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Mar 15, 2019

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting LLS’s mission to cure blood cancer, not someday but today! Please note, online fundraising gifts made from this point forward will not impact the announcement of the 2019 Triangle Students of the Year, but your donation will still greatly impact LLS’s mission.


I’m very excited to share with you that I am part of the 2019 Triangle Student of the Year campaign and over the next 7 weeks, I will be working to raise money and awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and their mission to cure for blood cancers. It is an honor to be part of such an important effort to improve care for people affected by leukemia, lymphoma and other blood disorders.


I am competing in honor of my Dad because I saw firsthand how fortunate he was to have access to exciting new treatments. Here is link to a video that shares part of our family's journey.  As you know, my dad was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia almost exactly two years ago. He was lucky to beat the odds and is now fully healthy again after getting chemotherapy, an experimental medication and a bone marrow transplant using my bone marrow.  Before he got sick, I was not fully aware of the impact that leukemia can have on a person and their family. Now, I feel a special connection to the mission of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and this makes me want to raise as much money as I can, so that others can have the same benefits from treatments and research as my dad and our family did. These treatments were found through research funded from LLS.  By supporting LLS, I hope that all patients have access to new treatments and hopefully a cure. 


All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. They'll not only support LLS-funded research but will help provide critical information and support for patients, and support advocacy for laws to ensure patients can access the care and treatments they need.

Please visit our website often and bring friends who would also like to donate!

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you for your support!

For more information about LLS, please visit


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    Very happy to support you Jake! Your dad is a hero.

  • Jim and Kristen Bostian

    Hi Jake - This donation comes with tears of great joy, both for your Dad as a leukemia survivor, and for your brave and tireless efforts in supporting your Dad's recovery, and continuing the fight to find a cure for blood cancer. We are so proud to support your campaign, and thank you for inviting us to join you on this important journey! Jim and Kristen Bostian

  • Denis Hadjiliadis

    Good luck

  • Nikki Zite

    Great work Jake/Zaas Family!

  • Sheila Rosen

    In honor of all those fighting the cancer fight

  • Marti Brauer

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Swati & Jai Parekh

    Great endeavor! We love your dad!! Swati & Jai Parekh

  • Jane Trinh

    Good luck! Jane Trinh, Peter Grossi, Isabella and Lexi

  • Richard Lepine

    Jake and the Zaas family for the inspiration and leadership shown through adversity that life has brought to you. Congratulation for this initiative.

  • Jen Averitt

    Way to go Jake! Love from The Averitt family!

  • Jonah Zaas

    Way to go, bro. From Jonah

  • The Coxes

    Let’s go Jake!!!

  • Katie Passaretti

    Best of luck reaching your goal!!!

  • Lanie, Greg, Amanda and Aaron Kirsch

    Good luck, Jake! Glad your Dad’s doing so well!

  • Shannon Winakur

    Go Jake and the Zaas family!

  • The Newnam Family

    We are so thankful that Dave continues to do well. Your family continues to be in our prayers. Jake, you are an outstanding young man on so many levels. Best of luck with this amazing effort of support for such a great cause.

  • Molly Walsh

    Congrats Jake for the courage to help LLS. We are proud of you and your family. Best wishes- the walsh family

  • Kahli, Mike, and Carter Zietlow

    Jake, your family story is inspirational and we are so proud of all you do! Best wishes - The Zietlow Family

  • Anonymous

    Jake, good luck with your fundraising. It's great that you're doing this. Erin and Kevin Allen

  • Jennifer Perkins

    You and your family are a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing this journey and thanks for all you do. You are a wonderful reminder of what is important in life and how we should treat others.

  • Simon Curtis

    Great work and good luck reaching your goal, Jake!

  • Aaron Lentz

    Great work Jake!

  • Leslie Gewin

    Good luck, Jake!

  • Adrienne Rasbach

    Good luck, Jake! Hope you reach your goal! Adrienne Rasbach

  • Sam, Lauren, Jack & Audrey Lindner

    What a wonderful thing to do! Cheering you on from St. Louis — all the best from Sam, Lauren, Jack & Audrey Lindner

  • Redonda Miller and Albert Polito

    Good luck, Jake! Great that you are doing this! Redonda and Albert

  • David Tendler

    Well done! The Tendler’s

  • Alice Lutz

    Dave is an inspiration and an awesome person.

  • Greg Siwak

    Great work Jake! We could not be more proud!

  • David Schwartz

    Dave, You've inspired many of us to stay true to our values, believe in times of despair, and support our family and friends. I'm so pleased you're doing well. David

  • Saumil Chudgar

    Good Luck Jake! Much love to the whole Zaas family!

  • Kim Aitken

    Jake, I was proud of you back in 7th grade for all you did for your family and the way you handled such a difficult time in your life. You continue to find ways to keep making us proud. Ms. Aitken

  • Samsky Family

    Go get’ em Jake Very admirable of you - love the commitment! All of the Samsky family

  • Todd Siwak

    Jake, Congratulations on your outstanding project.

  • Mike Smith

    This is great. I am a huge fan of your Dad and enjoyed meeting you at the North Hills Farmers Market several years ago. My mom fought 8 years of Lymphoma. What you are doing is making a difference. Thank you for your leadership and great work. Mike Smith


    Go Jake and team Zaas! This is a very worthy cause and congratulations to you for continuing to support efforts that improve the care and options for future patients and families. Way to go!

  • Nancy Blumenthal

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Rabbis Eric and Jenny Solomon

    What an amazing mitzvah Jake! Proud of you.

  • Ann Smith

    Great job! You make us all proud!

  • Erika D. Lease

    Good luck with your goal!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, keep up the great work

  • Tracie Holland

    Thank you Jake for stepping up to do this. Leukemia has impacted us personally with the loss of 2 precious children of our friends and we watched my cousin battle this and survive. We prayed often for your dad and your family. You are doing a wonderful thing. I know you will reach your goal!!

  • Ted Boyse

    Good luck with this Jake!

  • Nancy Schlichting

    I am making this contribution in honor of Dr. David Zaas, a wonderful colleague of mine from the Duke University Health System. I am also honoring the entire Zaas Family, especially Jake who served as the donor for Dave's bone marrow transplant. I also recently lost a long-time colleague of mine from Henry Ford Health System, Darlene Burgess, who died from leukemia. So, I am also pleased to make the contribution in her memory.

  • Diana

    So proud of you! Your strength and support as a family has been inspirational!

  • Hoskins Family

    Good luck in reaching your goal Jake. We think it is great that you are helping out to raise awareness to help future patients. You are part of a wonderful family.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck, Jake Leah Moore, Gary Bennett, and Corinne and Camille

  • Lili Barouch

    You are an amazing young man, Jake. Thanks for all you are doing to raise awareness, and for all you have done for your dad.

  • Deborah DeWaay

    Jake, this is a wonderful thing to do! Deborah DeWaay

  • William H Frohling

    Great job, Jake. Go Team Zaas!

  • Jill Heath

    Thank you for doing this Jake!!!

  • Brad Hershey

    Good luck Jake! Great cause! An inspiring story for sure. You'll always be The Man for what you did for my buddy Dave!

  • Alan Rosen

    Great job! Glad your Dad is back to running our hospital!

  • The Menachems

    Great work!!! Keep it up!!!

  • Marc & Pam Cohen

    Thank you for your efforts, Jake!

  • Jen Endejan & Elana Arens

    Go get ‘em!!!

  • The Kalorin Family

    Way to go, Team Zaas!

  • Sarah Fox

    Jake, you and your entire family are awesome!

  • Stuart Russell

    Good luck

  • The Rand Family

    Great work Jake! We're happy to support you. The Rand Family

  • Jill Engel

    Fantastic work and good luck on achieving your goal! Jill Engel

  • Zankhna & Selene Parekh

    Jake, congratulations to you and your family. We hope you meet your goal. Zankhna & Selene Parekh

  • Craig Pavlish

    Jake, I was able to witness Dave's strength, determination and kindness as young man growing up in Ohio. Heart warming to know that the apple does not fall from the tree. Best of fortune to yourself and your family going forward.

  • Lori & Brett Zbar

    Jake, what you're doing is so awesome. We are so happy to support LLS and celebrate Dave's health. Good luck!

  • Leonard Feldman

    Great work, Jake. Your parents must be very proud!

  • Kristapher Mixell

    Your family’s love and strength is an inspiration. Peace be with you. Kris and Jenn.

  • Bill Parsons

    Great Cause!

  • Larry and Debbie Robbins

    Congratulations and best wishes Jake in your fundraising efforts.

  • Jackson Brimfield

    Jake is a wonderful young man and we’re grateful to have him as a friend to Jackson.

  • The Tinsley Family

    We're happy to support your efforts to support LLS in honor of your dad! You guys are all amazing!

  • Judith Rasbach

    What a wonderful cause you are working for. Two members of our our extended family have also been affected by blood disorders.

  • Jan Woodard

    Proud to support you and your efforts, Jake! Keep up the good work!

  • Wendy Weisman-Dermer

    Good luck on your quest Jake. It's going to a wonderful cause.

  • Mary Klotman

    What a wonderful cause Jake....thanks for taking this on. The Zaas family is unbeatable! The Klotmans

  • Priscilla Ramseur

    Jake, Thank you for embarking on this journey. Good luck !!!

  • Jennifer Babsin

    Amazing work Jake!!

  • Nick and Carey Rohrhoff

    “He’s a Zaas...he’s got this.”

  • Roger Siwak

    In honor of your mom’s help with my mom.

  • Stacey Burkert

    Best of luck reaching your goal, Jake. -the Burkert family

  • Anonymous

    Good luck reaching your goal.

  • Stuart & Sharon Ray


  • Katina Williams

    Jake, Very best of luck and well wishes to you and your family!! I am sure your parents couldn't be more proud. Take good care!

  • Lindsey Sharp

    Good Luck Meeting your Goals Jake!!

  • Erica Waters

    We love you, Zaas family!

  • Ian Welsby

    Fantastic cause Jake, your Dad and my friend Ted are AML survivors thanks to incredible progress through research. Good luck reaching your target.

  • John Friedewald

    Go Jake!!!

  • Cindy Moore

    Jake, Great Job !!

  • Mary Ann Fuchs

    Jake thanks so much for all of your efforts with this important cause. So proud of you!

  • Mike Woodworth

    Strong work, a lot to be proud of!

  • Bearman Family

    Go Jake! Good luck meeting your goal! Rachel, Nathan, Noa, Dov and Lev Bearman

  • Michael Ulku-Steiner

    Great work, Jake. You're making a difference.

  • Leatrice Martin

    You are such an inspiration Jake! Bryant Short

  • Alice Chuang Ivester and Tom Ivester

    Great job, Jake! We wish you and your family the best!

  • Debra Ives

    Good luck with your fundraising for this really worth cause!

  • Sajal Tanna

    this is such a great cause, keep up the great work!

  • Kavita & Sam Ernst

    What an amazing young man you are Jake, just like your parents! Blessings for Dave’s continued good health. Kavita & Sam

  • Erica Taylor

    Strong Work, Jake! We continue to pray for the everlasting health, joy, and love for life of the Zaas family. Erica Taylor & Family

  • Jennifer Taylor-Cousar

    Best wishes to you and to your dad, Jake.

  • Cameron Wolfe

    Jake, you and your dad are amazing inspirations! :)

  • Anonymous

    Cancer Sucks. Research Wins. Go Get 'EM Zaas family.

  • Bradley Collins

    Excellent cause, Jake! i’m so happy for David...great to see him back at work.

  • David and Casey Saussy

    You've got this Jake! Great work!

  • Raquel Bartz

    Jake, we are lucky to have both you and your dad around. Great work.


    Good luck!

  • Garheng Kong

    Best wishes!

  • Jon Buxbaum

    Go Jake! - the Buxbaums

  • Kelly & Andrew Muir

    So inspiring. Well done, Jake!

  • Wendy Knight

    Jake & David, you are an inspiration to us all.

  • McLean family

    Supporting Jacob Zaas' fundraising efforts as Triangle Student of the Year.

  • Katina and Joseph Rogers

    Wishing you all the best in this fabulous endeavor! We love this family!!!

  • Dinushika

    Best wishes with this critical effort Jake and many congratulations on working hard to do this important work of fundraising!

  • Eric Glazer

    Go Jake (and David) Zaas!

  • Cristine (Berry) Oropez

    Your parents must be so very proud! Thank you for this effort - I make this donation for your dad on behalf of my dear grandmother who died from lymphoma.

  • Sam and Tara Horr

    Proud to support the Zaas family

  • Lisa and Robert Prosnitz

    Love you guys!!!!

  • Susan Gart

    We shall always be grateful to the Zaas doctors Wishing you health and many many years

  • Mark and Wendy Gellman

    Continued prayers for great health!!

  • Lauren Kennedy Brady

    Jake, you are continuing to do amazing things for your dad! Well done you! Lauren and Charlie Brady

  • Richard Scher

    A remarkable way to continue showing your support for your dad.

  • Contrast Creative

    The Contrast Creative team supports Dr. Zaas and work of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on behalf of patients and their families.

  • Madeline Liddicoat

    Go team Zaas!

  • The Kitson Family

    Good Luck Jake!!!

  • The Peterman Family

    Best wishes to the whole Zaas family. We miss seeing you all!

  • Daniel Ortiz

    Jake Zaas

  • Scott and Lisa Wojnovich

    Keep up the great work.

  • Kay and Dave Butterly

    Keep up the good work! The Butterlys

  • David Zidar

    Keep up the great work!

  • Stephani & Dave Becker

    Thanks to the entire Zaas family for raising money for such an important and worthwhile cause that's near to our hearts as well.

  • Jeff Kiser

    Good Luck Jake!!

  • Svati Shah

    Go Jake! You are an inspiration. Love, Pat, Svati, Kieran & Kellan

  • Hetty Carraway

    Go Jake! Hope you make LLS student of the Year. Rooting for you and the entire ZAAS family. Hetty, Craig, Lachlan and Finnegan

  • Adam Spivak

    Good luck Jake! All the best to you and the Zaas family.

  • Talal Dahhan

    So proud of the Zaas family.

  • Amy and Fred Costello

    Jake, We have been following your dad's journey online and have been amazed by you and all of your family. Sincerely, Fred and Amy Costello

  • Gary Greene

    You're an inspiration, Jake.

  • Michael Spiritos

    In honor of Dave Zaas, and Jake

  • Carl Ravin

    Very best wishes for your continued success - and for the continued good health of everyone in your wonderful family!

  • Alex C.

    Go Jake! Go Team Zaas!

  • Beth & Dan Pleasant

    Go Jake! Go David!

  • Jenny Van Kirk

    Kick Leukemia's Zaas! Love you all! Jenny Van Kirk and Matt Wood (CaringBridge!)

  • Matthew Smith

    Caring bridge Zaas

  • Katherine Thomas

    Caring Bridge Thanks, Jake!

  • Hunter and Karen Preston

    In honor of David Zaas who has a beautiful story to share of triumph over cancer supported by his awesome family and friends!

  • Jones Family - Alex, Gene and Benji

    Great job Jake. Best of luck with the fundraiser! We are thinking of you guys. Alex, Gene and Benji

  • Anonymous

    Caring Bridge

  • The Roessler Family

    Way to go Jake!! (Caring Bridge)

  • Joyce Schaefer

    It's such an honor to support you and your family in this small way. Congratulations for all you've done and achieved. Best of luck on SOY!

  • Lauren Willis

    So proud to support you and your family in this effort, Jake!


    CaringBridge :)

  • Michelle & Scott Gertz

    Your strength and courage inspires us all!

  • Paul Aronowitz

    Great work, Jake!

  • Chris Jones

    Good luck Team Zaas! Chris Jones and family

  • Billie Redmond

    So proud of you and your family!

  • Ryan Schulteis

    The Schulteis family thinks of you often and couldn't be prouder to support this fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma!

  • Julie Prince Hojlo

    I had no idea of the illness which is troubling to hear, but read this and am so inspired by your family’s spirit!

  • McCain Family

    Good Luck Jake!

  • Chris Lorenz

    Go Jake! Best wishes to reach your goal. Very proud of you and your family. From Chris Lorenz, and the whole goalkeeper family!

  • Alex and Christine Walsh

    Thanks for taking it one step further, Jake!

  • Michael Guarini

    Good luck reaching your goal.

  • Terry Akin

    For inspiring us alll!

  • Brent T Niemann

    Good luck Jake! Hopefully this helps get you to your goal. Niemann Family

  • Anonymous

    We are grateful for all the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society does for our patients.

  • Will Yancy

    Jake, your dad is inspiring and you are great to stand by him and help make things better for others! -Will, Liz and Michael Yancy

  • Denise S Bennett

    Congrats on all of your great work. Thanks for sharing your awesome Dad with all of us.

  • Soman Abraham

    Your father and your family are an inspiration to us all.

  • Dave Haines

    What a wonderful thing that you're doing, we're happy to support you! The Haines Family.

  • Meghan Scanlon

    Inspired by your grit, humility, grace, and passion. Thank you for sharing your journey. Honored to serve the amazing folks at Duke Raleigh. ~ Meghan

  • Adam and Lisa Banks

    Amazing work Jake!

  • Mike and Lisa Fitzpatrick

    Go Team Zaas!

  • Laura Fisher

    Great job, Jake Zaas! Rick, Laura, Candace and Conrad Fisher

  • Wallen Family

    Jake, thank you for sharing your family's journey in the video and for the fundraising work you are doing. We have been thinking of all of you! Love, The Wallens

  • The Trulocks

    It’s good and important work that you are doing. We are proud to support you and your family!

  • Daniella Zipkin

    Great work Jake!! Kicking Zaaaaaassss!!

  • Michael Robertson

    Please add to team fund for Jake Zaas, an awesome young man supporting research in honor of his Dad

  • The Bayer Family

    So proud of you and your family! With Love, Dori & Stephen

  • Pat Kramer

    You are an amazing family and an inspiration to all of us!

  • Sharon Kirsch

    Dave, Aimee, jake and Jonah, We are so proud of all of your dedication to giving back and helping others. Love, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Eddie

  • Howie Lee

    Awesome work Jake and the Zaas Family !!! Howie Lee

  • Ken Steinberg

    Jake - this is such a wonderful thing you are doing! I have no doubt that your parents are very proud of you. Kick leukemia's Zaas!

  • Matthew Sappern

    Jake, I only spent a few hours with your dad,, but he is a great guy and clearly an exceptional father. Good luck surpassing your goal! Matt Sappern.

  • Katie and Mike Galbraith

    Way to go, Jake! You and your family are such an inspiration!

  • The Peden Family

    Great work, Jake!

  • Lyndon K Jordan

    Great work, Jake! We admire you & your family and are proud to support this worthy cause.

  • Pat Thomas

    Way to go Jake and the amazing Zaas family!

  • Kathryn Andolsek

    Jacob -- awesome that you are taking your time/energy to help others receive the same type of cure that your dad received!

  • Sajjan & Asha Agarwal

    Jake, we are very proud of you!

  • The Grosshandler Family

    Great job, Jake! Hope you reach your goal! ??

  • The Viau Family

    Jake Zaas

  • Allen Hayes

    Dr. Dave Zaas

  • Randy & Cindy Trice

    Your dad must be SO proud of all your hard work!! Good Luck, Cindy & Randy Trice


    Well done Jake! You are an inspiration to us all!

  • Mark Shapiro

    Beat Cancer!

  • Jay Parker

    Nice job Jake. Keep up the good work.

  • Richard Popowitz

    We love you Dave, Rich, Rosie , Mason Emma and Alex popowitz

  • Ken Haynes

    Great work Jake - happy to support you! Ken Haynes

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