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Jan 15, 2022

Hey Y'all and Welcome to my fundraising page! I am so excited to be a part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) as a candidate for their Students of the Year Program. I hope that I will be able to help find a cure and end cancer through this project. Cancer is unfortunately something that- mainly- impacts everybody, including myself. My great-grandfather passed away due to myeloma and I watched a friend of mine struggle, but beat, cancer at an extremely young age. Please help me with this incredible cause through making a donation towards cancer research and helping families that have been affected by this horrible disease. All of the money raised will go directly to LLS and patients/families in need.


Thank you!!!

Barron Cate <3


Barron's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Nov 05, 2021

Welcome To My Fundraising Page.

I have signed up to save lives with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and am working to raise as much as possible over the next 7 weeks. Every dollar raised counts as one vote for my campaign. The candidate(s) whose team tallies the most votes earns the prestigious title of Student or Students of the Year. Will you help me earn that title?
As you know, everyone wins when cancer loses. Thanks to your support, my efforts will help fund therapies and treatments that are saving lives. Over the years, support from people like you has been responsible for the blood cancer advancements that have doubled, tripled, and in some cases quadrupled the survival rate for some blood cancers.
Many LLS-supported therapies not only help blood cancer patients but are also now used to treat patients with rare forms of stomach and skin cancers and are in clinical trials for patients with lung, brain, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers. And LLS-funded drugs like targeted therapies and immunotherapies are now saving thousands of lives every day.
We really are getting close to our goal of a world without blood cancers!
All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. They'll not only support LLS research, but patient services, advocacy, public and professional education, and community services as well.
Please visit my website often and tell friends who would also like to donate!
On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you for your support! For more information about LLS, please visit




  • Marianne and Dave Miller

    Good Luck Barron! Sending our support and hugs from California!

  • Kevin & Robyn Cate

    We are proud to support you Barron!

  • Ashley A Lang

    Keep being you HBC!

  • Steve Whitworth

    Barron, you're a RockStar!! Keep up the great work!

  • Jennifer & Mark Hill

    Happy Birthday Barron! You are doing amazing work - keep it up!

  • Tokarz Family

    Good luck and thank you for supporting an important cause.

  • Marcia Venhaus

    Way to go! Glad to see you doing such wonderful things.

  • Kelly Moon

    Barron, you are one amazing young lady. Keep on making a difference in others lives with your generous spirit and kind heart.

  • Mike, Alicia & Halle Norwood

    So proud of all the wonderful things you do sweet Baron!

  • Ashley and Charlie Van Ness

    Barron you’re truly something special. We love you!!!

  • Meredith Singletary

    Proud of you for raising this money, Barron. Boo would be so proud!!!

  • Michael McNulty

    This is for Barron Cate. It’s great that she is doing this.

  • Dustin, Kelly and Addison Dillaman

    Keep up the great work Barron!

  • Catie and Erik Zirkelbach

    We love you B and are so proud of you! πŸ’—

  • Margaret & John Moss

    So happy to support you Barron! John & Margaret Moss

  • Craig Hammer

    Happy to support you, Barron. Good luck!

  • Brandy Gass

    Great work Barron! Happy to support you and this great cause.

  • DK Design

    Good luck, Barron!

  • Stewart and Mary Nolan

    Congrats! Great to see you doing this, happy to help. You are such a sweet girl. Stew and Mary and Maddie Nolan

  • Esmeralda Upton


  • Shirley and Matthew Bob

    Way to go Barron! Best of luck!

  • Shelby Salmon

    Great work Barron!

  • Cheri McKelvey

    So proud of you Barron!!!

  • Maillil Acosta

    You are amazing, Barron! What a great cause - I hope you win!

  • Tricia Roos

    Happy to support!

  • Phyllis Brahinsky

    You are awesome!! Love you!??

  • Meredith Flanagin

    Barron, So proud of you and your heart for service! You are Student of the Year in my book!

  • Conley and Alex Golden

    Great job Barron!!!!

  • Andrew and Andrea Metrailer

    Way to go Barron!

  • Nan Shertzer White

    In memory of my wonderful husband, John White. Died from Multiple Myeloma Jan 8, 2013.

  • Eric and Heather Bryant - Classic of Texoma

    We are so proud of all of your hard work, Barron! We are so happy to donate for such a great cause! With love, The Bryants

  • Richard Cate

    Way to go Barron! I am so proud of you! Uncle Brooks at Cate and Company

  • Angela Glynn

    Barron, good luck with reaching your goal and I am happy to donate to such a good cause.

  • The Sallusti Family

    Go Barron!

  • Tina Tackett

    Losing my mother to leukemia last year, this effort is near and dear to my heart. Thank you for supporting such an important cause!

  • The Tipps & Wallace families

    Proud of you, Barron!

  • Matt, Shannon & Morgan Taylor

    Best of luck Barron!! Matt, Shannon & Morgan Taylor

  • Kelley Oakley

    Annabelle is a leukemia survivor! We are happy to donate to this wonderful cause! Thank you for reaching out.

  • Joe Storthz

    Louis Snyderman, may his memory always be a blessing to his loved ones.

  • Susan Carney

    We are with you Barron πŸ™β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Wood-Martin Ohana

    We are so proud of you Barron Cate!!! Much love to the Cate Family and this wonderful organization. Tamera Wood-Martin

  • Jenny Boshears

    This donation is to support Barron Cate in her effort to raise awareness about leukemia.

  • Maureen Hanratty & Francis Celii

    Glad to see money and effort going to such a worthy cause.

  • Brandon Green

    Good luck. So proud of you Barron Cate!!!

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the wonderful hard work Barron! Can’t wait to see you in Nashville in a few weeks !!

  • Kevin Cate

    Grand Finale Auction

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    Grand Finale Auction

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    Grand Finale Auction

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    Grand Finale Auction

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