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Nathan Bush | Helen & Drake

Welcome to Nathan Bush's SOY Fundraising Page!

Jan 20, 2018

I, Nathan Bush, am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed when i was just 14 years old and had four tumors raging inside of my body. With help from several doctors, I am ,  two years after being  diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma, I am alive and healthy. I beat my cancer battle in August of 2016 when I was fifteen years old.


Why I am fundraising for LLS.

Jan 20, 2018

Throughout my personal cancer battle, I saw first hand the straIn it put on my family. From the outrageously high hospital bills to the long nights of tests and blood drawing where they would just sit next to me knowing they could do nothing to help. I am fundraising for LLS because I know that providing LLS with the funds to further their reaserch means we get closer and closer to end the pain that cancer inflicts upon it's victims, to end the financhial issues these life saving drugs come with, and to end blood cancers.



  • Roberta J Seymour

    Love you bunches!

  • Rhonda Weiss

    Nathan you’re an inspiration to all!

  • Susana Ledbetter

    So proud to know you Nathan! Keep up the good work

  • Dr. C.

    Great cause - Good work sir!

  • Ann Palma

    You are my superman!!!????????

  • Lourdes Day

    All my best.

  • Kristyn

    Nathan, thank you for the laughs each and everyday. ~ Ms. Costello

  • tony infantini

    Bob is dead. Hahahaha! Don't mess with Nathan Bush!

  • Michelle Reeves

    So proud of you Nathan! You beat cancers but just like you said you would!!! Xoxo, Maybeline Michelle

  • Courtney Netta

    We love you, Nathan! Stay Healthy!

  • Ginger Richardson

    See you in June!

  • Karin Muller

    Good luck, Nathan.

  • Jon Little

    Hey Nathan, may good things come your way!

  • Allison Burns

    Good luck!!

  • Pamela Dell

    For a wonderful person! I miss him as a student!!!!

  • Florence & Burl Bush

    Supporting Nathan Bush (Team Helen & Drake). Nathan was a brave young man fighting Burkitts Lymphoma at 14 years old. Thanks to his wonderful medical care, doctors, family, his determination & friends he has been cancer free since August 2016! We are proud of our Grandson fighting his cancer & supporting this cause for others.

  • Cathy And Dale Mullins

    Love you!

  • Suzanne Bush

    Love you Nathan!

  • Allison Burns

    You are an inspiration, Nathan!

  • Patricia Marz

    Nathan I Love you stay well . Sorry donation is so small next month it will be bigger .I'm Proud to have you in my family .

  • Jacqueline v

    I so happy you are cancer free Nathan! Hope you raise a lot of money for this cause! I’m so proud of you!

  • Denise Foll

    L💚ve you Nathan Bush! Keep kicking Cancer’s #*+!!

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