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Team Fire and Ice's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Dec 27, 2022

Our names are Yael Atiae, Mia Engberg, Maeve O’Sullivan, and Isabelle Katinos, and we are candidates for the Student Visionaries of the Year 2023 campaign. This campaign is through LLS, which is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for funding research for blood cancer as well as providing patient support. Our earnings from fundraisers we develop and donations from others are given to fund LLS in reaching their goal of creating a world without blood cancer. We are participating in this campaign because we all understand and empathize with those who have suffered from cancer as well as the pain it brings to family members. We want to honor our family members through this fundraiser and bring more light to such an important cause that impacts so many people across the world. We also hope this further supports people who are currently suffering from cancer, as well as their family members who are impacted. Our campaign will support LLS's vital work in the hope that one day no one will have to grow up without the people they love. We know that with your help, we can reach our goal and make a direct impact in the fight against blood cancers.





  • Elizabeth Palijaro-Brown

    Praying for a cure for cancer, and for all the families affected. Have experienced the devastating loss of 2 family members.

  • Anonymous

    Prayers for healing and cures!! 🙏❤️🙏

  • Paddy Morton

    Go Isabelle! Keep up the great work!

  • Kerri Culkin

    This is a great cause, Maeve!

  • Michele Suarez

    Best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    I/we lost our special beloved cousin to leukemia/Lymphoma disease and would like to continue to honor him through our contributions

  • David O'Sullivan

    Maeve - way to go. I am pleased to support such a worthy cause. I know your efforts will make a meaningful impact in the campaign to combat these maladies. Keep up the good work. Grandpa David

  • Mark Mendoza

    Go Mia!!!

  • Grainne Casey

    Best of luck

  • Helen Darroch

    Dear Isabelle and Friends, wishing you every success with the important work you are doing!

  • Alan Zhu

    Go team fire and ice!

  • The Gyurko family

    Good luck Team Fire and Ice, and kudos to Isabelle and team for your advocacy and efforts on behalf of this cause. xo

  • Karen Thomas

    Great job and what a wonderful cause! Nice work Maeve O’Sullivan

  • Jamie & Mike Principe

    Good work Team Fire and Ice. Raising awareness and money for causes and organizations important to you is such a valuable thing to do. We hope you get to your goal. Jamie and Mike Principe

  • Carrie & Donovan Larrier

    Good luck with the fundraiser! Donovan & Carrie Larrier

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your work!

  • Olive Horgan

    Good luck with fundraising Maeve. A wonderful cause. Olive and Denis

  • Eric Lewis

    Well done Isabelle!

  • Gina Hughes

    Good luck with fundraising. Happy to support you and your efforts to raise awareness for such an important cause.

  • Marni J Rapkin

    It's not much but I hope it helps!

  • Amy Zuschke

    Go Mia Go! Great cause.

  • Brendan Dowd

    Proud to support these amazing young women!

  • Seriti Yamini

    Cheers to you Isabelle for all your effort in raising cancer awareness. We all support you and your efforts for more research in this field work.

  • Rob and Pauline Nardella

    It's fantastic that you are working to raise money for such an important cause. Thank you!

  • Fatima Ramos-Marcuse

    Great job Maeve and Team Fire & Ice. Best, Fatima

  • Paul & Susan Campbell

    Good work Mia!

  • Rabbi Moshe and Mushky Hecht

    Go Yael! We are so proud of you. Rabbi Moshe and Mushky Hecht.

  • Joanna Oltman Smith

    Isabelle and friends, thank you for this fundraising activity. We lost our friend Claude, a talented designer and all around wonderful guy, to a blood cancer.

  • John Feeney

    Great job Isabelle and Team

  • Rinat Gabai

    Always happy to support my kids school and community! Hoping to generate more parent participation in the coming years at school 🙏🏻

  • marlene cookson-wallace

    So happy to sponsor the MBHS student team. What a great game yesterday! Congrats Mia, Maeve, Yael and Isabelle on all your hard work.

  • Janet Le Bel

    Congrats to Bode, MBHS Staff & Students for an exciting basketball game! MBHS Team Fire & Ice - great job organizing!

  • Andrea Patrick

    Great job and best of luck, Isabelle and team!

  • Josephine Palijaro

    Such a worthy cause. Great job Mia and friends!

  • Zoe Khalap

    Finish strong! Thanks so much for helping researchers in this important field.

  • Johanna Mota

    My prayers with everyone who battles with this ugly disease and condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one to it.

  • Michelle Palijaro

    Blessings to the many directly and indirectly affected by this wretched disease. May we hope that a cure will be found one day. Thank you, Mia and friends, for your fundraising efforts. Love always.

  • Frances Tarshish

    Great job!

  • Alfredo Carrillo

    Go Isabelle!

  • Stefanie, Oren and Leah Efrati

    Great job - go Yael! We hope that your work will help everyone impacted by cancer. We are missing Leah's great-uncle and hope that your work will help to provide hope to others. Stefanie, Oren and Leah Efrati

  • Janet, Francis and Cara

    Congrats to the team for the great success. Your hard work is making a difference. Maeve we are proud of you. Mom , Dad and Cara

  • Amy & Adam Karas

    So impressive, Team fire & ice! Keep up the great work supporting such a worthy cause! Amy & Adam Karas

  • Rousakis Family

    Thank you for doing this, Team!

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