Aug 19, 2016

Once again I'm helping plan the “The Dude Hates Cancer”, on September 24, 2016 in Philadelphia, over at South Bowl in Philly. It’s a Big Lebowski-themed bowling party that benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Last year we raised over $65,000 for cancer research, from thousands of individual donors, sponsorships, silent auction prizes, and so on

If you can spare something for the cause - no donation is too small - I'd really appreciate it. And I promise you it goes to good use.  
Even $5 helps, as the Dude is very much a grassroots fundraiser that makes its goals based on lots of small donations, not a few big ones.

I'm giving out prizes for people who donate, which all involve humiliating me. My pain is your gain! Here's the prizes:

$50: A Vine Where I Tell People Something Awesome But False About You: For everybody that donates $50, you'll get a special prize: I will make a Vine and post it on all of my social media feeds that says something about you that is

1. Awesome and

2. Totally made up.

And I'll get people to like and share it. 

$100: Dress Me For the Weekend: You get to pick what I wear out in a public place on the weekend. The only rule is that whatever I wear has to be something that's not illegal to be seen in public, and reasonably cheap to put together or buy. (So for example, an actual NASA vintage spacesuit would be cool, but a little pricey).

Top Donator: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Rock Party: The top donator gets to karaoke jam with Meg and Me and friends in Chinatown, and gets to pick the songs I will have to sing (limit 5 songs as I plan to rock pretty hard). Last year's donator, Matt Nolan, has yet to collect. So it could be back-to-back jams!

Also important for Philadelphia-area people: You and your friends are invited to be on my team.  I don't care if you suck at bowling. I suck at bowling.  You don't have to bowl if you're afraid of looking bad. But you won't look as bad as me. So either way.  It's a great time still.  Plus, we'd get to hang out, and I really would like that.  And we'll get you a free t-shirt. You know my e-mail, please e-mail me!
As I've done the last couple years, my friends and I are bowling in memory of Kyle, the greyhound that Meg and I owned who died in 2011. To our knowledge, he never once peed on a rug.
Here's a link to the event:  or for those of you not into the Facebook. 



The Dude abides but cancer won't!
Andrea Hyslop,
Kick butt! Sorry to miss it this year, but I'll be supporting from DC
Dress like Sterling Archer (or James Bond if you prefer).
Eric Foerg,
Alright, alright, I've got four dollars, almost five.
Christian & Joslyn Grostic,
Scott Hartner,
TDHC Improv Show Fundraiser - Door and Raffle Sales
Helen Chung,
Great cause and wish I could be there. phil
philip cavalcanto,
You're there to fix the cable.
David and Elise McGee,
In loving memory of Aunt Carol, from Uncle Bunk, Jim and Judy, Diane and Jim, Cheryl and Fred.
The Bernard Family,

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