Mar 11, 2019

Welcome To My Fundraising Page.

Please join me in supporting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) by making a donation to my fundraising campaign. Thanks to your support, my efforts, will help fund the therapies and treatments and help save lives today.

LLS's continued advancements over the years, are responsible for the blood cancer survival rate doubling and tripling; in some cases, the survival rate has even quadrupled.

And many LLS supported therapies not only help blood cancer patients but are now used to treat patients with rare forms of stomach and skin cancers. They're even being tested in clinical trials for patients with a range of cancers including lung, brain, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers. LLS funded drugs are now being tested for patients with other non-cancerous diseases like Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

We really are changing the face of blood cancer!

All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. They'll not only support LLS research but patient services, advocacy, public and professional education, and community services as well.

Please visit my Web site often and bring friends who would also like to donate!

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere I thank you for your support!
For more information about LLS, please visit


In support of Team Callista.
Angela Nwaneri,
Such an amazing and inspiring story <3, wishing continued good health Chidinma! #TeamCallista
Irene Dip,
Regards to by good buddy, Callista!
warren smith,
Pleased to support a great cause and a wonderful family!
Diane Allemang,
Callista, I am happy to support your efforts.
Don Johnson,
Life is about changing and fighting, best wishes to your bravery.
Audrey Chen,
I commend you Callista for making the climb again!
Flavia Fresonke,
Supporting the cure
Christine Brockington,
Thank you for the opportunity to support your efforts.
Lester Scott,
shannon cavanaugh,
Go, Callista!
Nancy Hilton,
Houston for Team Callista!
Kelechi Nwabuisi,
Good luck with the climb!! Praying for eradication of LLS.
Olubunmi Ogunkeye,
Go, Callista, go! Thanks to you for fundraising for such a great cause!
Theresa Geil,
Thank you Callista. More RESEARCH is needed!!
Karen Dow,
I'm happy to support our sister Callista and this cause. May the good Lord continue to bless you in all you do for this course.
Sebastian Ugo,
For Chidinma and her aunt, Callista.
Noriko Nakada,
Have fun climbing!
Carolyn Choo,
Have fun and good luck. Love, Mildred & Henry
Mildred Allison,
All of us nephews wanted to donate! We love you!
Simeon III, Jidechi, Nnamdi Udunka & Azubuike Nwabuisi,
Well done for a worthy cause, Callista. John and Kim Ogunkeye
Kim and John Ogunkeye,
We love you Auntie Callista! This is an awesome cause!
Chioma & Simeon Udunka,
Callista!! thank you for sharing this. My contribution is small but heartfelt.
Seema Nanda,
Incorrigible! Wonderful ! Thanks Callista
Amelia Jackson-Gheissari,
Your niece is such an inspiration to so many who know her, as you are to me! Love, LuAnn
LuAnn Maloney,
Thank you for everything that you do!
Ikechi Nwabuisi,
Dear Callista - I'm so happy to support your stair climb. I'm doing it vicariously through you :) Linda
Linda Froelich,
We are happy to support our sister Callista and this cause. God Bless
Rose & Augustine Nwabuisi,
Happy to support such a worthy cause. Wishing continued strength and good health to Chidinma Morsindi.
Jack Culligan,
My hero, Chidinma!
Callista O Chukwunenye,

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  • Rose & Augustine Nwabuisi
  • Angela Nwaneri
  • Diane Allemang
  • Olubunmi Ogunkeye
  • Kim and John Ogunkeye
  • Mildred Allison
  • Carolyn Choo
  • Sebastian Ugo
  • Karen Dow
  • Theresa Geil
  • Ikechi Nwabuisi
  • warren smith
  • Irene Dip
  • Callista O Chukwunenye
  • Ryan Geil
  • Robert Bailey
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