Mar 19, 2020


Mike Lynn, Gonzaga Class of 1994 and Georgetown Class of 1998

In January 2019 Mike was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  In May of that same year he played golf along side his buddy Patrick Judge at the Ryan Kerrigan Leukemia Golf Classic.  Ryan happened to play in that foursome with Mike and Patrick. Feeling a strong connection to LLS, Mike agreed to co-chair the 2020 tournament along with Patrick.  Sadly, Mike never got to the chance to do that, but he will be honored at the tournament on June 29, 2020 as our Remembered Hero.  

Growing up an avid Washington Redskins fan, The Ryan Kerrigan Leukemia Golf Classic was the perfect fit for Mike to stretch his fundraising muscles to benefit the organization that fights to find cures for the very disease that he suffered from.  Mike's friends and fellow Gonzaga and Georgetown alumni have stepped up in a major way to help Mike's family and to represent cause that he was passionate about.  Important to Mike was the fact that the research that LLS does is helping to find cures for so many other diseases and cancers beyond blood cancer.  To learn more about this ground breaking research, click here.      

We have set a goal for ourselves of raising $50,000 for LLS through the Ryan Kerrigan Leukemia Golf Classic event.  At this level, we can link Mike’s name this year to a specific portfolio of projects to honor our efforts to help people with blood cancers. Examples of such portfolios could include myeloma research, LLS's Children's Initative, percision medicine, just to name a few.  This is an amazing opportunity to continue to cement Mike's legacy even more. 


Thank you for supporting Mike and so many others through your donation to LLS.  Together we are leading the way to cure cancers!                 

                       Patrick Judge and Mike playing with Ryan Kerrigan in the 2019 Leukemia Golf Classic. 


So sorry to hear of mike’s passing
David A Rosenthal,
Our deepest sympathies to the Lynn and Miller families on the loss of their beloved Michael Lynn. Jane and Sheridan Smith
Jane and Sheridan Smith,
Our Deepest Condolences, Juergensen & Associates
Juergensen & Associates,
Erica, Noah and Emerson, All of you are in our prayers. Much Love, Greg, Marie, Tobin and Patrick
Greg and Marie Miller,
Erica, Sorry we are unable to attend. Thinking of you and the kids sending lots of love! Ellen and Frank
The Ballinger’s ,
Katie Osgood will attend
Katie Osgood,
Love and prayers to the Lynn family! ❤️ We will see you guys on Saturday. Thanks for including us. Tash and Jimmy
Natasha Stancill,
Malissia & Virgil Stephens- Attending the event
Malissia & Virgil Stephens,
Lonn and Mary Ann Larson will be there.
Mary Ann & Lonn Larson,
On behalf of your Columbia extended Family You will always remain in our thoughts.
IAD East Division,
Love and strength to Erica and her family
Nicole Fountain,
I wish I had the honor of meeting Mike. My condolences to Erica and his family
Liesel Schopler,
In memory of Mike Lynn.
Courtney Schoen,
Mike will always be in our hearts!
Megan Marchese,
So much love to you guys!
Michelle Servary,
Mike was simply the best. -Brett and Connie Lofgren
Brett and Connie Lofgren ,
Andrew and Caroline Edgerton. We will be attending. Thanks
Andrew Edgerton,
Fly high Eagle
Fred J Miller Jr.,
In honor of a great friend and teammate Mike Lynn
Joe Todisco,
Erica - you are doing an amazing job honoring Mike! Xo
Allison Lehmann,
Thank you for the invitation. We are sorry to miss such a lovely event.
John and Hee-Joo Park,
Sherry & Steven Valladares -- we are both planning on attending.
Sherry Valladares,
Robert Zimmermann
We are looking forward to honoring Mike
Kristen Troup,
Sorry to miss the event.
Chris Miller - 1 for pig roast plus a donation
Chris and Martha Miller,
Thanks for the invite. We will be there.
Heather Morris,
We love you Erica and here to support any way we can .
mina hanna,
In loving memory of Mike!! Lots of love from the Adkins family ??????
Kevin & Diana Adkins,
I’m so sorry we can’t make it. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers, Lynn family! Love, The Schoen family
Courtney Schoen,
Andrew Durham and Jessica Fox
Andrew Durham,
Sorry we can’t make it but still wanted to make a donation.
The Farrell Family ,
Erica I plan to be there tonight and thank you for letting me help with this special honor of Mike.
Joanna Conroy,
Jennifer Albanese, attending the pig roast on Nov. 2
Jennifer Albanese,
Mark & Margaux Cerminaro
margaux cerminaro,
Rob and Sherry Miller will attend November 2nd.
Rob and Sherry Miller,
Erica - Mark and I would be honored to attend this event.
Beth and Mark Hoffmann,
Mike was my youngest child, a great son, husband, and dad. I will be at the Pig Roast on Nov. 2, 2019.
Linden Lynn,
Sorry we cannot attend.
Jim and Mary Ann Miller,
2 for Pig Roast
Maureen & Casey Hines,
Shana and Matthew Lowry
Shana Lowry,
So sorry we can't make it to the event. Much love to the Lynn Family!
alison sonecha,
In memory of Michael Lynn. Love, The Holland Family
Jennifer Holland,
Mikey Lynn and Sea Colony long ago running on the beaches I will always treasure your memory you are a light I cannot be extinguished.
Elaine Davis,
With sincerest condolences Jackson & Campbell, P.C.
We send our heartfelt love and prayers to all. Mike was a wonderful friend and professional partner to our firm.
Blue Heron Financial Group,
God bless! Mike truly lived up to his Gonzaga brethren as a "man for others." Prayers for #9 and his family.
Timothy Breslin,
All of us here at Veridian Capital Partners mourn the loss of Michael. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.
Veridian Capital Partners,
Erica- Steve will be joining on November 2! I am going to be out of town and so sorry to miss! ???
Bonacci Family,

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