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Sally's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 17, 2022

When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. It wasn’t just my treatment that saved me, or the doctors and nurses that provided me with care and support. It was the people that reached out to me and my family. The people that stopped by to say hello, or helped us shop for groceries, or helped my parents reach a deadline at work. The people who knew that even a simple smile could make us feel less alone in that dark time. Today, I am starting a campaign that has been designed, supported, and brought to life with the help of those very people. This campaign is possible because of people like you who care about this cause and want to help. Unfortunately, some kids like me had all the support the world had to offer, and it wasn’t enough. Children are oftentimes forced to go through years of chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, and radiation to get their medical care. But we can’t help kids in the same way that we help adults. The money from my campaign will go towards cancer research, paving a path to a future where children will never have to suffer from cancer. It’s true that I’m leading this campaign for myself, my friends, and my family. But it’s also true that I’m leading this campaign for a bigger cause: Kids like me who don’t have the privilege of being here today. Kids like my friend Colin, who played a blue violin and performed at Camp Sunshine’s talent show. One year, we arrived at camp, only to learn that Colin couldn’t ever come back. That terrified me. Now, I want to make a difference. I don’t want to feel that way ever again. That’s why I’m asking for your help.  


Along with raising money, I’ve been reaching out to influential corporate leaders to speak with them about LLS and my campaign. Would your company be willing to support me? If so, I’d love the opportunity to schedule a meeting with you and/or your company leaders to share my story and how your company can partner with LLS! 



  • Meg Abramowitz

    For Sally Angle’s campaign.

  • Sara Brown

    Go get 'em Nobels!

  • Lindsey Tonge

    Good Luck Sally!

  • Erin Twohig-Canal

    Sally, thank you so much for raising money for LLS! Good luck with your goal and thank you for sharing your story. Here is to one more child surviving blood cancer. Cheers!

  • Beth and Jack Nagle

    You’re a pistol, Miss Sally…courageous, fearless, undaunted, creative, self-confident, and incredibly loving, caring, and thoughtful of others. The childhood challenges you’ve successfully faced and overcome have prepared you well for all the opportunities and challenges you’ll face throughout your life. May this pcampaign on behalf of so many others exceed all expectations! Love, love, love, Two very proud grandparents in Florida

  • Gail & Tony McBride

    Dearest Sally, You are a jewel. Your desire to give to others is highly commendable. From your own experience you are and will be able to give valid support and love to others. This meaningful comfort is extremely needed for many. You have our love and support and we are very proud of you. ????????. Aunt Gail and Uncle Tony

  • Jane Akiba

    In memory of Rose Engel.

  • Walter Eckhart

    Go, Sally!

  • Gareth and Amanda Cook

    Great cause, Sally!

  • Judy Teitelman

    Thank you for fundraising for blood cancers!

  • Mark Shepherd

    Thank you, Sally!

  • Anonymous

    Sally - your neighbors in JP are rooting for you. Thanks for your great work and for sharing your story.

  • Valeria Valdez

    Go Sally!

  • Heather Dunn

    Thank you for chatting with me at Turtle Swamp. Happy Mardi Gras!

  • Carol Harris

    We support YOU and the LLS cause!

  • Meredith Schuh

    I'm so proud of you Sally! You are such an incredible person and continue to inspire me every day.

  • Steve and Debi Schuh

    Keep up the good work

  • Dryden-Peterson Family

    What wonderful work Sally!!

  • The De Palm Family

    In loving memory of Veronica Johnson, mother, wife, educator, and grandmother of Jacob De Palm.

  • Elliott Pratt

    Amazing job Sally!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Superheroes!

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