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Jan 31, 2022

Our names are Misbah, Trishna and Aanya, and we are honored to be candidates for The Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Students of the Year Campaign. Leukemia is a cancer that affects the body's blood-forming cells in the bone marrow and lymphatic system. Every day, close to 170 Americans are diagnosed with this fatal disease.We want to honor those who have battled blood cancers by working to increase awareness, as well as raising money to fund further research. All donations go directly to LLS, the foremost cancer research center in the country. Today, we’re hoping you will join the fight and help us achieve our ambitious goal. Our team strives to reach our fundraissing goal over the course of seven weeks. We want to avoid future suffering and be part of the team that defeats cancer once and for all. Our mission is to create a society where leukemia patients can make a full recovery and where a cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

Throughout our lives, we have experienced the devastation of cancer from a young age. Misbah’s mother works as a physician, and she’s seen firsthand the severe impacts that cancer has on patients and their loved ones. She works with cancer survivors who still need monitoring despite being in remission. A cancer diagnosis changes their lives forever.

Aanya has seen firsthand what living with no cure is like. Her cousin, Ja Dev, who lives in India, has a neurological disorder known as Cerebral Palsy. Currently he is 7 years old, and while he goes to physiotherapy, he is unable to walk and talk. Living thousands of miles away is hard for her, but the support of organizations like LLS makes it easier. They work towards supporting people going through the unimaginable, people like Ja Dev, and give us hope!

As we become aware of the tragic situations that countless families experience, we struggle to put ourselves in their place. Reading Toben’s story on the LLS website really hit home for Trishna. Toben is a nine-year-oldboy whose entire life was turned upside down after his Leukemia diagnosis. Everything changed for him and his family, physically, mentally, and emotionallyduring his battle with cancer. Luckily, Toben has now been cancer-free for over two years.Reading Toben’s story brought tears to Trishna’s eyes. It immediately made her think of her younger brother. We cannot even begin to fathom what this family has gone through.Donations like yours willfurtherresearch on blood cancersandwill give us a chance to ease the suffering of children like Toben.

Every donation, big or small, can have a life changing impact on a cancer patient. Through your contributions, you can givea cancer patient a try at a clinical trial, help them afford treatment, and/or give them access to a cancer support group. Donations will be accepted from February 17, 2022, until April 10th, 2022.

This is your opportunity to transform the lives of a family, and make an enormous difference in the lives of many.On behalf of blood cancer patients, families, and caregivers everywhere, we thank you for your support!
All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. They'll not only support LLS research, but patient services, advocacy, public and professional education, and community services as well.
Please visit our website often and tell friends who would also like to donate!
For more information about LLS, please visit




  • Ragoo Raghunathan

    Good luck Trishna, Aanya and Misbah! This is a great cause and I admire your efforts.

  • Ameya Moghe

    Thank you Trishna, Misbah and Aanya for your dedication and support for this worthy cause. Mangal Aaji and Ameya are very proud of all of you!!!

  • Prajakti Kar

    Great Initiative ,Trishna and team. Keep it up!

  • Sushama Apte

    Dear Trishna, this is such a good cause and happy to help . -sushama Atya and Ravi kaka

  • Christine Evans

    Proud of you Trishna! I hope you reach your goal💕

  • Anonymous

    Great initiative Trishna, Misbah & Aanya!

  • Sailaja Thanjavuru

    Thank you and All the very Best

  • Luluah Safri

    Good luck with your goal!

  • Alka Patil

    Proud of you Aanya! Good luck for your goal

  • Steph and Marc Alessandrini

    For the GISFW fundraising page

  • Louise Garone and Bill Gooley

    Abby and Wade of GISFW, Shrewsbury MA your hearts are in the right place. Than you Aanya, Trishna, and Misbah for sensitivity to the impact of cancer and the value of anticancer research. Finally, Jennie and Madeleine, we are with you.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with your initiative! - Rashmi & Mohan

  • Veena Dindore

    Great initiative Trishna and team! Good Luck and Hope you reach your goal!

  • Vaijayanti Joshi

    Excellent initiative Trishna, Misbah, and Aanya! I wish you all the best for this endeavor and future ones as well!

  • Irwin & Lynn D’Souza

    Thanks for doing this Aanya. God bless - Irwin & Lynn DSouza

  • Kamal Singhal

    Great job Aanya, you are supporting a good project

  • jack singh

    Aanya keep up the good work.

  • Madeleine Ahlquist

    Happy to support this great fundraiser!

  • Mukta and Chandan Sukhija

    Best of luck on this noble cause.

  • Anonymous

    Helping support the GISFW fundraising. Great initiative Misbah, Trishna and Aanya!

  • Suzan Boucher

    Please put this towards GISFW Fundraising campaign

  • Lesley and Peter Winn

    My grandfather died from multiple myeloma in 1952. A lot has changed since then but there's still so much more to do. Keep up the great work!

  • Deb and John Krikorian

    Part of the GISFW Fundraising Campaign.

  • Kelly Finneran

    This is for the GISFW initiative. Thanks Abby and Wade of GISFW, Shrewsbury MA for always thinking of and taking care of "the family!" Aanya, Trishna, and Misbah - thanks for being great role models and helping to get this fundraiser off the ground.

  • MVR

    This donation is part of the GISFW FUndraising campaign from mvr

  • Wade White

    From mens workout day

  • Sally Hooker

    In honor of Abby and Wade, from Get in Shape for Women, for always remembering to give back to society.

  • Suchitra Shinde

    This is really nice initiative, wish all the best to Trishna, Misbah and Aanya!

  • Deepali Patil

    You girls are doing great things, wish we all can do as much as we can for this noble causes.

  • rajesh goyal

    Good luck

  • Donna Vanderbeek

    Madeleine, Never stop believing in your extraordinary inner strength! Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way! In support of the GISFW Fundraising Campaign.

  • Christina Dallessandro

    GISFW Fundraising Campaign

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