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Oct 25, 2023

I’m Cooper, and I am a sophomore at Horace Mann School. I have decided to become a Team Leader for LLS because I want to help. I am deeply motivated to help raise money for LLS and find a cure for blood cancer as it is something that affects so many people all around the world. Just, in my perspective, I’ve known a few people to have blood cancer and the stories and effects it had on them, inspired me to do my absolute best to raise money to help find a cure to this horrible disease. 

My name is Mia Tuchman and I am a sophomore at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School. I decided to become a team leader for LLS because I am committed to help raise money to find a cure. It is important to me because I strongly believe that together as a team we can come together and work towards finding a cure. 

My name is Haym Suissa, a sophomore from New York, at The Heschel School. I was inspired to become a candidate because of my mom, a three time hodgkins lymphoma survivor, after her first diagnosis, she joined LLS to fundraise for the cause. I want to do the same in order to help other families that are going through the same thing, and prevent others from having to go through treatments.



  • Jacqui Weidman

    Go Cooper!

  • Randel Friedman

    Great Cause Coop!

  • Andrew Bloom

    Great cause Cooper Winter. Thanks for doing this

  • Chelsea Switzer

    My first two coaches for my very first triathlon with LLS. CLASS A humans and righteous dudes.

  • jodi zgodny

    Go Cooper!!

  • Yury Parad

    My Mom passed away from leukemia. Great initiative! Thank you guys!

  • Anne and Josh morris

    Good work Haym!

  • gail zgodny

    Good luck Cooper A worthy cause!

  • Rob, Rachel, Zoe, Jack and Eli

    Yay Haym! So proud of you and your mom! Rob, Rachel, Zoe, Jack and Eli

  • EJ Zgodny

    Coop --Good Job--Good Cause Best of Luck

  • Kim Wolfberg

    Great work cooper!

  • The Okafor Family

    Go Mia!

  • Solomon Family

    Go Haym!! Love, The Solomons

  • Rina jaffe

    In honor of my hero - Cynthia

  • Abigail Archibald

    Go Haym!!! Love, the Archibalds

  • Dick Scanlan

    So happy to support Haym in this wonderful mission!

  • Daniel Adler

    Cynthia Gorenzano is a personal hero of mine

  • Randie Rolontz

    You are the strongest person I know and emit love, light, kindness and fierceness wherever you go. Love you and I am just in awe of your amazingness Xx

  • Yaffa Zuckerman

    Haym you are an inspiration of doing such a wonderful and positive campaign. I’m sure this makes your mom very proud. We love you Haym.

  • michelle feig

    way to go to support your super-hero mom!!!

  • Sydney Passin

    Thank you to Mia Tuchman and her fundraising team for telling me about this.

  • diedra steinbock

    my admiration for you have no bounds are my ccyyyyynnnnthia and i know Uncle B is smiling down on you and very proud that Haym is paying it forward..always your duedra

  • Jean Dierking - Belford

    Good luck raising money for this important cause in honor of everyone's inspiration, Cynthia!!

  • Camp Modin

    In honor of the Suissa family

  • Barbie Lieber

    Cynthia, you’re an inspiration to all. Xoxo Barbie

  • Sara and Danny Sapadin

    In honor of a real-life superwoman, Cynthia!

  • Beth Michelson

    For Amy & Mia Tuchman

  • Mia Tuchman

  • Bret, Joyce & Quinn

    Great work Cooper!

  • The Sokolic Family

    Way to go, Hayn!

  • Anna-Claire Salama-Caro

    Thanks for all your hard work Haim

  • wendi weinman

    Yay Haym keep up the good work!

  • Annie Levi

    Such amazing work being done by these young men💪🏽🩷 So proud

  • Sara Kasirer

    Ozzie and Kaleb kasirer Teitelbaum asked me to contribute

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