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Brianna Torgerson

Gala | ForeverKate

Mar 16, 2019


What an unbelievable night!! 2-26-19

Team ForeverKate was able to raise $89,101.03!!!!

To each person who donated — THANK YOU!! I am so beyond grateful! It’s thanks to each of you that Team ForeverKate had the honor to name a research grant in Kate’s name! 

The grand total of the night was over $407,000!! That is absolutely unbelievable. 

Thank you all again!! We all win when cancer looses. 


Auction | ForeverKate

Feb 25, 2019

Aren’t coming to the gala, but still want to bid on Team ForeverKate’s auction items ?? You’re in the right place! 

Auction Website:

Make sure to enter “Brianna” in the search bar to find my items !! Happy bidding !! 

— Auction website will be live until Tuesday the 26th @8:00pm. 


Jason Gray Concert | ForeverKate

Feb 25, 2019



Wow —- the concert was AMAZING !! Huge thanks so all the volunteers and Jason Gray for helping me put on this event !! 

This was an amazing end to ForeverKate’s fundraising events !! Thank you to everyone who donated !! 



Jason Gray Concert | ForeverKate

Feb 17, 2019

I also excited to announce that we are having a concert! Jason Gray, Christian recording artist, has volunteered his time to perform. Click this Link: to purchase tickets!! 

Invite a few friends, share this concert with someone...YOU can help us get the word out about this event. 

— All info about the concert is in the image above.


ForeverKate | Chipotle Night

Jan 20, 2019


We have an exciting event coming up and I need YOUR help to spread the word! 

We are having a ForeverKate Chipotle Night! It is on January 28th, a Monday, from 4pm-8pm. Tell your friends and family about this event, come with your sports team, get a group together and have dinner! 33% of proceeds will go straight into the ForeverKate fund! 

Spread the word! Put flyers up, tell your schools' sports teams, go after theatre practice...just come come come! With your help we can get 300+ people to the Eden Prarie Chipotle on January 28th! 

Thanks, Brianna 


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  • The Moore Family

    So inspired by you, Kate, and your goal... You're gonna crush it!

  • Jennifer Klinefelter

    A very beautiful tribute to your beautiful friend!

  • Amy Holmstrom

    Blessings to you Brianna on your goal! We support you! Love, the Holmstroms

  • Dawn Overstreet

    Brianna, we support you in your huge goal! This will create huge impacts!

  • Halee McBroome

    Very inspiring - making a difference!

  • Anonymous

    Wooddale Church is honored to support your effort in memory of Kate.

  • Tom and Susan Lange

    Good luck reaching your goal!

  • Juanita Hoffman

    Brianna, we are so proud of the young woman you have become to do this in honor of your friend!

  • Barbara Goodspeed

    God is with you every step of the way! Thank the Lord for the blessings of medical teams as they do fierce battle against leukemia and lymphoma!!!

  • Sadie Long

    Forever Kate??

  • Matt, Kathy, Sarah & Leeza Johnson

    Love what you're doing, Brianna!

  • Bev Wenshau

    This is for Brianna Torgerson's Forever Kate.

  • Gina Heles

    We are so inspired by your efforts, Brianna! You have our love and support.

  • Paige Holt

    What a wonderful and inspirational idea. Kate continues to make a difference in so many lives.

  • Weetman Family

    We're so glad you're doing this Brianna. May God bless you and your efforts.

  • Bennett family

    So proud of all you are doing, Brianna!

  • Katie Pope

    Go Brianna!!!

  • Amy Gammill

    Thank you for your efforts to fight blood cancers Brianna! We are so very grateful for the advances in lymphoma and leukemia treatment, as it has affected our family profoundly.

  • haley schmidt

    Brianna, what you are doing in honor of your precious friend is nothing short of beautiful. I pray that whatever amount that you raise, that God would multiply it and use it in ways that exceed any expectations. I pray for break through in the research field through this donation. I pray that you also would be blessed. You have a beautiful heart Brianna and I believe that you will be doing some incredible things in your life. You are inspiring and have already made an impact in many people's lives. Keep on shining Brianna. You are beautiful inside and out, and there is no dream too out there when you are found in Christ. Kate would be so proud of you and I believe both her and the Lord are smiling down on you right now as you raise this money. I love you and am proud of you! The best is yet to come. :)

  • Friends in faith

    Family in faith...

  • Kara and Eric Pederson and family

    Proud of you Brianna

  • Shelbie Pedretti

    The love and faithfulness the shines in you for your dearest friend Kate! Your tireless hours spent so others will find healing! Your passion to give HOPE and spur so many others o do the same. I’m so proud of you! You are shining the light of Jesus everyday!

  • Michelle Engberg

    Bri I'm so proud of you and how you are honoring Kate's memory with this project!

  • Mary Schweitzer

    Good Luck Briana! Great work.

  • Mary C Laub

    In support of the Scott and Lisa Fronek family. Am longtime friend of this parents. Not only is this in memory of Kate but also in support of all child cancer patients, including my grandson.

  • Ron Soderquist

    Thanks to Brianna on behalf of Kate!

  • Jon and Susan Foss

    Best of Luck Brianna!

  • Lisa Flom

    Your desire to remember Kate is inspiring Brianna. We stand with you in support of LLS and their vision to change the future for cancer patients.

  • Mike Walvatne

    We saw your story on Kare 11--thank you for your dedication to this great cause!

  • Kristin and Marc Hoffmann

    So proud of your hard work Brianna! What a wonderful cause. Kate is smiling down at you.

  • Erika B Clausen


  • Ashley Jarvi

    Thank you Jesus that you heal and give us the power to find healing with you

  • Valerie Mayer

    I lost two of my childhood friends to leukemia one in 4th grade and one a week after his 40th Birthday. Thanks for organizing this fundraiser.

  • Amy and Charles Edwards

    You are an inspiration and the concert was a blessing and a gift!!

  • Nora and Marnee Shepard

    Keep shining, Brianna!

  • The Haskell Family

    Brianna your dedication to your friend Kate is so inspiring and we pray that you reach your goal!

  • Crystal Alvarez

    Brianna, you.are.amazing.

  • David Torgerson

    Great work, Brianna!

  • Alexandra Walmer

    Thank you for this beautiful thing you are doing to help find a cure and remember such an amazing girl!! Forever Kate ❤️

  • Anni Dahlgren-Fyten

    #ForeverStrong #ForeverKate. Touched so many people of all ages with her smile, her joy and her love.

  • Karen Wagner

    Good work, Brianna! Your leadership is a wonderful model for many to follow.

  • Mary Beth Tucker

    Hi Brianna, you are doing incredible work in honor of your friend and her family. You are an inspiration!

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