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Isabel's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 07, 2021

I am honored to participate as a team member for the 2021 Students of the Year program, a seven-week initiative in which select high school students from around the country participate in a fundraising competition to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I am proud to support my candidate and am raising critical dollars in honor of a young patient hero who is currently battling or is in remission from a blood cancer. Each dollar is a vote. The candidate team that raises the most money at the end of the seven weeks is named Student of the Year. Our mission is to not only raise the most money but also to bring attention to blood cancers like leukemia, which is the most common form of cancer in children and teens.

Since the early 1960s, five-year survival rates for many blood cancer patients have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled. And many LLS supported therapies not only help blood cancer patients but are helping patients with other cancers and serious diseases. In fact, drugs first approved for blood cancers are now approved to treat patients with stomach cancers, skin cancers, and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

We really are changing the face of blood cancer!

All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. They'll not only support LLS-funded research but will help provide critical information and support for patients, and support advocacy for laws to ensure patients can access the care and treatments they need.

Please visit our website often and bring friends who would also like to donate!

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you for your support!

For more information about LLS, please visit



  • Brandon Walker

    I hope this helps!

  • Ann Rogers

    Dan, YOU ARE THE BEST! May God bless, strengthen, and heal you as you battle the devil's disease. Thank you for all you do for the little guy to preserve our freedoms. I also gave to MS Kettering in hour honor at Christmas.

  • Hannah Walker

    For the treatment, healing, and peace of mind of all affected by cancer. God Speed ahead. Much love xoxo

  • Anonymous

    I have CLL and have lost both parents and a brother to cancer. The fact that Isabella is willing to help others fight this disease shows what great parents Dan and Paula are. Good luck and god bless you all.


    The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

  • Anonymous

    Our family’s hope is that those affected by this disease and their families will receive the support they need along with the faith and hope to beat this disease.

  • Chere’ Moules

    Nice job Isabelle! Way to take action for something you really feel passionate about. It’s actions that make a difference!!!

  • Douglas Green

    This donation is dedicated with all of my love for my wife, Nancy. She has battled breast cancer three times and just completed three months of treatment for rectal cancer. She is now 4 and 0 vs “The Big C” and I am in awe of how strong she has been. I hope and pray for your victory too Dan. May God bless you.

  • William Haueter

    keep the info flowing

  • Christen Fudala

    Saw Izzy on Dan Bongino’s podcast, hope this helps, thank you for all you do!

  • Desiree Giardetti

    God Bless you!

  • Leslie

    Prayers for complete healing

  • Allen Miller

    Appreciate your efforts! Blessings!

  • Steve Collier

    Ms Bongino, you are blessed with an awesome Dad and he's blessed with an awesome daughter. Keep your heart in GOD's hands. Bless the Bongino efforts to keep AMERICA free.

  • Melanie Varella

    Fight on!!!

  • William Tucker

    Thank You Dan for ALL you do.

  • Donna Miles

    This is honor of my husband Andy who also came down with a form of Lymphoma around the same time that Dan did. He also has been receiving chemo and is progressing well and has a good prognosis. I thank the Bongino family for all they do!

  • Jack Rabens

    May G-d continue to bless the Bongino family in all their efforts to make the world a better place. Honored to be able to help with this fundraising campaign.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless You and your family!

  • David Regnery

    Hi Isabel, Thank you for your efforts in raising funds for this worthy cause. God Bless you and your family; I'm a big fan of your father's.

  • C Kay Geers

    My son had Hodgkin's Lymphoma when he was 16 and was treated by the University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics. Their treatment and kindness was amazing. Keep the faith...My son is now 30 years old, has a clean bill of health and has a wife and child. Love to all.

  • Cynthia Essenmacher

    Thanks for sharing a worthy cause!

  • Anonymous

    Your family has been a huge bright spot and inspiration in my life over the past few years. I have limited resources, but I wanted to contribute at least a little in thanks for what your family does and in honor of the work you do in the name of our country.

  • Mike Massimino

    Great job by Isabel Bongino for getting involved in such a good cause. God Bless the Bongino's and all families afflicted with this disease.

  • Brenda Fegan

    Happy to help!

  • Ann Burks

    Isabel I wish this could be more. Your family is an inspiration to me.

  • Ray & Tracy Polikaitis

    In memory of my sister, Laura Ann, who passed away at the age of 2 almost 58 years ago from Leukemia.

  • Joseph Nelson

    I was sent here from the Dan Bongino show. God bless Dan and everybody else that has to deal with this horrible disease.

  • Your Florida Family

    Dear Bongino Family, Your kindness and compassion is a precious gift to us all, and your strength and perseverance--a true inspiration. Please know the depth of our gratitude for all that you do for so many lucky folks. We are blessed to know you in this lifetime. Continued prayers and positive healing thoughts coming your way always, from our Florida family to yours. If you find yourselves on the other coast of FL, please join us out on the water to enjoy some dolphins and sunshine. It would be an honor to celebrate life's many blessings with such a special and beloved family. XO The Santellas

  • Barry Peterson

    Miss seeing you at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza and Josephines. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Anonymous

    great cause and Bongino's daughter is asking

  • Anonymous

    Great job Isabella!

  • Patriot

    Thank you for what you’re doing.

  • Gerard Ruppert

    For the Bongino family.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck on your awesome community service project. Bravo!!!!

  • Christie Wasson

    Hope you get mucho $$$

  • Glen Sartwelle

    For Isabel, Dans daughter ... Good Luck .. hope this helps ...

  • Rebekah Ballard

    The least I can do to help those who have been impacted by cancer. Above all, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for strength and to have a warrior heart while kicking cancer in the booty!

  • Gary Comeau

    Praying for all who are dealing with these difficulties. Supporting Ms Bonginoks efforts.

  • Ross Gaspar

    Best wishes Bongino Clan.

  • michael marinakis

    Love supporting Dan and family, great cause

  • Kelly Silva

    Great charity, good luck on your fundraising!

  • L Pickett

    Thanks to Isabelle and Luci (2 uber cuties) for doing this fundraiser.

  • Robin Adair

    Very proud of the entire family,we have lost all of our family to cancer,god bless to all of you and your listeners.

  • Paul Heger

    Thanks y’all keep up the fight

  • Holli Fisher

    Love the Bongino family! What a great thing you are doing Isabella

  • Brian Warneka

    Hope you raise a ton!

  • Robert Houston

    Wishing you all the best in your fundraising goals.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for caring.

  • Anonymous

    Much love to the Bongino family and the sacrifices they make to stand strong for our great country

  • Stephanie Hackworth

    In honor of all my family members lost to this horrible disease. God Bless you Dan, Paula, Isabel & Amelia! You are so important to so many!

  • Pamela Jo Schutte

    The Bongino Family has been near and dear to my heart -- they've all been through a lot this last year and currently. I pray they raise as much money as possible to make a difference for all families that are suffering with these diseases. God's blessing. Love, Pam

  • Gail Pfouts

    Blessings to you & your family & prayers for complete healing!!!

  • Nancy Mershon

    Thank you Isabel for promoting this great cause. You are well appreciated in your efforts.

  • Thomas As

    Good luck Bonginos

  • Anonymous

    Keep leading the way Dan Bongino!


    Thank you for all you do! Good Luck with the fundraiser for a really good cause.

  • Anonymous

    Dan, you should be very proud of your family.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks and prayers to the Bongino family

  • Sandy Woodburn

    Thank you for your drsire to help those fighting this disease.

  • Heather from SD

    May God Bless You and your family.

  • Anonymous

    Bless Your Efforts Isabelle!

  • Anonymous

    For Isabelle and Dan.

  • Chris Weldon

    Hope this helps Dan!!

  • Jennifer Hall

    Keep fighting the good fight. Your never ever out of the fight.

  • Tom Peplowski

    Thanks for helping to raise awareness and funds for this charity!

  • Christianne McCall

    Blessings to the Bongino Family

  • Anonymous

    The Bongino family

  • Jewy V

    Isabel and Dan, thanks for all that you do! continue your fight and kick cancers ...rhymes with “bass” πŸ˜‰. Hope this small donation will assist someone else with their fight Sending love from MD!

  • Craig Nagasugi

    Great job Isabel!! Good luck on your campaign to beat leukemia and lymphoma! You're a good egg.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Isabelle for letting us know about this very worthy cause through your wonderful Dad.

  • Lee S.

    To everyone fighting this horrible disease. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Caleb L Minson

    Keep the faith!

  • Anonymous

    So many good people are affected by this. May more medical cures be found through this charity.

  • Robert Norris

    Num 6:24 — Num 6:26 “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” ’

  • Luci

    Team-in-Training alum here. Nice work, Isabel! :)

  • Linda Casey

    In memory of my father who died of leukemia in 1989.

  • Gregory Corna

    Good Luck

  • Kim Trobaugh

    Dan, God bless you, our podcast warrior! And take pride in knowing that you are raising a gracious and kind young lady. To Isabell, bless you sweetheart! Bless you for believing in a cause so worthy and then taking actions to support that cause. You have a bright future ahead and I know that your parents are proud of you. God bless you.

  • Phil Thalheimer

    I am glad to support this, I listen to your father everyday and I am dealing with thyroid cancer myself, discovered the same day as your father's diagnoses.

  • Jill Kugi

    Good luck, I hope you raise a lot of money and you're an inspiration to other girls your age!

  • Bailey Weis

    Donation for Isabelle Bongino fundraiser.

  • Anonymous

    Dan, Love you, your family and the show!

  • Lorri Johns

    "No one has ever become poor from giving." Ann Frank ;)

  • Perry Pollock

    I'm donating this for two reasons, one in honor of my brother Lyn Pollock who passed away from cancer 12/10/2020 and the other is for my admiration for my friend Dan Bongino and the entire Bongino family. Dan has been a true inspiration not only for his personal fight with this dreaded disease, but also for his steadfast fight for our country and our freedom. God bless you and your family from the old man across the state with wheels on his caboose. Tammie and I never miss an episode or the chance to see you on FOX News.

  • Sean Remmen

    Thanks for all you do Bongino’s! May god bless you and your family for many years to come. Keep fighting for free speech! Conservatives will always have a voice in this country! God Bless the USA.

  • Huuuge fan of Dan

    Praying for a cure. Bless you, Isabel, and your wonderful family.

  • Joseph G Winkelbauer

    Cancer hurts my brothers and sisters in the fire service. We don't let anyone fight alone, and any time we can kick to the curb we know every little bit helps.

  • John Watters

    Great cause - good job!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry i can not donate more at this time


    God Bless...Semper Fi! Efriam Oritiz Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC Retired

  • Kathy Rapp

    Thanks for the hard work your family does for the American people.

  • Thomas Scardino

    My pleasure to support

  • Cheryl Salamie

    Thanks for organizing this great effort!

  • Katie Snowberger

    Thank you Isabel for bringing attention to this worthy cause, today I am donating in honor of your dad Dan And my wonderful husband Ronnie who has been fighting Non Hodgkin Lymphoma for 20 years! πŸ™πŸ» Prayers that a cure is found.

  • Matthew Popp

    A noble cause from Dan Bongino and his family. We need Dan and his family who have compassion for others and unwavering tenacity. God Bless you and your family.

  • Marilyn Thompson

    Continue moving forward to fight this disease.

  • Brian Hala

    Love you Dan

  • Edward Haines

    Keep Fightin'

  • Emy

    Much love for Dan and the entire Bongino family. All doing such great things!

  • Anonymous

    God’s blessing on all in need.

  • Anonymous

    Go Terps! Love the sweatshirt!

  • Alan Kopplinger


  • Haley Cafarella

    Praying for you and the entire Bongino family. God bless.

  • Ginny Vroman

    I too have non Hodgkin Lymphona and want to thank you Isabell for championing this charity. God bless you and your family.

  • James Angst

    God Bless

  • Anonymous

    For Dan Bongino and Family.


    Happy to help out Isabel! God Bless You.

  • Keith Zagorin

    This is for Dan Bongino and his daughter!

  • Elizabeth Buckley

    God Bless!

  • Robert Linda Casagrande

    Wonderful charity.

  • darren hall

    hope this helps..

  • Chris Harshfield

    Great job Isabel

  • Charles Breen

    From a listener of Dan Bongino show. We love him and his family

  • Don yates

    We support you guys! GREAT WORK

  • Andrew Nuyianes Jr

    Good luck with your fund raising efforts .

  • john itak

    Dan Bongino and his daughter brought me here to donate to a worthy cause

  • Whitney Howe

    Happy to help support this cause! Continued prayers for Dan and family!

  • Jeanette Rubino

    You GO Isabel! Best wishes for your Leukemia and Lymphoma Society charity work. It’s such a great cause! *Next run for President of your class - if you haven’t already!

  • Gail Schmidt

    My mom died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Terrible disease.

  • David Devorak

    In honor of my father who passed from leukemia in 1989

  • Eric Kramer

    Love the show. Glad everything is working out with your treatment. Keep bringing me the truth.

  • Brian Edwards

    I love LLS. I just entered my 11th year of remission of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (DLBCL).

  • Austin Brown

    Numbers 6:24-26. Prayers with all!

  • Lesley G

    All the best to a truly awesome family.

  • Anonymous

    You go girl. We love your dad!

  • Dave MacDougall

    Thank you, Isabel!.You and your fellow students are great Americans!

  • Kim Peters

    It is very nice to see young people working to help others! Keep up the good work!


    I appreciate you staying strong and still work to keep us informed. Thank you

  • Bob & Judy Workman

    Dan - prayers to you and your family! Praying for a complete recovery

  • Tina Mercatoris

    Fighting the good fight, always!

  • Anonymous

    For the Bongino Family Thank You for all that you do.

  • Anonymous

    Great job Isabelle, your heart is what we need more of. Prayers for your dad and everything you all have endured. Happy to donate. Thank you Dan!

  • Anonymous

    Keep Fighting on.

  • Derek Cunningham

    Hi Isabel, GOD Bless you and your family. I am a big fan of your awesome father. With such great roll models that you have in your parents you are going to do great things in this life.

  • Deanna Rocha

    Ed was a fantastic music artist and a amazing, loving person, I love to honor him. I took care of Ed in his last few months on this earth and he is greatly missed by his Mom, whom, is a loving dear friend to me. My donation is not much, but it is all I can afford at this time. Please accept my donation from my heart to all. May God bless everyone.

  • Gina Monti

    Dan you are our Rock Star! I pray for you and your family every night.

  • Anonymous

    It's our pleasure to make a donation to honor Dan Bongino's daughter Isabell Bless You and your beautiful family!!!

  • Anonymous

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • George Guidicotti

    A worthy cause and well worth making a contribution to. Cancer,in all its forms,must be eradicated from the planet. God bless you Isabel Bongino! You make us ALL proud!

  • Anonymous

    Dan thanks for Fighting for Us, My chance to help fight for you and others in the same situation!



  • Kenneth Warden

    Hope this helps.

  • Patricia Tadolini

    In honor of my mother who passed away from lymphoma in 1987 after successfully battling breast cancer 16 years earlier.


    All the best on your fundraiser

  • Salvatore Ferrentino

    It's been along time R.I.P.

  • Debra Rose

    I wish I could send more. I am a 22 year cancer survivor. Bless you Dan and family.

  • Will Burleson

    Keep fighting the good fight. We are with you all the way Dan Bongino.

  • Karl Monk

    Good cause. Good kid!!

  • Patti Busser

    God bless Dan, Isabelle, and their entire family!

  • Mike and Lisa Buick

    Way to go, Isabelle. What a wonderful thing you are doing. You are such a beautiful young lady. BTW, big hugs to you and Lucy for making a special appearance. Tell you mom and dad we love them and to feature Lucy on their broadcast once in awhile.

  • Rich

    Land of the Free...Home of the Brave...Was that canceled also?

  • Mike and Danielle Kennedy

    In support of the Bongino Family

  • Karen Flinn

    Thank you Dan and to your whole family for bringing encouragement into my home everyday. We love listening to your show everyday. Stay well and God Bless Karen and Dan

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts and prayers are with those who are struggling and their families. Bless you for looking outward to help others.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless the Bonginos

  • William Chiarello

    Dan you are a beacon of light in a very troubled time. For all that you do, now I to shall do a small part. Thanks for being there.

  • Michael Lanza

    All the best to you and your family!


    Please don't misinterpret this dedication to 5 of our cats 4 of which we lost to cancer the past 18 months. We are pleased to support your effort to fight lymphoma. We just wanted to make the donation in their memories. If you have had pets in your lives you will understand. The Best of Health to Dan B. and all the others that are fighting this cancer. Thank You

  • Anonymous

    Hope and Pray this helps wish we could do more

  • Steve Striebel

    Thank you Dan for being a strong voice for us. It is great to see your daughter getting involved in something important to her. Happy to help in my small way.

  • Brian Milea

    God bless you and your family Dan.

  • Jack Soneira

    Thank you and God Bless you, Isabella

  • Brady Allison

    In support of Dan and his family

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck Bongino!

  • Susan Achrem

    Dan, my husband and I love your show, and would love to help your daughter. I hope this helps.

  • Stephen B

    Good job!

  • Carol Itter

    In memory of my mother, Ruth who lost her battle with leukemia in 1979.

  • Darren DiBenedetto

    Keep up the fight on all fronts Dan!! Prayers for you always

  • Bravo Golf 592

    Dan, the Signal 50 Podcast was started based upon your inspiration to stand up and say something, and defend our freedoms, and the United States. We wanted to support Isabel's appeal and your continued fight against Lymphoma. Thanks for all you do, and for your daughter who definitely is carrying your torch of conservative values. Keep up the great work, both of you! Bravo Golf 592 and Alpha Sierra 288.

  • Michael Calabrese

    Go Isabel! Cheers from Anne Arundel County!

  • Anonymous

    This is for Dan Bongino requested by his daughter.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you for coordinating this fundraiser!

  • Kenneth Payer

    Stay strong! Praying for your dad and everyone that has to deal with this disease.

  • B Sherrick

    My mom died from lymphoma 35 years again. Since then more and more people are surviving this cancer. Its through donations to cancer research that has helped them get to this point.

  • Dawn & Alan Jefferys

    God Bless you! Good job Isabel!

  • Anonymous

    My Aunt passed away from this disease a few years ago. I hope this small amount helps in creating a cure.

  • Stephen and Sarah Papesh

    Praying your Father makes a full recovery. Proud to support your cause, Isabel!

  • Betsy Chiaraluce

    My prayers are with you and your family. My daughter, Paula, was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 40 and had a bone marrow transplant last year. With lots of awesome family support and strength she is doing great. As I continued throughout her journey to say and I say it to you and your family, "You and your entire family are WARRIORS and you will get through this!"

  • Bill Bendis

    You have such a great family. God Bless You Dan!

  • Dan Cooper

    Happy to support a charity started by a member of the Bongino family!

  • Deb Sullivan

    Sending prayers for Dan Bomgino all others fighting this terrible disease.

  • Donald Ludwig

    Great cause

  • Sandra Magyar

    Dan Bongino, a true American!

  • Vanessa Caron

    Best of luck on your fundraiser and to the person who is struggling with this horrible cancer.

  • Maria McCartney

    I hope Isabella raises a lot for this cause.

  • Tom Barney

    Dan Bongino pointed me to the fundraiser. Happy to help.

  • William John Bufe

    Bongino Fundraiser

  • Susan Pumphrey

    God bless you and your family, Dan!

  • Brent Knaeble

    Good Luck Bongino Family

  • Tinksie

    Beautiful job, Izzy and Lucy! I know this isn't much...I'm working thru my own medical challenge, 3 broken vertebrae in my back (which in a total lockdown state don't matter)...but, my heart is with your family and all others who fight this terrible memory of my brother and with hope for all.

  • Phil Reyes

    In memory of my Father In Law and Great Grandfather

  • Arlene Barlett

    Dan, you're the best. I also send non-stop prayers for you, your family, and all who are dealing with cancer.

  • Louanne Knack

    Dan is my favorite hero. Thank you for this wonderful fund raiser! I listen to Dan's podcast every day and I appreciate him as a voice who doesn't fear Swamp Creatures!

  • F. Horne

    I had Hodgkin's 17 years ago when I was 30. Sadly it has been a while since I have donated, no better time than now. Keep up the great work Dan!


    Isabel, your parents must be so proud of you! This is a great way to help families who are going through exactly the same thing yours is, and to gain some control in a situation where you must have felt powerless. I am a 20 year cancer survivor and sincerely appreciate your efforts to raise money for this wonderful cause. Dan, my family has prayed for you and your family everyday since your diagnosis. We listen to you everyday. You just might be the person who is going to save this country that we love so much. Keep fighting! Thanks to you, Paula and your children.

  • bwalk

    Blessings on ALL You Do, Isabel!!!

  • Anonymous

    To the Bongino Family, Best wishes and stay well. We know this is a tough time but we will always have your back. The Bergman Boys

  • Bill Blindly

    I couldn't resist your pitch!

  • Paulajean Parvin

    Thank you for your efforts and a chance to pay it forward. Our family has been affected in the past and now currently by cancer. To see the younger generation stepping up to help others, so refeshing to see and offers great hope to this older woman. LOL! God bless you all and keep up the good work.

  • Gregg Michael Olah

    Good Luck!!

  • Kristi Dryman

    Hearing Isabel on the Dan Bongino show today really touched my heart. The love she has for her dad is obvious, and the fact that she wants to help others in their time of need is very commendable. God Bless the entire Bongino family and all other families suffering from these diseases/conditions.

  • Lori and David Hoffman

    Thank you for the opportunity to donate to such an important organization! I can't wait to hear how well you are supported, Isabel. Sincerely, Lori Hoffman

  • Linda Hubbard

    Thank you to the Bongino family for thinking of others, you're all awesome!

  • Dave J

    Just finished my second 8 week round of Chemo. It is a disease that affects anyone. My exposure to Agent Orange I don't think helped. God Bless your family Dan.

  • Stumpp

    A great man that speaks TRUTH and questions with boldness. A real American that says EXACTLY how I feel and can’t quite say it the same way or reach the same amount of people. God Bless your family Dan. β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Rob Tutela

    Mom passed away due to Cancer of the Pancreas. All Cancers are tragic

  • Bernice Schuberg

    May God bring healing to all.

  • Laura Ratliff

    Saw Isabel on DB and am proud to support you and your group for this worthy cause.

  • Anonymous

    My sister is a survivor of lymphoma. I am honored to donate to this wonderful cause. Thank you so much!

  • Lauren Kenney

    Good luck with your fundraiser!

  • Susan Schaefer

    Praying for a complete cure for your Dad, and for all others suffering with any Cancer. I certainly understand what you guys are going through, I am 2 1/2 years cancer free from Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. The battle is really tough, but research will help! Thank you Isabel for your efforts to look out for others!

  • Anonymous

    My friend Janet Uteg

  • Valerie Troise

    God's Blessings to you Dan and to your incredible daughter. You never stop fighting for us in spite of your disease. You are a hero to my family and we pray for your full recovery.

  • Lee in Liberal Boston

    Isabel, classmates, Dan, and family- Keep up the excellent work and keep displaying your big hearts and strong wills. Prayers and all the best! Lee

  • Rebecca Ferge

    This feels like such a bright spot in an otherwise dreary day. Prayers to you and your family! Thank you for all that you do on behalf of freedom loving Americans!

  • Anonymous

    If have lost my wife and mt brother to cancer. I appreciate and applaud your efforts. Thank you, Bill McCurdy

  • Carmella DeFichy

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful future. Thank you for starting this fund.

  • Carol Owens

    Thanks for doing this!

  • RJ Palermo

    This is for Dan Bongino’s daughter

  • Thomas Wilf

    I hope team C&G stands for "Conquer & Gloat". F#$% cancer- give 'em hell, Dan!

  • Anonymous

    This is for D. Bongino, I heard about this drive on this podcast. I hope that it helps in some way.

  • Jacob M.

    On behalf of Isabell Bongino, your dad is an inspiration for all.

  • Amy Samonds

    Thank you for doing a fundraiser for such a worthy and important organization. The work these folks do is amazing. May God bless and keep each and every one of you!

  • Anonymous

    Keep doing what you are doing, Dan. Hope this donation helps.

  • Pamela Kern

    I had cancer in 2019 and understand the toll it takes on a person as well as the high cost of treatment. Fortunately, I'm in remission for now. So in honor of all us survivors as well as in memory of those we lost, I appreciate your role, Isabell, in raising money for fighting this horrific disease. Dan, you are blessed with such an incredible daughter. Prayers for you and your family. ❀

  • Christine

    Good work! Sending all our love and best wishes from the UK xxx

  • Josh M

    We The People are not going anywhere. Hope this helps. Love you Dan.

  • Matt Davis

    My Dad, a true and faithful Patriot, veteran of the 29th Division, 116th Infantry Regiment, who landed on Omaha Beach, liberated St. Lo and later fought in the madness of St. Vith in the Ardennes, died in 2007 of Lymphoma, after having raised six boys, married to the same gal he married in 1955. He died in the home he built for his wife, with his boys by his bedside. I pray that God blesses you always and keeps you safe and healthy so you can continue to respect and honor the sacrifices Herb and so many millions have made. Pray for this Nation. Stay firm. Truth is light and power. Blessed are those who suffer persecution for the sake of righteousness, for theirs shall be the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Susan Thompson

    Thank you for all you do Bongino Family. You're a great inspiration in both words and deeds.

  • Christopher Hart

    Love and miss you Mom!

  • Virginia Smith

    Good luck!!

  • Mark F

    Why is it so hard to say no to daughters? Of course, I will donate. I hope this helps. God Bless

  • Anonymous

    God bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Bongino

  • Robert Tatullii

    This is a great thing you all are doing. Stay the course.

  • Anonymous

    Great cause! I have faith in our future when seeing the efforts of America’s youth.

  • Anonymous

    Here's hoping these patients get a cure and live long and prosper.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for asking and reminding us more is needed. I have a friend who is a survivor too.

  • Mark Replogle

    Thank you Isabella Bongino!

  • Mary Hewitt

    Dan thanks for what you do

  • Anonymous

    Prayers and support to you and your family.

  • Perry Phillips

    I hope my donation helps someone in need!

  • Fredric Sayler

    Way to go, Izzy! Love to you and your family. Mr. Ric

  • Anonymous

    All my best to Dan Bongino. You’re passion for life, your family and our country is infectious.

  • Jason Olof Nordgren

    NJ retired cop 4 Bongino

  • James TerHark

    I'm a Marine Corps veteran and cancer survivor. Glad to help out.

  • Leigh Fehr

    God bless Isabel! Great pitch on your dad's show:)!

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino

  • William Bethard

    Because of people like you, I still have a daughter who was cured of Lymphoma via programs like this! Thanks for participating Isabel Bongino, you're Special!

  • Dina Carr

    Dan & Isabel, Standing up with you, your family and team in the fight for life, the fight for liberty, the fight for truth & freedom! Love & Prayers for all...God Bless You and God Bless America!!!

  • Mark Bender

    Love the Bongino Family

  • Peter Schmitz

    Let’s conquer cancer! (Wife a 22 yr breast cancer survivor)

  • Dianne Burnett

    For my cousin Andy and with gratitude, for my recovery from lymphoma 34 years ago.

  • David Flowers

    God Bless!

  • John Oliver

    My wife was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic Leukemia in 2005 and on behalf of Becky, may God bless you and your classmates for supporting this organization.

  • Deborah Staley

    Dan,this is not much but I hope it helps someone in need. Thank you for all you and your family do. God bless!

  • Cathleen Gillespie

    Happy to help.

  • Sharon Jones

    God Bless Dan Bongino

  • Gloria Auth

    Also myself as I have been successfully battling this for 13 years and doing amazingly well.

  • Bill Watkins

    Thank you Isabel for raising money for this cause.

  • Patrick Conneen

    Wish it could be more

  • Tom Finner

    Isabel and friends, you are doing great work., Isabel, your dad is the best. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Ernesto Che Halog

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino is a true patriot!

  • Brian

    Great idea. Keep up the important work on all fronts!

  • Tamera Hicls

    Your daughter is beautiful and so sweet! You have a wonderful family! We love you all!!! Thank you all for your GREAT service to AMERICA!!! ??


    May God bless and increase your efforts, Isabelle.

  • Gina Triola

    Good luck! We love your Dad's show!

  • Clint Shaffer

    It’s not much but glad to give what I can.

  • Anonymous

    I support a good cause. Good luck.

  • Stewart Meyer

    Help save lives

  • Susan Jackson

    This donation is in honor of my brother who has been battling cancer for nearly 6 years. Thank you for all your research to help fight and end cancer, especially for the kids who have to go through this.

  • Vicky Whaley

    Wonderful idea. I'm happy to help.

  • Kelsey Restemayer

    God bless you and your family! Love from Montana.

  • Karl Anders

    Good luck with the fund-raising!

  • Joseph Coyle

    Thank you Isabel Bongino!

  • Jorg Kristijan Petrovic

    For Dan Bongino's doughter and her friends. Great young people.

  • Anonymous

    Making this donation on behalf of Dan Bongino's Daughter and her team. This is in memory of my son's "Grandma Shoes" who passed away 8 years ago from Lymphoma. She was loved by everyone she met and always had a kind word to share, a hug and always looking to feed anyone walking through the front door. :) Best grandma!! Heaven gained an angel and we miss her dearly!

  • Friends of Bill W.

    Friends of Bill W.

  • Jim Kauffman

    Saw you on your Dad's show. Nice job Isabel!

  • Scott and Connie Reynolds

    God bless you!

  • Susan Onorato

    My mom had CLL for many years and fought the brave fight. I still miss her every day since she passed in 2007. Thank you for choosing to support such a worthy cause Isabelle!

  • Charles Rogers

    Thank you Bongino family for all you have given us. May God bless.

  • Andrew & Melissa McKee

    So happy to support the Bongino family! God Bless

  • Anonymous

    Great initiative, Isabel! My coach lost her battle with Leukemia at the age of 28 almost 22 years ago. She is sorely missed by everyone she touched and I hope this helps to prevent the suffering and loss of others from these awful cancers.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan and Paula for giving the gift to teach children how they can start to make a difference in this world. Stay strong and let’s keep the fight going to rid of these diseases. God bless!

  • Stephanie Graybeal

    Was so neat to see your daughter on the show as she works to help others in need. You and Paula are raising amazing people! Lucy is adorable! Please let us know how she does. I have long been a fan of you and your show and am so happy to be able to do something for your family. Godspeed and thank you for all you do!

  • Donna Iwanczewski

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Anonymous

    Hope this helps!!

  • Anonymous

    In support of the Bongino family

  • Anonymous

    God's Blessings to you and your family.

  • Bill Burke

    Hi Isabel - it my pleasure to help you in such a worthy cause. My wife Jill is an oncology nurse practitioner who specializes in lymphoma and myeloma, and she is a big supporter for the LLS. Best of luck to you!

  • Ruth Lewis

    I am a Dan Bongino supporter and I know there are others suffering from this disease that need help. I also have had Multiple Myeloma and needed money to help me. I am blessed that I got a grant that paid for most of my treatments that ran over $6000 a month for just the chemo given to me. So I want to help others. Isabel you are sweetheart. Keep loving on your dad. Keep bold and brave. Ruth Lewis

  • The Loftus Family

    thank you for all you do

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you and your family so more people can beat this!

  • Richard Richardson

    It’s the do that matters, so here is mine! Wish it could be more. Give your daughter my love and support!! Rich

  • Katherine Brown

    God Bless the Bongino family! Keep fighting the good fight, Dan. You are a warrior and America needs you and your voice.

  • Anonymous

    It is very important for Americans to stand up and assist those in need. It is my honor to do so.

  • Mary Pillard

    So happy to help with your fundraising!

  • Patrick Theriot

    Sending all the best wishes for your recovery Dan Bongino!

  • Robert_Here

    God Bless you all

  • Gwen Rollo

    stay positive never give up and fight the fight

  • Timothy Murphy

    Wishing good health to the Bongino family.

  • Mr & Mrs Gordon J Lundy

    Charity without commitment is only half the effort of loving your community and your neighbor. You're doing a great job pulling these donations together for the greater good. May the Lord's grace and blessing generously multiple all the donations you may receive.

  • James Thomas

    Dan and Paula, You have raised a wonderful and charming young woman. I'm not surprised :-) Way to go Isabel!!

  • Alice Miranda

    Hear about this from the Dan Bongino Show, just wanted to show my support. Wish it could of been more.

  • terry miencier

    Our family experienced cancer and we wanted to support the Bongino family.

  • Brett Minich

    We are behind the Bongino family.

  • Randy Scott Lydic

    The easiest donation I've ever made. A good apple that didn't fall far from the tree. Great to see in this difficult times.

  • F.M.

    Isabel, great job!! Your dad is the best!! Prayers for your family and all who are affected by this disease.

  • Anonymous

    My father died of Leukemia 30 years ago. Over the years they have made great improvements in treatment and hope the research continues to improve treatments of this disease. Dan our payers are with you.

  • Cathy & Gerry Cocco

    God Bless and Good Luck Don B!

  • Jeff Martin

    My mother fought Cancer twice. Unfortunately she lost her battle the second time.

  • Anonymous

    You are in our prayers!

  • therese stanley

    For years Rush Limbaugh did fund raisers for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I donated many times during his events and I am happy to donate again...with much love.

  • Bill Loper

    I have a family member fighting, and unfortunately loosing the fight fast. Nothing is harder then to watch a loved one with any type of cancer. Thank you for your help in this battle.

  • Richard Donnelly

    Thanks for reaching out Isabel. I'm sure your parents are proud of you. Press on!

  • Jim Bollinger

    Motivated to donate by Dan Bongino podcast

  • Anonymous

    God Bless!

  • Kathryn Ilten-Holmes

    This donation is in memory of my dad who passed away in 1984 from Leukemia and in honor of Dan Bongino whom I've never met, but am happy to support in his battle with Lymphoma. Evil has not won! To God alone be the glory!

  • Jared Holz

    By request of Dan Bongino’s daughter.

  • Kirk & Patty Wiedman

    Here is to 21 years of fighting NHL! Thank you for raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

  • greg walker

    hope all is well,hope this helps.

  • Edward Spychalski

    DAN, Very happy to pitch in to help. We enjoy your show each and every day. Keep up the great work and we stand with you.

  • Ray Gibney

    Good Luck Isabell. All the Bonginos are in our prayers

  • Heather Smith

    Thank you for your kindness!!! Grateful for you and your family! :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for helping those in need. Hope this helps.

  • Catherine Wiseman

    In memory of my mother who died of leukemia and my own experience with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma of which I am now 9+ years cancer free. God bless the Bongino family. My prayers are with you all.

  • Lori & Bob Bauer

    In memory of those that have passed from this disease; in honor of those working through and surviving it.

  • Anonymous

    Such a great cause, thanks for doing this!

  • Terry Miller

    A ttruly heartwarming ask and worthy cause.

  • Michael Caggaino

    Such a beautiful gift to fund a cure to those in desperate need. We marvel at the dedication and selflessness of Isabel Bongino to be so loving and kind. Nothing can be more true than having the grace of God upon your deeds. Such a shining example of kindness, compassion and wisdom. An inspiration to do more good! Love this!

  • Janis Loucks

    In honor of Dan Bongino and his family

  • Chris Huddleston

    God Bless you and your family. True caring and compassionate Americans.

  • Bill Perry

    Good show!

  • Danielle Collins

    Good luck to you and your family!

  • Susanne Johnson

    Wonderful idea.

  • The Matuszczak Family

    Isabel, by planning and participating is this very worthy fundraiser...says a lot of how you brought up! God's speed to you and your wonderful family! Glad I could contribute!

  • jeffery chapman

    I am a stage 4 Prostate cancer survivor. It is an honor to donate this amount to help fight this evil disease.

  • Anonymous

    I'm donating in honor of my Mother who died from Multiple Myeloma and in hopes this helps others fighting blood cancers. And for all you do, Dan Bongino.

  • Nancy Snodgrass

    God bless

  • Anonymous

    Keep fighting the good fight. Praying for you.

  • Dale and Carol Winchell

    Great job on your dad's show. We are honored to help.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to help!

  • Raymond Ongley

    All the best to Isabel and friends from Australia.

  • Nathan Stark

    My Bride has this Lymphoma B. Brother and Mom Died from Cancer.

  • DON

    Thank you Isabel and your father too, for supporting such a great cause.

  • Gisela Heiter

    Good Luck!

  • Steve Nagy

    From one true AMERICAN to another. I am sorry I couldn't do more. Inspired by what you are doing and an avid Dan Bongino listener

  • Julie

    Good job Isabel, you're a doll, and an inspiration to all who want to make a difference in this world. Dan, You're a great example to so many of us, and obviously have raised an amazing daughter. We appreciate all the time, and effort you put in, to bring us truth and knowledge. We are grateful for your courage through all the continuous trials you endure. We pray for you and your family. Thank you

  • William Yost

    God bless the Bongino’s

  • Ron Hinderberger

    I'm so happy to help you Isabel. Keep up the great work.

  • The Chadwells

    Go TEAM!!!!

  • Anonymous

    so happy to be able to help this very worthy cause. God bless.

  • Anonymous

    I had a nephew die of this disease many years ago. Hope this helps. Good bless

  • Larry & Teresa Arnold

    Thanks for Dan for keeping the conservative moving motivated - Isabella thank you for showing your love and support to your Dad and the many other who have Cancer - Continuing to Pray for the Bongino Famiy - God Bless you all

  • Anonymous

    Isabel, you're a star in the making. Take good care of your dad.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Isabel . . . for giving us the opportunity to assist in the fight against cancer. Your efforts and those of your family are truly inspiring. Hope we'll see you again on your dad's show some time soon. Blessing on your whole family . . . dj

  • Brett Hagen

    Bless the Bongino's.

  • Kathy Shopa

    This is for Dan Bongino daughter asking.

  • Gary Allen Mann

    Great cause. Happy to help.

  • Gina

    Dan, Thank you for never giving up and being an example that all of America needs right now. You are truly an inspiration and your daughter is amazing. May God bless you a million fold for all you have done for this country and my family. Gina

  • Joey Rutledge

    Love your show and just realized today that you have a goldendoodle. So do we.

  • Ana Luisa West

    Great cause Isabelle. Wish it could be more, but hope every bit helps.

  • Lisa Cooper

    To support Dan Bongino, from a very loyal follower.

  • Thomas Boyle

    I am supporting the Dan Bongino family.

  • Joann Morse

    Keep inspiring us all, the world is watching. Fighters never give up! Thank you for all your passion! Be Like Dan!

  • Patricia Bugg

    What a wonderful fundraising competition to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I am happy to support Isabelle Bongino and Team C&G's Students of the Year Fundraiser. I donated because I heard Isabel talking about the fundraiser on her father's podcast, and I felt compelled to contribute. Best wishes on your fundraising efforts.

  • Russell Larson

    I miss you dad. Thanks Isabell, Dan and family. We love you. All our prayers

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Dan for all he does for our country. Good luck with your continued fight on Parler, and of course with your health. Glad to help your daughter and this good cause.

  • Chris Marusic

    Glad to help out.

  • Pat Gunn

    Dan, best wishes in battling this terrible disease. Congrats, too, on raising such a giving daughter; giving of her time, her celebrity, her emotional support to those battling the disease.

  • Wendy Flowers

    All the best wishes to Dan and others battling this disease!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Isabelle for bringing awareness and support to this cause.

  • Teresa Harrison

    Get well, Dan!

  • Ruth Oleary

    Hope this helps!

  • Susan Keen

    God Bless you sweet girl. We love your Dad and what he stands for. You are so lucky to have him and he is equally lucky to have you.

  • Cynthia Lucas

    Blessings to those suffering with this disease

  • Mark Plummer

    It is an amazing act of kindness to see your challenges and step out of your comfort zone to try and help those who will follow you in it. Thank you for stepping up and showing that Dan has brought up a child who is as willing to fight for what is right as he is. God bless our whole family.

  • Patricia Gerber

    Bravo young Miss Bongino!

  • Kristin DeJong

    God Bless!

  • Elaine Jaffe

    We wish the Bongino Family good health and we appreciate all the great leadership of Don Bongino in fighting for our country.

  • Linny Lee

    Prayers for all

  • Anonymous

    For all you Dan

  • Anonymous

    In memory of all the people who lost the battle,and to those still fighting, NEVER GIVE UP πŸ™

  • Diane Voss

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Love Dan & sweet Isabel. Get well Dan!!

  • Elizabeth Flor

    Keep fighting and hopefully we can always cure this.

  • Anonymous

    I wish this could have been a much larger amount but if we could all pitch in and help so much is needed to fight to save lives❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  • John Ellis

    Every little bit helps....

  • Frank Tortoriello

    In honor of my niece Veronica Szenzenstein (17 yoa) who is still battling hodgkins lymphoma. May God Bless all in the fight against all cancers.

  • The Rose Family

    God bless the Bongino family. You are an inspiration!

  • Marcelle Boland

    Dan Bongino thank you for all that you do! We all appreciate you so much.

  • Anonymous

    . I wish the best to all suffering. Stay positive, it will get better.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino and his family. Best wishes.

  • william Leonard

    My Mom and Dad

  • Cindy Yancey

    Donated in honor of my dear hubby, Dave Yancey, who honorably served our country for 12 years. Also, thanks to Dan Bongino for continuing to strive for freedom and bring patriots information even while he was ill and struggling with this disease.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you and the entire Bongino family.

  • Anonymous

    Go Terps!

  • Melissa Levario

    Isabel and Lucy are great spokeswomen for fighting lymphoma.

  • Anonymous

    Donating in honor of the Bongino family.

  • Eric

    Bongino 2024! Dan/Paula

  • Alice Carbaugh

    Best of luck Isabel and Team C&G!

  • Anonymous

    Get well Dan bongino

  • Shelley Brannan

    My donation is for all who have had a cancer diagnosis! Be strong!

  • William Wise

    Bless Dan and his daughter, God bless his recovery, his family and the nation he so valiantly serves!

  • Donte Girtain

    Hello Dan, Isabella, I hope this helps and that your contributions are many for such a worthy cause.

  • DC

    It's kids like this that give me hope for America's future. Good luck!

  • Barbara Kullmann

    Thanks Dan for all you do for this country. Your show is one of the best. I like how you always break it down and get right to the point. May God Bless you and your family!

  • Anonymous

    God bless you all.

  • Irvin Wagoner

    Keep the faith young lady

  • Patricia

    I am also a lymphoma survivor. Thanks to you and your dad for all you're doing.

  • Darci Hartman

    To honor Dan Bongino and in hope of a cure for all.

  • Tracy Emmerich

    I listen to Dan Bongino on Rumble everyday. When he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma I was going through a similar surgery with an enlarged lymph node in my neck. I thank God every day that mine lump was not cancer and I am healthy. God Bless you all for helping with this cause.

  • Marcus Byram

    God Bless You

  • Charlotte Martin

    In appreciation for what Dan does for us and his Country

  • Michelle Taphorn

    Thank you, Dan, for your voice and all you do!! What an articulate and beautiful daughter you have. Good for her fighting for this great cause.

  • Elva Leddy

    Thank you Dan Bongino for all you do.

  • Denise daCunha

    Dan Bongino

  • Manuel Rocha

    The future of this country depends on young people like you all. God Bless.

  • Lee Ann Freeman

    Best of luck in your fundraising efforts for this very worthy charity.

  • Teresa Somin

    Heavenly Prayers for you Jimmy Myrick Jr. and prayers for you Don Bongino!

  • Anthony Galetto

    God Bless you Dan & Family.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry I dont have much to give but I hope it can be used to help someone!

  • Anonymous

    Prayers for you Dan and all those in treatment for this disease!! πŸ™

  • Karen Salinetti

    Thank you for your efforts to help raise money for this great cause. God bless!

  • Elaine

    Go Isabel!

  • Maryann Holt

    It is life altering and I had a scare with it myself and wish to give more later ,It is a vicious battle to fight , God Bless to all fighting this. ??

  • Anthony Alleg

    ???? God bless America ????

  • Thomas Sylvia

    Great cause I wish I could donate more

  • Gary

    All people do great things. Make it something you can be proud of.

  • Helen Daly

    Thank you for helping those that will need help now and in the future.

  • Toonsfamily

    Really sweet message, great idea! God bless you snd your family. Hope you make a ton of money. Keep up your great works!

  • Anonymous

    Very good and thoughtful project Issy. Smart to use your dad's podcast.

  • Matt Watson

    Stay strong anyone fighting a disease, you will pull through.

  • Jeannette A Martimucci

    I am so happy to help you daughters fundraising efforts and I'm also happy so see you are doing so well. Our prayers were answered for you. God Bless you and your family.

  • Chris Gilbert

    Isabel Bongino - Please give your Dad a hug for us, but more importantly from you. We can all see why he is so proud of you

  • Brad Wireman

    Great work, young lady!!

  • Cindy Cooper

    Sixteen years ago, my brother had leukemia and chose to fight, like you. His bone marrow transplant from his son(age 21), good doctors, and support from community made it possible for him to be alive and well today. Keep up the fight on all fronts. God bless you and family.

  • Anthony A Razo

    Memory of my cousin Adam Mezquita who passed away from Leukemia. He was a Police Officer and my hero


    Good group of young people. Proves there's still hope left for the future. Thank you for your efforts!

  • Penny Duncan

    God’s blessings

  • Sandy T.

    God bless the Bongino family! You are true patriots! Aloha

  • L Diane Peterson

    So happy to help support a very worthy cause!

  • Karen Fish


  • Geoffrey Leavens

    Thanks for all you do! Keep the fight going you’re not alone.

  • Lorraine Hinton

    My mother passed away with cancer, also my brother, not lymphoma but other types. I also had breast cancer. God bless those suffering and praying for a cure.

  • Martha Mecimore

    From a fighter to another fighter. God Bless

  • Tami Conaway

    What a great honor to be chosen. You’ve raised her right Dan!. Bless you all.


    Awesome fund raiser. Thank you Bongino family for reaching out to you viewers. Thank you to all who are involved with this fund raiser. God bless, good luck.

  • Shirley Mezel

    I think it is wonderful that students care enough to do this fundraising to help cure cancer.

  • Marie Pilato

    God bless you Dan. Thanks to your daughter and all the students for doing this fundraiser. God bless you all!

  • John DePrisco

    Thanks Isabel for sharing your personal story!

  • Anonymous

    Blessings to you

  • Mary Vienneau

    I’m donating in honor of my son. He has 1 more round of chemo, next week.

  • Anonymous

    I make this donation in honor of my dad who passed away in November from Cancer. May God help everyone suffering from this horrible disease.

  • Mary Cox

    Thanks Isabelle and God bless your family. Never stop fighting for good, honorable causes. Keep learning from and supporting your dad. He is fighting for you and all freedom loving Americans. He is an amazing American! M

  • RJ Prossner


  • Donna Elledge Hogan

    Thank you Isabella for your efforts! I lean on your dad daily for the truth!

  • Patricia Sammons

    Beautiful daughter from a beautiful dad.

  • Amy Desjardins

    Dan - you are the best!!! God has you in his hands!!!

  • Deborah Smith

    This is for Dan Bongino a person who gives so much of himself to others.

  • kelly passucci

    God Bless you and your family

  • Anonymous

    Praying for everybody with this horrible disease.

  • Annette Perkins

    You have such a beautiful heart. As you give to others, your life will be more enriched than anything else on earth. (from a nonprofit starter and orphanage builder, I can attest!)

  • Kevin McNamara

    Love my sister! Thanks

  • Anonymous

    We love you Dan! I'm so happy your daughter takes after the best parts of you and your wife! =)

  • Tammy Montgomery

    Thank you for your strength and courage

  • Nathan, Sarah & Reagan

    Keep fighting the good fight! God Bless!

  • linda Reed

    Thank you for everything you do fir our country Dan!! You’re an amazing Patriot. I know Lucy is proud of you!!!

  • Joan Fowler

    Prayers for those suffering from cancer.??

  • Joan Jeffcoat

    Praying for Dan Bongino snd family????

  • Pam Gresham

    God Bless You ❀️

  • Anonymous

    Mark 9:22-24 But if You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” 23“If You can?” echoed Jesus. “All things are possible to him who believes!” 24Immediately the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe; help my unbelief!” Mark 9:23 Jesus said to him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.

  • Jack Poteet

    Our good friend Nick recently passed away--New Year's Eve--from cancer. He will be sorely missed. Hopefully your cause/charitable efforts will result in no one else having to lose a loved one to this dreadful disease. Bless you and your team for taking this on. Buenas Suerte, Jack & Lori

  • Randi Kae Hansen

    God bless you and everyone who is struggling with this disease..

  • Mary Beth Desch

    Happy to help in even a small way.

  • Fred Schlesinger


  • Anonymous

    These students should inspire all of us to follow their example of goodwill

  • Aaron Dixon


  • Greg and Debbie Wunsch

    Thank you so much for doing this, Isabelle.

  • Mary

    Keep the faith! We are with you in this journey. Thank you for inspiring so many of us, in so many ways!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Dan and the truth you share. God Bless America.

  • Sandra Eaton

    Good luck raising money for such a great cause.

  • Kara E.

    Isabel, it does my heart good to see you are a chip off the old block, your dad Dan, as you confront a bad situation and ask, "What can I do?" May God richly bless the Bonginos, and in Jesus' name: cancer, get out & never darken this family's door again! God Wants You Well awmi . net (testimonies galore to encourage you in Healing Journeys). I donate in honor of my pro-life warrior friend, Joyce Hoppe, who for three years battled leukemia, and met her Lord and Savior Jesus face-to-face on Dec 8th, 2020.

  • Linda Emery

    My very best in your health journey. I am so thankful for your dedication to the truth. One loyal fan

  • L. Varisco

    May the Lord heal and comfort all who are suffering from this horrible disease.

  • Anne Oppenheimer

    We have had numerous friends with some form of lymphoma. Hope this small donation helps. Praying for a full recovery for Dan. Blessings, Bill & Anne Oppenheimer


    May God Bless us all

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful daughter and cause!!!

  • Jeff Dickens

    Thanks to the Bongino family for always being so selfless.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this incredible effort you are partaking in. God bless you!

  • Diana Mcfarland

    Happy to help!!

  • Jeffry Sorensen

    Get well Dan.

  • barbara weil

    God Bless you all

  • Biggens

    Dan Bongion Hope you get well soon. And my GOD make you Hole again. I'm and SSI heart & Kidney patient Myself, for 10 years now, and I kicked Covids ASS! it had nothing on me. God made Sure of that! I will die when he said not until then. So hang in there Bud!I'm with you on the long haul. Thank you for guiding me to PARLER!! I love all my new Patriots! (keep it between the ditches! ) Sorry a old trucker saying. Sorry ten buck is not much. But money is tight, and all I can spare right at this moment. GOD BLESS your family as well Dan

  • Anonymous

    Get well soon. We need you to continue the fight!!!

  • Daneal Keane

    We love you Dan!

  • Fiona Craig

    From Sydney with Love

  • Anonymous

    My wife Elaine died from cancer so this is near & dear to my heart, but with proper research and funding things can change for the better.

  • Lisa Griffith

    Hi Isabel. I met your Dad years ago when he was running for Congress in Maryland. My husband has leukemia and this donation is in honor of him and your Dad battling lymphoma. Good luck with it and I hope you raise a lot of money. God Bless You for doing this. Lisa Griffith, Frostburg MD.

  • T. Burns

    I do this on memory of my uncle who passed a year ago! It may not be much, but I pray God can increase it 100 fold!

  • Louise Theberge

    Many blessings to your family at this time and to you Isabella for taking on this fundraising effort for such an important cause...

  • Jim Simeone

    Thanks for all you do for us. Glad to donate. Your a true American

  • Jeanie Reynolds

    Definitely a fan of Dan Bongino and his family

  • Roseanne Edberg

    Wish it will be successful, what a beautiful and selfless idea!

  • Dannelle Harenberg

    Prayers for complete healing! Thank you, Isabelle, for fundraising on behalf of your awesome Dad and others affected by leukemia and lymphoma.

  • Carol Brown

    God Bless your family! Such a great cause. My family has been touch by several types of cancer. Let's kick cancer to the curb!

  • Anonymous

    I don't know if you are a Christian, Dan Bongino's daughter...but if not...I encourage you to trust in Christ. Your smile lights up the room, obviously. Also obvious is the fact that your parents are proud of you. Thanks for being someone who cares about the sick. Lymphoma is no joke. Praying that God will heal your dad. He is a man of courage. As a father of four daughters and a son, I can tell you that we need more people like him, who are not afraid to tell the truth no matter the cost. Follow in his path. May you be BLESSED in all you do.

  • Joan Flynn

    My husband a retired NYPD officer battled brain cancer for 6 years before succumbing to it. Stay strong and fight the good fight knowing people are praying for you and your family.

  • Debbie Hinkle

    For your daughter's charity.

  • Michael Menne

    Love your dad's pods

  • Amy G

    Happy to help Isabel, Dan and everyone who has to battle this disease. Unfortunately, the same day I saw this, my son tells me one of his close friends has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. Wish this could be more. God bless you all in this fight.

  • Denise DeStefano

    Isabelle and Lucy Bongino encouraged donations and how could you turn them down.

  • Jim

    Praying for your recovery. Your principled analysis will be even more important now.

  • barbara berger

    I am more than pleased to help Isabelle and her friends raise money for an important cause!

  • Denise Lindsay

    You can beat this Dan!!

  • Wendy Kaonis

    Be well Dan B.

  • Anonymous

    Cancer is a scourge on on society and needs to be eradicated. My Father-Law-Law was taken from us a few years ago and it was way too soon. It warms my heart to see our youth fighting for something that means so much, our families! God Bless!

  • Alberta Ferrie

    Ms. Bongino, you are an angel! Your willingness to help others is a testament to great parenting skills by your mom and dad! I wish you much success in this endeavor and will continue to pray for your dad. May God shower you with His blessings and Peace! Sending you all much love, Alberta Ferrie, New Haven, CT

  • Màrk Keefover

    God bless you and your family Dan.

  • Michele Carder

    God Bless you! Praying for complete healing and restoration!

  • Rene Cooperstein

    Isabel Bongino, may God continue to bless and keep your family safe and healthy. Your dad, Dan Bongino, contributes so much positive news, information and blessings to soooo many people.

  • Bret Morris

    God speed in your efforts to help people!

  • Tanya Fischer

    Thank you for all you do. Tanya Fischer

  • Marjorie Simmons

    PRAYERS Dan Bongino beautiful fanily

  • Chris Murphy

    Isabel, your parents must be so proud. Hope my small donation earns Lucy a few extra scratches!

  • Anonymous

    Hope this small donation helps. We love your Dad! We pray for him, your family and all affected by all types of cancer. May God Bless All!

  • Richard Konig

    Keep up the good fight.

  • Douglas Peoples

    God bless you and your cause. Most glad to help.

  • LaDonna

    Breast cancer survivor here!!!

  • Rosanna Prodromakis

    All my best to all of you!! Good Luck Isabelle with this charity. I hope this helps!

  • Karen Springer

    Thanks for including us.

  • Tony Graham

    Dan Bangino

  • David Adams

    Thank you Dan and also thanks to your daughter Isabel. What an awesome family and god bless to you Dan and your family. Thank you

  • Cynthia Keller

    This is a good cause.

  • Suzann Froelich

    This is awesome! My dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma 20 years ago. He has had a positive attitude and great faith throughout the years. Everyday is a gift, and we are thankful to still have him with us. He just celebrated is 86th birthday!

  • Angela O’Connor

    Thank you Dan for all your hard work and guidance. God bless you and your beautiful family. ❀️

  • Erik Eich

    Dan, I hope your daughter raises more than expected for her efforts. Praying for you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    Prayers for your continued healing journey! Courageous Americans ALL in ONE Family! BOOM!

  • Wanda Trevino

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Dan. I have so much respect for you and put my trust in you! By the way, you have an amazing daughter and she’s just beautiful. This is a wonderful thing she’s doing! Wanda

  • Roger G

    May God bless all!!!

  • Charleen Goddard

    My mother has passed but she lived along time after her diagnosis. Much love to all of you.1¹1

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Isabella:) Your Dad rocks and you obviously inherited some gumption DNA !! GO GIRL.

  • Penny Ashby

    Thank you for helping so many.

  • Anonymous

    For Isabel

  • Donna Gunt

    Keep being you. Thank you for all you and your family do for peoples.

  • Anonymous

    Great job young lady!

  • Lori Holguin

    Keep up the good fight Bongino Family

  • Carole Burroughs

    For Isabelle and Dan!!

  • Barbara Stein

    My Dad, Jerry Nelson, died from leukemia in 2013. I have also been praying for Dan Bongino daily.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Dan & Isabel for being so inspirational & such “Salt of the Earth” type people. Watching your clip, where you brought on your daughter was very moving & I knew I had to help support her cause. I wish you all the best & pray for your health & successful recovery. I’m just a wee Canadian, up here in Ontario, but the world (and MEDIA) needs more people like you!!! Thank you for your “top-notch” reporting/delivery of the news, for bringing humour and clarity to the events taking place, and for being such a stand-up/kick @$$ guy. I will pray for everyone who is experiencing leukaemia and lymphoma, but also that the funds raised through Isabel’s efforts, will bring success to the research and purposes this money will support... and perhaps one day we can all give a good ‘ol Dan Bongino “double barrel” salute goodbye to Leukaemia and GO DAN GO!!! and GO ISABEL GO!!! Cheers!

  • Chris Hiltgen

    God Bless You!

  • Anonymous

    praying for all those effected by lymphoma and leukemia! Stay strong Dan Bongino!

  • Melissa Marsh

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Tanya Potts

    Beautiful daughter, amazing father and a man of integrity. So very sorry for the health issues that you have had to face and now the absolute crazy that is the world we are living in right now. Thank you for being the messenger of truth and resilience! Much respect sir! #Bongino2024

  • Anonymous

    Good luck in this fight...

  • Rachelle Lewis

    I donated because my dad passed away from leukemia and I want to help other families going through this

  • Darren Duhe

    Remembering mom and all those who have suffered from Lymphoma.

  • Randy Presser

    The best words I can think of belong to Jim Valvano, "Don't give up! Don't ever give up!"

  • Vanessa Fike

    Stay strong and keep the faith!

  • john gilpatrick

    Great job by Isabel Bongino! God bless you and your family!

  • Anonymous

    In honor of all who are fighting their courageous battle, and in the memory of those warriors in Spirit. I pick up the sword and shield. Praying for ALL, especially you Billy!!!! You are God's warrior here and up THERE. KEEP GOING DAN!!!!

  • David Ogle

    My boy when he was 13... Is a 10 year survivor!!!!

  • Stephen Quick

    Get better Dan we are pulling for you.

  • David & Heather Stevens

    God bless the Bongino family. Thank you for standing up for freedom! Heather & David

  • Mark Aberwald

    I lost my sister to Breast Cancer in 2015 so I support research to fight any cancer

  • Theresa A Parrott

    Thank you Dan and family for all that you do for the American people.

  • Betty Nickelson

    I truly love Dan Bonjino he is the real deal. I pray for him daily and know God is covering him. Keep up the good fight sir your daughter is beautiful looks like you. I hope she reaches her go thank you so much for all you do, Betty Nickelson

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to the Bongino Family for all they do in the name of Christ and in the name of Justice. Much love and respect. Have a blessed one, Sandy Smith

  • Anonymous

    In loving memory of my mother, who was taken from me when I was 4 years old.

  • Robert Bihler

    Love you Dan and your daughter is Amazing!!!!

  • Danielle Slaney

    Best of luck to the Bongino family! Lucy is adorable!

  • Judy Skinner

    In memory of my mother, a registered nurse for over 35 years, and a breast cancer survivor. At her funeral, countless people told me about the small things she had done for them or their family members that had been her patients, those comforting gestures, words and prayers that told them they were not alone in their pain and fear. For all of those medical professionals who fight cancers right alongside their patients, and those behind the scenes working towards treatments and cures, what you do, every day, matters. You may never know, this side of heaven, how many lives you have touched. God Bless You and the patients and their families that lean on you.

  • Kathy Hoffmannbeck

    Good luck with your fundraiser!

  • LuCinda Siekman

    I pray at 10:30 pm every night for several people who are fighting cancer and Dan you and your family is one of them!! I am honored to donate and help anyway we can!! I will continue to pray every night at 10:30pm for you and others!!!

  • E. Douglas Allen

    Proud of you and your parents for doing what clearly demonstrates a good job children of dedicated parents. All my best to you, your friends and your parent while wishing you and your family the very best life has to offer.

  • Charles Wallard II


  • Anonymous

    Dee Harris is my Mom, she is my "Hero". She beat Leukemia with the help of Johns Hopkins Hospital Doctors and staff. She had a cord transplant in 2015. She may be a bit slower than before but she still gives us a run for our money. Love you Mom

  • Anonymous

    Hi. This is great that you and your school are doing this! Good luck

  • KV

    Dan Bongino, an amazing human being!!! Always praying for you Dan!

  • Jack Beaumont

    Dan,keep up the great work, we need to keep on fighting for our rights. You must be very proud of your beautiful daughter and we are glad to donate to this great charity.

  • Betsy Sillars

    God Bless You! Best of luck with your charity! We love you, Dan!

  • Anonymous

    Support for D Bongino

  • Larry Wade - MemoryLaneUSA

    May God Bless your efforts. <><

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for supporting the families who are affected by this disease.

  • Roberta

    God Bless Everyone!

  • John Frye

    God bless

  • Anonymous

    I am four years cancer free from another type of cancer that was the shock of my life. My treatment was painful and has thus far been successful, but every night I pray for those who are undergoing treatments far worse or parents of kids with cancer. Nothing could be worse than watching a child suffer. I probably would have died from my cancer just 15 years ago, but research has done amazing things and so many cancers are now highly curable!

  • Diana Collins

    Keep up the good fight....thank you for all you do! Praying for your healing. God bless you and your family, and all other Patriots out there fighting for our great country! God bless the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ!

  • David Seibert

    Thanks for all that your Patriot family does for this country.

  • Tammy Willard

    I don't have much but wanted to give something God Bless

  • Gail Pifferini

    Thank you Isabel Bonging and friends

  • Sue Hammaker


  • Amanda C Corley

    God bless America and everyone sticking together πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ¦…

  • Lynn Ripley

    Praying for you! Gif Bless you.

  • Shelia Gregory

    You have a servant's heart. May God Bless You and your Family.

  • Terri Cousins

    Thanks Isabel for raising funds for such a worthy cause! Prayers for your Dad's continued healing!

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful that you and your classmates want to support this charity. Love your dad and are praying for all of you. πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

  • Anonymous

    For all those who are facing this horrible killer. It can be dealt with effectively, with medical, nutritional and the support of friends and God's healing power. Thank you for all you do.

  • Pamela Stacey

    In honor of Dan Bongino and both of my elderly parents, who beat Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and to honor the memory of those who weren’t as fortunate.

  • Suzie Schiavoni

    Great job your doing

  • Michelle Potter

    This is an extremely needed fundraiser! The American people’s insurance is almost non existent these days! My husband had Prostate cancer and as a middle class couple with as good as insurance as you can get these days we almost went into bankruptcy. This form of Cancer is much more expensive and people need help! Please pray and ask what your Lord what you can give! I wish we could do more! God bless you and your family! It was precious watching your beautiful daughter asking for our help! I am honored to be able to be able to take part in this for her and for the cause!

  • Michell Marchand

    In honor of Dan and all the others that are battling this awful disease. Keep on fighting! You've got this! In memory of my cousin Todd and all the other children who fought so hard but lost the battle. May they rest in paradise.

  • Elizabeth Songer

    Prayers for Dan! Wishing a full return to complete health like Bianca

  • LorJay

    Putting our money where our mouth is with love

  • Robert Watkins

    God bless the USA thank the us army and all soldiers who fought against the Nazis

  • Rachel Bissett

    May you have a successful fundraiser!

  • John Lies

    Dan Bongino and his family asked me to donate. What an amazing cause this is! Praying for all those with Lymphoma.

  • Michael Knaub

    For Dan Bongino. We Are Penn State!

  • Cyndi Fritz

    This is in support of Dan Bongino who gives so much to us. Blessing from the Fritz family.

  • Heather Morrison

    Love you and your show Dan and pray you’ll beat this!

  • John Taylor


  • Robin Kidwell

    So many people are affected by this terrible disease. I hope you raise a lot of money for this most worthy cause.

  • Anonymous

    This organization helped my Dad through his treatment and he's still with us today.

  • Katherine Sutley

    To all those fighting the fight. For those that lost their fight. For those such as myself that beat cancer. CANCER SUCKS.and needs to be stopped. We need to find the cure. Prayers

  • Jeff T Shrout

    Glad to help. I wish you a prosperous endeavor. Thanks for the opportunity to help!

  • Diana Appel

    Also, in memory of my mother (Multiple Myeloma).

  • Abby Simon

    God bless

  • Donna Brantley

    God Bless you.

  • Shannon Miner

    Thank you for helping others!

  • Anonymous

    Please God Keep your hand on these people. I pray my mom is happier now with you. My sis is going thru every chemo..for ovarian cancer.I went through Lymphoma cancer, My other sis , Brest Cancer Mr. Dan Bongino ,we are all in Gods hand of will. Ina Dempster

  • Anonymous

    God Bless You Al!

  • Anonymous

    May GOD Bless the Bongino Family

  • L C

    Great work you're doing.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan for all that you do for us and the truth!

  • Pam Couch

    In support of your Dad and many others....

  • Robert O'Reilly

    Keep fighting

  • Jeffrey Mueller

    I am donating because I have the greatest respect for Dan Bongino, one of the greatest Patriots and voices for freedom in our country; and by extension, his family. I am a physician who treats patients with cancer, but in a holistic or integrative fashion. My thoughts and prayers are with Dan and his family as he battles lymphoma with incredible courage. I am also doing this in remembrance of my Aunt, a Carmelite nun for 68 years, who passed in 2019, but left a legacy of love, peace and serenity which touched thousands of lives and which will last for generations.

  • Anonymous

    In memory of my wonderful mother-in-law Concetta Morabito who went above and beyond pouring out love and support for my family and I. She passed away on 2/18/18 and is greatly missed. She was the glue in the family. Now I take up her mantle, however, cannot fill her shoes!! She never gave up on anyone and was very hospitable to all who knew her. She had pains in her stomach since Oct. '17 and didn't complain, her doctor gave her anti'acids and other meds for the "agita" (acid indigestion). In December with excruciating pain the doctor took tests but never checked for anything in depth. She continued in pain back and forth from hospitals and rehabs, etc,. Right before Christmas she wes diagnosed with 3rd stage pancreatic cancer. So she wanted to leave the hospital and realized her lifespan after the doctor told her the diagnosis. She passed away on 2/18/18...She fought until the end...but the pain was too much and she wanted to dies at home in her own bed. She came home, died in peace.

  • Linda Haugen

    Thank you for caring about others. The sign of a good heart.

  • Daniel, Trisha, Colt Meehan

    Isabel, God has blessed you with an amazing family and the world is a better place because of all of you. Forget student of the year, how about BONGINO 2044?!?!?!? Dan, Trisha, and Colt Meehan

  • Jo Ann Cornelli

    Thank You Dan for just being you. A light in the midst of some darkness. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this time in your life. You will come out even stronger than before. Be Blessed. We all love you! Fondly, Jo Ann

  • Judith Davies-Legare

    Fighting for life!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless you Isabel and your family.

  • Steve A Lange

    God bless

  • Thomas Cordery

    God bless you, Ms. Bongino. Thank you so much for doing this. My thanks also to all your classmates and to whoever among you championed this important cause. Ms. Bongino, you and your family are in my prayers. I pray for God to grant your Dad the strength and healing he needs, and to bring comfort and peace to all of you, throughout these trying times.

  • Lee Sexton

    Bless you Miss Isabel.

  • Candi Ramer

    Unfortunately, some may be surprised about the prevelence of this disease in our communities today. Last year an 18 year old friend had to undergo treatment... this year a 60 year old friend.. and we live in rural dairy country.. I can't donate much, but will share as well. Dan Bongino... hurry and get well. Love you.

  • Alyssa Ruggieri

    Donating in support of Isabel Bongino and her friends’ efforts to raise money for this incredible cause... my mom has lymphoma like her dad Dan and I know how hard it can be. Sending love, prayers, and my thoughts to them and to all who are affected...

  • Anonymous

    This is such a great cause! God bless you and your entire family!

  • Leslie Bucci

    Your daughter is beautiful! God bless her for doing this fundraiser. Praying for you Dan! Leslie Bucci

  • Brandon Carmody


  • Leslie Dulbs

    This donation is for Isabel Bongino’s fundraiser.

  • Jason Maher

    Don't have much but hope it helps. If everyone puts a little it adds up quick

  • Ellen M Hennecke

    God bless you, Isabel and your dad. I am a lymphoma patient, currently in treatment, so I know what your family is going through. Dan, you should be so proud of your daughter making a difference in this world. Prayers for your family.

  • Mcwhorter Cherie

    In loving memory of my mother!! Praying they find a cure for cancer.

  • Robin Moffitt

    So thankful for the work that all of you are doing to find a cure for this cruel disease!! God bless all of you!!

  • Phyllis Orr

    For a cure and healing to all who have lymphoma??

  • Audine Lambert

    Thank you, Dan and Paula for all you do. This is a great example of a daughter's love for her dad. Good luck. Isabel.

  • Laurie Ramsey

    Wishing you much success Isabel, in your fundraising efforts for a great cause. I'm sure your dad is very proud! I wish Dan continued health and blessings to all families impacted by this horrible disease.

  • Deborah Longley

    Cody Longley and Dan Bongino

  • Mathew Alcorso

    Nice work Young lady.God Bless.

  • Susan Polos

    My wonderful and loving brother. Steve

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for continuing to fight for us every day. My Mom passed in 2015 from lung cancer - I miss her every day and pray for your family.

  • Anonymous

    Keep it real Dan!

  • Cynthia Woollard

    This is in response to Isabel Bongino's request. Thank you for making the world a better place.

  • Anonymous

    Praying for all those battling cancer. God bless you!

  • Charles Nungesser

    Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    It is a pleasure to donate to this charity. I wish I could do more but I know every little bit helps. God bless everyone fighting this battle.

  • Anonymous

    All my best to the Bongino family.

  • Anonymous

    My grandson has cancer also. This is all I'm able to do. Thank you Isabel for bringing this forward for us to help. Always in my prayers.

  • James Kitchen

    Bongino is the best stay strong

  • Bill Basinger

    Wish Dan Bongino safe recovery.

  • Monica Fee

    Happy to help. Thank you for all you do Dan. Wonderful idea of your daughter

  • Max Johnson

    Best wishes. I hope it helps.

  • Marie Hills

    In honor of my Dad. Keep fighting hard and hopefully we can be together soon.

  • Anthony English

    I hope this helps

  • Wanda Gabriel

    Honoring Dan Bongino. God Bless You.

  • Tony Albert

    Nice to see high school students helping others in need. God Bless.

  • Jon Whitney

    This is a wonderful fundraising effort. Thank you for hard work.

  • Lisa Pristas

    God bless everyone fighting cancer.

  • Thomas Tri

    Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    My brother Erin passed away last year after a 4 day battle with leukemia. My brother mike is battling lymphoma. Praying you both beat it!

  • Jeff Englar

    I'm sure Dad would be one of your fans like I am. LtCol Roger Englar worked directly for Major General Thomas Mcinerney whom you may have met on Fox, when they were at I believe the 313th Air Division. Be Brave and carry on! - Jeff

  • Iris

    Good luck ?

  • Chris Hartley

    In memory of my dad's best friend who died young. My dad missed him so much until he died at 83. True friendship.

  • Steven Breda

    Hope this helps. Good luck with this I hope you reach your Goal.

  • Anonymous

    In memory of my mom, Renee, who battled 4 types of cancer in her long life. A tough bird to the end. And in honor of Dan Bongino and all he does for our country and for our spirits. In God's name we pray.

  • WJC

    The Bongino family is inspirational. Thanks for staying in the fight, on all levels.

  • Elena Luongo

    Dan: Sending you prayers and best wishes A long time fan

  • Get Cozy Company


  • Hank Kudlacz

    Jim - I miss your no BS way of looking at things.

  • Linda Keiffer

    God bless you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    Here you go, Isabel!

  • Don Winges

    Glad to help Izzy!!!

  • Richard Lane

    In honor of Dan Bongino who we welcome into our home daily.

  • Diane-Dalton Reyes

    This is a fantastic organization that I know well. I ran my first marathon to raise money for Lymphoma & Leukemia!!! Congratulations Julie Ann for your commitment!❀️

  • Carol Lee Lutsinger

    God bless each of you!

  • Keith Cotter

    just want to help

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino

  • Johanne Moore

    Great cause!

  • Patricia Priestley

    You’re a hell of man Dan. I appreciate all that you do for us! My very best to you and your family! God bless the country!

  • Laura Powers

    My dad, he kicked Julia's butt!

  • Kalyn Pickering

    Prayers for everyone fighting this terrible disease and their families!

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino and Family -Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I know the tough times the Bongino family endured this year. Spinning it into such a great cause is wonderful. Good luck on your donations.

  • Jon

    don't stop fighting

  • Sherry House

    Thank you, Isabel! You did a great job selling your request. And Lucy is precious too! ??


    My message is short. As small as my donation is, it is what I can do and I want to be part of something larger than myself.

  • Sandy Krc

    Praying they find a cure to put an end to this disease. Bless you and your beautiful family. Praying for your dad everyday!

  • Maureen Celona

    God Bless your family πŸ™β€

  • Jennifer Heinz

    You are strong genuine and real Dan. Sending love and prayers to you and your beautiful family.

  • Kathleen Davies

    Love you Dan

  • Kirstie

    Thank you for being a voice to all of us who can’t make their voices heard! Prayers for you and your family! God bless you Dan!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for all that you do. May God bless you

  • Jeanie Reynolds

    Thanks Bongino Family

  • Shelly Flanigan


  • Fred Miller

    Great work Isabella...go Terps! My son is a UMD your jacket!

  • Jo Ann Christina

    I am a leukemia survivor and BMT recipient. LLS was strategic in helping me in ALL aspects of my battle and continues to help me! I’ve tried to volunteer when I could but not always able to help especially now during Covid. Just know that I am one of the people directly affected by their ongoing work to fight these diseases!

  • Cynthia Avanzino

    My prayer is for this family and others.


    Although this isn't much I know it'll help some.


    Keep up the good work...God Bless you all!

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino

  • Bev D

    I applaud your efforts. So many advances have been made in lymphoma research. Let’s hope they do more.

  • Nicki Wilson

    Such a beautiful daughter who like her Dad and Mom reach out to help this country and the people who are scared, suffering or just need help to get thru another crisis in their life! God Bless you to the entire Bongino family and the classmates who are helping out! Praying for a complete recovery for you Dan. Also praying for all the school students that they are protected from the liberal indoctrination coming from their teachers.Blessings to those wonderful teachers who still teach- telling truths and guiding them to make their own decisions!

  • Jim & Denise Lewis

    Fight the Good Fight!!

  • Anonymous


  • Charlena Chesnut

    It’s an honor to donate! Together we can defeat this horrible cancer! 😘

  • Angela Estrada

    Well done young lady!

  • Caren Kurdjinian

    I want to help as a fellow energy healer.πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»

  • Elis Pujols

    Dan Bongino & family. God bless you & keep fight the good fight and keep the faith.

  • Keith Roache

    Great job Isabelle, you're a natural.

  • John Gutbib

    God bless you

  • Anonymous

    Hang in there Dan! You are doing great work and your daughter is following your example! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and I now am a retired college professor living in Morgantown, WV. I am an eight-year survivor of a bone marrow transplant. I agree with you that we need to fix the current party and not start over.

  • Carole Blanchard

    i am pulling for you Dan and what your daughter is doing is great.

  • Heidi Spaeth

    Thank you Isabelle (and Lucy) for choosing this charity to raise money for. You are a beautiful person inside and out!

  • Sandi Williams

    My friend Linda is a fighter and a winner!

  • Gordon West

    Isabelle: I am donating in response to your plea on your Dad's Podcast, for your caring & concern in picking a very worthwhile cause. Best wishes and good luck in in your fundraising to become Student of the year. "May the love and favor of the Lord Jesus rest upon you." 1Cor.16:23 TLB

  • John Schmanek

    Thoughts and best wishes to you and your family for everything. You all are in our prayers.

  • Sharon Martin

    Stay strong

  • Ralph Royall

    Praying for you Dan. Best wishes for you and your family for all you do for Patriots.

  • Joe Orost

    Via Dan Bongino’s daughter

  • Dianne Linville

    So happy to do this in honor of your Father.

  • Julie Trummer

    You have a great heart Isabella Bongino!!! This is in memory for my uncle. He passed away from Leukemia at 13, before research and treatment advanced!

  • Jonathan Jonathan

    With best wishes to the Bonginos and all who are supported by by this effort.

  • daniel gagnon

    I wish I could give more but from one patriot to another God bless!

  • Jennifer Kalenberg

    Dan, you're the best! Keep up the good work on reporting the truth to us.

  • Anonymous

    Proud Dad moment, indeed. God bless you and your family, Isabel.

  • Marilyn Roberts

    I’m donating in honor of my dad Charles William Allen who had lymphoma when he was 69. He is now 89 and doing great.

  • Elizabeth Watson

    Thank you for doing this - BEST

  • Bethany Spilde

    God bless you and your family!

  • Mike Davis

    Heard about fundraiser from Dan Bongino’s daughter on his podcast. Encourage by his fight with Cancer, and as a cancer survivor know the need for support and research. Blessings!

  • Dan Lawson

    Go bless you Dan Bongino

  • Audrey Alexander

    We love Dan’s show and everything he does for our country.

  • Anonymous

    Wishing you much luck in raising funds to advance awareness and treatments for this disease.

  • Tom Sullivan

    God bless, keep fighting, and stay strong we're fighting with you ??

  • Anonymous

    A token gift to say "Thank you" to Dan Bongino. "The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty." - Winston Churchill

  • Anonymous

    OHSU’s Leukemia Department CURED my husband of CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) 17 years ago and he’s still going strong. Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Melissa Noble

    Donating after hearing on Dan Bongino show.

  • Melissa Lambert

    God Bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Great job Isabel! We are praying for you, your dad and family. XOXO

  • Chris Scimone

    Good luck!

  • Emily Bridgeman

    Dan - We have lost two family members to cancer - my grandfather and my mother-in-law. We aren't rich people, but we are happy to support the cause in their memory and your honor. Thank you for fighting the battles WITH us while you are fighting a health battle as well. Many prayers and what a blessing you have in your daughter.

  • Anonymous

    Praying for health for all.

  • Julie Goldner

    Helping you meet yourself goal. Great job!

  • Josh and Kelly Duggins

    Keep up the good fight.

  • Anonymous

    DB your a patriotic hero to me. As cancer Sevier i would like to help.

  • Alberto Llorens

    I’m a new listener to Dan Bongino’s show since November and I am grateful for the new insights I’ve gained in a short time. I intend to provide my support to the extent I can to the causes he champions, and this is clearly a most worthy one. Thank you Dan and Isabel for raising my awareness on yet another front.

  • OleladyX

    My grandmother had leukemia. My mother had leukemia, and is currently in remission. My youngest daughter is going in for testing for possible brain cancer, and I just found out today. This is not only a worthy cause, but I believe GOD is trying to speak to me that I need to do more for others, and it might just possibly end up helping the ones I love. This is what I can donate. Maybe I'll stop on by again next month for more, if I can. Good luck, Isabella and Dan. May you both have many more years with each other and the rest of the Bongino family.

  • Robert H Nagel

    Death to cancer in 2021. In memory of all leukemia and lymphoma sufferers, past and present.

  • Beverly Brown

    This is such a worthy cause. I hope and pray someday this awful disease - and all forms of cancer - will no longer exist. God bless all who are battling any form of cancer. I lost my mother to cancer in 1959, and I am a cancer survivor. Thank you for caring and helping! God bless you Dan!

  • Dakota Clark

    Dan is a big influence in my life and has a big heart for the American people! His daughter Isabel is a amazing person for taking interest in raising money for this cause. I wish I could donate more.. Prays for everyone that has this horrible burrdon in there life.

  • Frank De Feo

    Dan, I am sure you are very proud.

  • Eileen Dine

    God Bless you Dan and I hope your daughter raises a lot of money. She seems like a great kid

  • Pat T

    Praying for Dan Bongino and his family. They're true patriots!

  • Ruth & Steve

    Thank you, Isabella, for speaking up for this important cause.

  • David Travers

    Patriots are all smart. Patriot warrior here. God bless you and family Dan Bongino

  • Zoom Nguyen

    Kudos to Dan's daughter to promote this. Love the Bongino family! Zoom Nguyen

  • Paul W Cioffre

    Great Job Izzy! Dan, Thank you for just being you, God bless your family!

  • Cammie Adkins

    Way to beat this Dan! You give 110% always. So proud of your daughter and the students supporting this foundation.

  • Barry Mlodossich

    This is for a great cause; thank you to the Bongino family for raising awareness so others can help!

  • Steve&Cathi VanDamme

    In honor of Dan Bongino and family!

  • Cindy Sharrow

    Praying for your full recovery, Dan! Isabella did a great job! She is adorable!

  • Anthony Santangelo

    You're a very special young lady, and your friends as well, to take the time to put your day to day activities aside and share your hearts. God Bless all of you. Anthony

  • Anonymous


  • Annie Sturm

    My granddaughter is almost 1 yr cancer free from Hodgkin's!! God bless you all! Thanks for what you are doing.????

  • William Infield

    Be well Dan Bongino & all who suffer from this disease

  • Berlie Freidt

    2007 my Uncle Bruce was diagnosed lymphoma...He is still with us! This is a wonderful foundation! God Bless the Bongino family!

  • James Fletcher

    Great cause! Love you Dan! Good job raising an awesome daughter!

  • Joseph J. Raducka Jr.

    Great job! May The Lord bless you and your family.

  • Scott A Deeg

    Thanks Dan been using has many of your sponsors as possible and Recommend a fundraiser for you a signed copy of your 3 books I bought the last one and would buy all 3 autographed Trio thanks for all your hard work in your podcasts. Scott A Deeg

  • Suzy Burros

    Dan Bongino is the man!!

  • Anonymous

    Jonathan was only 9 years old when he died of Leukemia. His parents found the courage to make a wonderful life for their daughters. His sister Kristen grew up to attend West Point and serve our country. Attending the funeral of my new husband’s best friend’s child, more than 40 years ago remains a heartbreaking memory to this day. No child should ever have to die of either of these diseases. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do to rid the world of these blood cancers that steal life too soon.

  • Mary Sirak

    Both of my parents died of cancer, so this is very close to my heart as well. God Bless you Isabel, and your entire family! I love listening to your amazing father every day! Praying for his total healing! I loved seeing a little clip of Lucy in your video!

  • Joanne Bettencourt

    A cure needs to be found to save lives. It was not there for my beautiful aunt.

  • Michele Miller

    My late husband passed away at the age of 41 from one of the most acute, and still very deadly today, forms of leukemia. Much progress has been made but there is so much more to be done. Kudos to Isabel for her efforts. I am a big fan of Dan and now I am also a fan of his beautiful, articulate and caring daughter!!

  • Anonymous

    He taught a long and painful battle with, DIPG, a childhood cancer that has no cure! I hope your fundraiser is a success and continued research fot the cause and cure of all forms of cancer will someday be a reachable goal! You and your Dad are both inspirations to a lot of people as he fights his battle with lymphoma and you as you support a charitable event for him. May God bless your courage and perseverance.

  • Anonymous

    Dan’s daughter

  • Darren Maynard

    I totally support your show love with you doing keep up the great work and to your daughter and very impressed trying to help people in need you are terrific people. Sorry I can't do much more right now I'm a single father with three kids I've been laid off since July I hope this little bit helps God bless

  • Tim & Michelle McQuay

    God Bless the Bongino Family and all the families who have/are going through tough times! #StayStrong!

  • Sp Ranger Bill J McLean

    Hearing Isabel on the Dan Bongino show tonight really touched my heart. Isabel's love for her dad is obvious, and the fact that she wants to help others in their time of need is very commendable! God Bless the entire Bongino family and other families. Dan your a warrior and one of my brothers! You along with your family are in my nightly prayers! Stay with the fight and you will prevail

  • Amy Estes

    It is my pleasure to support Dan and his beautiful daughter, Isabel. What a wonderful family!

  • Steve Hanneke $25

    keep up the good work Isabel--take care of your daddy-a great American

  • Connie Steagall

    In loving memory of my nephew. Passed at 4 years old with leukemia. Love Aunt Connie

  • Patriot PE

    God bless you Isabelle & Dan.

  • Nancy Letarte

    Dan Bongino

  • Rick Smith

    Prayers to all!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  • Rachel Donoian

    God Bless you Isabel and God Bless your father. What a wonderful way to make a difference to so many cancer patients. I am cancer free from Colon Cancer for a little over a year... every day is a blessing and a gift. Prayers to your dad for continued healing!!

  • Susan McKenzie

    Thank you Isabel, for your caring, love, and personal endeavors. You and your beautiful family help make us all stronger. My donation is necessarily a small one, but what it lacks in lots of zeroes, it makes up for a thousand-fold in honor, respect, and appreciation. Best of luck to Team C&G; and love and prayers to the entire Bongino family - Lucy included, of course!

  • Bobbie Lieggi

    First, I just want to say what a sweet, beautiful and caring person you are Isabelle. God Bless You and your great family. Your family has given us so much I wish I could give you a fraction of what the Bongino family has done for the country. I also want to remember a gorgeous , funny , 23 year old Mark that lost his life to this disease. We called him Markle because his eyes were always bright and sparkling. He was my daughters boyfriend for many years and part of our family our in our hearts. I know he would love what you are doing with your fund raiser. Your Dad will be fine because he was born to fight and win, and he loves his family so much, I feel like I know all of you just from listening & watching him. God Bless all of you and whoever wins YOU are the Student of the year already to me!

  • Anonymous

    Stay strong Dan

  • Joy Adams

    Thank you. I had lymphoma in 2003. Have been cancer free since. Dan, you will be fine πŸ™‚

  • Rowena Varner

    Wish I could give more. I am praying for all of those affected by this disease and will continue praying for the Bongino family. Love, Rowena Varner from Vacaville, CA

  • Bongino Fan

    Good luck with the fundraiser Isabelle.

  • Anonymous

    hope the small amount of money will help someone. Sorry cannot afford to do more

  • Ron Roedema

    For your daughter’s effort Joe Bongino

  • Keith Griggs

    For Bongino

  • Virginia James

    God Bless you Dan and your family.

  • Anonymous

    My older brother is also battlung lymphoma, is in remission at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for raising funds for this important cause.

  • Sharon Chorost

    I pray we find a cure for this horrible disease. All the best wishes to the Bongino Family.

  • Paul Fetzer

    Our family loves Dan Bongino!!

  • William Kimball

    For Dan Bongino. Praying for your complete recovery

  • Charlene W Jutras

    Hope this will help! Good Luck with your fundraiser.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Isabel & Lucy for your compelling request! Love you (and Lucy & your Dad!).

  • David Vasser

    God bless all of you.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Bongino is an inspiration to all.

  • Vic McDaniel

    As a choroidal melanoma survivor I strongly support treatment of all kinds of cancer. Together we can get this done!

  • Laurianne Stewart

    This man does more for real Americans than just about anyone else. Help find a cure for him and for all the people who suffer from cancers of the blood.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino. All the best

  • Mary Goodwin

    My beloved husband died from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

  • Merle Peterson

    retired 20+ yr. Dan, I love you and your family. Merle

  • John D.

    Isabella I am very proud of what you and others are doing!

  • Susan Hynes

    My Daughter has Chronic myelogenous leukemia so I would like to make a small contribution and for others as well. would like to let you know how much we love your show, also please tell your Daughter she did an awesome job, oh and your baby girl Lucy is adorable too.

  • Steven M. Alper

    Thank you, Isabella. Thank you, Dan, for all of the everything!

  • Peter Hill

    Dan, looks like the apple did not fall far from the tree. What a great Daughter. You must be very proud. She is starting early following in your foot steps. I am sure she will go far in all of her pursuits. Congratulations to all your family. We need many more Patriots following in your footsteps.

  • Janis C...

    Good luck...God bless you and the students raising this money...

  • Terry

    May God Bless Everyone!

  • Brandon Boggan

    A little donation and a lot of prayers that these donations will support some great work.

  • Lauren Emoto-Barnhill

    Beautiful family; amazing daughter! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Todd Schulze

    Keep up the fight Dan. Hope this helps. God Bless.

  • Rocky Tapscott

    Great work Isabel, you go girl

  • Nikki Ruddy

    Isabel, congrats to you and your team on your LLS Student of the Year nomination! As last year’s Detroit Chapter, LLS Woman of the Year, thank you for carrying on this important cause, honoring your dad and fighting for those battling this awful disease. Together we will find a cure! #MissionIsPossible #BeatingCancerisInourBlood ?????? #ForDad #beatBloodCancer #LLS #ROAR

  • Ray Peek

    Thanks to Dan,Isabel and his entire family for what they're doing for our country and this valuable charity. Get Well Dan!

  • Steven Meyer

    Great cause Isabel! I hope someday soon the scientists put as much effort into a cure for this deadly disease as they did with an almost non-lethal virus such as Covid-19. The cure is out there, we just need to keep fighting big pharma and get it done. God bless you and your family.

  • J. Meza

    Thank you Bongino Family for supporting a great cause and for speaking truth to empower the American People!

  • Paul and Paulette Born

    God Bless You! We're in the fight with you.

  • Annie Parysz

    Great Job Isabella!

  • R. Gibson

    Sorry I can't give more ,but realize every little bit will help.

  • Donna Torres

    Always in my prayers Dan. Kudos to your daughter and her wonderful classmates!

  • Anonymous

    Good job and bast wishes.

  • Linda Smith

    We give with much love, thought and prayers.

  • Anonymous

    God bless and protect you and your family, Dan. Thanks for all you do. Keep the faith!

  • Michele Gutierrez

    Prayers to you and your family.

  • Judi Micoley

    I am pleased to be able to support you in this important cause. May the day come when children like little Christopher can ALL recover from this disease.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless The Bongino Household

  • Steve Schuneman

    You and your family rock.. Keep up the great work..

  • Kathy Cameron

    We love you Dan!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless you and keep you safe.

  • Justin Hayes

    "Look to the childeren. They will show you the Way." May God bless & keep you, Bongino family.

  • Tony Bag A Donuts

    Thanks for doing a nice thing Isabel. Dan Dude-I'm really glad your there. I listen every day at work in Lib tard Northern CA. If I win Mega Millions Lotto tomorrow, I'm all in as an investor for the new parallel economy.

  • Richard Benson

    In memory of my father. In honor of Dan. God bless you and your family Dan.

  • Anonymous

    From a fellow brother in blue

  • Kelly L

    My sister Kim battled Hodgkins years ago and beat it, too. We are blessed to have her. It was tough on her, and it is hard on the families. Thanks to the caregivers and researchers who keep moving forward.

  • Bradlee Henderson

    Thank you Dan to you and your family. I will gladly help support your cause any day of the week! God bless you brother. We love you!

  • Anonymous

    God bless Dan Bongino and family

  • Carolyn Graceffa

    God Bless you

  • Richard Levesque

    I hope this helps some.

  • Anonymous

    Not a huge amount and it will all add up, we are sure!

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino your light shines for all to see, your truth speaks to those who might be led astray and your courage is why America is called the home of the brave. Thank you Sir. You WILL NOT be overcome by this disease. Jeremiah 29:11. God Bless you and your Family.

  • Anonymous

    Nice job!

  • Michelle Beth Yoho

    Glad to donate to such a worthy charity. Thank you to Isabel and the Bongino family for all that you do for our country.Mic

  • Silas

    Thanks Bongino Family for all your hard work!

  • Patrick James

    Best Wishes for all in need.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work.

  • Margaret Rose Lopez

    Dan Bongino is surviving this horrible condition. His fight for the truth goes forward. Prayers to all other families dealing with this also. May both the afflicted and family receive a healing spirit & perseverance. God bless

  • Joseph Sorrentino

    Thanks for the hard work dan!

  • Stephanie Coop

    Great Cause!

  • Anne Groves

    Encouraged by Dan Bongino and his lovely family

  • Jacquelyn Delgado

    Prayers Dan!

  • carol A

    Isabel you rock for caring to create solutions. We love your dad and mom and loved meeting you esp. with such a heartfelt message. I think u are very blessed to have the mom and dad u have. Thanks to all of you for sharing with us. Hang in there, keep the faith and shine on!

  • Nicole Clarke

    Dedicating this to a true patriot, Dan Bongino!

  • Anonymous

    God bless the Bongino family!

  • Kamil Muszynski

    God Bless!

  • Matthew Garon

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Anonymous

    Go, TEAM!

  • Richard Jordan

    My wife is a kidney cancer survivor five years ago We need to get a cure for all cancer.

  • JoAnne Marino

    I am donating to support Isabella Bongino & her classmates fund raiser.?

  • Sally Scharff

    Sending a complete and speedy recovery to Dan Bongino, who has worked so hard to get the truth out to America. Thank you Isabel for doing a great job!

  • Ron Brown


  • Rosemary Taylor

    For Dan and all those dealing with Lymphoma and their families. God bless you Isabel and friends!

  • Patti Bacon

    Wish I could give more. God bless you and your family

  • Helen Huggins Carter

    Family members who died from cancer

  • Daniel Jones

    Keep up the good work young lady!! I’m sure you make your parents proud!!

  • Leigh Ann Sterling

    Dan - your fight is our fight. Prayers sent, my friend!

  • Anonymous

    God bless your work in raising money for such a good cause.

  • Jeff Sarnelli

    Stay strong Dan! Thanks for all you do!

  • Carla Machnik

    Isabel and your fellow team, it is a beautiful thing to give of your time and efforts. I applaud your kindness and send heartfelt thanks from Ontario, Canada.

  • Roberta

    It is wonderful to see children who rally for something dear to the heart of their family. Kudos to you and your classmates❀️

  • Catherine O'Neill

    Sending prayers!

  • Michael Taylor

    I am a cancer survivor. Never give up hope.

  • Jim Konnick

    Thank you and God bless you. My prayers go out to the entire family.

  • A. Burton

    May God Bless you in your endeavors.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dan for all you do. Prayers to you and your familyπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Fletch53

    Great charity to support. God speed to the Bongino family.

  • Dawn Cilio and family

    Great cause. We have been praying for your dad. God Bless you ??

  • Oliver Ditch

    Hope this helps Isabella.

  • kerry cummins

    We lost my husband's best friend to this disease last year...great choice in charities!

  • Robert & Inara

    For all that Dan does for us.

  • Chuck Bonner

    Thanks to Isabell Bongino for doing this. I'm hoping for the best for your family and the rest of the people who are affected by blood disorders.

  • Brittany Brooks

    We are praying for your healing Dan! May God bless you and your family!

  • Melinda Williamson

    Prayers for Dan and others walking this road. Prayers for healing and for God to make it evident He is with you, even in this. Asking for a hedge of protection around your family, Dan, so that the evil one can't touch you. Your audience LOVES you and as you continue to be a voice that proclaims truth, know you are not alone and have a whole lot of support behind you. Blessings on you and your family.

  • David Fiello

    Thanks to Lucy Bongino for bringing this noble cause to our attention.

  • Kevin Poveda

    Thank you Dan for being a true Patriot and a voice for us Deplorables.


    Thanks for all you do Dan. Keep the faith.

  • Donna Lynch-Fazio

    Keep on keeping on

  • Pennie Corden

    You all are a Great Class for doing this. Bless you All.

  • Christine Flaig

    14 mos ago my nephew (then 9) was diagnosed with Brickett's lymphoma. 1 yr ago he did 2 rounds of chemo. Today, he's had several clean scans & is cancer free. Thank you for raising awareness!

  • Amontape Wisetsarakool

    Keep it up Dan!!

  • Jim & Lori Hynes

    God bless you & your family! You are loved!

  • Darlene Rosell

    Prayers to anyone battling this disease πŸ™πŸ»

  • Carol Hollis

    Best wishes for a successful drive for an amazing g cause! Pray to you and your family,

  • Jeanne Batchelder

    Good luck and take care of your self πŸ™β€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Ronald Wilson

    In support of the Bongino family.

  • L

    Dan Bongino

  • Dorry Sankey

    I pray that this donation will further research to find a cure for lymphoma and leukemia.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino

  • Michele Edwards

    My husband also went through fighting Lymphona in the neck and won back in 2019! Thank God! I believe in this cause and God bless Dan Bongino and his beautiful daughter Isabel for bringing it out to the mainstream for people to support this.

  • Lynn Spino

    Lymphoma took my mom's life four years ago. I know how difficult it is as a daughter to watch a parent going through this. You want to help and all you can do is be there for them. Glad to see your dad is doing so well!

  • Kristina Steckler

    This is amazing that you are doing this. I lost my mom to Leukemia in 2007 when I was 13 and this organization is amazing. Keep up the work Isabell and your class! You guys are making a difference!

  • Anita McAfoos

    Happy to donate. Thank you for what you are doing.

  • Anonymous

    Dan B asked us to donate so want to help

  • Beth Hendershot

    In honor of my mother who passed away with lymphoma and my cousin Kristen. I just lost my brother In-law to cancer. This is a good cause to donate to.

  • Shannon Brinkley

    This donation is in honor and memory of my USMC son who passed away 4 years ago from complications of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Thank you for fighting to find a cure for this dreaded cancer. God bless!

  • Anonymous

    God bless the Bongino Familu.

  • Jennifer Schies

    Keep fighting Dan!

  • Dina Marrone

    Prayers and well wishes to anyone battling this disease !!!

  • Ismel Perez


  • Joel Bruce

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Colleen Bryant

    Praying for your full recovery Dan and for all those that suffer the same. My God bless you, your family and all families fighting the battle with their loved ones.?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Bongino family for all the good you do.

  • Anthony Rojas

    Dan, thank you for your service and thank you for what you do now. I listen to your show every day. Thank you

  • Mark B

    From a fellow cancer survivor, never give up! God Bless all fighting the good fight.

  • Linda Fuller

    Honored to support Dan Bongino’s battle/cause as he continues to fight for the American people each day!!

  • Sandy Weber

    Great job, Isabelle. Keep on' fighting, Dan!! We need your voice!!!

  • Anonymous

    God bless you!

  • Elaine C Ordonez

    In support of the Bongino family and Isabel Bongino's efforts

  • Terri Sturgill

    Hoping thousands of people may donate to this fine cause.

  • Debra Hagen

    To the Bongino Family: YOU have given US so much......your heart and soul in your quest for the truth. It’s time for US to step up and help YOU! Keep up the good fight!

  • Andy Watkins

    God bless anyone who is fighting for their life against cancers of all types and my sincere condolences to those that have lost their fight. We lost my son in March to Lymphoma right before the pandemic shutdowns. We are postponing his celebration of life until we can have a large gathering. I know we are not alone in our grief. God bless Dan Bongino and his family as he fights to defeat his cancer.

  • vito pontarelli

    keep fighting the good fight. and may Jesus bless you and all things.

  • Anonymous

    Great Job Guys!!!! God Bless Your Efforts.

  • Mary Cook

    Because of Dan Bongino’s daughter. I’m retired and wish I could donate more. Fir my friend Patty who has this

  • LAC

    Isabel you are true role model and inspiration. No one understands the true impact a family experiences when they hear the "BIG C" word. As a 5 yr cancer survivor family is vital to be at your side thru it all. Always stay true to what you believe in and FIGHT - never give up. Everyone must do their part. God Bless you and your family.

  • Isabella Paniccia

    Hope this helps

  • Mary Kay Gibb

    Dan Bongino is a source of light in these troubling times. I wish to return just a small token to those suffering from this insidious disease, which I have dealt with twice in my own life, as a gesture of thanks for all he has done for us. God bless you all and thank God we live in the greatest country in the world where new treatments and cures are developed every day.

  • Joseph and Kathryn May

    Great cause!

  • Jonathan Morgan

    Thanks for your fight against this horrible disease! Sent here by the Dan Bongino show.

  • Andy S.

    For everyone fighting and to those who have fought and won. God bless you.

  • Ken DeRosa

    Good job Isabelle

  • Laurie Sharkey

    My dad passed away from Leukemia and my wonderful Rottie passed away from Lymphoma within 6 months of each other and I raised money and ran a half marathon for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society so this is very close to my heart. Thank you Isabel for helping this group.

  • Kelly Honey

    Thank you for all your doing

  • Mary Caudill

    Prayers for all involved and blessings runneth over.

  • Anonymous

    My grandfather was my hero and unfortunately he passed away way too early cancer had invaded every cell in his body he thought this disease ride up to his last breath. I wish I could donate $1 million but unfortunately we are a single paycheck family thank you

  • Joseph & Lisa Vaccaro

    Prayers And love from the Vaccaro Family

  • Robert Fiorletta

    You're doing a great job, Isabelle. Keep up the good work.

  • Alan Gates

    In memory of my father, Arlan Gates, who passed away 6 years ago due to health issues caused by Agent Orange in Viet Nam.

  • Dallas Amhof

    Dan Bongino Family

  • Dean Bartolucci

    Thanks Dan for fighting the fight for yourself and others

  • Anonymous

    My aunt passed away last year from leukemia and it and cancer has been the cause of death in several of my extended family. My nephew has been able to beat it with financial support of others.

  • Kristen Pantalena

    Stay strong Bongino family! We are praying for you!

  • Anonymous

    For Dan Bongino, a dedicated and brave patriot and lover of America and our Constitution!!

  • Anonymous

    God bless you Dan B

  • Jason W

    Praying for Dan and his family; his strength and leadership has touched us all.

  • Anonymous

    My brother lost his fight with Leukemia back in 1996 - I hope we can find a cure soon. Best wishes to you and your family!

  • Jim R

    May God Bless you all ! You are the future of America. Keep fighting for Truth and Honesty.

  • Anonymous


  • Jospeh Taddeo

    Thank all of you for doing this!

  • Jenny Vickers

    I thank God for hearts like yours who love our fellow man. My God Bless all involved.

  • Cecil

    God’s favor be upon your efforts to help others.

  • Donald Schoolcraft

    Thank you Dan Bongino! I hope all is well!

  • Tonya Benziger

    I am donating today in honor of my Uncle, David Lee Harris. Isabella, I am inspired by you and will absolutely have you and yours in my prayers! Way to go young lady. We need a generation full of people like you!

  • Joy Lopez

    We love you, Dan!

  • Michelle Welcome

    Leukemia had an impact on my family many years ago. I’m happy to help.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Dan Bongino, for bringing attention to this!

  • Jean Simmons

    My son Christian leukemia survivor at age 7. He is now 21 and we are blessed for him to survive and recover from it.

  • Anonymous

    So encouraging to see young adults reach out to do something positive in this world to help others. I donated, not only to support Isabelle, as a young woman striving for a better world but in order to let her father, Dan, know how much I appreciate and have come to rely on his truth and commentary of the day. May God bless the work of your hands.

  • Hilary Cunniff

    Americans help Americans!! Thank you Bongino family!

  • Anonymous

    At Dan Bongino and his daughter's rquest.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for fundraising and thanks to your entire family for supporting such wonderful values!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for all you do Dan by keeping us informed and laughing at the same time. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  • Linda Blazosky

    This is a wonderful cause. Thank you to allow me to donate. Many blessings to you Dan and Isabella.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all you do on your SHOW to help many who need a voice!!!! GOD BLESS YOU during your process of healing! Your daughter was good; maybe she could join the show!! Much LOVE from North Carolina. WE LOVE AMERICA

  • Anonymous

    Was planning on donating tonight anyway, and as I was pulling up the webpage my husband told me that one of his young coworkers (early 20's) was just diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, so this is for Dan and Garrett and everyone else suffering from this. Prayers to you all.

  • Dana Gruebl

    Dan Bongino fundraiser

  • William Brinkman

    I am retired

  • Lori Leckie

    I love the Bongino family and happily send a donation.

  • Patti

    Thank you Dan and your beautiful daughter for bringing attention to this cause. I was diagnosed with cml 16 months ago. I have been following your progress and pray for you and your family. I pray for a cure and the ability to live without fear and depression which is the hardest part for me. Each and every one of us has this day only so try and live in the moment and thank God every day for a new day.

  • Jeremy Floyd

    Congrats to Isabella for being a go getter like her parents. Best wishes.

  • Adam B

    Good luck

  • Crystal Pierce

    In of of Dan Bongino’s fight!!!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Jennifer Alvey

    We appreciate your family's efforts to strengthen our country, are praying for your Dad's success over his medical concerns, and send love from AZ. The Alveys

  • Jack A Schafer

    We appreciate what you are doing for such a tremendous cause. God bless you and your family!

  • Hunter Family

    Thanks for your passion Isabel! God Bless you and your family!

  • Erin Good

    May God provide healing and comfort to all those struggling with this disease.


    It is always great to donate to a wonderful cause.

  • Kathleen Hopkins

    This is a wonderful thing all of you are doing!

  • Vernon Costolo

    thanks for doing this

  • Eliza Grimm

    May God bless you and your family.

  • Steve Schaefer

    Prayers to the Bongino family from a five year Multiple Myeloma survivor. Never give up!

  • Terrie Clubb

    Isabelle - Thank you for awareness and helping your dad through this fight! Prayers for you and your entire family!

  • Joseph Dupont

    God bless Dan Bongino

  • Lois Alimonti

    In honor of Dan Bongino, his daughter and his entire family.

  • Lawrence Jordan

    God bless you, Isabel Bongino, you are a beautiful person. Your Dad is a national treasure.

  • Jennifer Cleaveland

    For Dan Bongino

  • Paul D.

    Godspeed Dan and family

  • Jeffrey Stein

    As a cancer survivor myself I am proud and honored to do what I can to help those that need the most help.

  • Jeanine Johnson

    I am honored to support this cause for the Bongino family and. LOL who suffer from this terrible disease.

  • Anonymous

    Great cause and good luck

  • Sheri Allsop

    Such a great idea!! Good Luck to all and especially Dan Bongino!! Fight on!!

  • Anonymous

    Bless all the young ladies and gentlemen for taking a positive, active role in starting and overseeing this cancer charity fundraiser! I am just a complete stranger and I am very proud of all of you!

  • Robin DaVee

    Best wishes on your endeavor on this great task of stepping out to help others.

  • Anonymous

    Donation for continued research to cure leukemia and lymphoma. Special prayers go out to Dan Bongino and his family, and a special thanks to them for helping to bring awareness to these diseases.

  • Shawn Nave

    Only because Dan's Daughter ask so nicely. God Bless and Thank You

  • Jerry Harmon

    I lost my father to lung cancer in 1977. He was 55 years old and a WWII veteran.

  • Jane Pelant

    Dan, thank you for all you do! May God bless you and your family, especially your daughter for taking part in this great cause! And please keep being the warrior that you are in fighting for the freedom of our country!

  • Michael Callahan

    God bless the Bongino family. We appreciate all that you do.

  • Dee

    Love you, Dan. Isabelle was so adorable on the show?? I wish I could afford to give more$ Aloha????

  • Nicholas Tesluk

    I wish you the very best on your fundraising effort for this great cause!

  • Dena Swenson

    My God bless you and your family ??

  • Brian Lewis

    My brother is a cancer survivor, and Dan Bongino, also a survivor. Here's to all who are fighting the good fight. God bless you all.

  • T Griff

    Good luck and many prayers to the Bongino family!

  • Steve Simon

    My family sends prayer and love to the Bongino family. God Bless You and thank you for your service on so many fronts; and to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, for your hard work in pursuit of life and healing. It is a privilege to add our support.

  • Sherry Hill

    Isabelle you did a great job and I commend you on being strong and of good moral character. You must have gotten that from your parents. I dedicate this small donation to all of those affected by this horrible disease.

  • Anonymous

    I'm so happy to donate to this worthwhile cause! Good luck with your fundraising!

  • Anonymous

    Praying for you and your family! Thank you for standing up for America You have thousands of patriots that are with you and appreciate all you do. . Keep the truth coming. God bless. Be well

  • C Inman

    Blessings to the Bongino family and others who will benefit from lls. Praying Aaron's Blessing (Numbers 6:22-26) on you and your family.

  • JennaHappy

    May God Bless the Bongino Family and all families dealing with lymphoma. Thank you for your continued support of our Country, Communication, and each other. Stay the course and thank you deeply from my family to yours.

  • Elizabeth Elliott

    Dan Bongino is a great patriot and leader. He's an inspiration to all freedom lovers.

  • Adam Lincicum

    From Adam - love the Bongino Show and family!

  • Anonymous

    Cancer warrior also...God bless that young woman for her love and kindness. Sir youre a fortunate man.

  • Robert Deane

    Anything for you and yours Dan.

  • Lisa Key-Matthews

    Donation in support of Dan Bongino

  • Joe Dickerson

    Bongino's, Best of Luck

  • Shawn Kurschner

    Dear Bongino Family, I ride a charitable bicycle ride every year, except 2020, for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Wisconsin. It's a 175 mile bike ride over 2 days from Mequon (Milwaukee), WI to Sturgeon Bay, WI. You have my support. God Bless each and every one of you! Belly rubs to Lucy.

  • Ivette Cunningham

    Beautiful step daughter with a heart of gold! Left us too soon! It was heartbreaking to watch you fade away. Love you as if you were mine. God has you in his book of remembrance and one day we'll meet again.

  • Amanda Straub

    God bless you Dan and Bongino family!

  • Scott Johnson

    Great cause. Blessings to Isabel, Dan and the rest of the Bongino family, including Lucy. Will pray for complete remission of your fathers cancer.

  • Leanne Martin

    I'm so glad to be able to help this great organization. My 20 year old daughter just finished her chemo treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma in September. I know how this disease impacts not only the patient, but the family. God Bless you for your your compassion.

  • Adrienne R

    Sending prayers to the people who’ve been affected by this disease. Isabella Listening to you today on your dad’s show was very heartwarming and your parents should be proud of you. Thank you Dan for sharing your daughter’s message.

  • Sue Bart

    My mom had lymphoma & I want to help others. Good luck!!

  • Ingrid Santamaria Ortiz

    Dan and Family. This charity is near and dear to my heart since my husband suffers from multiple myeloma, another blood cancer that this organization helps with. Wish I could give more at the moment but wanted to contribute. Thank you for all you do!

  • Jane Stemski

    For Isabel Bongino's fundraiser. God Bless the Bongino Family.

  • Pamela Love-Money

    ?? for Dan Bongino ??

  • Ann Sutton

    Aloha Bongino family. Love from Hawaii and may God Bless you in our fight for freedom and the fight against cancer.

  • Christine Upright

    For your dad - Defender of the Bill of Rights like none other!! xoxo

  • Ted Totten

    Dan, your podcast is a daily must. Thanks for everything you do for our Republic. Love Parler, so in withdrawal, but so ready for its return! Happy to support your daughter's charitable efforts. Ted T

  • Anonymous

    God bless you all and your endeavors.

  • Brian Hall

    Dan, thank you for your bravery and continuing your show for us in this difficult. Thank you to your daughter for her efforts. Dedicated to my cousin whom I lost to leukemia when I was in the third grade and he was in the fourth.

  • Teri Panfil

    God bless all those battling this disease.

  • Janie Reesor

    For Bongino fundraiser

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mr. Bongino and family. You are a real patriot and although I don't know you personally, I have been truly grateful for your show and your constant protection of our freedoms. I became a fan when you covered for the Great One on 870am Los Angeles. You were discussing the Marshall Plan and how our country has provided blood and life for the pursuit of FREEDOM across the globe. I was hooked and have been listening ever since. When you mentioned your diagnosis weeks ago, I was saddened and immediately prayed for you and your family. I'm glad you all are doing well and I look forward to many more shows. Thank you, A loyal fan

  • Anonymous

    Rose Dorn and Egberdina Veenstra

  • Glenn Bushee

    Isabel, thank you for doing this -- it would have been easy not to say something on the podcast, but you have helped so many others to do a good thing. :)

  • Anthony Rogers

    Great to see young people doing something for good.

  • Leslie Safley

    Stay strong

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Isabel, fundraising for a good cause will bring many blessings. God bless you and your family. Dan - From a fellow Nittany Lion stuck in “The People’s Republic of Maryland”. PS: I voted for you when you ran in Maryland.

  • Marie West

    Wish I could give more

  • Bobby Keaton

    Great job helping others.

  • Steven Locke

    Best wishes in your efforts towards a great cause!

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino

  • Angela Estrada

    Keep up the good fight!

  • A Supporter

    Best wishes.

  • Rachel Alper

    Good luck with your fundraising. Hope you raise a lot if money.

  • Dean Miller

    Happy to contribute to a great cause on behalf of the Dan Bongino family.

  • Anonymous

    I loved seeing Dan Bongino on his program, that is where I heard about this. So appreciate her father and his podcast. I live in Mississippi, good luck with your response.

  • Rebecca Zaremba

    Praying for a cure

  • Jason Nay

    Thank Dan & his daughter

  • Erik Mikula

    Bless you child. You do your parents much credit!

  • Bob Amore

    Happy to contribute to a good cause for good people.

  • Teresa Gill

    My mother Wilma Brady

  • Pstater

    Good Luck on your fundraiser!!!

  • David Oberg

    Kudos to Miss Bongino.

  • Not Given

    A great cause!

  • Lisa McDaniel

    God Speed.

  • Diana Narepecha

    It's been a tough year for all of us. I wish it could be more. Prays to your family.

  • Anonymous

    great job by your daughter. God bless all of you!

  • Michael Lanza

    With love!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Dan.

  • Melanie Mattison Kelm

    Good luck! Love your Dad's show!

  • Olga Isabel Dickieson

    Sorry I gives little once you are on a fixed income

  • Susan Cox

    My late husband Frank.

  • Anonymous

    Rosaline Boden

  • Anonymous

    Blessings, healing, and love!

  • Scott Parker

    God Bless Bongino’s. Let’s knock this out of the park!

  • Maria Sherwell

    Love to all Bonginos

  • Lucy Butcher

    Love you Dan!! You can beat this! Stay strong and keep fighting the fight!

  • Eileen Saldaña Gonzalez

    I have lost three members of my family to Lymphoma. Please help find a cure or effective treatment!

  • Steven L Hawkins

    Donating to help a very recent Lymphoma cancer survivor, whose young Daughter and classmates organized this fund raiser to help benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in recognition of their excellent care and concern for their patients.

  • Mary Gaglio

    Isabel you are a beautiful lady inside & out. I am praying for your daddy for a speedy recovery. God Bless you Dan Bongino & your beautiful family. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ All the Best, Mary Gaglio

  • Fran Yorio

    Glad to help Isabel. Keep up the good work.

  • Jeff J

    Wish it could be more! God bless!


    Sending prayers for a full remission for Dan! Thank you for sharing your journey. Congratulations to Isabel for being part of the Student of the Year Campaign! LLS is an amazing organization that does great work for Blood Cancer research and patient support!

  • Leo Leamy

    Thanks to Dan Bongino and his family for mentioning this wonderful project. Keep up the great work. Leo & Kathleen Leamy

  • Janis Wattenburger

    In support of Dan Bongino & daughter....God bless you.

  • Bensen Family

    Happy to contribute, wishing you the best of luck with your fundraiser.

  • Christina Santorsola

    Isabel bongino

  • Anonymous

    For my daughter who beat cancer and Dan Bongino a great American.

  • Theresa Pfeiffer

    God bless you and your family. All of you are doing Gods work.

  • Faith Klele

    For Dan - no matter whats going on, he gives you the low down. I truly appreciate his candor and character.

  • Karyn McKee-Wehner

    Way to give back Isabel! You are an inspiration, just like your Dad!

  • Linda Morgan

    God speed complete healing.

  • Rebecca Schmidgall

    God bless you and your amazing family!! Tell your Dad that I voted for him in Naples!!

  • Anonymous

    Miss you so much, Dad.

  • Amanda Ganley

    God bless you & your family Dan! You are a true patriot & I pray for you daily!

  • Laura Nichols

    God Bless You!

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work !Dad, and Daughter.

  • Doug Northrup

    Thank you Isabel Bongino for making me aware of this! I'm VERY happy to donate. I wish you and your family health and happiness! I pray that my small contribution will be part of a huge success! I'm honored to be just a small part. God Bless you and all those who are affected by lymphoma.

  • Donna Polakowski

    Thank You so much for what your doing. God Bless you,your school and your family.

  • Scott J Post Sr

    Donated on behalf the request from Dan Bogino's daughterSc

  • chris lucia

    I believe in helping others. Glad to help you Isabel and Dan! Keep on smiling!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless

  • Ken Jomsky/KJ Arms/Comp Authority

    Anything to help Dan and his family members succeed, and its a good cause. win-win

  • Paul Krommedijk

    Even not su much I wil send some money. Good luck witch it. Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Priscilla and Joe Casey

    You are an amazing young woman , with a beautiful heart. Your Dad must be so, proud.. I wish I could give more but, it is something.. My husband and myself love your Dad , we pray everyday for your whole family.

  • Anonymous

    I would most likely have not donated had I not seen this on the show.

  • Rachel V

    Thank you Dan for your committment to this country and conservatives during this hard battle you are fighting. This charity is very near to my heart as I lost my father to Multiple Myeloma.

  • Jaime & David Cunningham

    Thanks for everything you do! I love your show and look forward to it every afternoon!

  • Richard Clayton

    My mentor passed in 2020. He had lymphoma about 15 years ago and successfully was treated for it. While he lived through that treatment and was cancer free afterwards, the treatment is tough and has many permanent side effects. He struggled with numbness in his fingers and neuropathy in his feet. His life was never the same after the cancer treatment. He was an amazing person who taught me very much and gave me huge opportunities. I owe my career to Tom. I hope one day lymphoma can be treated in a way that doesn't have permanent side effects that can reduce quality of life for those who survive the cancer. That would be a blessing for those who have to experience this.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino!

  • Richard Hicks

    Glad to help the Bongino Family out - you guys are real FIGHTERS!

  • Kevin Archambault

    God bless you Bongino family!

  • Robert Varga

    My Mom passed 2013 of pancreatic cancer. Thank you for doing this to help those in need. God Bless you

  • Mel Weatherspoon

    God Bless You. Special thanks to Dan Bongino and his family -- a true patriot.

  • Rob Magray

    Thank you Isabel Bongino, for creating this opportunity to help those affected by cancer.

  • James Hart

    Thanks Dan Bongino

  • Catherine DeCeglie

    Thank you Isabel Bongino for working so hard in raising money for such a wonderful cause. May God Bless you and always keep you in his care!

  • Anonymous

    Austyn Halter was a precious little girl who FOUGHT a big battle! Austyn was so courageous! She left behind, her mommy and daddy, Josh & Sarah Halter! She was loved by her family, friends, community and really anybody that knew her! #forever4 #austynstrong! God bless everybody who FIGHTS this dreaded disease! Much love and prayers!

  • Melanie Camacho

    To a real American hero of our time. God bless and get well!

  • Robert Mascari

    C Robert

  • Donald & Malia Bailey

    Isabelle, this is such a wonderful cause. Your parents must be so proud....beautiful on the inside & out!

  • M’Shelle Shaw

    Dan, you are AhhhMazing! Beautiful daughter and BEAUTIFUL family! Sending you all our love and prayers that you will heal and be healthy and strong. We LOVE YOU ????????????

  • John McDevitt

    As a survivor, I support the society

  • Eileen Horton

    Love you Dan. Keepstrong ZGOD BLESS YOU ALL.! AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Nicole Ingalls

    Good things happen to good people!

  • Jason Banks

    Thank you to the entire Bongino family for allowing me to join in a cause close to almost every single human's hearts.

  • Stan & Cami Lero

    Let's end this disease.

  • Trent Wiles????

    I have been off of work since March 2020 because of corona-coup... But I couldn’t think of a better way to donate 5 bucks. The only thing I hate is that it couldn’t be more. For me, and millions of other patriotic Americans, Dan Bongino has been a shining beacon of truth in a dark and deceptive time for our great nation. When I watched the video he posted giving us his diagnosis, I teared up, and my throat immediately had a softball shoved down it. It took me by surprise. See, I thought I knew how grateful I was for his unwavering support for America and the truth, but I didn’t. In that moment, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Truth and facts have become a precious commodity. And he is one of the few merchants still supplying us with it. I hope you see this Dan, my heart, appreciation, and prayers go out to you, and your family. And I’ll be praying for a speedy and full recovery for you, and anyone else dealing with this horrible disease. Sincerely, Trent W. Indiana

  • Anonymous

    wish I could give more. this is going to be a tough year. this is a great thing you are doing !

  • John Paul

    Dan Keep up the good work you have a beautiful daughter ! and family

  • Theresa Hughes

    Thank you to Dan Bongino & his dauvhter.

  • Linda Hughes

    God Continues to Bless ‘US’ ????????????????

  • Anonymous

    God bless America!!

  • Cecilia Hadley

    For all who suffer from lymphoma and leukemia, with my love and healing prayers ??????????

  • Shelley Blum

    God bless Dan and his family!

  • Sally Ruschhaupt


  • Agnes McDonald

    This group really helped when my husband was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Thanks for being such a great organization!

  • Humblysweetlife

    God bless !

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause!

  • Steve Vanne

    May God guide and bless the work of your hands.

  • Anonymous

    glad to do my small part to help out!

  • Ellen Babin

    Way to go, Isabelle !!

  • Cynthia Powell

    Thanks for all you do for us Dan. Prayers continue for you, your family, & the team. Love you guys!! ❀️

  • Anonymous

    God bless Dan Bongino

  • Eileen LaGrotta

    Wishing you all the best for a long, healthy, and happy life. What a wonderful daughter to care so much for her dad!

  • William Lichtenstein

    Great project!

  • Jack Peterson

    Too many are lost to this horrible disease. God Bless you for this fund raiser!


    From our hearts to yours, Thank you Dan for everything you do!

  • Lisa Alford

    May god give us his healing hands!! God bless

  • Michael Verhoeven

    I hope this small contribution helps in some way. We pray for you Dan and everyone fighting this disease.

  • Christine & Jill Finke

    So happy to be able to help! God bless the Bongino family! - Chris and Jill

  • S D

    Isabel I hope this helps in your charitable fund raising efforts. I have had several family members die of this disease.

  • Anonymous


  • Erin Locher

    Isabella - You're an example of true Patriot, leader, Philanthropist, and daughter. It's refreshing to hear the truth on your Dad's podcasts. Thank you, both, for what you're doing for others. Best of Luck! God speed!

  • Anonymous

    Brett LaVoy

  • Betty Aramino

    God bless you!

  • Sandi Bride

    Many friends and family have been taken from me by cancer, and I have had it as well! Congratulations on this wonderful project, and lots of success to you all. God bless you!

  • Mary Schneider

    Best wishes Dan Bongino-stay strong! God bless you and your family. Wish I could give more, but I'm poor but sincere.

  • Steve E Riehl

    God Bless!!

  • Jeff & Brenna Howell

    Isabel Bongino | Team C&G

  • Thomas A Morgenthaler

    God bless all who need it

  • James Colombo

    Great job. God bless you and your family.

  • Doc frantz

    Every little bit helps.

  • Liberty4us

    Thank you Isabella and Dan for this fundraiser. I am a 15 year survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and I have a brother who is currently battling CLL and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma so this is a cause near and dear to my heart.

  • Jeffrey Hallock

    Thank you for doing a great job and glad to help

  • Lisa Hodge

    In honor of Dan Bongino and his wonderful daughter.

  • Pat Mino

    Great cause. Great group of young people that honor their generation with tremendous giving hearts


    To Dan Bongino and his family. Thank you for all you. do.

  • Michelle

    Thank you very much Dan! You and your family are always in our prayers! God Bless all of you.

  • Michael Mercer

    Good luck with this charity, Isabel!

  • Sylvia Pickett

    Good luck with your fundraising.

  • kathryn l brown-pierren

    i am honored to participate, especially when the request comes from our beloved Bongino family. you guys rock! blessings to the bongino family and crew.

  • Shibu

    Hope this little bit helps! God bless!!

  • Anonymous

    To: Delta Bravo Get well soon!

  • Anonymous

    Happy to help! Thanks to Dan Bongino for letting us know of the opportunity

  • Anna Houston

    Thank you.

  • Kimberly Cormican

    God bless you all and the work you’ve done. Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ½

  • Dawn Marie Richards

    Miss. Bongino you did great on your Dad's show. I hope the donation helps to give hope to those battling cancer.

  • John Lund

    I am responding to Isable Bongino's request for donations. She is a beautiful person!

  • Christine Hause

    You have an awesome daughter Dan.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Harvey Vrsalovic

    Way to go, running this great fundraiser!

  • Andrew Axelson

    I am honored and proud to make a small donation to a great cause and in behalf of the Bongino family!

  • David Berardelli

    This small donation is dedicated to the memory of my dad, who died of lung cancer in 2000, and nearly a dozen of my aunts and uncles, who also died of various cancers over the years. Hopefully, we will find a cure for all cancers in the near future. Isabel, my wife and I are both very happy to see that your dad has been doing well. Our prayers are with him, and we wish you and your wonderful family the very best.

  • Larry & Emily Franz

    Here is a little something to help fight these awful cancers. My dear mother in law died in 2004 from Lymphoma. We miss her every day. Love your show Dan, your drive, your patriotism and your determination. Keep fighting and bringing us the truth on a daily basis! Besides cancer, I hope to beat the left in this fight for our country.

  • Erin Moore

    Thanks for doing this for your project.

  • Gail from MT ??????

    Thank you for sharing your Dad with us! ??????

  • The Aiello Family

    Happy to support your daughter and friends to help raise awareness and funds!!! Thank you Dan for all you do!!! Stay strong!! Prayers to you and your family and anyone who is battling or affected by these horrible diseases!!!

  • Charles and Regina Weiner

    Thanks for everything, Dan. You give us hope, and we give you hope. Prayers.

  • Wendy DeLay

    Thank you Isabelle for growing awareness to this!

  • Alfonso Zaragosa

    A good cause!

  • Anonymous

    My prayer is that this tiny amount will be enough to help discover a cure.

  • Carmen

    Isabel, I know your father is proud of you of supporting this cause. I support this organization in memory of my son, Jacob. He passed away Nov. 2008 at the age of 20. He had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Jacob fought courageously for 15 months. Yearly, since 2010, I form a LLS Light the Night Walk Team to help raised funds. Even though the treatment did not work for him during that time, I am happy to report with the funds used for research, there is now new, better treatment that helps individuals who had the same Lymphoma that Jacob had. All those years of raising money paid off. There is hope. God bless.

  • Patrick Watson

    Happy to be able to help

  • Bobby Jones

    For Dans daughter

  • MG Family

    Thank for supporting such a great cause to everyone in need. Thank you

  • Michael Salomone

    You and your family are loved, here's some support.

  • Paul and Imelda Goedecke

    Dan, Our family prays for your full recovery! Thank you Isabel for raising funds for this. It is a tough road to walk on but you all are amazing people. I donate in memory of my cousin Patti who died last March of cancer. God bless you all!

  • Deborah Vaughan

    Dan Bongino and his beautiful family!

  • Renee Hicks

    Praying for complete healing for you dad Isabel

  • Molly

    We love your dad for his God loving Grace and all he does❀

  • George Mandala

    I wish you all the best in this great and worthy cause

  • Christine Berry

    Praying for all those who fight this battle. Happy to help Dan Bongino’s daughter and classmates to help others. My brother in law was lost to leukemia 17 years ago.

  • Megan Dannenfeldt

    In honor of Dan Bongino via his daughter’s fundraising efforts.

  • Jeramie Chronopoulos

    Stay blessed

  • Anonymous

    God bless you and your family. You’re always in our prayers and thoughts. We admire you so much. We have two children ourselves. You guys are beautiful. Again, God bless.

  • Claudia ONeil

    Dan you have a beautiful daughter.

  • Jeremy Andree

    My wife has been cancer free for 6 months (Stage 2/3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma). But we still know many people struggling with the same or even worse diagnosis. Some of the biggest blessing are from those you will never meet. God Bless!

  • James Steelman

    God Bless

  • deana baz deana baz

    Dan bongino's daughter asked for help raising money.

  • Kyle Jenkins

    To health and freedom.

  • Kathryn Hollinger

    You did a great job, Isabelle. Keeping Dan in my prayers for a complete healing. God bless you.

  • Phyllis Baker

    God Bless the Bongino family! Blessings to those battling this disease.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for what you are doing! A great cause! (Big fan of your Dad's)

  • David Dailey

    Unemployed and uninsured right now but still want to give something...

  • Sandra

    I lost my mom to Lymphoma before Christmas πŸ’” Fight hard Dan

  • Sheree

    Lovely daughter. Awesome dad. Sweet puppy. Blessed family. Much love and respect. Be well.

  • kate horton

    This is for Dan & my good friend, Jimmy Reilly, who was in the stock exchange on 9/11 & has multiple myeloma. May God bless all of you!! <3

  • Cheryl Reese

    Blessings to all involved!

  • William Vallance

    Thanks Dan bongino's daughter

  • Tameifuna Family

    Ofa atu Dan. We love you and your family, you are such a force for good. While many of us don't have much, we want to at least donate something.

  • Finny Rajchel

    Agent Finny Rajchel, Oakbrook Terrace, IL Thank you for all you do!

  • James Proctor

    In honor of my dad, who died of lymphoma, and also as a tribute to Dan Bongino who gives so much to us all while he is battling lymphoma.

  • Donna

    Your passion on the podcast is refreshing.

  • Anonymous

    This is for dan bongino daughter charity please put it toward those who can't access the needed care

  • Anonymous

    Donating for Dan and his daughter!πŸ’“

  • Frances Frazier

    My pleasure to be able to help Isabel Bongino and her friends raise money to help others

  • Diana Pitts

    God bless

  • Theresa Andriulli

    In honor I f your dad who does an amazing job. He should run for POTUS Sorry it can’t be more but I’m on disability

  • Gutierrez Family, from CA

    No hesitation, no brainer. Isabel, Dan, fight on!

  • Kevin Smith

    To Honor my mother Donna Smith who has defeated lymphoma twice. Encourage Dan Bongino to keep fighting the disease and to keep telling the truth to America.

  • Jeff and Denise Fogle

    Honored to donate. I'm a "Gold" member of Team In Training. Lost our 2 year old daughter to Leukemia in '98. GO TEAM!


    My Best to you and your family.

  • blariz - (Brian L.)

    As a long time, loyal listener of the Dan Bongino podcast, I am honored to help out with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fund raiser. Blessings to the Bongino family.

  • Anonymous

    Happy to help and God Bless!

  • Gail House

    In memory of my dad, Richard Rentschler who passed away on November 2,2018 from Non-hodgkin's Lymphoma.

  • Anonymous

    Love and prayers for complete healing for Dan & his family... and my friend, Ken & his family. In Jesus’ Name! πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

  • David Anderson

    For Isabel, Dan & the Bongino family and in loving memory of my Uncle Eddie. May God bless and keep you all safe.

  • Kelly Collins

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers, Dan! Thanks for all that you do!!

  • Christine Ead

    Wonderful to see young people helping others.

  • Anonymous

    Wish it were more. You're all in my prayers.

  • Sherry Deshamp

    My father passed away from Multiple Myeloma in 2001. It's an honor to donate to the wonderful cause. So grateful Dan Bongino can use his voice to make people aware.

  • Glenn

    In honor of my wife, Stephanie, now in remission nine years after battling acute myeloid leukemia. Also, in memory of her Mom, Nancy, who died after a long battle with lymphoma. And thanks to our Lord, for suffering with and comforting Stephanie and Nancy in so many ways during their illnesses.

  • Amy L Becker

    Honored to donate for this cause!

  • Linda McKeon


  • Samantha Jo Bybee

    Prayers and God Bless

  • Robyn O'Donnell

    I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at 11 years old in Springfield, MA where it was removed from my throat, today I am 55 years old. Best wishes and I will continue to donate. I am glad that I became aware of this thanks to the Bongino Family. Best wishes and God Bless all those involved. Robyn O'Donnell

  • Kelley Fletcher

    Leann’s legacy is eternal. She will always be remembered by her love, faith, courage, optimism and strength. I am also thankful for the attention Dan Bongino, and his daughter, has brought to the need to raise funds to continue the pursuit of finding a cure for these horrible diseases.

  • Benjamin Alves

    My father passed away due to complications with Leukemia. I know this wont bring him back but i hope its of little help to someone else. Love you Dad.

  • John Owen, Bristol UK

    A great cause in the name of a great man and his daughter, Mr Dan Bongino and Isobelle. From John Owen, Bristol UK.

  • Tamaris Whitecliff

    Heard about this on The Dan Bongino Show. Awesome cause.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Honey for doing this. It is a very worthy cause.

  • Kristen Schroeder

    Love you Dan

  • Anonymous

    My cousin Jeff passed in 2020 after nearly a 10 year battle with brain cancer. He was a U.S. Marine and a true conservative. We would often talk about how much we enjoyed listing the Dan Bongino podcast and his contributions to Fox News.

  • Ladeana Talley

    My Dad who died from CLL. Miss you Daddy!

  • Richard Caron

    I lost my father-in-law leukemia and I had a close friend had lymphoma, fortunately he recovered. This a a great fundraiser, happy to help Isabel.

  • Shelia Gorden

    For Isabelle, Dan and my sister-in-law who is in remission from Leukemia!

  • Anonymous

    Hang in there! Thoughts and prayers are with you!

  • Martha Parent

    God Bless you Dan and the whole family.

  • Patricia S Jaquish

    Prayers for Dan Bongino

  • Peter Riddle

    For Dan Bongino and his daughter

  • Elizabeth Handel

    My 9 year old niece is currently battling leukemia and I would like to donate in her honor! We love Dan as well and know this goes to a good cause! May God bless Dan Bongino and be with him during his battle as well.

  • Anonymous

    I think your show is great Dan. I hope this helps. What a wonderful thing these kids are doing

  • Anonymous

    In honor of my husband who beat Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2016

  • Donna Crist

    We love you Dan and continue to pray for you 😊❀😊❀

  • constantino Diaz-Miranda

    For a job well done Mr Daniel Bangino glad you are doing well my best wishes to full recovery and remission

  • Anonymous

    This is to support the amazing caring heart of Dan Bongino’s daughter for a wonderful cause!

  • Diane and Tony Baade

    Isabell just like your Dad - A Doer! So proud of the Bongino Family!

  • Debbie Brown

    God bless your efforts!!

  • Peter Karanski

    God bless all of you! Hopefully this small gift will help do big things.

  • Anonymous

    In honor of all those who have passed and the many who are still struggling with Cancer. God Bless the warriors and all these young people who respect the cause.

  • Eileen Bennett

    I have leukemia so this is for both of us! Keep up the good work, Dan.

  • Maryna Shonina

    Bandino Family effort

  • Otto Sweet

    Pray for everyone! Thank you for the opportunity

  • Richard Rangel

    For Dan Bongino's complete recovery, we pray for you and all those affected by hodgkin's lymphoma. Thank you, Dan, for all you do to bring us the real truth each day. We appreciate your never-changing principles and belief in our "Big R God-given Rights"! God Bless you and your beautiful family, and God Bless America!

  • Anonymous

    Best Wishes and Good Luck! From Seattle, WA Avid Dan Bongino Supporter

  • Cathy H Alexander

    Thank you for your good work to keep us informed. Also, and most importantly, We pray for complete and swift recovery for you Dan and all others that are suffering. I wish I could send more.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck and God bless!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for everything Dan!!! All the best

  • Wayne Keese

    I am a Bone Marrow Transplant survivor of 3.5 years.

  • Michelle Mancini

    My nephew Aaron Augustine survived AML when he was 9 months old because his older brother Alec was a perfect bone marrow match, and because the doctors at Hopkins were phenomenal! Aaron ran for Student of the Year in Baltimore last year and was able to fund two research studies!! Wishing you and your LLS team much success!!! Thank you for all your efforts!!! Also, our families live in Middletown, MD, and we all voted for your inspirational and awesome Dad and he is in our prayers.

  • Petra Lippmann

    Blessings and prayers to Dan and his beautiful familyπŸ™πŸ’• Thank you for all you do for all of us ❀️

  • Marie Wiechova

    The Dan Bongino show. Love from Europe. God bless

  • Robert Noriega

    God bless.

  • Denise Buff

    God bless you and your family

  • Robyn C.

    My nephew had Hodgkins Lymphoma. Thanks to God, a wonderful medical team, and medical advancements in the treatment of blood cancers, he has been cancer free for almost 10 years. I'm praying that one day these cancers will be a thing of the past. Continued prayers for you, Mr. Bongino and your family, in your fight against this cancer. May God bless you all.

  • Gay M Kone

    I HOPE ONE DAY FOR A CURE FOR ALL CANCER.. I am a 2 time Breast Cancer Warrior and I am proud to watch Dan beat this horrible Cancer! Without help I would have never beat my Cancer.. God Bless all who are fighting!

  • Catherine Mallory

    We love you Dan and pray for you every day! Mallory Family

  • Ruth Gdovin

    My family knows leukemia all too well. Relatives who have been affected are my grandfather, my father, 3 of my cousins, my sister-in-law and my nephew. Please stay strong Dan, your daughter is an Angel for doing this.

  • Anonymous

    In honor of Dan Bongino. We are praying for you!

  • Mary Bruski

    All the best to your dad in his treatment!

  • The McKee Family

    Prayers to Dan Bongino and his family!

  • RoseAnn McKenry

    Isabel your dad rocks and so do you. Thank you for being part of this fund raising effort. I know you though of your dad when you joined. I think of my dad and brother (different types of cancer) while making this donation.

  • wendi londos

    What a wonderful opportunity to give back. God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    Dan, thank you for all that you do. Good bless.

  • Dawn Wahl

    Praying for all to defeat this disease.

  • Anonymous

    To Dan and your daughter Isabel, thank you both for all you do in service to your fellow Americans. It is appreciated more than you'll ever know.

  • Jill Varrichio

    Thank you, Isabel, for your help in supporting this very worthy cause. We lost our Uncle Bob, after a long battle with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. Bless you all. Fight for a cure!

  • Casey Dexter

    Dan Bongino

  • Eric Christensen

    My grandma survived leukemia and my brother is a cancer survivor. Great choice of a charity to support! Your dad and your entire family are in my prayers. God bless!

  • Richard Jonathan Carreno

    Semper Fi Bongino family. Thanks for being the tip of the spear.

  • Linda M.

    Keep fighting!

  • Shannon Carroll

    Dan Bongino

  • Christine Owens

    We love you & your family, Dan! Thanks for always keeping it real! Go Isabella!!

  • Jeanette Willhoft

    Thank you for all you are doing. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    May God bless you and your efforts.

  • Ronald Plonkey

    Keep fighting for us Dan, we will fight for you.

  • Matt Prosser

    Ms Paula and Dan, you should hold your head high knowing you are rocking this parent thing. It is truly amazing to see that the future generations have voices like Isabella’s in it. Thanks again for all that you do for us, Bongino’s, our family would be lost without you being apart of it.

  • Joshua Klatzko; US Army

    Great cause! Bongino Fam rules !!!!! Respectfully, The Klatzko Family Fort Belvoir, Virginia

  • Monique Bird

    I loved to see you daughter on your show, I have been watching your show every day since Jan 6th !

  • Ryan Walker

    For Isabelle and Dan Bongino

  • Harry Brady

    Great cause Dan- keep punching- I am retired SSA DEA NY and love the show especially your passion and your knowledge. My son in law Eli Roth died at 35 from this dreaded disease as my daughter was a newlywed and when he died in Baltimore on 8 14 2019 my daughter was 7 months pregnant. So here is to better days ahead my friend- God Bless Harry B

  • Anonymous

    God bless you and your family.Stay strong. Keep up the fight. Thank you for fundraising for a great charity. Thank you for changing the world.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Folks, even if you can only give a small donation, every penny helps.

  • Debra Dotson

    My mom didn’t have lymphoma but lung cancer. And she was only 44 yrs old. Anytime I can help with any cancer I will. Gif bless you and all you do. God is your strength and rescue.

  • Brian Ballard

    Glad to help in a small way.

  • marilyn m falck

    HOPE THIS GETS TO YOU..............I AM NOT A A COMPANY JUST A PERSON................


    My late husband had Chronic Lymphatic Lukemia. He was a wonderful man. He always said he had the good one. Thanks so much for making the ask. Love Dan Bongino! Liz

  • Charles Combs

    As a 22 year survivor of cancer, I really appreciate what you are doing!

  • Michael J Dever

    We love you, your entire family and of course Lucy the Wonder dog! Get well soon

  • Kathy Taylor

    Congratulations for the fine work you are doing to raise money for this organization. I wish my small donation could have had zeroes behind it! Isabel Bongino, you rock, young lady! Saw your message and had to give.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Dan and family. Appreciate you...!

  • Anonymous

    Great cause Isabel! Praying for your dad and whole family.

  • Marcie Harvey

    We all have to take care of each other!

  • Ray Watson

    Great job everyone on the donations! This is what makes us America! Go Navy!

  • Anonymous

    charles christie, my dad who passed away from lymphoma

  • Kenneth Doherty

    Wish it was 1000x more

  • Anonymous

    Happy to give a one time donation to this fine charity .

  • April Burton Hooker

    Way to Isabel! Dan, Thank you for being a light in the dark & a warrior for truth & justice! Praying for your complete healing in the name of Jesus & under the blood of Jesus. I think it is possible that you are impacted by this, in order to utilize your platform to bring more awareness & fundraising for a cure. I know we are all honored to be a part of this fight with you & for you! Be blessed good sir!

  • Anonymous

    Proud to give to these great people through these great students.

  • Barbara Perry

    Praying for you, Dan, for a full recovery!! Isabel, you are amazing!!

  • Dale Schiele

    Thanks Dan for your efforts and thanks to your daughter for being part of the solution.

  • Anonymous

    For Dan Bongino and my husband James

  • Gene S Pratt

    God Bless you and your whole family I have to say DAN you are a FANTASTICALLY COOL Father,Husband,Friend, your family is a real inspiration to all of us true AMERICANS, I am proud to know you even though we have never met I know you are a true patriot, STAY SAFE, STAY SOLID, AND NEVER CHANGE!!!

  • Sharon Budlow

    Thank you for all you are doing for a great cause!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless you Dan and all those afflicted with Cancer. Thank you for the battle you fight for our freedom. It's a more scary world out there.

  • Dennis Hofmeier

    Its an honor to support Dan's daughter and her fundraiser in honor of my Dad I lost just 4 years ago. Love you Dan, God bless!!

  • Glenn Denise Boltseridge

    Thank you for helping people with this tough diagnosis and treatment. What a great thing you are doing! Glad we could help with your project!

  • Paula Cayia

    Dan Bongino's Daughter requested to donate at this organization.

  • Charlotte Prisco

    Dan Bongino your always in my prayers. Thank You for what you do. You keep me sane.

  • Michael Franklin

    Dan. You had me at the “Dance” episode. Always new you were a Patriot, but in that episode, I knew your passion. Passion is missing today. Thank you so much for carrying that touch daily. You inspire me, and I pray for you and your lovely family. God Speed! Michael Franklin

  • Lee Beard

    On behalf of Isabel Bongino The Bongino Family The Miracle of Healing LOVE..

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU for doing this!

  • Sandra Silvers

    We feel like you are part of our family as you are part of our nightly ritual. Thank you for being a brave American and an amazing person. The world needs more truth tellers like you. We love and appreciate you. Harlin and Sandra Silvers-Republicans, Trump and Parler lovers.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to help you and your daughter Dan!

  • Rick Pritikin

    Fight big tech censorship

  • William B. Casey

    God bless Dan and family,and all who are fighting cancer.

  • M. Wood

    Be well our friend! You and your family are in our hearts! We need leaders with conviction and courage to help us change CORRUPT Washington DC, a disgrace to America!

  • Anonymous

    We love your Dad and felt that we needed to donate to make sure that more research is done to prevent all cancers.I had Breast cancer and survived.

  • Cher Burks

    Keep up the good work! We love the Dan Bongino podcast!

  • M. Witherell

    Happily donating to you and your beautiful daughter!

  • William Wetherton

    Thanks for the show and all you and your family do for America

  • John Mosby

    Keep up the great work!

  • Wilbur Faulk

    Thank you Bongino family! Not just you Dan!!πŸ˜€ From an ole retired firefighter in California, You are all an inspiration!!❀️

  • Jeni Persue

    Good luck with your endeavors!!! Our household is BiG fans of your dad and we are honored to help!!! Keep up the fight!

  • Laura Stewart

    I hope this helps Isabel. Strange that the charity has my same initials! That's another good reason to donate.

  • Anonymous

    May God continue to be with & bless you & your family. We're believing in faith for your healing!

  • Nina

    Thanks to Dr. Srdan Verstovsek & his colleagues at MD Anderson and to Dr. Eric Fountain, St. Luke’s Meridian for their great work.

  • Barbara Case

    Dedicated to those who have fought or are fighting this disease: Dan Bongino and my dear friend, Aniko Sebestyen who valiantly fought lymphoma but succumbed this past Saturday to COVID-19. May she be forever in the arms of our Lord!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck Isabel. Your dad is awesome!

  • Debbie Mcdonald

    Love you and your family and totally support you and this cause. Have lost to many love ones.

  • Daniel Funk

    Amazing family, amazing cause.

  • Anonymous

    Let's find a cure! God Bless.

  • Michael Creamer

    Great cause. Anything for Dan.

  • Michael Ruther

    A great idea and I’m proud of what you are doing. Good luck!

  • Marilyn Baver

    My husband, Bruce Baver. He passed away from non-hodgkin's lymphoma/amyloidosis last year, he suffered for 3 years. We love your Dad, so it seemed perfect to donate. Wish your Dad the best with his health crisis.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Isabelle and Dan Bongino for your strength, courage and love. God Bless you and your family and the countless people affected by this terrible disease. You are a blessing!!

  • Thomas J. Ross

    Only a little right now....I hope you make it to a million. Thanks for your dedication.

  • Rudy Recile

    Good Job!!! Raise the Roof!!! Let's beat this thing!!!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless each gift that is given to aid in the courageous fight so many are are facing against cancer. I pray for healing in Jesus’ Name.

  • Anonymous

    Blessings to you and your family.

  • William & Carolyn Bleiler

    Good luck!!! Wishing you and your family well. We are 100% behind you ;-)

  • Kris Thomas

    My Pops was a good man. The kind of man I hope my son sees in me . A family man to the core, there was nothing Pop wouldn't do for his family. You are sorely missed. I love you.


    Love your show Dan! all the best to you and your family.

  • Frank Winkler

    God bless you and your family, Dan. Greetings from Mallorca, Spain.

  • Todd Ellington

    God bless you for all you do!

  • Bruce Doran

    Every day you have to be on this earth please repent and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus told us plainly we will have "trouble" on this earth. He was not kidding. Along with prayer I give you this gift.

  • Eric Pipa

    Great cause. Glad to help. God Bless!

  • Carol Ropke Wingert Nelson

    Dan, I applaud your daughter and her school for doing this! I was recently diagnosed with CLL, I am 58, my brother passed at age 40 after a one year battle with ALL, my mom at age 83 with lymphoma. I pray that by the time I need treatment, fundraisers like This will have helped discover a cure for us all! God bless you all. PS, LOVE your show and we also pray for your healing! ~Carol & Wayne Nelson Formally Carol Ropke Wingert Narrowsburg NY

  • Brian Eilering

    Good luck, love the cause and your message!

  • John Foyse

    This is for Dan Bongino.

  • Andre Chao

    Nothing better then seeing the youth get involved to help others.

  • Charmaine Cockran

    I watch Dan Bongino’s show and worried about him and his family during his health crisis. It is not only the patient that suffers, it affects the entire family and incurs so much expense and pain. Let’s help beat this thing,

  • Aloha from Hawaii

    Thank-you Bongino Family! You are all beyond appreciated. Never give up...never give in! πŸ™Œβ€οΈπŸ™

  • Roy Faulkner

    All the best to you, Dan, and your family. You are an inspiration to us all. You have a very lovely and caring daughter. You can see that she loves you very much.

  • Anonymous

    Great cause. Keep up the good work!

  • Maureen Russell

    Dan is raising his daughter the proper way! God Bless them both!

  • Dennis Hennessy

    What a great cause! Keeping you in our prayers Dan Bongino!

  • John Belonga

    I'm a huge fan of your show Dan! I think there should be more families like ours, that truly care about and act for others. God bless you in your battle with cancer, the fight for Parler, and the endless information you provide us all with daily. It's nice to still be able to hear the truth at times, and there aren't many of you that still provide that. And, kudos to your daughter for believing in and fighting for something close to her heart!

  • PRF

    The widow I loved lost her husband to leukemia -- she returned to MO to be near her grandsons. Donating the $600 stimulus funds so those dollars will do more good than the government ever could.

  • Rosemarie Beebe

    Heard the appeal from the Dan Bongino show. Glad to help!

  • Maureen Heath

    Happy to be able to help you and your classmates. God bless!

  • Hank and Mary Lynn

    Isabel and friends thanks for your efforts and for being a blessing to other families.

  • Barbara Brazeau

    Wish it could be more!

  • Tim Bowen

    Praying for Dan Bongino’s recovery!

  • Anonymous

    Good cause, keep up the good work!

  • Susan Describe

    Bless you, Dan Bongino in your fight against this terrible disease.

  • cindy banducci

    Beautiful Isabella what a great cause...happy to help you out

  • Anonymous

    God bless all who give and those affected personally from this disease. Thank you

  • Kari Hadley

    I wish you the best success in your efforts. Cancer is a horrible thing!!!

  • Bryan Hendricks

    Get better soon! We love you Dan!

  • Rauno Eisel

    Saw your daughter on Dan Bongino’s podcast. I hope this helps. And thank you Dan for all you do!

  • Anthony Alvarez

    I honestly wish I could give more I really do. This is a great cause and anything for the Bongino's

  • Karen L Henderson

    For my beautiful friend who has been fighting leukemia for over 2 1/2 yrs now & is is hospice care .. she is my strength & paving the way with her gratitude & graciousness itil the end. Love k

  • Kim Yeager

    Thank you for doing this! Dan we love you and are proud to support your daughter in this effort!

  • JaRue Addispn

    For Dan Bongino and his battle with cancer!

  • Adam Sereno

    Amazing Isabel! May God's light shine down on you and your family as you look out for those in need.

  • Maryanne Young

    Great Job Isabel, happy to help. Your dad is a great guy and we are all praying for him.

  • Nicole Biven

    My sister Jennifer passed away from Lymphoma in 2012 and was able to receive help from this society. I will always donate because I know they give it back to the patients.

  • Mary Abbruzzese

    Our nephew recently overcame Hodgkins Lymphoma. Thank you Dan Bongino for your continued activism and sharing of your journey to bring awareness to this medical diagnosis and fight.

  • Stephen Sumner

    Good luck and thnx for supporting.

  • Wendy D

    God Bless you and your family, Dan! Thanks for all you do!

  • Mary Truitt


  • Katherine Richards

    You guys are the hope and the light we all need at this time. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful wonderful thing you are doing!!

  • Joanne Holmes

    Thank you for helping such a worth cause. I have lost family & friends to cancers of different types. You guys are angels. Sending much love from the UK xx

  • Anonymous

    Miss you, LOVE YOU!

  • Paul Steadman

    FOr Bongino.

  • William & Theresa Becker

    Thank you Isabel Bongino... You have such a beautiful heart. Agape, Bill & Theresa Becker

  • Renee Newpher

    I appreciate ALL you do and continued prayers to you and your family God Bless

  • Ruth Lowell

    For Dan Bongino and family.

  • Mickey Shoffner

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Kristie Bushman

    From my 7 year old daughter who wanted to donate her own money

  • John Carbonaro

    Isabel, It was great to see you and Lucy make an appearance. Dan, from a fellow FED to another, Carbonaro family Loves your family brother! keep up the fight!

  • Rick Melin

    From a fan of Dan B.

  • Sheldon & Georgia Wagstrom

    Isabel, Thank you for doing this. Dan, you and Paula have a beautiful daughter and Thank You for all you do to protect our freedoms and keeping us informed. God Bless you and your family.

  • Henry Basil

    Excellent fundraiser Isabel Bongino!!! Your Dad is the best........

  • Jennifer Pellegrini

    For Dan Bongino and my stepson, Dennis.

  • Mike & Ellen Smith

    God be with the Bongino Familey!

  • Anonymous

    Isabel, Your father, Dan Bongino, is a great man (like mine was!)! You are blessed! You did a fabulous job! All the best to you and your family! Warm regards, Theresa Pasko Patriot of the USA!!!

  • Chad Fisette

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Brenda Jeffcoat

    I appreciate what you are doing.

  • Amy Hannah

    We have been involved with LLS for over ten years. My son ran a marathon, and dedicated his pledges to his 2 aunts who died many years ago of blood diseases. He participated in the Man and Woman of the Year St. Louis in 2019, in memory of his dad, my husband. Good luck in your Student of the Year campaign. And lots of prayers for your dad, in his fight for health. And ...your whole family. May God give you all courage and strength through this fight.

  • Elizabeth Mowers-Aho

    My 92 year old dad beat stomach cancer! Glory be to God! God’s blessings to Dan and his family! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Lisa DePillo

    My husband, Patrick, who had Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma in 2014. He has been Cancer free since the completion of his treatment!!! God bless the team at Dana Farber!!

  • Pamela Holcomb

    Donating because y'all helped me in my time of need.

  • Anonymous

    Dan, your handling of this disease is an example to others of what can be done. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Julie Briwn

    Your Dad does so much for all of us, and he is amazing, as are you. You have a loving heart. Bless your family

  • Joel Phares

    Isabel Bongino is a great young lady. Will keep praying for Dan, Paula and family!

  • Anonymous

    Having lost both parents to pancreatic cancer, I know how hard a cancer diagnosis can be on family and loved ones. Every cent counts in ongoing research for better detection, treatment and cures. I am glad to see Dan doing so well, a positive attitude and faith in God go a long way in healing.

  • laura callaghan

    God Bless

  • Sandra Minnick

    I just had surgery this fall for breast cancer and praise the Lord it was caught early so I am probably cured. I pray for Dan and all who face a cancer diagnosis that research will help them to be cured too. Isabella and class are to be commended for taking on this project to raise money to find a cure! They have just performed a selfless act as Christ would want them to do. Sandy from New Hampshire

  • The Weisenberger family

    Isabelle, I hope this donation helps with research to overcome blood cancers. Your family are in our thoughts and prayers. So proud that you are raising funds to assist in this very important disease.

  • Scott Parker

    Your the best.

  • Dean Nicholas

    We pray that Dan and everyone else that is going through this will be spared any suffering. May God Bless Isabell for stepping up and helping make a difference. Thank you for raising awareness and working through your pain and putting a smile on our faces every day. We LOVE you Dan Bongino! God Bless YOU and your family.

  • Jose Rivera

    Great job Isabelle!!! God Bless you and your family.

  • Nancy Phillips

    This is what is so fabulous about the spirit of hard working Americans. We come together and help - not divide. Dan and family - you are truly amazing people. Good bless you all.

  • Sandy Sager

    God bless you Isabel and the entire Bongino family. You are an awesome young woman. Thank you for your generosity and love toward others less fortunate.

  • Rene and Bruce Bolton

    The Bolton Family is happy to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Praying for you Dan! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to free speech! Isabelle, what a wonderful way to bring attention to this disease.

  • Sandie Roze

    Isabella Bongino, you did a great job presenting your request on your dad’s show. It’s a pleasure to help out.

  • Juan Collazo

    The Bongino family rocks ....

  • Jennifer Uttermohlen

    Happy to support your daughter in this cause! I’m donating in memory of my dear friend Karen Melton who lost her battle.

  • allison mead

    May God Bless you and continue to watch over you and your family. Keep your faith, stand tall and proud.We are with you all the way.

  • Jorgi Sanders

    I’m not a rich woman sorry I can’t give more but the Lord will bring a harvest to a little to a lot Love your show !

  • Jeanie Knight

    This is not much but is sent with love for your father. We adore him and trust only what HE tells us about what's gojnf on. Thank you so much for your work on this. I hope you understand how fortunate you are to have such a wonderful and principled man for a father. Please listen to him and follow his example. It's apparent that you are doing just that seeing this wonderful plan you are working on. Prayers to all the Bonginos.

  • Pittman family

    Great job Isabel!

  • James P Bascom

    Thanks for doing this. We are pleased to be a part. Know also that your family are in our daily prayers.

  • Susan Needham

    Thank you Dan Bongino family!! God Bless!

  • Kevin Labonte

    Isabel I hope you’re fundraiser exceeds all expectations. God Bless.

  • Sherry T

    This donation has been made on behalf of Isabel Bongino and her classmates! Good Luck kiddos!

  • Melinda Folse

    I’m proud to donate to this worthy cause in honor of Dan Bongino and his daughter Isabel. I’ve been living with leukemia (CML) for 20 years thanks to my amazing doctors at MD Anderson and the miracle drug Gleevec. ?? Keep doing what you do Dan!

  • Vicki Holman

    What an amazing family!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless you, for helping families who are living the reality of luekemia. Thank you

  • Colin Carrier

    I love the Dan Bongino Show and I am glad to be able to help. It's not much, but I hope it helps with your cause. I added the extra $10 to cover the handling charges.

  • Carlos Romero

    May your future be bright, and your path true. Take heart that you and your family are in the fight, and will never give up. I pray the future bring happiness and health to all.

  • Gary Vandenberg

    Thanks for fighting this dreadful disease. Bongino rules!

  • Shari Melton

    It’s my honor to help!

  • Phil Givens

    At the request of Isabel Bongino, I am giving some money to your organization.

  • Anonymous

    In honor of the Bongino family. Thank you for all you are doing to keep us informed.

  • Matthew Quave

    For Dan and Isabel Bongino

  • Jessie Barrow

    To the Bongino family, I pray for you non-stop. I have faith that the good lord will bring you through these difficult times. You are too important to this world! We have your backs. God bless you all.

  • Susan Boyette

    Good luck on this fund raising effort.

  • Janet Peters

    God bless all those who are fighting this fight. Thank you to the Bkngino family for reaching out to ask. God bless

  • Patricia Lackey

    God Bless you and your family Dan, Love your show, thanks for all your hard work on bringing the American people the truth.

  • Dominick Cipriano

    I beat lymphoma twice! Keep the faith!

  • Anonymous

    God bless your efforts!

  • Michael Gersbach

    This is for don he helps me get through the many hard days and help me feel a lil more normal and not alone in the world

  • Fred Pagano

    Our prayers go out to all those affected by this disease. Thanks to you Isabel and your great dad Dan for all your passion to make a difference in all our lives.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work!

  • Karen Thompson

    Isabel it was good to see your sweet face and Lucy on the show yesterday. Thank you for being a great role model.

  • gerald petersen

    God bless the Bongino family from Tucson AZ

  • Lisa Schwab

    Thank you for all your hard work. Wishing the best to you and your family.

  • Debi Byrd

    Wishing you all great success in every endeavor!

  • Derek

    God bless the Bongino family.

  • James Reeno

    I will support such a great cause! Good luck Isabe!!...and Dan, keep doing your thing and keep your head up and get WELL SOON!

  • Anonymous

    You fought brave for our country and the horrible disease

  • Tom White

    Thank you for spreading awareness and championing a great cause.

  • Patricia Dalton

    The more you give allows more research to move to a cure. Colt Rever is a survivor and my great nephew.

  • PJ

    Great job ~ what a great thing you and your classmates are doing!! Love your dad’s show!!

  • Joe and Tami Rueter

    We have been inspired by watching Dan Bongino's battle against this disease and want to contribute to the fight.

  • Jon Higley

    Because Dan brings his loyal watchers the issues of the day, along with his humor, wonderful personality, and patriotism which inspires us all to never give up the fight for freedom, liberty, and truth. We love you, brother! (My, my, how Isabella has grown in only a few short years. Great to see her on the show recently!)

  • Janet Waterdown

    Good job Isabel and friends. Dan & Paula, you must be so proud! Glad to be able to help out such a worthy cause.

  • Jeff English

    My daughter passed away on this day 5 years ago. She was about to graduate as a Nurse and would have helped in the fight against this disease! I love you and miss you Katie-Bug. Till we meet again...In her name and in honor of Dan Bongino and his family fighting for all of us. God Bless you all!

  • Kim Gerwitz

    Dan Bonjino

  • Hillery Dorvin

    Hopefully, soon we all can celebrate a cure for Cancer! Miss Bongino, our future looks fantastic thanks to teens like you! God bless you and your wonderful family!

  • Anonymous

    Blessings to you and your family. We have been keeping you in our prayers. We lost our father to Lymphoma almost 20 years ago now at the age of 83. We hope this fundraiser helps find treatments and cures soon.

  • Kris Stokes

    Thank you for all you do, we hope this helps!!

  • Vicky Weishar

    God Bless you and your family Dan. Thank you for using your struggle to help others.

  • Louis Stabile, MD

    Dan, you are an inspiration to all with this disease. It is my pleasure to donate for your daughter. Keep fighting for America.

  • Vickie Vermillion

    Glad to help fight lymphoma and leukemia

  • Heidi Souther

    My friend didn't die from lymphoma. He died from organ failure due to COVID. I can think of no more honorable way to honor him than to donate this money, however small, in him name. He was a wonderful man who served his country, loved his friends and family, but most importantly, loved his wonderful wife, Glenda.

  • Michael Oliver

    May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. And rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand. To the Bongino family -- stay safe, stay strong...God bless! Dan, we're Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, brother! Best wishes from the Oliver Family in Texas

  • Joyce McGill

    Dan you have a beautiful and amazing daughter who I know you and your wife are very proud of. This is a great charity that she has chosen for her fundraiser and I am happy to send a donation. We are always keeping you in our prayers for healing. Thank you for the many services you gave and are still giving to our country. We will never stop watching and listening to you on your podcasts/newsletter. May God Bless you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    For Dan Bongino , get well.

  • Anna Salvadore

    To the beautiful Bongino family please stay strong!

  • Anonymous

    Prayers and Blessings to all those affected by these diseases. Thanks for all your fundraising're the best !

  • Anonymous

    Hope this helps a little.

  • Kristen Tata

    Praying for you & your family Dan!

  • Phyllis McMasters

    To help support Isabel Bongino’s fund raising efforts for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Appreciate her dad, Dan Bongino, and pray for his complete healing.

  • Nadine Tacheff

    I give in the hope that my small donation together with many others will help eradicate all lymphomas and other blood cancers for good. I dedicate my donation in the name of my friend Claire's brother who passed from lymphoma in 1998.

  • Mark Olive

    I am retired and funds are limited but; Dan blesses be every week so; I want to help.

  • Denise & Alan B

    Praying for all those who suffer from this disease and their families.

  • Steven Jauregui

    Thank you for all you do to get the truth out. My God bless, protect, and prosper this year. Here a little token of your application.

  • karen chapas

    in honor of Dan ..........he is an inspiration to all

  • Ed H

    It's Friiiiiidayyyyy! Ding, Ding, Ding. Good Day Sir!

  • Frost Family

    I wish all those challenged with Lukeimia or Lymphoma know there are many of us praying for your recovery.

  • Sanchez Family

    Praying for Dan and all those who are affected by these diseases. Special thanks to Dan and his family for the sacrifices they have made to inspire other families. God blessπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Manuel Calderon

    Don Bongino’s daughter asked to help

  • c

    I lost my mother to cancer. I hope this small donation helps. Best wishes, Chris

  • Mark Linton

    For Dan Bongino's Daughter for her father

  • Dustin Charles Windes

    Dedicating $50 to you and your family, Mr. Dan Bongino. I love what you do and if you ever fall with Old Glory, I'd gladly pick her up and take her place in your stead because my family fought in World World 2 and I love what you bring to the table in these trying times. We've only begun to start. Together, we can take back the Republic.

  • Kathi

    I'm a 15 year cancer survivor! A big hug to all of you going through any type of cancer!

  • John Walsh

    Thank you all for organizing to help others!

  • Marcia and Lee Haller

    Thank you for all you and your family are doing.

  • Robert Smith

    Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family! My donation is in honor of my father Frederick N Smith✌️

  • Anonymous

    To all those fighting cancer- God Bless you and watch over you every step of the way as you fight the battle. Dan Bongino, prayers for you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for raising awareness as well as raising funds. I hope someday lung cancer will see the improvements in survival that blood cancer is experiencing. I pray for your Dad and Rush Limbaugh every day. God bless all of the students who are participating in this fundraising!

  • Victoria Jeffers

    Heard about this wonderful cause through Isabel Bongino on her dad’s show (Dan Bongino). It is so nice to see young people like Isabel and her friends stepping up to make a difference.

  • Anonymous

    May our Lord continue to provide you with graces, humility, a giving heart, Isabel. I pray that your father heals completely and continues to assist with truthfully informing the public as he's been doing.

  • Spring Jones

    What a great thing to do! Bongino family is great!! Love listening to you!

  • Judith Nunn

    Thanks for all that you and your family do, Dan. You have an amazing daughter!

  • Cathryn Zerwas

    To finding a cure or at least treating patients for now. Thank you Dan Bongino for being a role model and an honest person!

  • Steven Rogers

    God bless.

  • Debbie South

    Best wishes to Dan Bongino. I wish I could give hundreds or thousands but it is what it is. I will not be using Apple Pay or PayPal in an effort to fight big tech!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless You!

  • Anonymous

    Keep the hope alive to eradicate and, cure cancer!

  • Lisa Smith

    Prayers for Dan Bongino and the other warriors battling this monster and thank you to sweet Isabell ????

  • Coventry Wildeheart

    Only a small donation from north Queensland, Australia, but hope it helps.

  • KR

    Praying for you Dan.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work! You got me when i saw the Terps sweeter!

  • Anonymous

    Praying for Dan Bongino for complete haaling. Also this will help others also. God Bless each of you.

  • Joyce Emerick

    Honoring the Bongino family!!!

  • Anonymous

    My brother is fighting this disease as we speak. I can't put his name out there because he has asked me not to. He wants to live his life as normally as possible and feels the less people that know he has this disease the easier it will be for him to live a normal life. I love him more than I'm sure he ever dreamed and in honor of him I am giving his money.

  • Julie

    Bongino, thanks for all you do!

  • Sue Fischer

    In memory of a father, who was very much loved and will never be forgotten

  • Anonymous

    God bless and keep up the good fight, we need you more than ever. You are a great servant. Your daughter is a doll.

  • Jarrett P

    Dan's daily podcast (along with Joe, Paula and others behind the scene) has shaped who I am as a person. I was devastated when I learned that he was diagnosed with cancer and it hit close to home as a member of my family was battling cancer and is still battling the side effects from its treatment. Dan continue to fight the good fight and I am wishing for a speedy and full recovery!

  • Sherry Drury

    My twin sister died a month into lockdown 2019 from stage 4 breast cancer. My cousin also has lymphoma cancer as well n another cousin dies from cancer in 2019 a month before the lockdown. Hope this helps I know it’s not much. God bless all who fight with cancer n all who care for those family members with cancer for they are the survivors too. God Bless to The Bongino Family

  • David Nelson

    Thank you for supporting this wonderful charity!

  • Kristine Niehus

    Glad to support the work of this organization and the effort by Isabel to shine a spotlight on the importance of supporting organizations like this.


    Thank you for doing this Isabel.

  • Don

    Thank you Isabella for caring and God bless you and your family

  • Karen Klein

    Thank you Dan for all you do for America! You and Paula have raised an amazing daughter. My father died of leukemia and I only wish I could donate more for the research for lymphoma and this horrible disease. You are in my prayers!

  • Janice Hawes

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Please know we care and wish you well. Your daughter, Isabel is adorable as is Lucy.

  • John Shaffer

    Sloan Kettering saved my daughter's life and cancer suck. F**k cancer! Nice work Isabel and stay strong Dan.

  • Heidi Meyers

    God bless you and your family. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Keith

    God bless you Dan and thanks to Isabel for doing this.

  • Jerry Follen

    Just wanted to send a little something to support this.

  • Cheryl Spano Lonis

    Dan Bongino

  • Nathan Gray

    Good luck!

  • Darryl Pixler

    Thank you for doing this.

  • Don Bergmann

    Way to go Isabella!!

  • Annette & Grant F

    We are donating because and Dan Bongino and his wonderful family who bring us truth and encouragement every day.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless your efforts to raise a ton of money for this great cause!

  • Maria Cocciemiglio

    For those who lost their life and those who are cancer survivors. To Dan Bongino who is a true patriot. My husband who is a cancer survivor. May God Bless All. Donation from Cocciemiglio/Burton Family

  • Brian lopez

    Thank you to the Bangino Family for everything you guys do.

  • Michael Jordan

    This is to support Isabel Bongino's school fundraiser.

  • Justin S

    Keep up the good work!

  • Elaine Vespoli-Mundell

    Thank you so much for creating this fundraiser! Especially, one that I can trust! I lost my amazing and loving Father to this disease. He is missed so badly by me every second of the day! I don’t EVER want to see another daughter feel my pain! God Bless you all!!!

  • Bongino for President

    I heard on Dan Bongino pod cast

  • Jerry Jurik

    In memory of Janet, Dan, and Tim

  • Patsy Ballard

    Our prayers are sent up for you.

  • RJ Hall

    It's so great and loving of Isabel Bongino to champion this! Her father Dan Bongino speaks truth to power on a non-stop basis, and we keep him in our prayers every day for total victory in his battle with lymphoma. Thanks to the entire Bongino family for their endless sacrifice in the quest for real and lasting political change and a restoral of the Republic to its founding principles.

  • mtneer92

    hope this helps some

  • Annamae Meyer

    Dan Bongino. Thank You! for your insight into

  • Laura Fugman

    This is dedicated to all those suffering from this disease.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for being such a beautiful family. My love, prayers and support are with you all!

  • Anonymous

    My wife is a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor. She was diagnosed in 2002 and is doing fantastic. We appreciate all the work that is bring done by LLS and proudly support them. Thank you Dan for all you do and for being a true patriot, we are praying for you. Good luck with your charity event.

  • Elijah Ramirez

    To all of you fighting this awfal disease dont give up stay strong.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you, your friends and family, Isabel!

  • Ed Pinder

    Im on board!! Bless you an your daughter for helping this worthy cause.

  • William Smithers

    May God bless you Bongino family!!!

  • Anonymous

    one of many truly worthwhile causes!!

  • Brian

    The best to you and your family. Keep up the great work.

  • Leisa Davis

    Thank you Dan.

  • Thomas Mader

    Good job, young lady! And a credit to your parents.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you and your family

  • Rob P

    God bless!

  • Anonymous

    For Dan Bongino daughter

  • Cyndi Marconi

    My grandfather, Earl Brush, who passed away long before I was born. Also, IN HONOR of a great Patriot, Dan Bongino

  • Barrett Miller

    God Bless All of You.

  • Dana LeSage

    Isabel & Dan, Thanks for doing this. I am in my 5th year since diagnosis of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and doing well after treatment that is made possible by funding of this type. Best wishes to Dan in his recovery.

  • Anonymous

    Many thanks to the Bongino family, with all you do for the American people in support of a Constitutional Republic, and all our big R G-d given rights.

  • Anonymous

    We are praying for your family and congratulations on doing something to help others.

  • NML

    In memory of my Uncle Neil whom passed at a young age from leukemia. I know you watch over our family! My heart goes out to those who's life has been effected by cancer!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you!

  • Dianna & Todd Napier

    God Bless America and the Bongino Family

  • Anonymous

    Blessings upon the Bongino family. Lifting each person in prayer impacted by these two major diseases. May healing, blessings and mercy be upon each soul.


    Bless you for all you do for we Americans. Met your mom and dad in Cary at friends wedding and they could not have been nicer. We re former MPDC and USSS and have been following you for years. All the best in you efforts to fight this horrible cancer.

  • james d howard

    God Bless your family DAN

  • Lisa Greentree Woody

    Enjoy life, support those who are struggling, and remember those who have passed.

  • Anonymous

    Praying for all inflicted with cancer! May God be with you and heal you. May He give you peace that surpasses all understanding!

  • Shoshannah BJ Lane

    I think it is fair to say that nearly everyone of us has been affected by this disease in some form or fashion, whether we have faced it ourselves or those we love. Thanks for doing this, Isabel and thanks also to your father who is such a staunch fighter for liberty and our rights as Americans.

  • Anonymous

    Boigono family, appreciate all that you do for the country!

  • Brian Tingstrom

    The Bongino family continues to provide inspiration during a difficult time in our country. Keep up the great work Isabel!

  • Glen Thompson

    Please accept my modest donation in memory of my brother’s father in law who has recently passed away. Best of luck with your charity drive. God bless. Glen from England.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Dan and his family and every family going through this! You all have a tremendous amount of courage and you are an inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Bongino Family for bringing attention to this great cause!

  • Dennis Woller

    Good work!

  • Thomas Adams

    My wife didn’t pass from lymphoma, she passed from Colon cancer, however I understand how horrible cancer is, and I have hated listening to Dan Bongino suffer through the treatments. Michele was a hell of a fighter and Dan is too. I pray the treatments heal him forever and this awful disease doesn’t come back. God Bless him and Paula and their girls.

  • Larry Andy Pat Miller

    Thank you for taking on the most wonderful cause. My sister, KANDI had leukemia and my daughter, Missey had non-Hodgkins lymphoma when she was 36. God Bless you and your wonderful family. Love and prayers to your outstanding dad and mom❀️ We love you, Larry and Pat Miller

  • gerald sanford

    good luck isabelle

  • Everett and Edie Conaway

    God bless your family. Thank you Dan for the work you do to promote the truth. Great cause Isabel, we hope your team wins!

  • Jim Coyle

    Thanks Dan Bongino for all your do! Have faith and courage Isabel. Praying for you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    4% funding for childhood cancer research is NOT enough.

  • Jeff Frazier

    Dan Bongino & his daughter! We send you prayers for perfect health! We LOVE YOUR SHOW & YOU DAN! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Blessings, Jeff & Paula Frazier.

  • R Hicks

    I hope I won't be considered presumptuous by saying that God is in complete control. As a child of God persecution is expected but he always provides a way of escape, ref. 1 Corinthians 10:13. My desire is that your situation will bring you to a closer experience with God. Trust the LORD, follow his will and the best is yet to come!

  • Anonymous

    Isabel, Good luck with your charity which is a great cause. Wish your father a speedy recovery from his treatments. Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family! Take care, Phil Anderson

  • Josephia Johnston

    Please accept my donation of $25.00, I cannot give more since I am not working on a daily basis. But I want to help. I will come back to this website when I have some spare change to donate. Thanks to the Bongino family for their help in this very needed help.

  • Kim Cooper

    I am so happy to support Isabel Bongino as she expresses her love and concern for those facing cancer. God bless the entire Bongino family. You are very special people and touch our lives more than you can imagine. Thank you very, very much. Sincerely, Kim Cooper

  • Keri Chambers

    Blessed to be able to contribute to this. Cancer itself has taken much of my family...I know it comes in many forms. We never know if it will be us or someone we love. Continue to pray for your complete healing Dan and what a lovely daughter you have!

  • R Chrisman

    Prayers for a cure!

  • Kathleen Giacca

    Loyal listen to the Dan Bongino show. God bless him & his family. His daughter is such a great young lady for promoting this cause!

  • William E Feaver

    Love what your are doing...God bless you.

  • A fan of Dan

    Worthy cause. Well done young lady!

  • Linda Trout

    This donation is in memory of my mother, Maurine Burt. I think your fundraising project is outstanding!

  • Walt

    I am happy to support this effort. Dan you got a fantastic daughter!

  • Linda Trousdale

    Love the Bongino family and all the work you do.

  • Michael Nichols

    Dan and Isabel: My adult son Forrest is a pediatric leukemia survivor. He was diagnosed at 18 months old in 1993 and turned 29 years old last month. Thanks for everyone's help in this great cause.

  • Brad Wilkinson

    Dan Bongino Rocks. So does my daughter who is doing well

  • Cynthia Mercadante

    In honor of Dan bongino and his fight .

  • Laura Johnston

    Your dad is amazing! Of course you know that. Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Wishing you great success in your fundraising.

  • Matthew Duncan

    Isabel and Dan, God bless you and your family.

  • Mulkerin Family

    God Bless the Bongino Family and the essential service Dan Bongino provides to patriotic Americans. Cancer is all too pervasive. At almost the same time this past year, my cousin Morgan F. received a cancer diagnosis and is now undergoing a chemotherapy regimen. Earlier in 2020, a good friend Robert Clarke died after a 5 year fight with recurrent cancer.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless!

  • Alice Martin

    May God Bless your efforts! ??????

  • Shahna McKay

    Keep up the great work!! So proud of you!

  • William Carstarphen

    For Dan Bongino

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Isabel Bongino for getting involved and being supportive daughter. I lost my mom to liver cancer and I totally understand how you feel with your dad getting cancer diagnosed. keep the good fight

  • Meryl Madden

    Me and my siblings are praying for you every day, Dan!

  • Darren Cannon

    God bleed Dan and the family.

  • Jay Hickey

    Go Bongino!

  • Mary Jo Duffy

    Dan I’m a Hodgkin’s, Melanoma and Breast Cancer Society. I’m happy to donate in your honor as a fellow survivor!

  • Kelly Miller

    Thank you for all you do! Donating in honor of Dan Bongino and his daughter

  • Anonymous

    God Bless, you, Isabel and your team for all your hard work and dedication! May God Bless your dad, Dan, who we all love and are praying for! God Bless your whole family...we love you!

  • Dave Hasselbach

    Thank you so much for everything you do Dan! Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    I have hope for the future when young people stand up for a noble cause. Good work Isabella! Dedicated to my mother who died of Breast Cancer.

  • Philip C Ruvolo

    Thank you Dan, you and your family are the best.

  • Wendy Rinaldi

    Thank you for all you do. God Bless you and your family. Thank you Isabel for helping with such a great charity organization to help so many people with this disease.

  • William James Ralph

    Had non hodgkins lymphoma 30 years ago. Thanks to the study I was put on, my doctor was able to help me and thousands of others who have benefited from their research

  • Robin W

    Lost both my parents to cancer, mom 8 years ago, dad just last week. My prayers go out to all those who suffer, especially from any form of cancer. Be strong Dan! The world is praying for you!

  • Anonymous

    In memory of all those military, police, fire and first responders who have given all of us the opportunity to live our lives and pursue our individual dreams. God bless all those who survive knowing that their loved ones made a difference. Lastly, to all those medical professionals who give us HOPE!

  • William O. Towery

    As a two time survivor of leukemia as well as a former member of the LLS Board of Trustees (Southwest Chapter), I am proud to stand in solidarity with Dan as well as offer this small donation in hopes of finding a cure for all types of blood cancers.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for letting us know you are fundraising.


    I would love to do more but you know times are crazy! Thank you for all you do! Your Daughter did very well, I don't think there was one um! That's good

  • Anonymous

    Great to see Isabelle’s dedication to this cause. Dan you are a leader in the conservative movement. Thank You.

  • Cyndy Campbell

    We prayer for everyone affected by this horrible cancer. God bless you all and give you strength.

  • Jill Klaren

    My parents both died of Cancer. I pray for all fighting this fight. God Bless

  • Daniel Muccia

    For Dan Bongino and his lovely caring daughter

  • Anonymous

    Dan, You are the best! May God bless you. Amen.

  • Geoff Wilkinson

    In memory of my Dad lost to cancer 15 years ago and dedication to my brother in law, currently challenged with multiple myeloma. Thank you Isabel for your efforts you are clearly a chip off the block! Thank you also Dan for everything you have and continue to do. I look forward every day to listen/watch your Rumble episodes. You are a good and courageous man with a beautiful family. The World needs so many more like you! All the very best with your health challenges, our prayers are with you from Tasmania, Australia!

  • Anonymous

    Your daughter and her friends are being raised by good people... Tough times at work, wish I could send more... God Bless and keep you all safe...

  • Fans of Dan <3

    Thank you Isabel and Family. GOD bless you all.

  • Judy Lee

    You got this Dan Bongino.

  • Anonymous

    In honor of my Dad who fell victim to non-hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 48, when I was 6 weeks old . I wish I got to know him .

  • Catherine M Bressie

    Thanks for all you do Dan! Go Isabelle! Nice work!

  • David Rothman

    In support for Dan Bongino’s daughter.

  • Doczy

    Thank you for your serviceβ€πŸ‡±πŸ‡· Gof Bless You and Yours Today and All Tomorrows!!! πŸ˜β€πŸ™

  • debra foreman

    God Bless to Isabelle Bongino and her class for helping. wish it could be more

  • Suzanne Wilson

    To support Isabelle and Dan Bongino!

  • Sharon McGee

    As the number of people I trust grows increasingly lower as each day passes, I 1000 percent TRUST the information provided by Dan Bongino. He is a light of hope, a man with courage and determination! I pray for his success both in his health and his resolve to eradicate the injustices being layer upon the American people. Thank you and God Bless you in all aspects of your life and work.

  • Matthew Miller

    Dan, you are one of the best people in the world. We are all here for you and your family, God bless you and your family and friends. Glory to God in your recovery!

  • Jessica Fisher

    God Bless the Bongino Family. You are a strong and inspiring.. Wishing you all the happiness and health you deserve. Happy to help support this great cause. Thank you. - The Fishers, Phoenixville, PA

  • Anonymous

    God bless you, Isabel. You and your friends are the hope for our future.

  • Sal V.

    In my daily rosary, I include you Dan and Rush. And all those afflicted with cancer. May God bless you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    You are a great American!!!

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by this dreadful disease. May God give us a healing answer to all our prayers.

  • John Purdy

    Lymphoma took my father. R.I.P., dad.

  • Colette Ellis

    Dan Bongino, youve been our warrior, your family's warrior and we want to send our love and support to you as you fight this battle. St.Michael protect us in battle! Xoxo

  • John

    May God bless you.

  • Patricia Frangello

    Please be sure Dan’s daughter gets credit

  • Elisa Kad

    God Bless you, Dan. You are a true warrior

  • Cynthia Griffin

    God Bless you Dan! Prayers for Great health!

  • Andy Anderson

    Well done Isabel. You did a great job on your Dad's show. He must be proud.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Bongino

  • Mike Wolfgang

    Wish I could do more but I’m happy to help anyway I can. Congratulations on your efforts to help others & Dan Bongino you are in our prayers brother, Stay strong!

  • JanFae

    Donating on behalf of Dan Bongino. God bless you!!! Thank you Isabel. God bless you too!

  • Greg Hyatt

    We thank you for what you are doing , you are destined for greatness . Pasadena , MD

  • Halter Cross

    Isabelle Thank you and your dad, family, classmates and school for helping this foundation! I pray that these funds will help many families along the way!!!

  • Jennifer Strumingher

    Dan Bongino you are a true American hero. Thanks to you and your family for fighting the good fight and never backing down no matter how hard it gets.

  • Bongino Fan

    Dan Bongino and Family

  • Daniel D Lopez

    Let's eradicate cancer. God Bless

  • Sam the fan of Dan

    Keep fighting!

  • Mary Colon

    Faith, Hope & Charity. Wishing you all the best!

  • matthew Overby

    Hope this helps. Praying for the victims. Dan Bongino sent me. God bless!

  • Robert Poggi

    May this donation help all involved in this time of unrest.

  • Donna Wood

    God Bless you for setting up a donation site for such an important charity.

  • Anthony Earl Wright

    Hope it helps

  • Rich K

    Proud of you Isabel. Dan just started watching your show. Thank You!!!!

  • lynn king

    veru nice pitch

  • Robin Garcia

    I wish it could be more, but I'm hoping it this will help in some small way. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone! Thanks to Dan Bongino for posting a link to let us access the site.

  • Anonymous

    Stay strong and know that God is with you.

  • Ken Rasmussen

    Our family is praying for you Dan Bongino.

  • Anonymous

    We're behind you Dan!

  • David Plaut

    Keep up the good work

  • Marc and Meredith Lipson

    Best Regards....We appreciate your efforts! God Bless You!

  • Richard Nelson

    I am proud of Dan Bongino's daughter and friends sponsoring this fund raiser. My wife is a cancer survivor. I know the challenge it brings to a family. You all are in my prayers. May the LORD bless you and heal you.

  • Marianne Doucette

    I wanted to thank you for all you do and all your passion. I lost my dad 34 years ago (10 days before my wedding) to throat cancer so your health issue hit home a little. I pray you and your family have more advantages with modern medicine as the rest of the country can't live without you and others suffering. It's my honor to support you.

  • Keith Tamagawa

    We need more young people like you. God Bless. Praying for blessings and healing for Dan and your family.

  • Bonnie Corns

    This is to thank Dan Bongino for his love of country and family.

  • Anonymous

    Ask, and you shall receive

  • Jeffrey Promitas

    Nicholas Promitas

  • Scott & Linda Lawrence

    Dan Bongino, Family and Team, Thank each of You for caring and sharing!! Praying for You, Your Family and Your Team each and every day!! Seeing Lucy Was Awesome!! Scott & Linda

  • Joshua List

    Strong work!

  • Sue Grant

    Good luck on your fundraising effort Isabelle. Your Dad is a gift to us all and I wish him and your family all the best. Thank you for all you do for him and others.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to you and your classmates for organizing this fundraiser!

  • Anonymous

    Great cause. I wish I was a millionaire to donate more.

  • Lisa Davis

    Dan go to podcast every day!!

  • Emax

    Great work!


    Wishing you and your family blessings and good health. Dan, you and your family are an inspiration to so many of us. May God be with you in your journey. Stay strong and fight the fight. We are with you!

  • Stav Koutsfetsoulis

    God Bless you and your family Dan. You are the GOAT.

  • Kimberly B Hawkins

    Thanks for all you do Dan!

  • Amy Love

    Thanks for doing good!

  • Susan & Terry Koester

    Saying prayers for all the people who have had or have cancer.

  • Carrie Mangiameli

    Dan I am so happy to donate to this fundraiser to support your cause. Thank goodness my brother introduced me to your show a few years ago, my daily walks (listening to the Podcast) haven't been the same since and I mean that in a GOOD WAY!!! Your show brings me so much joy and keeps me sane, best of all you make me laugh and you give me hope at a time when I am losing faith in humanity. I know without a doubt you are going to come through this awful disease in flying colors. You amaze me Dan, keep up the fight!!! From a 10 year cancer survivor .

  • Gerardo Gonzalez

    Praying for your complete recovery and for the success of this fundraiser. Also praying for all those suffering from these disease and other forms of cancer. I lift you all up in prayer and may our Lord Jesus Christ bring you healing.

  • Glenn O'Bannon

    Go get 'em, Isabel Bongino!

  • Richard Clarke

    I hope my modest contribution helps, but being retired and on a fixed income things are difficult at the moment. Sadly, with personal experience of Cancer I understand only too well how terrible it can be, but I wish Dan and all sufferers the absolute best for a swift and full recovery. Please keep up the good work Isabel, and Dan don't ever give up, we need you!

  • Kim Johnson

    Thank you Bongino family for all you do. Dan, prayers for your complete healing!

  • David DeWitt

    Dan - happy to help a worthy and deserving cause. You and your family have done so much for the country and causes we care about, and now it's time for us to do something for you and Isabel.

  • Greg Ramos

    Great work young lady !!

  • Jenna DePerro

    Isabel, your father is a huge part of my family's life! We listen to his show daily. We are proud to support him and your efforts for this cause that has impacted your family. Prayers to you all!

  • Patrick Kinney

    Thanks for all your do! Al the best from Colorado. :-)

  • Anonymous

    In honor of Dan Bongino. Keep up the great work, Dan. I am praying for you, your family, and your team.

  • Heidi Stout

    Isabella, I am proud to donate in honor or your father and in loving memory of my cousin's daughter, Tara Nicole Stout, who succumbed to leukemia at age 10 in 2007. Tara won an emmy award for the video diary she filmed of her journey.

  • Sue Rekart

    We love you. Keep it up!

  • Donna Heier Maguire

    I have become tight with who I donate to. Since it's you (Bongino) the integrity and validity is confirmed as far as I'm concerned. Good cause. Good luck on your treatment and to everyone who's battling cancer including loves ones I know.

  • William J Planeta

    Great job Isabel, your dad is a good man. God bless

  • Anonymous

    Rick is my eldest son's father. He succumbed to this killer at age 48 when his son was 16. He has been gone a long time but not forgotten. His son is now 41.

  • Anonymous

    Small donation but sent with heartfelt healing to you Dan for all the good you do and to others who are fighting to the good fight to heal. Go on with your good works and know that God is with you.

  • Ann Gospodarek

    What a beautiful thing your daughter is doing.

  • Jillian Rooker

    I lost my dad to cancer 7 years age when he was only 59 years old. I know how hard it is to watch your dad, the man in your life that seems invincible, have to suffer. You girls are what keep him strong. Prayers to all of you.

  • Leslie Scott Williams

    Help as I can. Thank you for doing this. Les

  • Anonymous

    Sending prayers and hugs

  • Anonymous

    Helping out where I can! ....

  • Anonymous

    Isabel, thank you very much for doing this fundraising effort! This is a great cause and the LLS is an excellent organization. I donated in memory of my Uncle Dana who passed away from Leukemia many years ago and also in honor of my brother Bob who is in full remission from Leukemia thanks to the great advances made in Leukemia treatments. Also in honor of your father, Dan, I am a huge fan of his podcasts and the Bongino report :)

  • Rosemarie Schwartz

    Blessings and good health to Dan Bongino and all those suffering from this horrible disease.

  • Linda Bridges

    Congratulations on your fund raising, Isabel! Cancer is terrible! I had it 20 years ago, but thanks to MDAnderson I am still here.

  • Anonymous

    For all you have done and continue to do as we fight to save our country, all the while battling a horrible disease, thank you.

  • Frank Hawthorne

    Lost my daughter Jessica in October 2018 to AML Luekemia, another form of blood cancer. Praying that Dan recovers 100%!

  • Elizabeth Cooper

    I am donating to celebrate my mothers cure from APL leukemia, it has been 14 years since she has been cured.

  • Anonymous

    God bless the Bongino family.

  • Carolyn S. Griffin

    Glad to contribute - wish I could do more. Hope you and your family are doing well (as well as Joe)! Your Dad is so awesome - I don't need to tell you that though.

  • Karen Williams

    Your podcast gives me truth, which I don’t always like to hear??, and encouragement. You and Paula and Joe have been a blessing and a constant in these crazy times. Thank you for all you do. You all are in my prayers????

  • Laurie Bieri

    Nice to meet you Isabel! We love your dad! Thank you for what you are doing for this important cause. Blessings to your entire family!

  • Barry

    Great family, great of luck!

  • Teresa Ferguson

    God bless the Bongino family!!

  • F & S Lewis

    Thank you for all your efforts toward a genuinely worthy cause. Our donation not only in memory of my mother (a breast cancer survivor), but also in recognition of Dan Bongino and his beautiful family. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Loretta Letizia

    Praying for Dan Bongino to stay strong. God Bless him and his family. Great charity to donate to

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to you Isabel for doing this and God Bless the entire Bongino family. We love you Dan Bongino and our prayers are with you during this difficult time. It is a blessing that you are able to continue your daily podcast which keeps us updated with all the important news !! I lost my father and uncle to leukemia and our family has a long history of many types of cancer.

  • Sara Meisner

    Glad to help Isabella raise money for this worthwhile organization. All the Best to you Dan.

  • Cheryl Lorenc

    Dan, prayers for a complete recovery for you! Isabel, thank you for helping others in their time of need. Bongino family, thank you for all you do for us. We are forever grateful to you!

  • Robert & Cynthia FRICKE

    Dan, your moral courage inspires us all. Love the show!

  • Estes family - CA

    Our prayers are with your family, all who fight this disease and all who sacrifice in various ways for this country!! God bless you and keep you and reign over time in which we live.

  • Lydia Collins

    Thank you Isabel for having this fund raising activity for a very good cause!

  • McDowell Family

    Praying for the Bongino family.

  • Ellen Plaine

    Dan, Paula, and Isabel, Wishing Dan a speedy recovery. One of your loyal listeners and big fan.

  • Susan Kater

    Hope a cure is found someday! God bless you for what you're doing.

  • Cheri

    Sending prayers and well wishes. Great work, Isabel!

  • Wanda Warren

    I'm donating because of your dad's strong stance for America and all the good she is. We are very blessed to live here. I pray God will continue to bless the USA and bring law and order and religious freedom to the forefront. Thank you for this effort to help others. I hope it will be a big success!

  • Jeannine Bowling

    We miss you everyday Mom!

  • Rachel Ostrom

    Thank you Rush for you years of service and contribution to the Conservative values of America!

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