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Madison's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 13, 2021

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page, welcome!

This is my second year of participating in the Student of the Year campaign. Last year I was a team member for Best Bloods Crush Cancer where we raised around $47,000. After having such a great experience with LLS last year we decided to participate again. This year for the team I am participating as a co-candidate with two friends who also participated last year. Our team goal this year is $55,000. Every dollar we receive is a step closer to our goal.

By donating to our fundraiser, you are helping blood cancer patients. Your donation and support will fund research for lifechanging therapies and help bring awareness to the cause. During this time of turmoil, families are being affected not only by cancer but by the more struggles the pandemic brings.

Please visit my website as often as you can and share it with everyone you know who would also like to join us in the fight against cancer. Together, we have the power, the passion and the resolve to achieve a world without blood cancer. All donations are tax-deductible.

On behalf of cancer patients and their families everywhere, I sincerely thank you for your support!

For more information about LLS, please visit



  • Sasha Shultz

    Maddie - thank you so much for supporting such an important cause! Love, Mom

  • Overton and Jan Day

    We pray that our donation will help find new cures for these dreadful diseases and assist patients and families through difficult treatment programs.

  • Karen Kaczmarek

    Madison, I am thrilled to support your efforts to help find a cure for blood cancers and honor your Uncle Franklin. Your mom and I ran a marathon in his honor MANY years ago. She is an amazing woman and you are too for leading this fundraiser! Best of luck to you and your team mates.

  • Elisabeth Beller

    Madison, Franklin would be so proud of your dedication to LLS.

  • Carolyn Burgess

    Such a great cause, Maddie. I hope you and your team meet your goal!

  • Carl Michael Mittleman

    Go get 'em Maddy!

  • Brenden L McNamee

    Keep up the good work!

  • Marc Bruno

    Good luck Madison, nice work!

  • The Rakowski Family

    Madison - The Rakowski Family is happy to support you and your team in such a worthy cause!

  • Jenna Hagerich

    Great work Madison! I know my friend Megan would be proud.

  • Patty & Preston Davis

    Our niece, Meghan, was diagnosed with Leukemia during her Freshman year in college. Many people helped her during her treatment, and now she is cancer-free and has her medical degree. Efforts like this, Madison, are what makes recoveries like Meghan possible. Thank you!

  • Rikki Turner

    These are some of the hardest cancers to beat and it is so important we find a cure! Way to go, Madison!

  • Joyce Shultz

    To Madison and the team, best of luck in helping to find the cure.

  • Beth Milner

    Happy to support you, Maddy! I know how proud you make your mom for embracing this important cause. Best of luck in your efforts. Hugs, Beth Milner

  • Juliann Green

    Thank you for doing this important work Maddie!

  • Jim and Selena Accardi

    Great job!!!

  • Bridgette Pearce

    Way to go Maddie! So proud of you!!

  • Kevin & Bridgid Burkert

    Great cause - good luck, Madison!

  • Denise O'Brien

    Way to go Madison and Team! Thank you for working to beat this terrible disease!

  • Vittoria Acevedo

    Way to go Maddie!

  • Gretchen Leitch

    What an awesome effort for you to take on again this year! Best wishes in reaching your goal!!

  • Karen Dickman

    Good luck with the fundraising efforts!

  • Lara Hjortsberg

    Great job, Maddie! Thank you so much for all the hard work you are doing!!

  • Edmund Levendusky

    Hi Madison, Thank you for running for SOY! the work you are doing will pay dividends to thousand of people. Keep up the good work. Best of luck!!

  • Anonymous

    Go Madison!


    What a great thing you are doing, Madison!

  • Megan Swahn

    Go Madison! Thank you for stepping up for LLS! (We haven't met but I'm on staff at LLS and know your mom from the Board. Tell her I don't need a handwritten thank you note :)

  • Alison Birdwell

    Good work Maddy!

  • The Petrellas

    What a great cause that is near and dear to your family's heart. Best of luck reaching your team's goal!

  • The Townsend Family

    Great work Madison! - The Townsends

  • Eric Shultz

    Keep it up Maddie! Proud Daddy

  • Mark Adams

    Madison, Nice to learn about your efforts with LLS. Way to go !

  • Susan Agnew

    Standing ovation for all generous efforts toward cures for disease!

  • Barb Hoey

    In honor or my cousin who lost the fight to Lymphoma.

  • Fran and Sue Reinhardt

    Ladies- what a fabulous contribution you are making to our society. Best of luck to you allsusa

  • Marti Gorum

    Excellent cause, many kudos to you for leading and participating.

  • Gregory Buck

    Such great work for such a worthy cause!

  • Janda Florist

    Janda Floristbis happy to support LLS and you! Great job!

  • nathan shultz

    Way to go Madison!

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