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Teens Beating Cancer: One High Schooler's P.O.V.

Jan 15, 2019


Welcome to our fundraising page!

I’m so glad that you are considering to donate to “Vikes for the Fight.”

We want you to understand that any support you give, whether it be corporate or personal, large or small, goes to our one and singular goal: To fund research which provide better cures for the blood cancers which ravage our communities and families.

“Vikes for the Fight” has been touched by blood cancers, as we are sure many of you have.

Like so many of you, the struggle to find a cure hits us on a very personal level. In May of 2008, my grandmother, Carole Diamond, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After a strenuous multi-year battle, her cancer was thankfully in remission.

Of course, when dealing with blood cancers, the battle is rarely that simple. Her cancer returned in late 2014 and even with the support of expert doctors, dear relatives, and long time friends, Carole Diamond passed away on January 23rd 2016. It was her 79th birthday.

Should you choose to support our cause, our team at “Vikes for the Fight” want you to understand that this cause is personal to us as well. We want more than anything, to never see the tragedies which have stricken our lives affect any other family.

This campaign hits close to home for all of us. It goes beyond family and feels more like responsibility to raise awareness and support for such a pressing cause.

Thanks for your time.

All the best,

Taylor Haber, Candidate for “Vikes for the Fight”

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  • Hofheimer Family

    Thank you Taylor for the effort! We are pleased to support you and make this donation in honor of a dear friend currently battling blood cancer. All our best, Lisa and Josh

  • The Blanks Family

    Go, Taylor!!

  • The O’Connor Family

    Taylor - you are an inspiration!

  • The Friedman Family

    Way to go Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    What a loving tribute to your grandmother.

  • David Schwartz

    Great work. All my best wishes for you and your family. David and Lori Schwartz

  • Jess Rosenbaum

    Great job Taylor!

  • The Rider Family

    Very proud of you, Taylor! Keep up the good work. Love, The Rider Family

  • Lori Maggin

    Thank you for being a part of the fight. Cheering you on, Lori, Rob, Sydney& Jordan

  • Alexandra Freeman

    Great job Taylor! Your grandma would be proud.

  • Aimee Dominick

    Great job Taylor!

  • Top Score Education

    Wonderful cause, and thanks to Taylor for leveraging his network to catalyze change for the greater good. All here at Top Score Education support your efforts!

  • Rodger Cottrel

    Taylor, very proud to see you doing this in memory of your grandmother. Hope you are well. Best wishes. -Rodger Cottrell

  • Davis Family

    Davis Family

  • jodie robinson

    Great Cause Your raising money for Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Rubin Family

    WTG Taylor!

  • Sharon Kessler

    Great work raising money for such a great cause!

  • Catherine Bise

    This gift is in honor in Micky Minutoli who is battling a very rare form of leukemia with steep odds.

  • LaRhonda

    Thanks for all you are doing, Taylor!

  • Evan and Trisha Knisely

    Thank you for taking on such an important cause, Taylor. We are proud to support you! Love, The Kniselys

  • Stephanie and Scott Deutchman

    Great job Taylor!

  • Phyllis & Bob Miller

    In memory of your grandmother

  • Joy Zaben

    Keep up the awesome work, Taylor!

  • Gloria Dittus

    Happy to help!

  • Russ Thaler

    Good luck, Taylor!

  • Robert Mansbach

    Taylor: Happy to support you and the cause. Keep up the good work, Bob Mansbach

  • Donald Dell

    In Honor of Brett Haber.

  • Eric & Debbie Diamond

    We are very proud of you Taylor. Grandma would be too. Jeffrey, Jason, Aunt Debbie & Uncle Eric

  • Jennifer Diamond Haber

    We are SO proud of you, Taylor!

  • Timothy Lowery

    Glad to support Taylor Haber as he has been working hard to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Students of the Year campaign. -Timothy Lowery

  • Sanctuary Interior Design

    We are happy to help in your efforts. Thank you!

  • The Kaplan Family

    We're very proud of you, Taylor!

  • Lisa Iannarino

    Good luck Taylor!

  • Mike & Liz

    What a great cause. Taylor, we're glad to support you and to honor your grandmother Carole.

  • Les Haber

    Very proud of you - love you!

  • Wendy Williams

    It is a good cause. I hope you raise a lot of money.

  • Mitch and Stephanie Reiter

    Way to go Taylor! Mitch and Stephanie Reiter and your friends at Camp Towanda

  • Heller Family of Cabin John

    Taylor... the Heller Family commends your effort. As always, praying for a cure! Peace~

  • Jill and Perry Axelrod

    Keep up the great work Taylor!!!

  • Joanne and Danny Goldberg

    This is a cause near and dear to our hearts too -- Danny's father, Dr. Darryl Goldberg, also died of Leukemia at the age of 79 in 2016. Thank you, Taylor, for raising money for this important cause!

  • Laura Evans & Mike Manatos

    Go get em Taylor!!

  • Mala

    Such a noble cause! Hope we find a cure and save lives!

  • Wilkins Immerman Family

    Taylor We are so proud of you taking this challenge, you are an inspiration.. Grandma Carole was a very special person and we know she is looking down and so proud that you took the initiative to raise money and awareness to find a cure. You are helping so many others in her memory. xo Lori Steven Jordan and Jared

  • Michele Cope

    Taylor, such a meaningful cause to be part of. I love the passion and heart you have to be taking the time to fundraise. Thank you for being part of the fight!

  • The Craven-McGuire Family

    Thank you Taylor for your advocacy and commitment! We are proud to know you! Matt, Sarah, Jack, Grace, Anna, Daisy & Kiwi

  • Jen and Brad Nordheimer

    Taylor, your message is outstanding. So glad we can contribute to this great cause in honor of your grandmother. Jen and Brad

  • Laura MILLER

    Good luck Taylor! Proud of you for doing this.

  • Dana Hamwee

    Good luck Taylor, hope you reach your goal! XO The Hamwees

  • Gail Shields-Miller& Andrew Miller

    Taylor, So wonderful to see you active in raising money for such a good cause. Gail & Andy Miller

  • Brett Haber

    I am so proud of you and I love you.

  • Malvina Martin

    Great cause Taylor and congratulations for raising awareness on this issue!

  • Rohin and Adriana Das

    So cool that you're doing this for such a worthy cause. Proud to help out!

  • Tracy Austin and Scott Holt

    Great job fundraising Taylor! Very admirable. Keep up the good work.

  • Terry Neal

    Taylor, I met your grandmother a couple times. She was wonderful person. Best of luck in your efforts for this worthy cause. Best, Terry

  • Dr. Jason & Stacy Cohen

    Happy to support a fantastic cause...Great Work!

  • Bronwyn Greer

    Taylor - way to fight for something we should all be fighting for! Bronwyn

  • William Macatee

    Taylor, What a wonderful effort and we are honored to participate. Thank you for thinking of us. Sonya & Bill Macatee

  • Ian and Alisa Eagle

    Wonderful cause!! Good luck. IE

  • Jennifer Arianas

    Great job on such an important cause Taylor!

  • Brenen Grossman

    Great job Taylor!

  • Jared Reiter - Camp Towanda

    Keep up the good work "The Boy"!

  • Jeanne and Michael Wilkins

    Great Cause...good luck Taylor!

  • Alice Tayman

    In memory of a remarkable person Carol Diamond.

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