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Dec 28, 2017

We are excited to announce that we have been nominated as candidates for the 2018 Student of The Year fundraising competition for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)!  LLS's mission is to cure blood cancers and to provide services for patients and families along the way. LLS spends about $50 million each year seeking cures for blood cancers and because of their research, people have more streamlined treatments and a better chance of survival. We are honored to help raise money and awareness for this cause. Blood cancers have affected both of our lives, and we hope you will help us reach our fundraising goal to support LLS’s fantastic work!


Celeste's story:

On my 5th birthday, I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). If this had been 1975, I would have had a 3% chance of surviving. Thanks to LLS-funded breakthroughs, my odds when I was diagnosed were better than 80%. The day after I was diagnosed, I started 846 days of chemotherapy including 26 spinal taps, 22 blood transfusions, multiple surgeries, and much more. I got an infection related to bubonic plague and had so much bone damage from chemo that they thought I wouldn’t be able to walk. While I am now considered cured of cancer, the effects of it are with me every day. When I was little I wasn’t able to do the things other kids did. I always wanted to try sports, but was too sick to be able to play. In high school I finally joined the cross country team, but bone damage in my hips made it too painful to continue after the first year. School has always been harder for me because of my chemotherapy treatments. Writing is difficult because of nerve damage in my hands. It took me a very long time to learn to read because damage to my eyes makes tracking difficult. Even though I am healthy now, the effects of chemotherapy make living every day more difficult. LLS continues to research less invasive therapies so other children don’t have to live with the side effects I have.

Henrik's story:

My name is Henrik Hunt, blood cancer has more than touched my life. On my 13th birthday, my mom was hospitalized and diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. Since then, my mom has spent 23 nights in the hospital, 25 months of treatment, enduring many therapies including a stem cell transplant and a year of maintenance chemo just to keep her cancer suppressed. New drug therapies are crucial in keeping her alive...with the hope of someday finding a cure. This hope includes CAR T-cell immunotherapy that LLS has played a role in funding and advancing. I hope that one day I can say that my mom is cured.


Please join us in raising awareness and money for LLS and ultimately finding a cure for Henrik’s mom!! We have until March 4th, 2018 to reach our goal of $15,000. Your donation of even $10 for example helps an LLS-funded researcher grow cells in a lab for one week to see how a new therapy may work. Also, each dollar you donate is a vote for us as Students of the Year, so please give as generously as you can. With your help, we can work towards finding a cure.




Text Box: We would like to thank the following for joining our team:

Kimberly August	  Andrew Meckert
Patrick Connolly	  Steve Mock
Lily Desmond	  Corey and Lori Pressman
Louise Desmond	  Justine Ricca
Paris Donohoe	  Will Schoeninger
Greyson Hall		  Ben Q Scholl
Kendra Hunt		  Perry Smith
Amanda Lemoine	  Bailey Tharp
Aislinn Marek	  Denise Wilkinson
Chris Markstaller	  Claire Williams
Miranda Markstaller	  Lucie Williams
Elizabeth Meckert	  Nick Woolsey

























  • Nita Roscoe

    Way to go Henrik! I am so proud of you! Go Team Cancer Crushers! Love,Grandma

  • George Roscoe

    Hi Henrik! Keep up the great work! You and your team are doing amazing! I Love You - Grandpa

  • Sara Gardiner and Audrey, Ally and John Plombon

    Go Celeste and Henrik!!! - xoxo Audrey, Ally, John and Sara

  • Wendy, Steve, Sarah & Amelia Hall

    Keep up the good work, you two!

  • Jenny Starr

    You both are so inspiring! Thank you for doing this important work. Go Team! Jenny, Eric, Peter & Sonia

  • Shelly Wagner

    Check Oklahoma off the list. Goid luck and we'll talk soon.

  • Ken Petersen

    go Celeste

  • John Williams

    Way to go Celeste and Henrik! You are doing amazing work here. My dad would certainly have donated too...so here is a little something in his honor. John/Dad

  • Annmarie Chesebro

    Congratulations on a fabulous fundraising effort! -the Chesebro/Straw family

  • Bridge City Guild

    Cancer Crushers, we're proud to support your efforts to serve blood cancer patients and families. Thanks for all that you do! - Patrick Voelker, Treasurer, Bridge City Guild

  • Judeth McGann MD

    All the parents and children, researchers and MDs, RNs, SW, child life therapists, music therapists, and families who believed in the possibility of a cure.

  • Gabby Meyers

    Thank you for your support and commitment to helping us end cancer!

  • Brittany Larson

    We think this fundraising effort is amazing, Celeste & Henrik! We are proud to support you in your very personal fight for this very important and worthy cause! :) -Mr. & Mrs. Larson (LHS)

  • Anonymous

    Celeste and Henrik, thank you for being such tremendous leaders and bringing awareness to cancer research. All our support to you both! The Riley family: Mo, Neve, Lindsay & Derek

  • Eliza Nelson

    Celeste, We love you and think you are amazing! Eliza, Alex, Abe & Emil Nelson

  • Rick Roscoe

    Good luck achieving your goals Henrik and Celeste! Not as much as I wish it was, but we hope this helps!! Rick, Carolyn, Dana, Danielle and Ryan Roscoe

  • Burce Fearnow

    Praying for each additional day that will bring joy to you and your family.

  • Erika Moore

    Congratulations on your great work! Erika Moore (your Grandpa is my bridge guru!)

  • Nora Semonsen

    Keep up the great--and wonderful--work!

  • Ronald Mitchel

    Team Cancer Crushers

  • Molly Hayes

    Keeping your family in my thoughts, Henrik! Love, Molly Hayes (Ryan Elementary)

  • Sarah Meinzer-Dollar

    Dear Celeste, it has been amazing watching you on your journey from Kindergarten to present day. You are a shining example to every survivor around you that might be touched by cancer. Your strength and determination will always be remembered by us. Love, The Dollar Family

  • Kathryn Mayo-Hudson

    This is important work! My mom too has Multiple Myeloma, and fortunately medicines have kept it under control for an amazing 18 years. She lives a normal life, thanks to research. Thanks to you both for raising money and awareness!

  • lynne halliday

    What a wonderful effort.

  • Michael Sever

    David was a dear friend and professional colleague, a cancer victim several years ago.

  • Tim Shelmerdine

    Go, Celeste and Henrik!

  • Eric Mock

    Just repeating how proud we are of Celeste!

  • Mowat family

    Congratulations Henrik and Celeste for your successful campaign to find a cure. Wishing the best of luck these last weeks. Lots of love! Julie, Jim, Brian and Ben Mowat

  • Pat and Sam Calascibetta

    We are proud of you joining Celeste's and Henrik's team for such a worthy cause!

  • Tamily Weissman-Unni

    You are amazing - thank for your your inspiration.

  • Dave Booher

    This Lakeridge High School teacher is our daughter and has both of these students in class. She has alerted us to the work they are doing to fight cancer and encouraged our family, firnens, and cancer survivors to participate. We echo her admiration for the important work they are doing.

  • Tyler, Kecia and Henry Welt

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories and thank you for your efforts to KICK CANCER!

  • The Hunt Family

    We are so proud of both of you! Henrik - We love you always...Mom and Dad

  • The Barry/Blackmar Family

    Go Celeste and Henrik. We're with you 100%. Beat this cancer!

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Celeste and Henrik on fundraising for such an important cause!

  • Gad Alon

    Celeste and Henrik....pride and joy!!!!!

  • Cass family

    Go Celeste! We love you.

  • Louella Berliner

    Good luck Celeste and Henrik!

  • Lorisa Stombaugh

    Good work, Celeste!

  • Grace Lee-Park & Eric Park

    Go Celeste & Henrik! Love from the Park family

  • Charles Brod

    Better late than never. Hope you reached your goal.

  • Anonymous

    Great inspirational work!

  • Ann Montgomery

    This is honor of your journey honey. XO Ann and Jim Montgomery

  • Lise Machado

    You doing an amazing job!

  • Julie Leong

    Good Luck! And thanks for doing this.

  • Beth Conyers

    Great work Celeste and Henrik! Thank you!

  • Chaunee Seifried

    I remember when Claire went through this and just how strong she was and her family that was there by her side every step of the way. I’m so proud of Claire and what she’s doing now??

  • Francesca Monga

    Go, team! What amazing work you are doing!

  • Cheyenne Jones

    Great work, Celeste! And good luck!! Love from Cheyenne, Jacob, Gideon & Jesse

  • Jessica Mindlin

    Thanks for fundraising, Celeste!

  • Sara Taggart

    Celeste and Henrik - Thank you so much for sharing your stories and leading this amazing effort! Your willingness to give your time, energy and hearts to helping others is so cool. Keep up the great work!!

  • Neil Barker

    Cancer doesn't stand a chance against these two Pacers!

  • Margaret McShea

    Great work, Celeste and Henrik! In memory of our Ben's grandpa Ben who we miss every day, and in honor of his Aunt Gretchen who won her fight, let's all keep fighting cancer together so we can spend as much time with our loved ones as possible!

  • Louise Coles

    Supporting efforts of my niece, Anika, as she helps in fundraising in honor of her friend's mother.

  • Jenny Larsen

    Well done, Celeste and Henrik!

  • Michael Steuch

    Thanks for the good work you are doing!

  • LuAnn

    So proud of you both! Love LuAnn and Ed

  • ZENxd - Brian Tharp and Bill Daggett

    Thank you for all you do in the fight to end cancer.

  • Denise Wilkinson

    Henrik and Celeste you are inspirations as are your families! Thank you for being amazing stewards for the cure!

  • Ciara Palmer

    Hello!!! I was told that you guys were lacking support from Wisconsin - but I'd like to let you know that Wisconsin is with you :) Your stories are so inspiring and I hope that you guys reach your goal!!

  • Leah Rasmussen

    This is a wonderful cause. Thank you for all you are doing to further research!You are an inspiration for all of us.

  • Noshad Rahimi

    Dear Celeste, You are such an inspiring young lady! I'm blessed to know you. Go, girl!

  • Kim Boone

    Thank you Elizabeth for telling me about this! You know I support cancer research!

  • Claire Williams

    I love you so much Celeste! So proud to be your sister.

  • Paula Winch

    This is so fabulous, Celeste! We love you! Elo, Ahti and Paula

  • Ned Gatewood

    This donation has been solicited by Elizabeth Meckert and Team Cancer Crushers.

  • Michael Hash

    Henrik Hunt: Great job helping the cause. Keep up the good work. We can cure this some day.

  • Keith Seto

    All the best to Celeste and Henrik. Anika Olsen made us aware of your efforts and we are glad to support you.

  • Hannah Horsley

    Good luck with this very worthy effort!

  • Anuja, Van & Vivek

    Go Team Cancer Crushers! Anuja, Van & Vivek

  • Jeff & Christy Ferguson

    Wishing you all the best. Jeff and Christy Ferguson

  • Cindy, Devin, & Trevor

    It's been many years, but you still pop into my head on occasion. So sorry to learn of what you've been going through. How fun to see pictures of Henrik all grown up!

  • Lisa Rabe

    So proud of both of you!

  • Missy & Guy Farris

    Thanks so much Celeste for all your hard work on this fundraiser and getting the word out about 'crushing cancer'!

  • Corbett's

    Keep up the great work for your mom, Celeste and for everyone fighting LLS and all types of Cancer! Neal

  • David Bennett

    Team Cancer Crushers

  • Anika Olsen Family

    Thank you Celeste and Henrik for putting your efforts to such a great cause.

  • Divakarla Family

    Thanks for being a leader and good luck as you work to Crush Cancer!

  • Amy Scott

    Good Luck, Celeste and Henrik! From, Amy your favorite PT

  • Amy Faust

    Keep up the great work!!!

  • Suzanne Watnick

    Celeste - Good luck to you! If anyone can fight cancer, I know you can. We love your tenacious spirit and beautiful soul, Celeste! -Suzanne, Max, and Levi

  • Alison Kean

    Celeste is a cheerful and loving ambassador for this cause!

  • Holly Macfee & Paul Donohoe

    Celeste you inspire us every day!

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