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Luca Curci | Cancer Crushers

Luca's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Oct 19, 2020

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page, welcome!

I encourage you to join me in supporting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) by making a donation to my fundraising campaign. By donating to LLS, you support the many facets of LLS’s mission work from investing in groundbreaking research, providing education and support to patients, and advocating at the state and federal level for legislation to help those living with cancer. My appreciation for your support cannot be overstated — each and every dollar donated to LLS brings us closer to our goal to end blood cancer and makes an impact for cancer patients and their families.

As a global leader in the fight to end cancer, LLS is committed to doing more for blood cancer patients and families than any organization in the world. LLS’s signature fundraising campaigns drive critical support for its mission, including a nearly $1.3 billion investment in cutting edge cancer research worldwide since it was founded in 1949. Since the 1960s, survival rates for many blood cancer patients have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled.

Every facet of LLS’s mission – research, education and support, and policy and advocacy – work in harmony to put blood cancer patients and their families first. LLS has helped millions impacted by cancer throughout its more than 70-year history, even funding breakthrough blood cancer research to advance lifesaving treatments and cures that is now helping patients with other cancers and diseases. That is why at LLS we say that beating cancer is in our blood.

Please visit my website as often as you can and share it with everyone you know who would also like to join us in the fight against cancer. Together, we have the power, the passion and the resolve to achieve a world without blood cancer. All donations are tax-deductible.

On behalf of cancer patients and their families everywhere, I sincerely thank you for your support!

For more information about LLS, please visit



  • George and Nancy Bravante

    Sounds like a great cause Luca. Good luck with your fundraising efforts!

  • Sean & Leanne Sheward

    Good luck Luca! So glad you are using your time and talents for others benefit

  • Kim Sellinger

    I proud of you Luca for raising awareness!! Keep up the great work ❤️

  • Molly McCray

    Good work, Luca!

  • Judy Hay

    Good luck Luca!

  • Graham Tingler

    Congrats Luca, keep up the good work!

  • Anne Hoover

    Bravo Luca! Good Luck!

  • Maureen and Nick Madigan

    Good luck to Luca for a great cause!!

  • Shawn & Scott Cunningham

    Student of the year!

  • Natalie Ricca Grace

    Great cause! Good luck with meeting your goal.

  • Karen Ditteaux

    So proud of you guys! Thank you! 💙

  • gina covina

    Luca...We are so Happy to help you achieve your goal for such a worthy cause!

  • Marci and Shawn Miller

    Good luck Luca! What a great cause!

  • Chickie and Jim Leonard

    Good luck, Luca! I know you'll reach your $10,000 goal! We'll see you in Vegas! xoxo Chick 'n' Jimbo

  • Tamura Family

    Love that you are doing this Luca! Good luck reaching your goal. You will be blessed for helping others. The more you give the more you receive.

  • Janet Curci

    Well done Luca!

  • Anne McCray

    Thanks Luca. Great job.

  • Don & Ana Carty

    Well done Luca! Ana and Don Carty

  • Chris Pfeiffer

    Way to go Luca! Keep up your Leadership xoxoxo

  • Michael and Trina Curci

    Well done, Luca. Keep up the good work!

  • Donna Clancy

    Luca, thanks for reaching out and best of luck!

  • Doreen Chandler

    Great job Luca! Your passion focus and drive is an inspiration!!!

  • Nancy Bushell

    Proud you are thinking of others. Noni

  • Sandi Marino

    Great job Luca. What a worthy cause. All the best to you and your fundraising efforts.

  • Carol Crane

    Great job Luca!!

  • Elisha Alacano

    thanks for all you are doing Luca!

  • Annette Gonzalez

    Such a great cause. Thank you!

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