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Welcome to Juleen Erives' SOY Fundraising Page!

Mar 28, 2020


Hello Family and Friends!

This is it!! The last weekend to donate to our team #MissionCANcervive and my campaign for blood cancer patients. 💫
The last two weeks have thrown a monkey wrench in our fundraising plans, but that doesn’t mean we have given up!! We have until Sunday, March 29th at 11pm to hit our goal and give blood cancer a solid whooping! 🥊🥊 🤪
Many of you know, this Sunday (March 29th) would have been the big grand finale for all the teams and candidates. EVERY team worked so hard and we were so proud to be apart of this mission. This pandemic 😷 has changed all plans... But what’s worse is this is an extremely challenging time for cancer patients as they are more vulnerable with compromised immune systems.

✨We hope you will consider donating even just a dollar to help us!! Every SINGLE dollar counts and if every one of our family and friends helped, we could really go out with a 💥 BANG 💥

Thank you for caring about what we are doing and for helping us get closer to a world without cancer!
#BeatingCancerIsInOurBlood #SOY4LLS #LLSOCIE #LLSUSA

XO, Juleen Erives and MissionCANcervive

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Mission CANcer-vive Needs YOU!

Feb 11, 2020

Welcome to my daughter Juleen's fundraising page for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Over the next 7 weeks she is in a competition called Students of the Year and is taking on the goal of raising $61,652 for blood cancer research to find a cure for cancer. We have so many ways for you to participate and donate, but this is the easiest way... Donate here! PS. Sponsors needed for Mom Prom and More! Partner with us for marketing benefits for a GREAT CAUSE!  -- Team Momma, Evelyn <3


Welcome to Juleen Erives' SOY Fundraising Page!

Feb 11, 2020

In 2010 my mom, Evelyn Erives, was nominated for Woman of the Year for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). At the time I was 7 years old and got involved by working bake sales, and helping with fundraisers. I remember thinking it was so cool that my mom was helping others and being able to raise so much money to help cure such a horrible disease. During her campaign I had met so many wonderful people whose lives had been touched by blood cancer, one of the people being a young girl named Cynthia Aguirre.

Cynthia was the young local survivor being honored during the campaign. She was the exact same age as me and in those short weeks we became good friends. I couldn’t believe someone my exact age, 7 years old, could go through so much, it didn’t seem fair. Sadly a few years ago she was taken from us due to complications from treatments. It was then that I decided I wanted to start my own campaign to help others with stories similar to Cynthia’s. 

Now, 10 years after my mom won Woman of the Year, I was nominated to be a 2020 Student of the Year candidate for LLS. This is a 7 week fundraising campaign for high school students that runs from February 9th to March 29th. My team, Mission CANcer-vive, are working hard to reach our fundraising goal of $61,652, (because my mom raised $61,651 and I NEED to beat her!) so we can help children with stories similar to Cynthia’s, as well as others suffering from this disease. In order to achieve our goal we need your help!

All donations are so appreciated and are going to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families! Please visit our website often and bring friends who would also like to donate! 

LLS has raised nearly $1.3 billion dollars for cancer research. This research has saved lives! Additionally, LLS has funded more than 60% of the blood cancer therapies being used to treat other cancers and diseases. Some include breast cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, and ovarian cancer.

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, my team, and I, thank you for your support!

Let's kick cancer's butt!

For more information about LLS, please visit

Love, Juleen Erives and Mission CANcer-vive



  • Dean Canter

    Good luck Dean

  • Diana Curtis/Hardin

    Great cause! Go Girl!

  • Evelyn Erives

    Let’s go, baby girl!!

  • Barbara Barish

    Thank you for making a difference in our fight against blood cancers!

  • Tami Lammers

    Jennifer Fisher shared your inspiring! Keep up the great work and your love and passion to help find a cure for blood cancer! I can tell by your heartfelt story that you are an amazing girl!

  • Lisa Klasky

    We are so proud of are AMAZING! Love, Fairy Godmother Lisa and Mason

  • Jennifer Fisher

    You are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for accepting the nomination and helping to find a cure for cancer!! Woohooo!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!

  • Piper Medcalf

    So proud of you!!! I remember when your mama won Woman of the Year and you were on that stage with her looking up to her & knowing you would be doing this someday yourself. You will always do amazing things for others bc you have a heart of gold!

  • Anonymous

    Keep on keeping on with the amazing work being done!

  • Victoria Serrano


  • Marla Green

    My dad died when i was 16 I was first diagnosed at 32 with breast cancer and I’m a single mom of 5 but I know that My kids look up to me and gets me to push forward! I pray that others are healed and do things they have always loved to do!

  • Lisa Klasky

    We are so proud of you Juleen!

  • Rebecca

    You ladies are awesome and making a big difference. Wish you all the best of luck. ??

  • Lisa Klasky

    Happy 17th Birthday Juleen! We love you!

  • Bradley Johnson

    Happy Birthday. Thank you for fighting for all of us....

  • Patty Leemhuis

    You're doing a great job even with all of this craziness!

  • Kathleen Cyr

    Good luck, I hope you make your goal.

  • Desiree

    Dominick, I am so proud of you and the hard fight you fought and kicked cancers butt. You have blossomed into such an amazing 12 year old young man. I love you so much. Let’s keep fighting for the rest of the patients.

  • Crystal Craig

    I honor of my father and your Grandma for being a survivor of Lymphoma! Go Juju and Team MissionCANcer-vive!

  • Danielle Bolbach

    We are so proud of you JuJu, hoep to see you in person real soon.

  • Araceli Wagers


  • Misty Kelly

    Proud of you Juju glad we can support you from Washington but wish we could be there in California!

  • Jean Chung

    Keep up the great work!

  • Pamela Chavarria

    Mom Prom x2 raffle tickets!

  • Chrissy Barragan

    Thank you for the continued work you all are doing!! Sending lots of love & light.

  • Jorge Lopez

    I hope you reach your goal. ??

  • Ralph Lopez

    Congratulations juju.. keep up the amazing work. We are all proud of you

  • Irene Martinez

    Juleen, I'v heard from your grandmother about the wonderful actions you have been involved to raise funds for this organization. I applaud you for your empathy and sensitivity of peoples' lives critically affected by cancer at a young age. You are beautiful in the inside as your on the outside! Very proud of you, your distant aunt, Irene Martinez

  • Monique Ruiz

  • Felix Family

    Good luck with your campaign Juju!! Xoxo Love, The Felix Family!

  • Leonard Erives

    Go Juju!!

  • Felicia Alcaraz

    So proud of you Juju! Keep on fighting that good fight and supporting such an amazing cause!

  • Celeste Burnias

    Thank you for all your hard work even in a very uncertain time. So proud of you and it’s wonderful to see the young woman you have become. But go figure, you’ve got some great examples in your life. <3

  • John Jimenez

    I’m a friend of Stephanie Erives and she told me about this wonderful cause. Good luck!

  • Scott Welsh

    Helen Sweitzer Ewing 1938-2006

  • Chris Lee

    Go get em!

  • Virginia Erives

    We’re proud of you Juleen. Love Auntie Virginia, Uncle Daniel and girls.

  • Virginia Erives

    Proud of you Juleen ! From Auntie Virginia, Uncle Dan and the girls.

  • Jill Henderson

    Great idea!

  • Cathi Tasker

    Dedicated in honor of my two sisters - Dianne and Julie - who have survived lymphoma.

  • Tiny

    Just like your mama! Get it gurl...

  • Adela Reyes

    Congratulations Juleen!! So awesome for you to carry the torch and follow in your moms foot steps! So proud of you! Last Friday 3/27 would have been Meghan’s 26th birthday. I started fundraising for happy your continuing for all the others out there still diagnosed with blood cancers!

  • Crystal Craig

    You're doing AMAZING! We are extremely proud of yourself and be proud. Love you

  • Tina Gaudy of Tina G Cosmetics, Claremont, CA

    Hello, this donation is to support Juleen Erives' bid for student of the year. It represents our fundraising collaboration for the "Juleen" lipgloss. I'm so happy to have played a small part in such a big cause! Cheers, Tina Gaudy Make up Artist/Owner of Tina G Cosmetics 141 N. Harvard Ave. Claremont CA

  • Whitney Green

    Stephanie shared this with me and of course I will always support any Erives ;)

  • Dianne Callahan

    Go Juleen! You are an amazing young woman!

  • Todd Shirasago

    Keep up the great work

  • Ara Craig

    You’ll make it. Love you. ma’

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the great cause. Love you Juju.

  • Sindy Thomas

    Sooooo proud of you Juleen! Thank you for fighting for a cure. xo, Sindy

  • Patty Sharpe / Mike’s Ohana

    Juleen - you’re an amazing young woman! Good Luck on your campaign and thank you for raising money for this important cause! ??

  • Ricky Ricardo

    You’re going to kill it Juleen good luck!

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