Student Visionaries of the Year Triangle

Abby Dix | Team Ice Out Cancer

Abby's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Apr 13, 2023

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the mission of LLS!  Please note, gifts made on this page after 5:00pm on Thursday, April 13th, 2023 will not be counted towards the competition for the 2023 Triangle Student Visionaries of the Year. To make a gift that will be credited to your candidate’s competition total after 5:00pm on Thursday, April 13th, please visit


Visionaries look to the future—and see infinite possibility.
They challenge the status quo—and make the impossible possible.
They boldly imagine a better world – and lead the charge to create it.


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was built on that same vision - of a better world - one without blood cancers.


I am a visionary; I have a vision for a world without cancer, but I need your help.


This year, I’m proud to be a part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student Visionaries of the Year Campaign, working to raise as much as possible for LLS’s mission.


I am participating in this campaign in honor of my dad. In August of 2019 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). He received two rounds of chemo, but neither one worked. He went on to receive a treatment called Blinatumomab. LLS is critical in funding the research for new therapeutics, such as Blinatumomab. He was in remission by November of 2019 which allowed him to get a stem cell transplant in December of 2019. All tests have come back negative since! My family and I are extremely thankful for LLS and all of our friends and family who supported us throughout that journey. This campaign provides support to patients and their families who have to go through the same thing as my family. 


Please consider joining this fight by making a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. Please visit my website often and tell friends who would also like to donate!


Thanks to your support, my efforts will help ensure this generation is the last to see cancer.

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you!


For more information about LLS, please visit




  • Jennifer Dix

    So proud of you Abby!!

  • Stefanie Stayin

    Good luck Abby!

  • Maureen Boyle

    Abby, We are so proud of all your efforts! Keep up the great work! Love from the Boyle girls

  • Gregory Thompson

    Hi Abby. Hope you're doing well. Keep up the good work. Greg

  • Karen and John Owczarski

    Thanks Abby!! Hope you are well!

  • PJ & Maggie Lechleitner

    Proud to stand with you and fight the good fight! PJ + Mag

  • Nonna & Gramps

    Way to go Abby! Love, Nonna & Gramps

  • Dawn & Michael Freeman

    Go Team Ice Out Cancer! Great job Abby.

  • Heidi Appel

    Congrats Abby!

  • Claudette Kim

    Go Abby!

  • Topher & Kara Lucas

    We're with you, Abby!

  • Sean & Sandra Smith

    Great job, Abby!

  • Caran & Chris McKee

    Way to go, Abby! Such an important cause to fight for!

  • David Wagner / GreenBench

    Good luck with your campaign. Its a great effort for a great cause. -Dave

  • Edward & Nancy Fitzgerald

    We're so proud of you Abby!

  • Ellen and Phil Dix

    Grandmom and Grandpop

  • Tracy Vibert Williams

    Amazing work Abbey! Thank you for doing what you do. Mrs. Williams

  • Karyn, Reagan & Kennedy

    Great Job Abby! We are so proud of you! Karyn, Reagan & Kennedy

  • Roldi

    Enjoyed visiting with you around Christmas You are doing great work.

  • David & Kristen Neuman

    Such a great cause; awesome job, Abby

  • Tom and Carol Athey

    Keep up the good work, Abby!

  • Andrea Dinker

    We are so happy to support you and all the great work you are doing! The Dinker family

  • The Merrimans

    We are so thankful for your friendship.

  • Jane McNeill and Family

    Proud of you, Abby! Jane McNeill and Family

  • Marie Karl

    Abby, best of luck meeting your goal!

  • Mary Thompson

    Happy to see you are doing this again Abbie. As you remember my Ed did this for many years and has survived Stage 4 bone cancer and is now trying to survive Brain cancer so this is very close to my heart. Thank you for your efforts. Mary

  • Mullery Family

    Excellent work, Abby!

  • Kathryn Thompson

    Thank you for all of your efforts, Abby, for this cause near and dear to our hearts! ❤️

  • Meagan & Bryan Warnock

    Great job Abby!!

  • Kasey and D. R. Repass

    Keep bringing hope to so many Abby! Thank you for asking us each year. Please tell your dad we said hello, Kasey and D. R.

  • gene dahmen

    Brava Abby for your extraordinary efforts for this great cause. We are very happy that your dad fully recovered and is doing so well. Gene and Lloyd Dahmen

  • Eddie Fitzgerald

    Well done Abby! Keep up the good work! Eddie

  • Eddie & Ana Estrella

    What a great cause! thank you Abby for doing this.

  • Tanya

    Well done Aby

  • Johanna Caplan

    Great job Abby in your support of LLS! ~ the Caplans

  • The Schmanske Family

    Happy to support such an important cause. We are so proud of your efforts, Abby!

  • Rob Coleman & Family

    Great Cause!

  • Amala and Aniruddha Roy

    Best wishes for your initiative, Abby. Amala and Aniruddha Roy.

  • Matt & Shanda Chambers

    Way to go, Abby!

  • Bill and Lynn Roohan

    Abby, Great job and keep it going--I know your parents are very, very proud of you, Bill and Lynn Roohan

  • Sean and Heather Donohue

    Abby Dix is a remarkable young woman, and her family are dear people and friends. I hope Abby gets to her goal and I know what she has done matters. Love you guys and miss you guys from your friends up North. The Donohue's

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