let's Go Brandon

  • Chad Gundersen

    Heard about this on the Dan Bongino podcast. Love the cause. Lost my brother to cancer 10 years ago when he was just 34 years old. Let’s kick cancers a$$.

  • Anonymous

    Very proud of you for doing this - I support my local county Relay for Life and cancer is nasty and needs to be irradicated.

  • Carl

    In memory of the brother I never got to know who passed away the year but before I was born. Due to a birth defect with his heart which prevented him from playing sports with his/my (oldest) brother he could only dream about playing on the team with his brother. Knowing that living his dream would likely cost him his life he was given the O.K. to play and on the first game, after getting a hit, he rounded first and died on the diamond. That was 1951 and Miami Sr. High School, every year after that, awarded the player who played with the most heart, The Gene Spradley Memorial Award. I miss the brother I never got to know but I'm confident we'll finally meet when I join him on the other side.

  • Jarrett Prickett

    Cancer has touched my family personally as well and it was devastating when I learned that Dan had to endure his own battle. As a daily listener Im happy to support a cause near to Dan's battle with the hope we may work towards a cure for all kinds of cancer.

  • Jigsaw Consulting Services

    Keep up the great work, it's an honor to partner with you.

  • Anonymous

    Prayers for all with cancer.

  • Maureen Parry

    A thank you to Dan Bongino's beautiful daughter for helping to raise awareness. I am a cancer survivor but my sister and mother are not. Today, I am donating in memory of my mother R.I.P. Clara Gillen.


    More than happy to help out with what I can Dan. Never feel bad to "ask" for help to help others. That's what us Americans do! :)

  • Wayne Adams

    In memory of my Dad who passed away from Covid in 2020. Please give!

  • Amanda Goins

    Thank you 🙏

  • Debbie Smith

    Dan Bongino. God bless you in your fight of this disease and for all your help to others. I watch you all the time. Thank you for caring and for all you do.

  • Doug Fraser

    What an outstanding cause,I am glad to help.

  • Larry Albano

    Great Family, Great cause, God Bless All

  • Virtual Innovation

    Miss you, Dad

  • Ginger Weigle

    This donation is in honor of Dan and his love for our country

  • Brent Dampier

    Glad you got on the show today. Big time deal. Thanks for doing this!

  • Cathy O

    Thank-you for all you do to keep everyone informed.

  • Charles Conley

    Good luck with everything! Because you are doing great work for a young person!

  • Pauline Marzouca

    I hope my donation will help

  • Anonymous

    I lost both of my parents and both of my in-laws to cancer. None suffered from leukemia or lymphoma, but a cure for either of those would help with other cancers. As a grandmother of three, soon to be five, I pray always for their lives to be untouched by cancer, especially childhood cancers. God bless.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks from Michigan for honoring your Dad with this effort. Although I don't know him personally, I wish I had more friends like him. Here's hoping your $$ goal is met

  • Casey Butler


  • Tara Florio

    ❤️❤️❤️we love and miss you

  • Maria Cocciemiglio

    Donation for Isabel Bongino Fundraiser

  • James White

    In memory of Rush

  • Robby Williams

    My father died of Leukemia in 1977, when I was 16. I have been told that if he had gotten the same type today, it would have been curable. Keep up the great work at breakthrough treatments so you can save some other teenagers dad.

  • Andrea Price

    Dear Bongino Family, Thank you beautiful family for all you have done and continue to do!! A truly great patriotic American group of people who spread love and awareness to us all each day! Our cousin has just been diagnosed with leukemia, and has started on a long journey. Thank you for giving us faith, hope, and support as we travel on this path together. Isabel you are beautiful and a great leader! Good luck, let's find a CURE!! Fondly, Andrea and Joe Price (retired Air Force, 22 years)

  • Adrian Pena

    Look luck with your fund raising, listen to your dad (and mom) and keep fighting the good fight. Trust in the Lord with all your heart

  • Tom Moulder

    Rush Limbaugh started this with a donation period every year. I was happy to support it then and glad to have this opportunity now to support this organization.

  • Thomas Kalmbach

    God Bless you and your Family - May this donation do the power of 5 fold. TK.

  • Anonymous

    May God protect you sir

  • Heather McMinn

    Isabella, thank you so much for Honoring your dad. I have many family members who have passed with Cancer and I am Blessed to be able to donate to your charity. Thank you so much! Prayers for Health, Happiness and Prosperity for years to come!

  • James and Inga Farquhar

    Keep up the good work Isabel. You and your friends are doing a great job!

  • Anthony Porro

    God bless

  • Kevin Bird

    May God bee with everyone with this disease. kevin b

  • Machelle Snare

    My step-dad beat lymphoma 10 years ago and it has come back so we have another fight on our hands. Prayers to all who have been affected by this cancer.

  • Melissa Leuchtag

    Dan, thank you for all that you do for America. I hope ur daughter blows 2021 donations out of the water in 2022.

  • Linda J Hollister

    Your daughter is so Beautiful and willing to do this. DAN you are so lucky also everyone else involved in this Congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    Robert Del Grande was diagnosed with AML in 2020 and is in clinical remission now and is feeling good! He watches Fox News every night and is a big fan of all the shows. He loves Dan Bongino and all the conservative commentators. I hope they find a cure for all cancers. God bless everyone suffering from this dreadful disease. Please be safe everyone! ❤️🙏📿

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Wonderful cause. Continue to keep up the good work.

  • Belinda DiSalvatore-Dubecky

    Good luck with your endeavors! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Dan and Dawn Clark

    Thank you, Dan Bongino, for all you do and for being such a great inspiration to us all.

  • Carrie

    Spent 10 years working in Oncology. Too many to name “in honor of” or “in memory of”. Blessings to all! Keep fighting! ??????

  • Richard Fisher

    Thanks to Dan and Isabella for their great work fighting for a cure and for the United States of America. God Bless you both!

  • Ruth Roberto

    ??? James A. ??? McClean

  • Jeff Dickau

    Good luck Isabel!

  • Mary Lou Ochalek

    I pray for an end to the suffering from cancers of all types. My two aunts suffered years ago and lost the fight but they may have had a chance with the therapies available today. I'm hoping for continued progress until we fight this to the end.

  • Isaiah Brent

    Thank you Dan Bongino for all you do for this country.

  • Jeff K

    It is my honor to help out families. Thanks to the Bongino family. Gif bless

  • Anonymous

    My wife's mother passed away from lymphoma. Thank you Dan and thank you Izabelle for all that you do.

  • Charlene Dunne

    God Bless you Dan for all you have done and continue to do for those of us who want the truth!

  • John Sawaya

    Happy to support this cause.

  • Aaron Strange

    Gift -- in memory of many victims

  • Jason Blocker

    God bless. Sorry I can't donate more. Just don't have money right now. I will donate more in the future.

  • Anonymous

    In memory of Rush Limbaugh who’s personal crusade to support LLS raised millions.

  • Dan Potkay

    Rest In Peace my brother.

  • Philip Mayer

    In honor of Isabel Bongino's efforts to raise awareness and funds for LLS, great job!!

  • Shirley Mower-Fenoff


  • Andrew MacLeod

    God bless you in your efforts and thank you for the opportunity to help.

  • Debra Tassier

    My husband passed away from a rare blood cancer. And hopefully we can call help find a cure.

  • Todd & Brooke Isaacson

    Thank you, Isabel Bongino, for your efforts to raise funds and awareness for the LLS.

  • Ellen Abb

    God Bless you keep up the good work. My son in law is also a leukemia survivor and my daughter dies a lot of fund raising mostly by running marathons

  • Michelle Lambeth

    Isabelle, great job young lady!

  • Bonnie Cox

    Praying for you guys! Always! The Kingdom family has your back! TigerMoth426

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your work and helping other people

  • Donald Purpus

    I was so impressed by Isabel and could feel the love she has for her Dad and could see the pride Dan has in her. It touched me deeply. It brought a tear to my eye just thinking what her life would be like without her Dad.

  • Denise Lindsay

    As heard on Dan Bongino Show.

  • Lois Hoover

    I was diagnosed with AML in June 1999 at the age of 63. I was given 3 months to live. I went to MD Anderson & was treated for almost 2 years. At the end of 2 years I was completely void of marrow & transfusions didn’t work. They told me that I was too old for a bone marrow transplant, but I told them if God finds a donor, I will try the transplant. God found a donor & I had the transplant on March 8, 2001. I am almost 85 & in good health! God blessed me, & I want to he.p a little with my small donation. Thank you!

  • Joseph Loftus

    Congrats on your work Isabel! Good luck and thanks for the sacrifices your family has made and makes every day!

  • David Hose

    Sorry I can’t donate more. It’s for a good cause and I hope this helps.

  • Jeff and Jill Daniels

    Keep doing what you're doing, great show!

  • Anonymous

    God bless America!!

  • Edward Garrett

    Dan, you and your family are a tribute to the United States of America. Thank you and your daughter for pointing out this important need. The government got my nest egg so I can only do a $5.00 donation; I wish that I could do more.

  • Kimberly Johnson

    Isabel, very nice presentation of the fundraiser on the podcast. Next year you tell your dad you should be sitting in front of the camera in an X-chair :)

  • Carmen Torres-Nisbet

    Isabel, I know you father is proud of you for putting together this fundraising initiative. Thank goodness he is cancer-free. I lost my precious son, Jacob Nisbet, on Nov. 6, 2008, at the age of 20 from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He fought courageously for 15 months. In 2010, to help with my grieving, I formed a Live, Laugh, Love team for the LLS Light the Night Walk in memory of Jacob. We did this fundraising for 11 years. In 2019, all the fundraising finally paid off. The LLS research developed a CART T-cell therapy which my husband and I felt would have benefited Jacob. Now this therapy is helping other patients. I feel our team accomplished our goal. With that said, my team did our last fundraising in 2020. I will continue to donate to the LLS, and I am happy to support your LLS fundraising. Thank you for doing this. I know you will be successful as you did last year. God Bless you and your family. P.S. I enjoy listening to your Dad.

  • Beth Windon

    My granddaughter Grace is 14 and was diagnosed with leukemia last year (ALS). Thank you for doing this!

  • W. Wade Potter

    In memory of my larger-than-life Uncle in Fayetville Ga. God rest your soul.

  • Robert Dehler

    Thank you for what you are doing. You are walking the walk, and not just talking. May God bless you!

  • Chad Zwer

    Love what your doing!! Keep it up!! Sorry I couldn’t donate more. Wish I could!!

  • Randall Reed

    Thankyou Dan and God bless.

  • ronald scott hauser

    May god bless and comfort all those that are suffering. May god bless Dan and his family, and keep Dan healthy after his battle.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work. Your parents are very special people, and I particularly love your Dad and all the good he does for our country. God bless you and thank you. You are saving lives…….doesn’t get any better than that!

  • Lorna Hill

    Blessings, we're all God's children!

  • Giovanni Crupi

    God Bless YOU !!!

  • Carole Mize

    My sister died after battling CLL for several years. There needs to be a cure found for these blood diseases. Please give what you can.

  • Kevin Ledermann

    Good luck Isabel! Praying your dad stays healthy and that your effort touches the lives of many more. Kevin (Rochester, NY)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for dedication to this cause.

  • Mark Hill

    My mom, Renata. Had amyloidosis.

  • Harald Joesaar

    We're happy to help a good cause

  • Robert Tanner

    Giddy Up Ms Bongino!!

  • Bill Ferro

    In honor of a great man who kicked Lymphomas butt, Dan Bongino. Best wishes and thanks for all you do for freedom in the USA. Happy to help others kick cancers @ss like you did, Dan.

  • Karen Meszaros

    Your doing good work. My husband has multiple myeloma which is another blood cancer. Keep up the good fight for all the blood cancer fighters.

  • Cheryl Pavia

    In honor of Dan Bongino for being a complete badass!!! God Bless 🙏🇺🇸

  • David and Jenise Rabens

    Ruan is a survivor of lleukemia diagnosed at age 11 for over 50 years. She has married and raised great kids with her husband Ken. It is good to be strong. Jenise and Dave

  • Mark & Steph Janson

    Best wishes for continued good health, Dan! We are huge fans of your shows. Keep up the wonderful work. Love from Minnesota!

  • Anonymous

    Thx for all you do Dan!

  • Ana Luisa West

    Great work Isabel. I hope you meet your goal.

  • Dario Bembibre

    Praying for the people with thud devastating disease.

  • Anonymous

    Love you Dan Bongino!

  • Jason Moran

    Go get em Isabelle and the whole Bongino team!!

  • Kristi Cole

    Keep up the good work!

  • Lara Chandler

    It is better to give than to receive.

  • Thomas Patton

    Rush used to do this every year. I'm glad someone picked up the gauntlet.

  • Anonymous

    Keep fighting. My sign has T1D and I see him fighting every day to beat that disease.

  • Anonymous

    So Happy to donate to this worthy cause

  • Missy Sugalski


  • Penny Jo Lynch

    Love Dan Bongino and thankful he was helped with his battle with LLS

  • Michael Sperry

    Glad to help Bongino family

  • Rob Magray

    Hoping this cause will help to save many lives.

  • Juan Martin Romualdez

    I believe in the cause and I believe in those who asked me to help.

  • Steve Kitcoff

    Best Wishes

  • Steve Dixon

    Love watching Dan - just wish I was better off...


    A GREAT cause and personal to me! Dan, you are better than sliced bread!! I can tell you & Paula are GREAT parents! Keep up the good work. ********** Isabel Bongino **********

  • Cindy

    Thank you Isabel for doing this! I lost my husband John seven years ago to cancer, we were married 32 years, and would’ve been married forever. He was my soulmate and I miss him every day but I’m so thankful that you still have your dad! God bless you and your family.

  • Veda Wrenn

    Keep Fighting the good fight. Never give up, never give in to cancer!

  • Bob Richardson

    Great job, Isabel!

  • Ralph DaGrossa

    My compliments to you for working for such a wonderful organization.

  • Cynthia Gabriel

    I pray you live a long life. You are a powerful voice for the truth and we need more of you!

  • Anonymous

    Glad to help you Dan, you are a Men of Honor.

  • Sandra A Joski

    Thanks for sharing awareness of LLS. I pray this may help..

  • Diane Tanner

    My dad died from non Hodgkin lymphoma in 1995 after 3.5 years. It was horrible. Good luck to you!

  • Alex Caran

    Good luck, Isabel, with this wonderful fundraiser! You are an amazing young leader in your community. Thank you, Mr. Bongino, for your honesty and bravery each and every day. You are an inspiration to us all!! Please keep up the great work!!


    What a beautiful gift you are to all that suffer from this disease. Thank you so much Bongino family!

  • Anonymous

    May we put our trust in God for the healing of this disease. Thank you for your passion to serve Isabelle!

  • K. Wallace

    This is in honor of my dear friend, Leigh. She also fought and won her battle against Lymphoma. Happy to donate, Isabel!

  • Gloria Auth

    I have successfully beat NHL after 13 years - and not a rough ride through chemo. Now fighting colon cancer which is not an easy ride, but hey, I'm still here and pray for all those fighting all cancers. Lov my Bongino family.

  • Lance McDaniel

    God bless all your work!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your efforts Isabel & Dan! I'm glad to help in the fight.

  • anthony williams

    You helped me realize this is important. I usually only donate to my church, but GOd moved on my heart.

  • Jamie Hoffman

    May God continue to watch over you, Dan, and your wonderful family.

  • Greg Smith

    Bongino Family saves lives!

  • Erin Barr

    My dad went through stage IV throat cancer, prostate cancer, double mastectomy through breast cancer, and now has tumor in spine. He’s survived it all. F cancer. Thank you for all you do.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the work you are doing in support of cancer patients everywhere.

  • daniel zimmerman

    Dan Bongino we are here for you.

  • Russell Busa

    Hoping this will help

  • Chris LaMarche

    Isabella, Good Luck with your fundraising campaign.

  • Tony Trent

    I feel like I have a personal relationship to the Bongino family. I feel like I’m part of this family so naturally want to help out with such a worthy cause. God Bless everyone involved sincerely, Tony and the Trent family

  • Ronald Wilder

    Congratulations to your daughter.

  • Charles and Helen Ste

    Praying for you and your family Dan??

  • Kenneth Richardson

    Dan many thanks to you and your daughter Isabel for taking on this altruistic task. It is through such individual efforts as yours that we show our love of God, country and family. My donation is in memory of my dad - Burt K Richardson - who died at the age of 46 from lung cancer. He was a decorated WWII hero and my personal guide through life, both while he was living and in death as his lessons are always there in my memory. God bless us all and another thanks to you, Dan and Isabel, for your courage and devotion to so many causes.

  • Barbara Rogers


  • Mark Irwin

    The Bongino Family values are a great inspiration to my family. We are so thankful for Dan’s medical team and support all efforts at more research.

  • Larry Scalise

    I donated because I believe in what you’re doing to help people with this disease, and I trust and believe in Dan Bongino.

  • J Robert Long

    Thanks Isabel for the great presentation on Bongino Report. All the best to you and you dad, Dan.

  • Diana Chesney

    Thanks Isabel Bongino for taking charge of this worthy cause!!

  • Kathleen

    Thank you so very much for doing this, my Mom had Leukemia and was lucky enough with the aid of a cord transplant to beat it. I pray for everyone that has been touched by any type of cancer. My hopes are that in the near future this disease can be totally eradicated.

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck for continued good health, Dan. Love your show, you’re definitely one of the good guys. Thank you for your service to our country. You are a true patriot. You must be so proud of the work you beautiful daughter is doing. All the best. Austin, Texas

  • Kirk Singleton

    God Bless you Isabel and all of you that have been affected not just of LLS but other forms of Cancer. It is time we find a cure for these diseases. God Bless you Dan and Paula for having such a caring young lady.

  • David & Cathy Casey

    Isabel, It is an honor to donate for this cause. You are very well spoken, and the sincerity and pureness of your father's reaction makes it obvious to all how very proud he is of you.

  • Paul Doolin

    Hope this helps in some small way to find a cure.

  • Charles Combs

    Isabel Bongino

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Isabel Bongino! We are so happy to support your fundraising effort!

  • Patricia Stengel

    Prayers for you Dan and that you may continue your mission on the air waves of telling us the truth. May the Lord Almighty protect you and keep you around a long time. Your voice needs to be heard.

  • Katie Riste

    Thank you for telling us the truth Dan!

  • Leslie Michelle Niebauer

    I think everyone of us knows someone who has dealt with cancer. I pray we can all help make a difference.

  • Avrum Kahn

    God Bless

  • Kathryn Hadley

    Just trying to help out in whatever small ways I can.

  • Robert Slayden

    Such a worthy cause. Thank you, Isabel, for your efforts in this. So commendable. And so glad Dan was able to recover from this. I prayed often for him during this trying time. Praise God he was healed!

  • Sarah Fails

    Good luck with your fundraiser!

  • Anonymous

    My uncle passed away from leukemia in 1990. He served in the USMC in WWII and Korea. We also know a young lady who is a survivor after having leukemia as a child. We are praying there will be more breakthroughs to defeat all cancers and more survivors.

  • Anonymous

    Dan/Isabella Bongino

  • Anonymous

    Best wishes.

  • Betty Skinner

    Asking the Angels for Divine healing of all those affected.

  • Melissa Goodman

    God bless you in your efforts to combat this. May all of us together make a truly positive impact.

  • Shelly Hannibal

    Glad to donate to this cause LLS. Shelly H. L.A. CA

  • Anonymous

    Thanking God every night for your good health!

  • Andrew Nesbit

    Isabel Bongino

  • Kathi Bugg

    Lots of prayers and love to everyone!

  • Patrick Ward

    Thank you for your efforts Isabel Bongino.

  • Anonymous

    Dan: Thank The Lord for your concentration on the"receipts"! Also Thank The Lord includingIsabel who has been chosen to do this honorable (to The Lord) work. You are blessed with a wonderful family, a clear mind and His Energy to do the work he sent you out to do. Keep your thoughts and speech clear and keep your head down. Ellen and Fred Coppell (aka derfleppoc on Locals). BTW - this 1 thousandth of Isabel's Goal May she reach her goal multiple times by the March deadline!. In this we pray.

  • Daniel Lambert

    Thank you Izzy for doing this. My son had stage 4 cancer when he was three and the comfort room at the hospital was named after a little girl named Izzy whom lost her battle a few years prior. The work you are doing has profound impact for all of us affected by this terrible family of diseases. Keep up the good work. Your parents gave you a good heart and a level head. Thanks again. The Lambert Family

  • Paul Stolle

    Good luck.

  • Paul Wright

    Dan: thumbs up to you and your family. Saw your daughter on the show providing details about LLC fund raiser and awareness campaign. Happy to help. Glad you are better. God Bless you all. Paul, a Patriot

  • Greg Sherman

    My dearly departed wife, Ree.

  • Anne Muller

    My family prayers are with all the people stricken with cancer. God bless America.

  • Anonymous

    thank you for your commitment !

  • Dan Tousignant

    I lost my dad to MDS/leukemia in 2019. This is a great cause and the world needs more people like you! Keep up the good fight. All of them.

  • Gary Roach

    We lost my brother Wayne Roach 3 years ago to Leukemia.

  • Susan Sweat

    God bless you and all those suffering with these cancers. May the blood of Jesus cover you and cleanse your blood and kill this cancer in your body. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see the doctors caught your cancer early as did mine. John G

  • Rob Yahn

    Thank you Dan for all you do. May God bless you and your family. Keep up the good fight!

  • Renee Meado

    In honor of my brother who died of non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2018.

  • Kathleen Teahan

    May God bless you, your family, and all those impacted by these and other cancers. May He also guide and bless the doctors and researchers.

  • Anonymous

    I pray my small donation will help towards the greater goal! God bless all who contribute to this worthy cause

  • Kelli

    I wish I could do more, but at least I can do this much. This is a horrible disease. God Bless you Dan and god bless your daughter for her efforts.

  • Jeff Wolfe

    Thank you for making a difference!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Jeffrey Roehl

    Isabel, Thank you for heading up this fundraiser. The LLS means alot to me as my father died of Multiple Myeloma in 2014.

  • Mary Garza

    Happy to support this cause. I lost my Mom two years ago to Lymphoma. I miss her daily. So glad you beat it, Dan!

  • Jeff Sturgeon

    I am a cancer survivor as well, this September will be 3 yes from my surgery. Your daughter is doing a great thing and should be applauded for it. I hope that someday the C word will no longer be a threat to us! God bless, Jeff

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Isabel and Dan!

  • Jean Finch

    Praying a cure is found fast.

  • Cynthia Satterfield

    My youngest brother that we lost to cancer way too soon. 😥

  • Louise Seng

    May St Perigrine pray for us


    Prayers for all those suffering from cancer, and hoping there will one day be a cure!

  • Anonymous

    Sent after listening to Dan Bongino on local Ft Myers radio. I am also a cancer survivor.

  • The Jennison Family

    Together we can win this fight!

  • Sue Ling

    my sister in-law passed at age 35 of leukemia in 1983.I hope you can raise even more than your goal.

  • Susan Calleja

    For the Bongino family

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all your dad does for conservatives

  • Andrew Scott

    God Bless you Isabella and the whole Bongino family.

  • Martin D Foley

    God Bless

  • Stuart S

    Thank you for standing up for us little people! Not a lot, but glad I can help a bit

  • Joseph Henry

    Thanks for what you do!

  • Matt Albright

    You have overcome. We love you.

  • Charlotte McCann

    In memory of my husband who passed in 2019 from a brain tumor.

  • Michael Wozniak

    My grandfather lived with leukemia from 1962 to 1974, which beat his life expectancy at the time. It's amazing what they can do now, and had my grandpa had the technology back then, I'm sure he would have been a survivor.

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck reaching your fundraising goal.

  • Tony Gioiella

    Thank you for everything you to spread the truth Dan! You are a true patriot!

  • Anne Morrow

    Would love to help such a good cause, and for such a lovely family.

  • Sianna Perz

    From the Perz Family

  • Nimrod Webb

    When I saw Dan's daughter taking up the cause because of her father I saw the love for her dad. I had to do something to help.

  • Bruce Brodeen

    God's continued and sustained blessings to all of the Bongino family.

  • Melanie DiMeo

    For you Dan! Appreciate you every day!

  • Sandy Niakamal

    God bless your family!

  • Edward Ziemba JR

    Dan,it's my pleasure to donate against this horrible disease. Lost family and friends to it so tell your daughter keep up the great work. God bless and chin up and chest out. God Bless America

  • Anonymous

    God bless you Dan! You’re in my prayers for complete healing.

  • David Oberg

    Kudos to Miss Bongino..a daughter every Dad would be proud of

  • Susan Shearer

    May God bless and keep you. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Anonymous

    20 years ago Lymphoma was a death sentence. Thank God for research. In memory for 2 of my sisters who had this dreadful disease.

  • Anonymous

    Isabel Bongino fund raiser.

  • Anonymous

    John Tsakonas wonderful father and husband.

  • Adam K.

    Not Leukemia or Lymphoma, but fellow cancer survivor and Dan Bongino fan. Let's see the end of all cancers.

  • Patrick McBrayer

    Great cause, I know your goal will be met. Thanks for caring.

  • The Door & Window Stop

    Thank you for being a voice and an inspiration, for putting words to action!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Bongino Family, Isabel you are an angel!

  • RJ Hall

    RE: Isabel Bongino

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you!

  • Lindsay Pottlitzer

    Coming up on my 15th year since diagnosis and recovery. So thankful for LLS.

  • Marilou Casey

    Dan Bongino Ken Thayer

  • Lito B.

    Thank you for this cause..

  • William Stroud

    Good luck to all who fight the cancer battle.

  • Anthony Ozone Park

    God Bless!


    Thanks for what you do God Bless

  • Joseph Still

    Thanks Bongino family

  • Marion Frank

    My father-in-law died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1997, before there was a cure. Since that time, because of people like Rush, who have raised millions of dollars for LLS, there is now a cure that Dan Bongino is able to benefit from. Thank you, Isabel for keeping the fundraiser going and keeping Rush's legacy alive.


    Peace to all

  • Anonymous

    go Team!

  • Roberta Spence

    Ty Dan Bongino and his daughter for what your doing.

  • Mark Anderson

    Keep up the fight Dan!

  • Debbie Romboletti

    Good luck in reaching your goal - thank you for your hard work!

  • Anonymous

    I heard about this fundraiser on Dan Bongino show. I had to have lymph nodes removed when I was a teenager and was tested for Hodgkins Lympoma. For a short time, this diagnosis was a possibility for me. Mine ended up being cat scratch disease.

  • kim simmons

    Dan, the very best to you and your beautiful family

  • Beckey Durfee

    May God Bless you and your family. Thank you for your charity.

  • Richard Gomez

    My heart goes out to the Bongino family for taking up this charity.

  • Collette Burkhart

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Anonymous

    God bless the Bongino family! Thank you for all you do!

  • Donna Ervin

    My father Eris E. Ervin Jr.

  • Kimberly Ballenger

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Diane Baade

    Our hero and MAL Survivor - Timothy James Braisted

  • Gregory Corona

    God bless and thank you

  • Dawn Kimura

    For Isabel Bongino


    Dan, thank you for doing this and THANK YOU for doing what you do, your HARD work to bring out the fight for truth, morals and our falling liberty of this great country. You are a great, honest, to the point and funny. God Bless you and your family

  • Anonymous

    God Bless !!

  • Anonymous

    Isabel, Thank you for doing great things! I wish I could afford more. Please thank your dad for all he does for us and what he brings to us every day and thank you for what you are doing. I wish you the best in all you do in life! Sincerely Dee Monte

  • Inez Gilkes

    God Bless!

  • Mike Means

    My father-in-law just passed away from cancer at the age of 87. May God bless all of those infected by this disease.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Deb OH

    Thank you Isabel Bongjno for helping to raise awareness.

  • Lynn Scovazzo

    Donating to honor the Bongino family and my sister-in-law Sheree who is a 21 year survivor of lymphoma. God bless you, with continued good health for Dan and Sheree. Hoping for more cures of blood cancers.

  • MICHAEL Schn

    In appreciation to Dan Bongino.

  • Leslie Santangelo

    Keep up the good work!

  • Sharon McGee

    I can honestly feel the love Izzy has for her dad; and I can feel the love Dan has for his daughter....what a blessing for you both. Thank you both for all you're doing to help the great American Patriots of this country and those in need. God will heal, God will provide, God will protect and GOD ALWAYS WINS. I love the Bongino family (and that's not hyperbole - lol)

  • Anonymous

    Well done Isabel. Here’s $74 in honor of Mr. Bongino’s birthdate 1974. Lord bless all under the umbrella of LLS, be it patients doctors researchers volunteers.

  • Michael Hudson

    Rush Limbaugh

  • Peter B

    Dan & Isabel, What a great cause!I happily will contribute to this charity. Dan, I have followed your journey by listening to your daily podcast and watching you on FOX News for many years now. I am so inspired by you. Even when you were facing this very difficult time in your life you stayed focused and strong. You never shied away from informing your fans as to your personal struggle. You shared the ups and downs with open and honest reflection. Your a model patriot, but most importantly a very special & incredible human being. Your one of the great ones Dan! Just like Rush, Hannity, Tucker and of course Mark Levin you give us all hope that we will make it. Thank you and take care...

  • Joseph Ka

    God Bless

  • Eric Christensen

    Dan, I am grateful that you had victory over this awful disease by the healing power of God and blessed doctors. I am praying for continued good health for you as well as those who are struggling with this horrible illness.

  • Dirk House

    I have fought this battle and by the grace of God I remain in remission right now. We do pray for all that are dealing with this and the families that have lost loved ones.

  • Bobbie Lieggi

    This donation Is all I can afford at the moment but my prayers for a long life of health for Dan Bongino and his beautiful family is what compelled me to look this site up . Isabel it is rare to see such sweet , young girls like you. Wanting to give rather than take. I will donate more on payday if this is still open. Hopefully you gave it at least a week. Good job Dan and Paula!

  • Anonymous

    Isabel Bongino

  • Anonymous

    I lost my best friend many years ago to ALL and then my brother to the same disease. My Aunt died from lymphoma. I pray a cure is found for these terrible blood diseases.

  • Pat Mukora

    Your dad, Dan Bongino, is a treasure to the country, and I'm glad to assist with this endeavor, in his name.

  • Terry Arnold

    Isabel, the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. You're making a difference in the lives of others just like your parents. Keep up the great work! God bless you and your family.

  • Michelle Poborka

    Thanks to Dan Bongino and his daughter. We too were touched by Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My husband has battled with this twice now. Happily, he is in remission. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

  • Edward Howerton

    I hope you reach your goal and God bless you and your family.

  • Roy Kultala

    When I was TDY (Air Force) in Italy in 1999 and when I returned, within 7 days I noticed my son (11yrs old at the time) Scott's left eye was starting to come out to where he could not fully blink/close his eye. I took him to the ER, they took a sample of the tumor behind his eye and to relieve the pressure so he could close his eye. A few hours later he was diagnosed with lymphoma. So right away we went from the ER to Children's Hospital in Detroit MI. It was a Friday so we really didn't see a doctor on what to do until Monday. On Monday the doctors started treatment (without radiation) and so the next few months on Wednesdays I would help hold down my son on the table and kind of bend my son in half to spread his spine so they could take a spinal tap to ensure the cancer didn't spread to the spine. A blessing in disguise, if the cancer was not behind the eye we may never have known until to late. Scott is now serving in my old unit, 127th SFS Selfridge ANGB MI. Roy Sgt"K"USAF Ret.

  • Ryan & Terri Feeney

    Great cause, happy to donate. Really impressed with Dan's daughter on the podcast yesterday.

  • Ricky Dixon

    This is a great cause

  • Kathy Toms

    I saw what Dan went through and would not wish this on anyone. Hopefully, they can find a cure or treatment that isn't so rough on your body. Good luck getting to your $250,000 goal.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with your efforts

  • Anthony Spinnickie

    Great cause. Thanks for doing this! Hope you’re doing well Dan

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan Bongino show

  • Robert Str

    My mother, Joyce Strobl, was diagnosed with lymphoma which was treated and in remission for 11 years before reoccurring. Her second rounds of treatment eliminated her lymphoma. Thanks to the research conducted in the 11 years between her treatments she was able to become cancer free.

  • Gloria Boyer

    May God Bless Bless Us All

  • Anonymous

    A worthy cause I once ran a marathon for.

  • Timothy Mahoney

    My Prayers for all who suffer or passed away from LLS.

  • joan spoerndle

    In 2006, my sister (55) passed from Anaplastic-astrocytoma; in 2007, my mother (84) passed from Leukemia. I was very close to them. I am a born-again Bible believer. The night of my mother's funeral, I went to bed and wept. I asked the Lord 'What am I going to do now?' As I was laying there alone, I felt a pressure on my back, I smiled and knew He was holding me close and everything would be okay. I still miss them but my Lord Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit guides me each day by His Word. He is The Way, The Truth and The Life, no one comes to the Father but by Him. I rejoice in the God of my salvation always. Thank you Isabelle and all who are participating in this worthy cause. God bless you all, Joan Spoerndle

  • David Brown

    I wish I could do more. At 15 years old in 1977 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease same as Dan. Chemotherapy and radiation the treatment was called the mop. Just 3 years prior survival rate was 10% at stage I-B, they have come a long way where the treatments are much improved. I would say still horrible but better than what I went through. 45 years survivor. Congratulations to your dad Dan. And thank you for your efforts… God bless! -David Brown


    Hope you meet and exceed your goal!!

  • Andrew Watkins

    I lost my son Bryan 2 years ago to lymphoma. Hopefully others may be able to have a better outcome with early diagnosis or defeat it with new drugs or procedures found with further research.

  • Chris Ling

    Thank you Isabel and Team Hope for taking such a worthy cause. How you get to 250K.

  • eric neumann

    keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless all of you for your work toward this great cause.

  • jayme

    Dan - thank you for your voice and for inspiring others to use their voices. And many thanks to you and your beautiful family for raising money for such a great cause. Strength in numbers my friend - we will make this world a better place. :)

  • The DeFichy Famioly

    Best wishes on a successful campaign. You have taken up a noble cause for the betterment of other's lives. Regards, The DeFichy Family

  • Sheela Tow

    Thank you

  • Tymber Baum

    You are an amazing young woman and I see you doing wonderful things in your life. Keep up the great work!!

  • Anonymous

    Love you and everyone on your show and your family. Keep up the good work. God cured you because he has a lot of work for you to do. Thanks for doing it every day.

  • Allano Blanco

    Good work for people of all kinds

  • Perry Webb

    My husband also had non-hodgkins lymphoma (large diffused B-cell). He lives today in remission thanks to God's Grace in Christ.

  • Jay Ferris

    Fantastic to see young people becoming involved in such a worthy endeavor. The young are the future and with people like this the future is going to be in good hands.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Dan and Isabel Bongino for reminding me to donate!

  • Stephen Schaefer

    From another blood cancer survivor (MM), God Bless you for all your work! You guys are an inspiration so keep fighting. Love you all!

  • Brad Palmer; $50.00

    Dan, so glad you are better and received such excellent care. Making sure people get the same care is #1 goal. Congratulations to your daughter for her amazing work in raising funds to help others. You should be very proud. As a physician and a father, this story makes my heart feel warm. P.S. Love your show. Listen every day.

  • Robin Shawn

    Thank you Isabel Bongino.

  • Linda Brown

    A good cause!

  • Ken Beebe

    Awesome job Isobel! Great cause--good luck!

  • Anonymous


  • Kevin McCready

    I am a lymphoma survivor. thank you for trying to beat this horrible disease

  • Charles Strecker

    Wishing the very best to all effected by LLS. Charles

  • Ed Pinder

    Best wishes for your goal.

  • Terry Pysz

    Loving Mother in law Virginia Pyszora a true fighter & brave smart woman.

  • Anonymous

    I will never forget you.

  • Charlie Elkins

    Dan, I love your podcast and what you do for the conservative cause. After losing Rush, I was worried when you too announced your cancer, but was happy to hear that you overcame that challenge. Thanks for all you do and for giving us the opportunity to support this organization. By the way, I'm one of the many conservatives who couldn't take the West Coast anymore (Seattle) and moved back to Texas. Charlie Elkins

  • Douglas Nichols

    Thank you to Dan Bongino and his family.


    Thanks for being a great Patriot, Dan. And nice work on this Isabel!

  • Eric & Christelle Hattais

    Isabel & Dan, Thank you for all you do!!!!

  • J & S Slocum

    Keep fighting!!

  • Kathy Hoff

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jason Wright

    Thanks Dan and family for all you do!

  • Robert Hurley Jr

    I wish I could give more! Good luck and God Bless!

  • Maggie P

    Also in loving memory of my aunt who lost her battle with Leukemia last year. RIP.

  • Mary Romano

    God Bless you and your family. Your daughter was impressive on your show! Please keep up the fight! You have a LOT of support behind you.

  • Darryl Ramey

    Thank you for fighting the fight against cancer... I wish our country would put the same effort in treatments and cures as they put into a vaccine...

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino and Family, continue to fight the good fight. Like the Drummer Boy this is all I have to offer, although I send my prayers along with the small donation. God Bless your Family Semper Fi

  • Tammy Fritch

    God Bless

  • James McKinney

    Thanks Dan for the opportunity to donate to this cause!

  • Susan E Nostramo

    Great job Bongino family!

  • Jason Diehl

    Keep up the good fight.

  • Tara McCarthy

    Love you Dan! Thank you for keeping me educated

  • Marie Pascal

    Congratulations Isabella…so proud of you following the footsteps of your dad and mom.

  • Regina Emerson

    A dear friend was recently told she has 'liquid cancer' which means leukemia. Rose, I love you and am keeping you in my prayers.

  • Michael J. Mazzucco

    Best wishes to the Bongino family and reaching this goal! God bless those (and their loved ones) affected by cancer.

  • Dan Fisher

    Nice to see ambition for raising funds! Grateful I am able to donate to a good cause.

  • Debbie Martinez

    Thank you Isabel Bongino. Your a role model for all young people.

  • Monique Bird

    I want this to go for the fundraiser of Isabel Bongino in honor of Daniel Bongino!

  • Derek Jenner

    We love you guys!! The United States of America is a better place to live because of the Bongino Family!!! God bless you guys, Derek and Amy Jenner

  • Jose Hernandez Jr

    Thanks for all you do. I gave as much as i can sorry I can't give more

  • Carl S Wilson

    Since Dan Bongino's diagnosis, I have always wondered how I could help someone who gave so much to keep us informed and aware of what is going on around us. Now that I know what it was that struck hi, I am grateful to be able to contribute to a cause that might spare someone else the trauma. I am also grateful to support his daughter, who has no doubt picked up the "giving back" gene from her parents. What a great testimony!

  • Anonymous

    Isabel Bongino

  • Anonymous

    Great organization Dan Bongino.

  • Robert Cox

    God bless the Bongino family and to the great Rush Limbaugh. He's smiling down on you from heaven Dan.

  • Kevin Valenzuela


  • Patti Provencal

    Great cause happy to help! Keep up the good fight!

  • Linda Stutsman

    Happy to donate. Good luck with your fundraising.

  • Anonymous

    pretty cool to see you on your Dad's show. he's an awesome dude and so obviously proud of you!!! I hope you meet your goal, and avoid the vaxx poison!!!!

  • unitcharlie

    Wish I could spare more... Ns Bongino, you have a wonderful heart... bless you and yours!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Isabel Bongino for supporting this fund-raising effort.

  • Steve Dixon

    Will send money every chance I get

  • Laura Brattain

    Thanks for doing this

  • tom parry

    thqnks dan and millisa bongino

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Dan Bongino

  • Steven Chell

    Just a regular guy who loves Dan and everything he and his family has sacrificed to help bring the truth to the American people. I’m also a fellow retired Nj cop so I try to support everything my fellow brothers and sisters do. I wish I could donate more but let’s go Brandon has made my upper middle class life into a barely middle class in just 1 year. Anyhow this is about cancer so every little bit helps -Steven Chell. Conservative stuck in liberal state of NJ. In the midst of selling and coming to Florida!

  • Anonymous

    My brother has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. Luckily it was caught early. This donation is in honor of him.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless !

  • Michael Brause

    Keep up the good work Isabel and thank you for all your help.

  • Patrice Hughes

    Thank you Dan! Love your podcast! Keep up the great work!

  • karen over

    I wish it could be more. I am grateful for you every day Dan and grateful you came through this.

  • George & Ruth Gooch

    Sending you wishes for continued good health!

  • Ricki Richards

    My dad who passed away in 2014 from Acute Myeloid leukemia.

  • Stav Koutsfetsoulis

    Keep at it Dan! Listen to you EVERY day and look forward to your honesty and insight. Your family is beautiful. I too am a daugther of a dad that just finished chemo for lymphoma. Love her love for you. God bless you all.

  • Joe Mikecin

    I’m a survivor. After getting hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq, I came home and was diagnosed with Hodgkins. I beat both. Thanks Dad for your stealth

  • Linda Ullom

    My mother Mayona Chebro was diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 60. She lived with the disease until age 88.

  • Maggie Anderson

    Huge conservative from IN and love your show Dan. Prayers to all who have this terrible disease!

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the great work, thanks to the Bongino’s for creating awareness!

  • Karen Calfee


  • Debra AUSTIN

    Standing with you Dan, in your fight!

  • James Veregge

    Keep up the great work Dan!

  • Anonymous

    For Dad, who helped save the world in 1944, then came home to raise a family and dedicate the last 40 years of his life serving others as a member of Lions Clubs.

  • Anonymous

    It's so great to see young people stepping up and helping out our communities.

  • Anonymous

    In honor of my mother, father-in-law, and the many others developing issues after the jab. Investigations are desperately needed. Good luck, Izzy.

  • Susan Kater

    Praying for the day we can eradicate cancer.

  • I

    Thank you for doing this, Isabell.

  • Judy L

    Happy to help, especially since my dear Mother in heaven, did fight and win a war against Leukemia. So happy that Dan fought and won his battle. God bless all of those presently fighting the evil cancers.

  • Peggy Ask

    I always donate to this cause. I am a 3 time survivor of lymphoma. (Chemo 2010; Stem Cell Transplant 2016; and CAR T Cell Therapy 2019). Glad that Dan is doing well. Many thanks for this opportunity to show support.

  • Jord Thomas

    Many thanks for your hard work Dan!

  • Kim Tholen

    Great cause thank you!

  • Leslie Burks

    God bless you for doing this and may God bless your fundraising efforts. Thanks, Dan, for everything you and your family do for us!

  • Suzanne Vitale

    JESUS please heal all those suffering due to cancer.

  • Mark Mamrega

    Thank you for raising awareness.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck on hitting your target!

  • Cassie Clayton

    Thank you Isabelle and Dan for bringing this fundraiser nationwide. 5 years ago my dad was diagnosed with CLL, most likely from his line of work (retired firefighter, 35 yrs). Unfortunately with CLL there isn’t a hope of remission, he was told that he will eventually pass away with CLL. For a man who lost his mother to cancer at a young age this was his worst nightmare coming true. My hope is that enough funds will be raised to learn more about CLL and all leukemias and lymphomas that one day, within my lifetime, a cure will be found. Again thank you and good luck!

  • Cheryl M.

    I am honored to pitch in to help Isabel, Dan and the rest of the Bongino family's effort in fighting this horrible disease through the LLS. Isabel, what a poised, gracious and caring young woman you are to be leading this fund raiser. You did a great job yesterday on your dad's show. Dan and Paula, you must both be SO proud of Isabel! I hope the goal is reached for this worthy cause!

  • Anonymous

    This is for all the great families stressed with Leukemia & Lymphoma. God Bless you and our prayers for you.

  • Roger Prokic

    I’m a Non-Hodgkins cancer survivor of 10 years now! God bless!

  • Joseph Cavallaro

    Keep up the good work! Its people like the Bongino family that reminds all of us to fight for truth until our last breath.... JesusHeals!!!

  • Anonymous

    God bless cheers to all from Mestengo 22

  • Geoff Mizel

    Life is PRECIOUS andALWAYS worth saving.

  • JLR

    Good luck with your fundraiser and thank you to your family for being a great inspiration.

  • dan strilich

    Thank you for what you do.

  • Tim McKusker

    Good luck Isabel Bongino in reaching your goal. Being a Lymphoma survivor this is an easy choice to donate.

  • Patrick Sprinkle

    Great work Dan!

  • Bradley Hill

    I'm more than happy to help this great cause. Thanks to Isabelle Bongino and her Dad.

  • Elaina Pulliam

    Thank you, We listen to Dan as much as possible.

  • Pamela A Schraidt

    Wish I could help more. So I'll pray for all who are fighting this terrible disease.

  • Jennifer Newman

    Thank God for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and all they do to fight blood cancers!

  • Kristen Riccardi

    So glad you’re still with us Dan! I can’t do much but I hope everyone does what they can to save precious lives like yours. You should be so proud of Izzy!

  • Matthew Luce


  • A Quill In A Quiver

    Dan is still alive, thanks to the Miracle Department treating his cancer! His daughter is raising the funds for others. God bless you, Dan!

  • Kathi Kohne

    Keep up the good fight. Thank you Isabel and Bongino Family. Dan, I listen to you faithfully every day on Rumble. Thank you for all you do for us country loving Conservatives.......Kathi Kohne

  • Philip Spandorfer

    Thank you

  • David Israel

    For Isabelle and her dedication to helping to cure this disease and because we need Patriots like her father to hold to the country our forefathers (and mothers) created.

  • Sharon Crosby

    Thanks Dan for all you do for the nation. Praying.

  • Whitney Pollio

    In honor of my Dad, Richard Helbig, a lymphoma survivor

  • Linda Rea

    Thanks for keeping up this Rush tradition...

  • Sharlene Caldwell

    Thank you for all the work you do to help us fight for truth. You're a blessing and there are millions fighting with you.

  • Leila M De Jesus

    Proud of Isabel.

  • Wayne Keese

    I am a Bone Marrow Transplant and support the LLF in many ways. Glad to donate and support a fellow cancer survivor! Thanks Isabell!

  • Guy P Pichette

    Pleased to donate to this cause

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to the Bongino family for all you do for this country that seems to have lost it way. I Love you for all you do!

  • Anonymous

    Remembering those that have lost their battle Praying for those that continue to fight their battle Anticipating a world where no one has to fight the battle

  • Anonymous

    It's an honor to donate on behalf of Dan Bongino and his families efforts.

  • Chelsea Johnson

    Helping with the fight against cancer.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Dan Bongino, for being a freedom warrior. Wishing you many, many years of good health!

  • Deborah Mada

    We lost our mother in 2012 to leukemia. It’s been 10 years and the devastation of losing her doesn’t go away but accepting it made room in my heart to be grateful to God for the years she was here. It’s been especially difficult for my Dad though, she was the love of his life. I know Mom is always with us; watching over her family from her rightful place with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Mark Pondelicek

    Honored to help. Keep up the good work!

  • Glenna Urton

    Thank you for bringing light to this cause. I used to donate to via Rush Limbaugh every year. I am now retired and don’t have a lot to share, but wanted to do a little something.

  • Anonymous

    Isabel and Dan, Wish I could give more to your special cause. It's a bit tight living off social security in CA. God bless Bongino Family and keep you safe.

  • Anonymous

    Good cause.

  • Sally Hawley Chesser

    My Grandmother passed away from Hodgkins Lymphoma before I was born. I was diagnosed in 2010, was clear in 2011 and remain clear - a Survivor! If I had more money I would give it to keep saving lives like mine and my future family members (I believe some DNA involvement makes just as much sense as anything as to why people get cancer). My father's family has Parkinsons, so I try to support them as much as I can as well as I have lost him, his two brothers, and now my brother has it. I encourage everyone who can to donate when you can to these life-saving organizations. And having undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation (having both makes it even worse which they don't always tell you) I and many others now must keep a look out for Leukemia. Thank you Dan for shining your bright light on this wonderful organization! I may need them again - praying that we don't! :)

  • John S Parsley

    Thank you for efforts! Glad we can support you.

  • Teresa Jordan

    A dear family friend's daughter was dx with Leukemia about 3 years ago. While she is now cancer free she did end up paralyzed from her rib cage and down. She's gonna be 17 next month. You probably are aware of the risks associated with chemo and radiation.After chemo she went into a coma and the doctors ALL said IF she comes back she won't be the same. The doctors didn't expect her to live. She is smart as she always was, she knew everyone etc. The paralyzation was the only side effect. Other than that she was the same as she was before she became sick. So, thank you so much for choosing to raise money for a very worthy cause!

  • Anonymous

    For a great cause to help many however if we speak to the mountain about whatever troubles us as believers using our authority and the hope of glory that dwells within us the landscape would look quite differently. Jesus Christ Lord and Savior Amen and Amen 🙏

  • Curt & Debbi Oldford

    I lost my friend within weeks of her being diagnosed in 2020 and I'll always remember her. Keep up the good work for this cause.

  • Leshia Litton

    support Isabell Bongino request.

  • John Dean

    I am also a survivor of this terrible disease.

  • Carole Trousas

    God bless you for reaching out to raise awareness and funds to fight this terrible cancer. Wishing you all the best in reaching your goal.

  • Andy Heltborg

    Good luck in reaching your goal!

  • Anonymous

    Bret suffered through and overcame two separate bouts with Non-hodgkin's Lymphonma, ultimately succumbing to Liver cancer. This gift is in memory of Bret.

  • James Santoro

    Helping others, especially those fighting cancer is a noble cause and I/we applaud Dan and his daughter's efforts to go above and beyond.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino is a wonderful man who is doing great work! We salute and support his efforts and pray that these fundraising efforts will allow others to receive treatments that are being created to make LLS patients heal and get better!

  • Nicolas Deltgen

    I heard of your cause on the Dan Bongino show, and both Dan and Isabel's plea for help. Had to answer that call. God Bless you all!

  • Marti S

    Good Job Isabelle!!!

  • sean willson

    Thank you for continuing to do great things Bongino family!

  • Margie Bendzsuk

    My husband lost his brother to Acute Leukemia 43 years ago at age 24. This is such a good cause, finding hope and cures. We love Dan Bongino and what he fights for all of us and this country..

  • Revere's Riders

    Prayers for your complete recovery.

  • Michael Priest

    I appreciate all the work Dan Bongino has done for America and around the globe by speaking out against tyranny. This shows the people of the world that there is still people fighting, and that we shouldn't give up hope. I will be praying for you and your family Dan and for all the family's affected by this horrible illness. I hope that this small donation makes a difference. Don't let the Devil get in your head, God is alive and moving in ways we have never seen in our lifetimes. All the best -Mike from Michigan

  • James Stange

    Best of luck to you and your health, Dan.

  • Anonymous

    As I sit here with my father who was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate and bone cancer it’s the least I can do is donate to this great cause. God bless everyone battling all types of cancer

  • robert wasneuski

    in memory of my younger brother Gunnery Sgt Frank Wasneuski Viet Nam double purple heart & medal of valor who contracted leukemia blood disorder from agent orange exposure & passed away my hero.A horrible disease.

  • Joseph Principato

    Hope you make your goal

  • Bob Deckert

    I lost my aunt Patricia to leukemia over 30yrs ago. Dan, Paula and Isabel thank you for all that you do!

  • Dan Vogel

    Hi Dan You are a true patriot and i always enjoy listening to your show. I wish i could do more but unfortunately I'm behind on my mortgage my business still struggling from the throw's of COVID slowly coming out but taking time. I'm donating this in memory of my older brother who passed away 2 weeks ago [was on dialysis for 11 yrs which was far past Doctors' predictions] Thank G-D for the 68 yrs that we had him. He's now in a better place upstairs!

  • Neil Heredia

    Thank you for raising the issue!

  • Mac Graham

    Dan, you're a great dad! You and Isabel special together,

  • Ryan Sullivan

    Just found out 3 days before hearing about this on Dan's podcast my mother was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I'm joining the fight to honor her.

  • Maureen Foertsch

    A wonderful cause!


    There's just me running my site, so not a lot of cash but hope this helps towards Ms Bongino's cause - God Bless

  • Jody Torok

    Donating in loving memory of my cousin Scott that died of Luekemia. We love you Dan Bongino. Thank you Isabel for being such a bright light to all that need the help to fight this disease. You are a true blessing.

  • Maria

    Isabel Bongino

  • Rob Rosado

    Isabel Bongjno

  • clifford


  • Anonymous

    Wonderful work

  • Keith Reedy

    Thank you!

  • Nicole Amaral

    God bless you all!

  • Rosemary

    Keep fighting the good fight Bongino family!! God bless you all!

  • Margie Peirano

    Thank you for raising this money for LLS. I am a survivor of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. (CML). I have raised money for LLS here in Ohio. Every dollar gets one step closer to a world without blood cancers. Dan your are in my prayers and continue to stay strong! God bless you! Margie P.

  • Faith Wilson

    My late husband had Hodgkins Lymphoma years back in the early 90's. Although prognosis was good, the treatment at that time was aggressive and it ultimately damaged his heart from radiation. I was blessed to have him for 25 more years and I always think of those afflicted with this disease and my heart goes out to these individuals. Blessings to the Bongino family. God is good and my ultimate faith resides in Him. Many blessings to Don and your beautiful family. Love, love your podcasts! Keep up the good fight! God Wins!

  • Benchmark Bookkeepers, LLC

    Great Cause. Proud to support!!

  • Michael R Broughton

    Thank you Dan bongino for allowing your daughter to help with this donation drive.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Isabel on turning a family scare into a positive action and paying it forward.

  • Craig Miller

    Help to find a cure

  • Anonymous

    Per Dan Bongino

  • Shawn Boogaard

    Peace and Hope to all who are fighting this disease. Strength to the families who are also in this fight!

  • Michael Scott Kendrick

    My dear mother passed away from Brain Cancer many years ago. I am truly blessed to have been raised by such a wonderful woman. My father has myelodysplasia and this is preleukemia. Cancer is a terrible disease affecting so many young and old.

  • freedom and hope - FJB

    Happy to help.


    In honor of my 93 year old dad, a Korean War Vet, who is living with lymphoma in Palm City. Love ya dad. Wanda In the Woods.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you for doing good for mankind.

  • Carol Coffelt

    Isabel, keep up the good work! I wish it could be more, but I know every little bit helps. You are an awesome lady and you have a great future. Be sure to let us all know when you hit your goal. God Bless You, Carol :D

  • Philip Gallant

    Thanks for all you do Dan. I admire you greatly. I'm a 64 year old small business owner in NY. I listen to your show every day. God bless you.

  • Steve Dixon


  • Patti Kolb

    Praying for a cure

  • Anonymous

    You got this!

  • Karin Downey

    In honor of my sweet mother who died of ALL 30 years ago today at the age of 49.

  • Anonymous


  • Nancy

    Thank you, sweet Isabel, for taking the time and compassion to do this. What a great citizen you are!

  • Kelly Jaworski

    Hopefully no one finds this disrespectful, it surely it not meant to be but I am donating in memory of our beloved German Shepherd who passed away from Lymphoma.

  • Anonymous

    God bless your endeavor.

  • Cleve Carpenter

    Keep up your work, faith and health.

  • Mark Cohen

    Per request by Isabel Bongino LLS Palm Beach Attn: Students of the Year

  • Greg Hyatt

    Isabel , You are destined for greatness

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the opportunity to help.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the fight on all fronts! Team Bongino!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you

  • McCraz

    Lost my parents to cancer way too young! Thanks for the fight. God is good!

  • William Johnson

    Thank you for allowing me, in a small way, to support this great cause.

  • Jean Stanefski

    Dan Bongino and Family

  • Alan Seifert

    Thanks for supporting such a worthy cause

  • Kathy Poynter

    I had a very good friend pass away from leukemia two weeks ago. This is also because I follow Dan Bongino every day, and I’m so glad he made it through.

  • Dave Warner

    Love you Dan and family. Keep up the good fight!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless and keep you


    Dan- I am a AML survivor by God`s grace and mercy. Thank you and your family for the work you do for our freedom and Liberties our nation needs your voice. Love the podcast! Rick

  • Eric and Renae Ebert

    Thank you, Bongino family, for all that you do to support conservative thinkers and free speech in these tough times! God bless you!

  • Yuri Valson

    My cousin Ilya Berkov is a living symbol of Love and Care. He’s currently dealing with Lymphoma. Sending Light andLove of One Infinite Creator to all cancer patients in needs of it! The Light will prevail! I’m sending you positive vibe of Healing and Love! Adonai !

  • James & Missy Milhous

    We are grateful for all you do. Keep up the good fight! Cancer sucks! God bless you and your family. James and Missy Milhous

  • Brandon Williams

    Thank you Bongino family for taking up this fundraising. I learned of this great organization when my sister ran in a charity marathon for LLS and I traveled with her to support her and the cause. While there, I met another runner on the same team as my sister, a young lady, and I met her family as well. The following year, that young lady would become my wife. To this day, we still donate to LLS every year.

  • Jay Gillen

    From an avid listener. Hope this helps!

  • Phyllis and Lee

    You're the best Dan! Phyllis and Lee B.

  • Laurie Joslin

    Thank you Bongino family for all your work.

  • James J Vermeal Jr

    Dan, We are so happy you came out of it healthy. You are a true patriot and hope others are as strong blessed as you were/are.

  • Mary Ann Treutle

    I lost my daughter to cancer, and the pain never goes away. Thank you, Isabelle for taking up this cause. God bless you and your family

  • Sondra O’Connor

    Find a cure

  • Robert Robinson

    My Aunt passed from this cancer in 1975.

  • Jack Gronlund

    Thanks for doing this - I hope and Pray for your Continued success and making a positive impact to save lives

  • Elyse

    Love your Dad and his message. He has been nothing short of courageous with his personal battle, much support and inspiration drawn from his deep love for his family. I admire him and you for your efforts put into action with this worthy cause.


    Stay positive Dan! You got friends!!

  • Andrew Ciesler

    This donation on behalf of Dan who has been monumental in my understanding of political science. If the disease claimed him, it would be a massive loss. I hope this little bit can help fund the 5 minutes of research that finds the cure!

  • Tim Kaufman

    God Bless

  • Finau L Tauteoli

    May God bless us all and hope to find the cure, stay safe!!

  • Anonymous

    Many blessings to the Bongino family and the LLS!

  • Jay Arnold

    Donating in honor of my (87) year old father who is currently suffering through treatments for MDS

  • Tom

    Beverly was diagnosed shortly before Dan with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

  • Amore Medical

    Love all that you do! Thank you for being such a great voice for the conservtives

  • Jason

    Dan your daughter is doing great work

  • Dr. Doug Dillner

    Keep up the good fight; God bless your efforts.

  • Jayme S

    Good luck in your efforts Isabella and Team!

  • Cassy

    Thank you for all you and your team do daily. Cassy

  • Nicole Hobbs

    Thank you for your efforts to help fight cancer!

  • SD

    Remembering my sister-in-law who lost her battle to Leukemia. The world lost a bright star with her passing. Isabel, wishing you all the success in leading your team to reach your desired fund raising goal.

  • Melissa Anderson

    This donation is in honor of Dan Bongino and all the hard work he puts in for this country. He is a blessing to us all.

  • Anonymous

    What is also important is to let people know MEN GET BREAST CANCER, TOO.. so more MEN have a better chance to survive breast cancer... Breast cancer is NOT just a woman's disease

  • Dave Fredrickson

    Congratulations to Isabel for being nominated for this incredible challenge. Good luck, Bongino family and continue fighting the good fight, whether it is Cancer or to keep our God-given rights granted by our constitution. Thoughts and prayers, Dave Fredrickson, Milford, MI.

  • Melody Deocampo

    Thank you for all you do, Dan!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was a professional clown for over 25 years. I used to volunteer with LLS in Tallahassee, Florida on their Light the Night Walk for several years making balloons for walkers and providing entertainment.

  • Sarah Follett

    My dad was just diagnosed with Leukemia in October. Happy to add my support for those fighting this battle every day.

  • Anonymous

    Love you and the show Dan... Thank you!

  • Lynne Miller

    My husband passed in 2017 from AML. I pray that someday, there will be a cure. God bless all those dealing with these horrible diseases.

  • Sharon Arrington

    I only wish my donation could be more. My son-in-law, David, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when he was 26. He fought such a hard battle, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and died after 2 years. David had 2 sons, ages 5 and 7 when he died. They grew up without their father. If my small donation could help someone with cancer fight the battle, and maybe win, I praise God.

  • Anonymous

    Anna passed on her 25th birthday after a fight with a rare form of brain cancer. She was also to have been married that year. We can all use some help, some more than others. Just trying to pitch in.

  • Norris LaClair

    Thank you for all you do Dan.

  • Bonnie MacDonell

    Thank you for your continued efforts in such a worthwhile cause! God bless you 🙏 ❤️

  • Paul Steadman

    For the Bongino family

  • Jason & Elizabeth Graves

    So great to see a member of our younger generation promoting the support of such a worthy cause. All the best to the Bongino family and any other family who is struggling with Leukemia or Lymphoma.

  • Pamela Gandy

    Dan....Keep up the great work.

  • Colleen Pounds

    Sophia was stronger!!!

  • Daniel Jaskul

    Great cause. Best wishes to the whole Bongino family. Keep up the good work!

  • don cosper

    fix real problems

  • Anonymous

    It is great that you care that much!!! It is great to see young people stepping up and caring.

  • Cecilia Valenzuela


  • Dawn Richards

    A donation in honor of my loved ones and other loved family members lost to cancer.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino!!

  • Frederick R Giordiano

    I have had so many members of my family impacted by cancer, some with Leukemia, I feel it is important to give.

  • Daniel Johnston

    Thanks Bongino for doing this, glad to be part of it.

  • Anonymous

    Isabel Bongino...its probably not much, but wanted to help for this 'cause 😇

  • Julia Atwell

    My husband, a very gifted musician was taken by lymphoma at age 33. This donation is for all those fighting the fight.

  • Tommi Johnson

    Thanks for all you do Dan!

  • Nick Logan

    I have a manageable brain tumor. I've had several people in my life struggle and pass due to various forms of cancer.

  • Steve Ferreira

    Great job Bongino family!

  • Martin Banasko

    More than happy to donate, but more importantly to invoke the power of prayer on behalf of all those working to help all those suffering. God Bless you all. Martin Banako

  • Michele Slatt

    Thank you for doing this Isabel! Praying that you get a tremendous response.

  • Gary Creachbaum

    I’m a retired Boeing defense employee of 32 years and both my parents passed away from cancer! I hope we can find a cure for all of this dreaded disease!

  • Ryan King

    I feel awful that I can't donate more. But my 3 kids and I are bad off right now and work has been very slow. I fear it won't get much better while Biden is still in office. Thank you Dan for everything that you do. We love you more than you know.

  • John Siebert

    I will support this cause because, I am a survivor

  • Justin Rose

    Thank you guys!!!!!

  • Iro Chackny

    In honor of Don Bongino

  • Dave

    My Mom passed from lymphoma in 1994. I am grateful for your hard work and dedication to this cause. May God Bless you all!

  • The Roy family...

    I hope this helps it's not much but it's what I can give.

  • R. Westerdahl

    My husband and mother-in-law both died from complications from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It was supposed to be (for both of them) a very slow-growing disease, incurable, but able to be kicked back by a round of chemo once every 5-10 years. My mother-in-law passed away within 5 years, and my husband passed away in just over 2 years of being diagnosed (it would have been less than a year and a half if he had not had a stem cell transplant). A month after my husband was diagnosed with this “slow-growing” disease, a doctor was surprised that my husband was still walking around! Thank you for to LLS for their research and help you give to patients and families.

  • Kerry Swestyn

    You left us way too soon and you sure weren't supposed to. I'LL never feel like I expressed how very much I LOVE YOU and miss you! Dad

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you all 🙏 My father died from cancer r.i.p. I hope this helps

  • Joey Aponte

    To Dan Bongino! I’m with your cause…

  • Janet Hoff

    I have had non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and am so thankful I beat it twice! The second time was especially challenging as I had a stem cell transplant. With the help of doctors and God, I have been cancer free for eight plus years. My oncologist says I am cancer free! Thank you, God!!

  • Faith Rockwood

    Dan, I know what it is like to have a family member living with Lympohoma. My brother Kirk was diagnosed several years ago and is in remission and last year he had Covid, but he is better and doing well. I am so glad you are doing well and love your comments and thank you for your many years of service to this country. Your daughter is beautiful and I am sure she will go far in her life. Thank you both!

  • stephen harrison

    Thank you for doing this and being involved

  • Dwayne Mentgen

    Thank You for donating your time and efforts to a worthy cause. The gift of time is the most valuable gift a person can give.

  • Janet Faello

    Love you Dan Bongino!!!!! Always wishing you and your family the very best. You're all amazing. Much love.

  • Harry Hess

    Great cause. Very proud of you and your daughter. A tribute to your leadership skills and philosophy of being the first on the dance floor. Keep up the good fight. Respectfully, Harry Hess

  • Shawn Beardall

    In loving memories of Adam!

  • Anonymous

    Dan - Excellent cause and keep up the tremendous daily messaging and support for freedom!

  • Anonymous

    In gratitude and thanksgiving for our sons miracle surviving this disease & theJames at OSU, the docs, aides staff etc and for more miracles for many more folks we pray too!🙏✝️❤️

  • Marie parker

    May she Rest In Peace.

  • Donna Strejcek

    In memory of my Dad who lost his battle with Lymphoma in 2004

  • Joseph S. McFarland III


  • Heath & Dava Peterson

    Miss you Aunt Joyce??

  • Steven Hazelbaker

    Cancer has robbed us of too many bright lights. Hope this is helpful. I'm disabled and and my funds are limited. Prayers for you all.

  • erika devlin

    This donation is in support of Dan Bongino and in loving memory of my father, Howard Anderson, who died from Leukemia on April 9th, 1996. Blessings, Erika

  • Jacqueline Itkin

    Thank you for all that you do. God Bless

  • Damien Burnett

    Great job Isabel Bongino!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you always.

  • Mark Leinberger

    For Isabella, a rising star!

  • Martins Motor Freight

    Isabel Bongino sorry I don't have more

  • Gail Weiss

    Thank you Dan for all your patriotic efforts and pray to God you stay healthy and with us for many decades to come! ❤️

  • Glenna Lowe

    Than you Dan!

  • Kevin Edward Cox & Sabine Cox

    Best I can do for now. Ya'll chip in.

  • Kathleen M Lukavsky

    God Bless you and your work and may your voice help save our Country.

  • Matt Helmerichs

    My mom has survived lymphoma of the bladder.

  • Ben Nicola

    He is with us in our minds forever

  • Mark and Janine Ison

    We were praying for you, Dan & hope you are doing well. I had leukemia in 2013-2014 & LLS means a lot to me as a leukemia survivor. God bless you & your family Isabel.

  • Sylvia Bergstedt

    Hi Dan, you are right this is a terrible disease. My mom was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and after a 10 month battle lost her life in 2011. I think this is a great cause to support. Thank you for supporting this cause. Sylvia Bergstedt

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your honesty and humor! Thank you for always remembering our dear Rush! God bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Love to you and your beautiful family. And thanks for the daily truth telling on the radio. God Speed.

  • Anonymous

    We lost Frank to leukemia about 10 years ago. We were work associates and good friends for over 20 years. Still miss him.

  • Sonja S

    One strong lady who is a survivor and an "encourager" to others fighting this disease.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your dedication to making this a better world. You are my Hero.

  • Dusty Satterlee

    Thank you for doing this.

  • Paul Edwards

    Love your show Dan..

  • Mike Guethlein

    This is very worthy. Prayers that a cure is found soon.

  • Jane

    God bless those who have great will power going through a tough time. I hope if I ever face a challenge such as cancer I can be as brave and strong as my aunt was, no complaints just happy to have every day god gave her.

  • Joanne Gelep

    It's ok that you are not Rush, you are Dan and you are fabulous! We love you!

  • Denise and Randy

    Thanks for all you do, Dan. Good health to you!

  • Chris Fall

    Dan Donnie Palmer is running against Ayana Presley and we need your support in the months ahead! Ty Montey Fall DT24

  • Judith Bohn

    God bless you all.🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Michael Pawlish

    Thank you Dan!

  • Margaret Conte

    I am donating in honor of my brother Joe Vass who is battling CLL. It’s so important to me that he and others have the best treatment and are able to live a long life. Love you Joe!

  • David

    Wish I could do more but I just can’t.

  • Carrie Byrns

    Bless you to all dealing with this illness

  • Stacy McCain

    You are our family's Angel 😇❤️ We miss you every second, every minute and hour of each day since 2011. I know you are at peace, i just wish I was! Love, miss you Mom.

  • Chris Holmes

    Thank you Dan and Isabel, This is a great cause!!!!

  • Paul Fisher

    Dan - What a wonderful thing your doing for cancer awareness and cure. My personal story is one of success. In 1986 my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was 9 months old and the prognosis was not good. Following nearly 2 years of chemotherapy, infections requiring regular hospitalization, she went into remission and never relapsed. Today, she is a healthy women with 3 terrific sons of her own. God bless you Dan. Paul

  • Dianne Norman

    May God bless you and your family, Dan.

  • Linda D Kingsley

    A worthwhile cause. Good for you, Isabel. Your dad is very lucky to have such a committed advocate! We have had family members overcome and family members lose to cancer! Keep fighting the good fight for all! Linda

  • Sandra Minnick

    I beat breast cancer last year. So happy Dan Bongino has beat his cancer too! We watch his podcast every day and find his information invaluable to help save our country. Today is my birthday and I will be showing the "Spirit of 76 " for the next year to help save the USA! Thank you Isabelle for all your efforts in this cause! Sandra Minnick

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan for everything you and your family do for our country...

  • Chuck Timanus

    Good work, Dan....and Isabel

  • Scott McCoy

    In memory of my Sister-in-law Peggy McCoy and Rush Limbaugh. Keep up the fight Dan Bongino.

  • James Melvin

    In memory of our sweet daughter Mindy, and for all of those still fighting this disease, thank you for this opportunity to donate and God bless you Dan and your family. Way to go Isabel.

  • Jeff Lee

    Keep up the great work you’re doing!

  • Nancy and Don Stewart

    In honor of our courageous friend, Carol who is battling Leukemia. Stay strong and keep up the fight. God Bless you.

  • Dawn Hale

    Keep up the good fight with your health and the country!

  • Mark Hall

    Lost a middle school classmate to leukemia about 40 years ago. Sometimes consider....what might have been?

  • Roger Rainville

    Thinking of Tyler, who at 18 began his battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

  • Eric Biddle

    Thank you for all that you do!

  • Lisa Key-Matthews

    Thanks Dan for all you do. My dad just died of prostate cancer from agent orange last month. It's not a blood cancer but all cancer is just so awful I'm happy to help your daughter meet her goal! You're the best! Lisa Key-Matthews


    Great job for a great cause...

  • Neal Tomasin

    Good Luck!

  • Todd Jones

    In honor of Rush as a AML survivor, this research has saved lives. Thanks Dan B for continuing to support.

  • R Curt Wicker

    In memory of our mother. Love Craig and Curt

  • Scott Koehn

    Thanks for doing this

  • Lisa Kehoe

    In honor of Dan Bongino & Family

  • James Pearson

    Glad that the Good Lord saw fit to keep you around. Thanks also to your daughter for doing this. May God continue to bless you.

  • Lyle

    To a wonderful friend and example.


    Thanks to Rush for all his fundraisers over so many years.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Dan Bongino.

  • Ken & Kim Fulkerson

    I am (Ken) a Leukemia survivor.

  • Thomas Murphy

    Donated for years with Rush’s annual campaign. Thanks for picking up the banner and moving forward! Keep well Mr Bongino and an amazing job you and your wife have done raising your daughter! God speed!

  • Roberta Pulvermacher

    Isabel Bongino

  • Margarita Fajardo

    Retired prayers for all in need.God bless Dan

  • john r talbott

    Isabel Bongino

  • Francesco Castano

    The world is a better place because we’re Blessed with people like the Bongino family.

  • Daniel Vier

    Thank you for all you are doing, this is a great cause and America needs more like you.

  • Anonymous

    God bless

  • Anonymous

    God Bless

  • Kelli Colburn

    God bless you, Dan, Isabel, and family. As a daughter of 2 multiple myeloma patients, my dad and my grandfather, I understand the devastation of diagnosis and drive to raise money for this organization. Unfortunately, my grandfather lost his battle when I was an infant and my dad lost his 7 years ago. My dad was really tough like Dan and he fought a good fight for almost 13 years. Hug your dad daily, Isabel and never stop following the matters of your heart. Sending love and prayers to Dan and the whole Bongino family.

  • Kelly Campbell

    God Bless 💜

  • Sandy Ferrara

    Praying for a brighter tomorrow

  • Rich & Jessica Clough

    Isabella, the pitch you made on your dad's show was awesome. We are long time givers to LLS and are happy to donate this year through your organization. Keep up the great work and try to help dad relax. We need him around for a long time! HA HA! God Bless you and your family. -Rich & Jessica

  • Julie Baker

    What an amazing achievement, Isabel! God bless both you and your father with health and continued success.

  • Karin Schmidt

    Wishing you a lifetime of good health, Dan. Thank you for all you do in bringing a conservative viewpoint to all that is going on in our nation.

  • Lori Civello

    You're doing great work! It's inspiring when someone so young takes an interest in something outside themselves.

  • Dana LeSage

    Thanks for leading this fund raiser for a cause with direct importance to me.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s kill Cancer!

  • Nicolas Medrano

    Hello Dan!!! I pray that God protects you from violence you and your family

  • Maggie Maguire

    My son, who is the same age as you Dan was diagnosed a year ago Dec. with non- Hodgekins lymphoma, has not worked since then and is struggling with life and he and his wife raising his 9 year old daughter. Praying for all afflicted with cancer.

  • Duane larue

    Dan I'm retired and on social security so I can't donate alot so I'm donating 5 dollars

  • Michae Calabrese

    Way to go Bonginos! Love from Anne Arundel County!!!!

  • Karl Monk

    Isabel Bongino



  • Anonymous

    You are a sweet girl Isabel Bongino!

  • Jeremy Frankel

    This is an incredible cause. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Anonymous

    It's such a good cause. My Dad had glioblastoma. I'm proud of what Isabel is doing.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino and his fight to keep us informed.

  • Peter Reale

    Thank you for your efforts on this!

  • Cyndi Treadway

    Dan Bongino

  • Robin Street

    Thank you!

  • Colette Johnson

    Been listening to your show every day for over a year. Dan's an inspiration to keep fighting. Happy to support LLS fundraiser.

  • Jeffrey Ruck

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great idea and something to be very proud of because you are helping others with a serious illness.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan Bongino and daughter Isabel for raising awareness to Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

  • Vanessa S.

    We will eliminate you you vile, heart wrenching SOB of a disease.

  • Roy H Tunick

    I am most happy to support LLS via Dan Bongino as I am also a survivor and contributor of LLS. I celebrated my 9-year anniversary Leukemia with a bone marrow transplant, in December 2012. Dan, you must be bursting with pride in how your daughter has engaged herself with this wonderful organization. Congratulations to all of the Bongino family as you all have put service before self in dealing with today's challenges.

  • Cheryl Salamie

    I lost my dad when he was just 51 of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and that was 40 years ago. There has been so much progress since then in curing this disease. He was a college coach and in great health until Leukemia took him down. Today I think he would have survived. Keep up the good work! Cheers to a healthy Dan Bongino! Keep up the fight on all fronts!

  • antony bosley

    I admire and respect Dan Bongino tremendously, such an outstanding patriot with a good heart and a quick wit...the apple is falling right next to the tree, his daughter will make him proud.

  • Merle Peterson

    Isabel,You have a great family and a great cause. Thank You for your efforts.

  • Mark Evans

    Thank you, Isabel, for your leadership in this great cause

  • Deepak Sharma

    Let's beat Lymphoma/leukemia together.

  • Anonymous

    A shout out to Dan and family from Queens! Dan, You are a champion and defender of the people. Thank you for all you do.

  • Anonymous

    Hope this helps find a cure for this disease. God bless you

  • Ethan Hawks

    Good Luck on your goal Izzy Bongino. Ethan Hawks

  • Thomas Meyers

    May good things come to those who do good. Karma

  • Jacqueline Merkel

    For all those who have passed from this scourge.

  • Audrey Alexander

    Thank you Isabel for your dedication to a great cause.

  • Anonymous

    Our friend just passed after battling cancer for 13 yrs. Initial diagnosis was non Hodgkin's leukemia. RIP

  • Aubrey Jones

    I too was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and presently in remission thanks to my Doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center

  • Pam Davidson

    Great job fundraising Isabel. All the best from Australia. (PamFromOz)

  • Pamela Watters

    Way to go, Isabell! You are poignant and beautiful, and speak so calmly. Your dad is our hero. We are proud to donate to such a worthy cause (which we wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for your family being affected). Thank you for continuing your dad's legacy by changing lives for the better. Much love from Minnesota.

  • dominick cipriano

    God Bless your efforts on this fund raising. I am a two time survivor of lymphoma and have been clean since January 2013! N

  • Jeff Fishel

    Thank you for all you do and hopefully one day a cure or prevention with be found.

  • Lauren Bednarz

    Keep fighting!

  • Justin & Leslie Brauer

    You're a great example for kids your age (and adults too!). Good to see and hear these days.

  • Robert Payne


  • Jim Li Calzi

    Hope our small gift helps your noble cause.

  • The Lana Family

    God bless your efforts

  • L. OConnor

    Love your show & what you do. Hope you stay in remission. Your beautiful daughter will be successful in whatever she chooses to do!

  • Ken Thomas

    Thank you Jessie Thomas (stem cell donor) and Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the LLS

  • Alice Carbaugh

    Thank you Isabel for bringing awareness to this cause. Best of luck to you!

  • Vicki Vakani

    Good luck Isabel! You did a great job on your Dad's show. Vakani's

  • Jason Keilman

    Thanks for all you do!!

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the fight Dan, thank you!

  • Ken Weaver

    Towards Isabel Bongino's Fundraising Drive ..... THANKS BONGINO'S for everything you do POSITIVE for our nation.

  • Philip Carpp

    I currently have Smoldering multiple myeloma. So any day it could become active. Both of my parents died from a form of cancer and I really don't want to follow in their foot steps.

  • Kent Kvislen

    I was a care taker for my sister Kathy Kvislen when she was diagnosed with Mantle cell lymphoma in 2011. She had a bone marrow transplant that year and is still doing well. Spent a lot of time with her and other patients during her treatment at Fairview University of Minnesota medical center. Very sweet of your daughter to raise money for this cause.

  • Russ David

    Great job, Miss Bongino!

  • Jeffrey Fredenburg

    Isabel Bongino. Better late than never.

  • Jason Nay

    Dan, you’re the best

  • James Wilson

    Dan, You Rock! Thank you for all that you do and promoting fundraising for this great cause! -All of God's blessings to you and your family!

  • Jeffrey D Segnello

    Great cause and keep up the good work!!! I've worked with this organization over 15 years ago running Disney for Brittany Stone...

  • Kevin Auchter

    I wish to extend this gift to you from my wife and family. We wish this goes towards those who have or are suffering through this terrible disease. Thank you!

  • Deborah TODD

    Isabella for doing this for your Dad!

  • Carol Griesbaum

    Thank you for the opportunity to once again donate to LLS. God bless you all.

  • Jeffrey Jewett

    Thank you Isabel for your hard work on this important fundraiser God bless you and your family!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks you Isabel for your hard work.

  • Virginia Heaton

    In honor of Dan Bongino & Rush Limbaugh.

  • Debbie Bridges

    To all of those currently fighting this fight …. May your faith, love from your family & friends, inner strength and the blessings from those of us you will never meet help you come through this. To those who lost their battle… may you finally be at peace and pain free

  • Anonymous

    Cancer is a terrible disease and can tear a family apart. Have faith and donate to stop this disease.

  • John Heym

    God Bless

  • Gunny Rat


  • Renae Winn

    Thank you so much to you and your family for everything you do! I wish I could give more.

  • Lisa Anderson-Auth

    In memory of my brother,best friend. A patriot,a veteran,a husband and Father who succumbed to pancreatic cancer August 18, 2018.

  • Robert Ayres

    May the Lord Bless and Multiply this gift!Gods healing Gods Peace!

  • Anonymous

    Great charity

  • Richard Smith

    Dan Bongino deserves credit for making us aware of the needs of LLS

  • Kay Tredget

    lost my brother when we were kids need to beat this

  • Mike Thompson

    Thanks Dan and Isabel Bongino!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you❤️ Dan Bongino

  • Sherry May

    I'm donating in memory of my cousin who died of Leukemia about 30 years ago. Thank You Dan Bongino and family

  • Christine Vrona

    Per a request by Isabel Bongino in honor of her Dad Dan Bongino. Sending my support to the entire Bongino Family

  • Mitch and Debbie Trujillo

    Thank you for continuing the great work of LLS. We appreciate your efforts.

  • Linda Bridges

    Great job Isabel. I know your parents are very proud!

  • Anonymous

    Isabel Bongino

  • Gary Paul

    Dan, We need you now and in the future. Keep up the good fight. Best of health for you. God Bless You Gary Paul

  • Martin Noll

    Bless you for your efforts!

  • Shelley Carroll

    I'm proud to donate to such an amazing charity! My family has been directly impacted by Leukemia in more than one way. Here's from my family to yours.

  • Anonymous

    Dan, you are a rockstar. All the best from California.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino

  • Jeffry Cox

    Sharon you were not suppose to leave us so soon. We miss you

  • Sonny Rosales

    God Bless your efforts

  • Anonymous

    Stand strong!

  • Rich Bell

    Hope this helps. God Bless you for doing this and helping raise awareness and further research!

  • Teresa Mena


  • Phyllis Guth

    Good cause—Isabel, Your effort will help to comfort and, hopefully, cure many. Bless you and you family. Phyl

  • Larry Bloom

    Good Luck Isabel!

  • James R Modrall

    God Bless you and your Family

  • Joe Rehm

    Keep up the great work!!! Thanks for the opportunity to donate. Joe

  • Debra N Callahan

    God bless you all for making a difference in the lives of people affected by these horrible diseases, looking for cures 2022!!

  • Gerardo Lugo

    May God bless and strengthen those affected by cancer and their families

  • Anonymous

    For Dan Bongino, who fights the good fight every day.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless You, Dan. Thank you for your courage and your patriotism in bringing the American people the truth.

  • Rix Property

    Glad to help Dan, Keep up the good fight!

  • Heidi Mysiuk

    Keep fighting Freddy! This past year has been tough but you made it! Keep fighting never give up! Thank you God for being right by his side!

  • Bill Tucker

    Good work Isabel. Next time you're on rumble with your Dad, pull up an x-chair next to him and get comfy. Wishing the Bongino family the very best. You are making a huge contribution to our republic. Dan, you are a fine leader. You give many people the strength to carry on, knowing that we are not in this alone. Thank you for your doggedness and the example you set.

  • Edward Lyon

    In Memory of my father in law who lost his battle.

  • Fredrick Hadfield

    We love and miss you every day.

  • David Vickoren

    Keep bringing the fight to the commie leftists!

  • Anonymous

    I’m currently being treated for CLL/SLL with targeted therapies. It’s working! Thank you for your work and passion. Linda Grace New Mexico

  • Dorothy Cadenasso

    Donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

  • Kari Marshall

    My father passed away from Lymphoma June 2021. I appreciate your effort to raise money to research treatments for this illness. Thank you so much!

  • Peggy Richards

    Prayers for a cure soon!????

  • Anonymous

    Do good

  • Anonymous

    I'm certain that you will meet your goal. I would be surprised if you don't surpass it.

  • Brian Waggoner

    The man: Husband of one, father of two!

  • Cheryl Burgoyne

    Thank you for all you do and happy to contribute to the fundraiser! Keep up the great work Isabelle!

  • Helen Kelly

    I'm honored to donate and I'm blessed to have listened to, and learned so much, from Rush. Carry the torch, Dan, you have a wonderful show. My best, OJ Kelly

  • Bradley Gardner

    Thanks for what you do

  • Mike Panacciulli

    So happy to donate to such an amazing cause.

  • Robert Conley

    Isabel Bongino

  • Larry Scaduto

    I know this is not a lot. But I am happy to help!!!

  • Anonymous

    In Memory of my cousin Jack who fought a long hard battle. He and many others who fought hard are such an inspiration.

  • Jerry H.

    Isabel Bongino. I am glad to donate to help Isabel. My grandson had leukemia and is now in remission. After 3 years of chemo and several years of treatments and follow up he is doing great. Thank you Isabel for being a spokes person for this cause.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan for all you do! Keep up the good fight for our country. GOD bless & prayers for continued health.

  • Anonymous

    In God we trust!

  • Steve Dixon

    Every Little bit counts !!


    Thank you for taking the lead on supporting such a great cause. Hodgkin's Lymphoma also affected our family. My daughter was diagnosed with it in 2020. And because of the effective treatments and great doctors, she is now cancer free and thriving. Good luck in reaching your goal and helping to wipe out Blood Cancers.

  • Catherine Napfel

    We love you, Dan...stay strong!

  • Craig Higgins

    Best wishes and thank you for helping others through your great work!

  • Bruce Woodruff

    Doing this for you, Dan!

  • Amelia Mondry

    Thank you for all you do! I’m donating for my brother who was diagnosed with chronic leukemia about two years ago. He is doing fairly well fortunately. But-there are many who need help.

  • Anonymous

    We love you, Dan, and love what you are doing for a country. Keep going!

  • Scott & Mary Newquist

    We lost Chuck Blazek back in 1968 from leukemia at the age of 14. We played baseball together and he was my catcher which was torcher in itself, but he had to endure the dreadful illness of leukemia. I am now 67 years old and whenever leukemia is mentioned it brings back the image of one of my best friends, Chuck. May he continue to rest in peace.

  • Harry Watts

    In memory of my sister who won the battle with cancer twice, but sadly lost her battle with leukemia.

  • Peyton Rogers

    Great job on your fund raiser!!

  • Anonymous

    Given in honor of my daughter, who beat Lymphoma, for now. She fought her way through chemotherapy while performing so well that her employer, a mortgage company, honored her as the company top performer.

  • Colin Carrier

    This is a great cause. I have friends that have had to fight this cancer. Please continue the fight to defeat LLS.

  • Theresa Varga

    As an oncology nurse, I have witnessed the journey that cancer patients must travel and the challenges they face on the path to wellness. May GOD shower you all with HIS graces and may our Blessed Mother hold you near.

  • Michael Holmes

    In honor and memory of my brother Dan who went to be with the Lord several years ago when he died of Lymphoma. Love you big brother and best man! See you when God calls me home!

  • Patricia Jeris

    Thank you Dan Bongino for all you do.

  • Carolyn Kovacs

    May the Lord bless you and keep you!

  • Catherine Hammond

    My brother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma over 5 years ago. His first chemo treatment put into remission for about 5 years. Over a year ago it came back, but the chemo did not work this time. Fortunately, he was able to get into a trial at the Cleveland Clinic in November 2021. They took out a small amount of blood, "supercharged" his T-cells, and put them back in. If it works and there is a very good chance it will, he will never come down with this terrible disease again. Our prayers have been answered and I pray for Dan and his family everyday.

  • Jim Phillips

    I have CLL, but my case is very manageable. There have been great discoveries over recent years to help treat and combat these illnesses. I'm donating to give back and to pay forward.

  • Alessandro Com

    I watch the Bongino show, this is a great cause especially considering what he’s been through. God Bless !

  • Amy Cohen

    Thank you for carrying on for Rush. I miss him!

  • Mark Vinciguerra

    Keep taking us down the right path, Dan!

  • Robert Leinweber

    Bless your young girl for doing this.

  • Robert Aquadro

    Thank you for doing this Isabel....great job. I have been battling Laryngeal cancer for the last year and am now, hopefully, on the mend...I was one of the lucky ones. Cancer is a scourge and it needs to be wiped out. Bob

  • Arnold Argao

    IsBon! Let's Go! Excited and enthused to support. We held several such fundraisers when our own son was fighting his lymphoma battle 11 years ago at age 10. Stage IV, he is now a healthy young adult. God is good. He always had a plan. Proverbs 3:5-7 so true! Bless you for walking out into God's tug on your heart. Praying for you and fam.

  • Beverly Volk

    Thanks to you and your family for your courage under fire, and your will to make a difference! Sincerely, Beverly and Stephen Volk

  • Jim Hare

    God bless your family!

  • Anonymous

    Praise God for you service and sacrifice.

  • Jocelyn Allen

    In honor of Dan Bongino who inspires us to never take for granted our God-given American way of life.

  • Karin Young

    It is wonderful that you are raising money to help find a cure.

  • Cynthia K Cardoza

    Dan - Thanks to you and Isabel for setting up this fundraiser. It's a cause near and dear to my heart since I, too, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2013 and underwent chemotherapy and radiation that year. In 2018 I was declared cancer free and still receive good reports from my oncologist. I thank God for my treatments, the doctor, family and friends who got me through that time along with help from the LLS. I pray you and everyone who has cancer of any kind are fortunate enough to have the same good results I have enjoyed so far. God Bless, Cynthia Cardoza, Bakersfield CA

  • Garrett Wasneuski

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Donavon Callahan

    I am also a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor and a long time fan. Thank you for all you are doing.

  • Susan M Kraus

    God Bless you for all you do.

  • Douglas Amos

    Many healing prayers to everyone. This in honor of my grandmother Julia Amos.

  • Sharon Siniscalco bring me hope and I admire you courage to face this endless tide of BS. Thank you for all you do. God bless!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this great cause.

  • Anonymous

    Hope this helps some.

  • stephen marshall

    Keep up the good work.

  • Christine Broderick

    Thank you for setting the example of real unity.

  • Sally Dausch

    My honor and privalege

  • Becky

    All my love to the Bonginos and all LLS Warrior Families.

  • Anonymous

    Cancer touched my family, and we should all work toward eradicating this terrible disease.

  • William Perun

    Love you Dan Bongino

  • Marco

    Dear Mr. Bongino, You are in my prayers with all the people suffering from cancer. God bless you for all you are doing Marco

  • Stephen P

    God Bless Al who are fighting this disease

  • Susan Appino

    In memory of my dear husband, Bob Appino, who dealt with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) for over 10 years. Still miss his every day.

  • Anonymous

    God bless All dealing with this disease! Have lost family to it & grateful for one survivor! Thank you to The Bongino Family for sharing your challenge & success! Very kind to help others as well; God bless!

  • Joan Cronin

    God Bless you, Dan Bongino! I’m a police officer living with CLL, and I appreciate you bringing attention to this worthy cause. Wishing you continued health and happiness!! MAGA!

  • Ken & Paula Wilson

    In memory of Craig Wilson, the greatest son that two parents could ever wish for.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you, Dan and thank you for the fine work you do on behalf of all of us! Bless your daughter for doing this in your honor and to support the work in stamping out blood cancers. Many healthy and happy years ahead to all of you! MJ Parker

  • Felicia Fresco

    I am pleased to donate $50 in hopes of helping someone ??

  • Sharon Robbins

    I just want to contribute to help fight all cancer.

  • Barb Grohs

    In honor of my daughter, a survivor of A.L.L. as a little girl. And a big thank you to the doctors, nurses, and all supporting personnel at Naval Medical Center San Diego! I am forever grateful for the care she received.

  • James Kuzma

    Keep fighting the fight. "Ditto" to Isabel! May God continue to bless the Bongino's.

  • Father James Modeen

    Hang in there Dan! Says a lot about your family doing this for you! In prayer Father James Modeen Tucson, Arizona

  • Victor Patalon

    My wife died in December 2009 of breast cancer. I wanted to do something to encourage Dan and others to fight for life.

  • Peter Piccone

    Peter wasn’t able to beat this disease but he was the bravest man I have known.


    We appreciate you Dan so much. God Bless You with continued health. CARLOS & MARYANNE RUIZ

  • Anonymous

    My friend's Dad will pass away from Leukemia this year. Tomorrow he will achieve his goal of making it to the Superbowl. Prayers Said he will make it to March Madness, his new goal. Also thank you for having paypal for donations. It saddens me to donate and then have my mailbox stuffed for the next two year with donation requests because it represents money I donated not going where I intended

  • Christopher Paskach

    Thank you for raising much needed funds.

  • Anonymous

    God will win in the end. Hold the line. He’s got us.

  • Dawn Connelly

    My Dad passed away on 8/2021. I miss him everyday. Thank you for doing this.

  • Anonymous

    26 year Hodgkins survivor

  • Chrissie Feltz

    Dan, you're the best & I'm wishing you much good health FOREVER! I must also say that you have a beautiful family & a very special daughter who loves her Dad very much to do this fundraiser for you. It's easy to see that you & your wife did everything right in raising your children, you should be proud!

  • Lori Kintzle

    In hopes that someday, no one will ever have to see a loved one suffer from such a horrible disease. Our beautiful Mother fought so hard! Love you Bongino, such an upstanding amazing man@

  • Michael Howard

    My name Is Michael Howard and my family loves watching your show on Saturday nights. Cancer has also affected my family too, so I just pray for more donations. Bless the people over at Fox News and God Bless the Bongino Family.

  • Anonymous

    I lost my father to leukemia last year. My heart goes out to patients and their families fighting this devastating disease.

  • Anonymous

    Dan asked

  • Keith Owens

    I have chronic large gran lymphocytic leukemia and have been taken a chemo pile for almost 1 year now. Thankyou for doing this you all are great. THANKs

  • Barbara Stewart

    My beautiful granddaughter was diagnosed with stage 3 Hotchkins at age 26. She had a 2 year old and a new baby. She's been cancer-free for 7 years now. I pray for her, and you, too, Dan, every night. Keep up the good work, Dan. You are so inspiring! And, thank you, Isobel!

  • Glenn O’Bannon

    God bless you Dan Bongino

  • Irene Stringer

    I support the Bongino Family!!!

  • Eric Willden

    Dan, I just saw a glimpse of your daughter last night on Unfiltered. Happy to help! Eric Willden

  • David Ciesielski

    I support anything my hero Dan Bongino supports.Prayers also sent.God Bless Bongino.

  • katherine

    We hope you are feeling good. We really enjoy watching you on Fox News.

  • Susan A Paul

    We love you, Dan Bongino, and wish you all the best. We are praying our loving Father, God, will help you and your family. We are very proud of all you are doing for our country and LOVE your show, Unfiltered. Please continue all your good honest loving work. Tom & Sue Paul, Palm Harbor, FL

  • Willard Talley

    Gwen Rocque was deaf. She was my great friend and my teacher assistant. She was a wonderful person and smiled at everyone. She was a positive role model for the deaf and hard of hearing kids. She was a strong leader and encouraged the kid to get the education.

  • Russ & Kristy

    Good luck with your goal!!! What do your dad, Mario Lemieux, and my wife have in common? You gottit!!!

  • Rosalie Barsotti

    I lost my brother to leukemia in 1991. If he had the access to drugs that are available now, he probably would not have died

  • Anonymous

    It's good to know that the future is in safe hands with teens who care - thank you, and God bless you and your families!

  • Chris Barbee

    So encouraging to observe young people like Isabelle Bongino picking up the torch of regard for others and a heart for helping others. Blessings

  • Anonymous

    I watch Dan on his podcast. Stay the course. I am a survivor of bladder cancer. Way to go Isabel, God bless you and your family.

  • Gayle Forster

    You are doing a great job! The Forster Family

  • Cheree Honeycutt Wiegman

    Many blessings to you and your family. You are a bright light to so many. Always know that the Lord loves you and your family very much! Keep the faith and keep up the great work.

  • Gerardo Lugo

    May God bless and strengthen those affected by cancer and their families

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Dan Bongino and family - please keep up the great work !!! Many blessings and prayers for good health and happiness

  • Anonymous

    Prayers going up for all who are fighting this battle!

  • Cynthia Roseberry

    Bless you and all who suffer from cancer.

  • Tom White

    F Cancer. Period.

  • Earl Smith

    Keep doing what you do!

  • Troy Pi

    Thank you Dan for all u do. You are a great patriot sir.

  • Scott Albano

    Isabel, it is wonderful to see a young lady like yourself doing such a selfless thing. Using your voice and the platform available to you for such a worthy cause is truly beautiful. As a high school teacher in a charter school, it is not very often you see people your age trying to make a difference in this world. I have come across a few and I do stay in touch with them. I can tell you this, they are the ones growing up making a difference in this world. We need more young people like yourself. My only regret is that I can’t give more (right now). One more thing, your dad sometimes talks about a fathers love, he is 1000% correct! Keep doing what your doing, your impact will change the world for the better!

  • Garland Pollock

    I lost my best friend to breast cancer that spread and destroyed the beautiful mother, grandmother and best friend she was.

  • Thomas Tucci


  • Gayle Scirocco

    We need to defeat cancer once and for all. It can be done! God bless all who are battling this disease.

  • Amy Traxler

    I went through chemo last year and had a bone marrow transplant due to lymphoma. This struck my heart and I needed to support it.

  • Lucia Brda

    God Bless all those who face cancer.

  • Anonymous

    In honor of my twin, lourdes/luly, She is stronger than I could ever be! 😊❤️🙏🏼

  • Chris Bernasconi

    In honor of Dan Bongino

  • Daniel LaCorte

    Good man, taken too soon.

  • Anonymous

    This is to honor my coworker who has undergone extensive chemotherapy and still made it to work with a smile. She is now going to have her colon removed, she doesn’t complain and is a trooper. I would donate more but I just gave money to give to her and joined my coworkers to give to her whiile she is off. Cancer does suck. God bless.

  • Gary Jordan

    My brother has cancer been fighting it for a year now hopefully can find a cure one day.

  • Jay Kirwan

    We've all lost family and friends to cancer. My friend Ryszard last his battle on the 1st day of 2022. I miss him. Cancer needs to be eradicated!!

  • Anonymous

    Please make someone’s life better.

  • Roberta Jurney

    Thank you Dan for all you do!

  • Kris Hartman

    ..for Meghan ??

  • John & Lynda Parsons

    Keep up the great work!

  • Beckey Lund

    This is a great community of caring Americans. We all want the same for the Bongino family. I was diagnosed with CLL only 4 years ago. Every year that passes means a greater treatment may be available. My sister was treated for Hodgkins Lymphoma. I took her to her treatments, cleaned her house, cooked and grocery shopped so her husband wouldn't have to take time off from work. He insisted he take her to her last treatment, which he did with great relief and love. My mother and father both died from lung cancer. What's wrong with this picture? Can you imagine going through this with one friend or family member?

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck God Bless

  • Michelle Co

    Isabel Bongino. Thank you. My mom died from myeloid acute leukemia. This is a great cause. Thank you for doing this.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could donate more but I’m also give my concern prayers and well wishes-hope my tiny contribution helps in some way

  • Andrew Brown

    In honor of my grandfather, a World War II who passed away from Lymphoma in 1980.

  • Kevin Pearson

    My daughter had Leukemia when she was 3. With the help of University of Chicago she remains cancer free at 22, Thanks for bringing awareness and God Speed to you on you're situation Dan. You are a true patriot!

  • Elizabeth Priebe

    My brother has non-Hodkins lymphoma so I am all about research in this area.

  • Nick Brown

    Dan My best wishes to you Nick Brown

  • Valerie M. Neatrour

    Dan Bongino fundraiser

  • Wayne Gorddon

    Rush Limbaugh supported LLS for years. And I have been in remission for 3 years. (No t-shirt this year to go with the drawers from prior years.)

  • Dale E Schiele

    Thanks for being involved in such an important cause.

  • Martin Van Der Harst

    Thank you, Isabel Bongino.

  • Anonymous

    In Honor of my Aunt, myself and all others that have blood cancers. God Bless you and your family, Dan.

  • Rudy Ryan

    I have mantle cell lymphoma. Glad Dan has this place to donate. Love the Dan Bongino show.

  • William Dion

    We just lost my mother, Pat Dion, on January 30, 2022 after a five year battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She was the strongest, kindest, most selfless person I ever met. I give this donation in her memory in the hopes that someday no one will have to suffer as she did. Love always and forever mom.

  • Mike & Melissa Busler

    Go Team Hope!

  • Brad Herman

    In September of 2017, my dad was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of multiple myleoama. This disease has taken an unspeakable toll on my dad. What were supposed to be days spent with his grandchildren, have turned instead to days of doctor visits and chemo drip. For those that battle daily, stay positive and stay strong. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • AnnaMaria Emerine

    It is important to fund the research to find the cure. God Bless!

  • Jeffrey Seberg

    My son Zach survived his battle with ALL. Less successful with his driving skills.

  • Matthew Duran

    God Bless America, and we will never forget you!

  • Anonymous

    I had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma 17 yrs ago and have been cancer free!!!

  • Jay Ferris

    Let’s end this killer disease once and for all!

  • Jon A

    In 1994 my wife shortly after after her 35th birthday succumbed to Large B Cell non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma after 16 months of chemo, radiation and ultimately bone marrow transplant leaving a 5 year old daughter for me to raise. After college our daughter has taken up cancer research. Life goes on but cancer takes so many before their time.

  • Anonymous

    My Dad won his first battle with non-hodgkin's lymphoma, but sadly lost the battle with his second cancer diagnosis of leukemia in August of 2021. This cause is very near and dear to my heart. I love and miss you Dad.

  • Andrew Grant

    I'm a truck driver and I've been trying to donate from the start. I've listened to your dads show from the audio days. I hope what little I could give helps out

  • Deborah Allen

    I enjoy watching Dan Bongino on Rumble. Thank you for all you’ve done to insure we are informed!

  • Marsha Holly

    my brother died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. so sad, he fought it hard, radiation and chemo, to no avail. I believe he got it from working on a farm, using Roundup, but died before the information and class action lawsuits became public. I was not a match for bone marrow and his cancer was so aggressive that the doctors said it wouldn't work anyway. I miss him, he was my only sibling.

  • Michael Schneider

    MY father died of Leukemia 50 years after holding Strontium 90 in his bare hands while studying Nuclear Physics in the early 50's. One time, huge consequences. Keep up the good work

  • Toby Coyne

    God Bless you all..

  • Dorothy H Asson

    Thank you for doing this for those who desparately need it! Such a wonderful cause !

  • B Matrana

    Thanks to Dan Bongino !

  • Joseph Coyle

    Thank you for this wonderful charity event. God bless Dan Bongino.

  • D Maureen Stehr

    Mary Francis Boarman

  • Stephanie Tarpey

    God Bless You

  • Eric Leary

    Thank you for all you do. Stage 4 refractory Hodgkins and bone marrow transplant. You guys probably helped save my life!! 12 years no cancer today!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alex Sombaty

    Love you Dan. Listen to you every day...!

  • Anonymous

    God's speed in research to help fight this! Our hearts are with you.

  • Anonymous

    Donated due Dan and his daughters appeal. Listen to his podcast every day and know of his fight with cancer. His daughters appeal on the podcast was very touching.

  • Paula Hasseler

    praying for Chad Rava and everyone in the fight against cancer

  • Anonymous

    Isabel Bongino

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This donation is to honor my dear nephew, “T”. He is only 19, a college freshman, and he has just been diagnosed with a very aggressive but treatable form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Please help me pray for him and his family!

  • Anonymous

    Love to all! Thank you Dan Bongino for putting this together.

  • Vicki Cloud

    Your advice regarding the relief band for chemo patients has made a world of difference for my mom who was diagnosed with cancer in February 2022 and just started her second series of chemo. She couldn’t eat and was constantly nauseous until I bought her the relief band and she tried it out. She started eating meals again and has regained some of her strength back because of you Fan Bongino! I knew I could trust you and that if it really worked for you it could work for her too and it did! I’m forever grateful. I’m so glad you’re a survivor and love your shows, and podcasts almost every day but Sunday. Thank you for all that you do. I hope my little donation helps in some small way. Love, Vicki in Virginia ????

  • Anonymous

    Dear Isabelle I pray 🙏 this helps & I so wish I could've done more at this time 😇

  • Veronica Madriz

    Love you Sis!

  • Carl Work

    Stay positive

  • Anna Salvadore

    Keep up the great work!

  • Cathy Parlitsis

    God Bless You for doing this!

  • Robert Tomaro

    Good luck in your efforts and leas hope we can move the science closer to a cure.

  • Theophanes Rozakis

    Cancer is a disease that frustrates you to death. Leukemia specifically killed my co-worker at 33

  • Anonymous

    We're happy to send a second contribution! iWe love to support Dan Bongino and his oldest daugher to raise funds!

  • Maryanne Klemmer

    God Bless Rush for all he did for the LLS ! Rush inspired me and I cherish his inspiration ( also the hats and T more then ever since his sad passing! Thank you Dan for taking over his hour on WMAL! You can take the girl out of the swamp but you can’t take her favorite Talk show away from her ! God Bless you Isabelle for your love and passion! I lost my Dad as a firefighter in Philly when I was ten! Cherish him! God Bless you and your wonderful family 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸 Maryanne

  • Marc Saggio

    To those lost!!❤️💙

  • Dave Fletcher

    God Bless the Bongino family.

  • fred

    because Dan Bongino asked

  • Carol Latta Perrone

    Only 32 when he passed away from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, I miss you Dad.

  • Anonymous

    My father. Who succumb to lymphoma in 2015. A great man to me and my two brothers.

  • Thomas Op

    Isabel Bongino

  • Anonymous

    I pray for restoration of health of all who suffer with leukemia and lymphoma.

  • Wayne Klick

    Cancer is a horrible disease and it almost toke one of our most cherished American patriots way too soon, Dan Bongino, so, happy to donate on the request of Dan's daughter!

  • Shelley Munro

    Thank you for supporting this cause! I lost my mother in 2019 after a 16 year battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. LLS has helped fund research to save or prolong the quality of lives of those impacted.

  • Vic Shones

    God bless!!!

  • Jan Edbrooke

    God bless the Bonginosq

  • Anonymous

    God bless

  • Anonymous

    Johnnie, We are all proud of the resolve you showed during your battle with Lymphoma in 2021. Welcome to the club of Cancer survivors!

  • Sal Palazz

    Thx for all you do Dan, what your daughter is doing is truly exemplary.

  • Tom Newberry

    Isabel Bongino - keep (fund)driving because convoys matter.

  • Doug Rodriguez

    To my Big Brother, Keep Fighting, and God will help you prevail. Love you Sir. Will be here for you, and support if you ever need. See you shortly in Fl. ??

  • Brian Medina

    Thanks for doing this! Hugs to all from California.

  • Kelly Vanderwarker

    Thank you.

  • Esther

    I want to help support the LLS fundraiser because Iwe lost our nephew to this disease. I also want to Thank Dan and his family for everything they do to support this cause and for sharing how it has affected them.

  • Shari Melton

    Find a cure!

  • Anthony Ziccardi, Post Hill Press

    God Bless!

  • Anonymous

    Dan you raised your daughter right, you are both doing the lords work. I wish you and your family the best of health and blessings!

  • Anonymous

    Our family has been blessed with 5 beautiful and healthy children. We pray that one day all families will be blessed the same way we have. Tommy and Lisa.

  • Jane Shipman

    My Dad passed of Leukemia in 1974, after several rounds of chemo. I donated in His honor, but, to also further the ongoing research to end the plague of Cancer. We Have to hold Hope, to our Heavenly Father that He will bless this fight with an answer for the future. I Thank God Dan that you have been Blessed in many ways. Many Thanks for your daughter in her quest to help, you Both are Very Special people! I worked in retail all my life, and at my last job, had a couple with the man going through the same my Dad did. The roller Coaster of ups and downs. Chemo is Torture. After months, he didn't make it either and it broke my heart. I am So glad you did!! Make it and survive that is!! We Have to hold hope in our hearts, and always prayers sent. God Bless you

  • Audrey Moyers

    I miss u Rush every day, the world isn’t the same w/o you… you will always b in my ❤️ heart. Listening to Dan Bongino now, he’s awesome.. but no one can replace you🙏🏻❤️😊👍

  • Paula Luciano

    God Bless Rush Limbaugh!! Miss u every day

  • Todd T.

    Great work Isabel!

  • Andy Wroblewski

    For Isabel Bongino's fund raiser....a young person doing great things, THANK YOU!

  • Fred Regel

    In support of Isabel Bongino fund raising

  • Anonymous

    Dan, God bless you and your family and especially your daughter for leading this donation. My sister is battling a rare bone marrow cancer called myelofibrosis which can lead to leukemia. The more we can collectively support research etc. the better off we will all be. God bless. Duane Slaman PS. I firmly believe because your mission is so righteous and true the hand of God helped you overcome your cancer. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Cynthia Hall

    In memory of George Metrovich

  • Anonymous

    In memory of Alenous Scheele who died from leukemia at the age of 30. He would have been 84 today. Also to Leslie E. Buege, the father of a friend.

  • Gerardo Lugo

    May God bless and strengthen those affected by cancer and their families

  • Gerardo Lugo

    May God bless and strengthen those affected by cancer and their families

  • Gerardo Lugo

    May God bless and strengthen those affected by cancer and their families

  • Gerardo Lugo

    May God bless and strengthen those affected by cancer and their families

  • Gerardo Lugo

    May God bless and strengthen those affected by cancer and their families

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