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Brianna Torgerson

ForeverKate | For Kate, Because of Kate

Jan 20, 2019


We have an exciting event coming up and I need YOUR help to spread the word! 

We are having a ForeverKate Chipotle Night! It is on January 28th, a Monday, from 4pm-8pm. Tell your friends and family about this event, come with your sports team, get a group together and have dinner! 33% of proceeds will go straight into the ForeverKate fund! 

Spread the word! Put flyers up, tell your schools' sports teams, go after theatre practice...just come come come! With your help we can get 300+ people to the Eden Prarie Chipotle on January 28th! 

Thanks, Brianna 



5 Weeks Left | ForeverKate

Jan 20, 2019


With only 5 weeks left, it's starting to feel like crunch time. The stress of this whole campign is setting in. But then I just remember..why are we doing this? We're doing this For Kate, Because of Kate! 

Tell someone about this campign. Everyone who is reading this can send this link to their Christmas card list, post it on their social media or email friends and family. YOU can help us reach our goal for Kate! 

With only 5 weeks left let's get the word out! 

Thank you in advance, Brianna 


Students of the Year | Kickoff Event

Jan 08, 2019

Last night, January 7th, was the Students of the Year campaign kickoff. I have never left an event so excited and so encouraged. I felt so supported, and it was so fun to see my friends as excited about this campaign as I am! 

Fundraising is off to an unbelieveable start! I truly feel so blessed to get to participate in this campaign. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Let's do this For Kate, Because of Kate!! 


ForeverKate | Video

Jan 04, 2019
Please watch this short video to receive more information about the campaign and why I'm participating in it! 
Huge Thanks to Katie Pope, Freelance Videographer for making this wonderful video!!



Blessings and Fear | ForeverKate

Jan 01, 2019

As the campaign launch is days away I can't help but look back on all the work my team and I have put into this campaign. Late nights, meetings, phonecalls, and stressful days are all just everyday parts of this campaign. 

Fear has been a huge factor as well. "Why am I doing this?" "My goal is too big!" and "How are we going to do this?" have all been thoughts that have crossed my mind countless times as I've been preparing for this campaign. 

But in the midst of my fear, I feel blessed. Blessed to have the opportunity to be involved in this campaign. Blessed to get to help others. Blessed to have a platform to speak. Blessed to share Kate's story. 

The campaign launch is so soon (January 7th) and the fear about this campaign is growing. But, the blessings keep on coming. I've had countess interactions with people who were so moved by Kate's stoty. People who knew Kate who want to get involved. Kate's impact is growing, and I feel overwhelmeed being a part of it. 

I am experiencing blessings and fear as this campaign begins, but I couldn't be more excited!! 

Brianna Torgerson 



  • The Moore Family

    So inspired by you, Kate, and your goal... You're gonna crush it!

  • Jennifer Klinefelter

    A very beautiful tribute to your beautiful friend!

  • Amy Holmstrom

    Blessings to you Brianna on your goal! We support you! Love, the Holmstroms

  • Dawn Overstreet

    Brianna, we support you in your huge goal! This will create huge impacts!

  • Halee McBroome

    Very inspiring - making a difference!

  • Anonymous

    Wooddale Church is honored to support your effort in memory of Kate.

  • Tom and Susan Lange

    Good luck reaching your goal!

  • Juanita Hoffman

    Brianna, we are so proud of the young woman you have become to do this in honor of your friend!

  • Barbara Goodspeed

    God is with you every step of the way! Thank the Lord for the blessings of medical teams as they do fierce battle against leukemia and lymphoma!!!

  • Sadie Long

    Forever Kate??

  • Matt, Kathy, Sarah & Leeza Johnson

    Love what you're doing, Brianna!

  • Bev Wenshau

    This is for Brianna Torgerson's Forever Kate.

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