Dec 06, 2015

Quaker principles and practice continue to guide William Penn Charter School, a Friends school founded in 1689. Within a school community that honors difference, we seek that of God in each person. Through global connections, civic engagement and a focus on environmental sustainability, we inspire students to be thinkers, collaborators, innovators and leaders. We educate students to live lives that make a difference.

Penn Charter emphasizes helping others with our established community service program. One of our newest service projects is our participation in the first-ever Big Climb Philly, with a team of passionate students, faculty, and members of our community. Our climbers are dedicated to the noble cause of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and are determined to be a part of the effort to cure cancer.

Everyone has been touched by cancer, and we all want to see it cured. Several members of the Penn Charter community know firsthand the deadly effects of not only cancer itself, but of its current treatments as well. We need better therapies NOW. The LLS funds researchers who are developing cutting-edge cancer treatments that could improve the quality of life for many patients and save countless lives.

Please join us in supporting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by making a donation to our fundraising campaign. Thanks to your support, our efforts will help fund the therapies and treatments and help save lives today.

Design courtesy of Stella Singer

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In honor of my friend
John Rogers,
A wonderful event for a great cause!
Bruce MacCullough,
PC/GA Day Fundraising
PC/GA Day Fundraising,
Contribution from PC students raised during PC/GA Spirit Week and from the Buche de Noel Contest.
William Penn Charter School,
Duncan, What a great fundraising event you have put together for LLS. We wish we could be there in support of you, but know that you have a great team of climbers gearing up and training to make it to the TOP! Best wishes to you always, The Angelakis Family
Christine Angelakis,
Laney Markman particitaging in Big Climb Event
Ellen Markman,
Good luck in your fundraising efforts!
Cheryl Phillips,
These are proceeds from Penn Charter School Big Climb t-shirts, stickers, and jersey days.
William Penn Charter School,
Funds raised by students from Hearts for Leukemia Bake Sale
WPCS Students,
Funds raised from the Flower Sale sponsored by members of the Black Student Union
WPCS Black Student Union,
In honor of all the PC climbers. Go, team!
In memory of a wonderful young woman who succumbed to lymphoma to early in life. May her memory be for blessing and encourage others to fight for a cure
Sandra Portnoy,
Contribution made by the Penn Charter Middle School students from their Middle School Dance.
PC Middle School,
Good Luck Bob!
Carol Steinbrook,
Good Luck Kaylee! Grandpop and Grandmom
Carol Steinbrook,
Good Luck! From the Zuccotti Family
The Zuccotti Family,
Good luck and continued health, Duncan! Jim Umlas ( college teammate of your father's )
James Umlas,
Good Luck to the PC Team! Best wishes, The Isztwan Family
The Isztwan Family,
Contribution made from proceeds of the Penn Charter Faculty and Student Basketball Tournament.
PC Faculty & Students,
In honor of Damon Leedale-Brown
Jane Broderson,
Contribution made by Penn Charter Upper, Middle and Lower School faculty from their Dress Down Fridays.
Penn Charter Faculty,
Congrats Damon & Oliver for helping with this cause! Great effort and we wish you all the best, Ashita, Jason, Natalia & Amelia
Natalia & Amelia Schafer,
Good luck to Damon and Oliver. Thanks for supporting a great cause. The Pear Family
The Pear Family,
The Soroko family
The Soroko Family,
Im sorry I missed your Bar Mitzvah..I heard you were great.Hope to see you soon!!! xoxoMarilyn
Marilyn Marcus,
Contribution made by the Penn Charter Community from their successful Triennial Art Show proceeds.
PC Community Art Show,
In honor of my friend
John Rogers,
Laney Markman particitaging in Big Climb Event
Ellen Markman,
In honor of my friend
John Rogers,
In honor of my friend
John Rogers,

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Donating for this event will be available from: Friday, October 16, 2015 12:00AM to Thursday, June 30, 2016 11:00PM EST
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