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Samaira We Can-cer Do It! Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 01, 2023

As we near the end of Week 2, I would again like to express my gratitude for everyone who has supported the campaign. To my team, my family, D2D attendees, donors, and LLS staff...thank you! I truly could not do this without you. I am very proud of how far we have come and am excited to see where the next five weeks take us. 

A big thank you to Angie Miller Brees with Berkshire Hathaway for sponsoring the campaign.

To anyone visiting my page this week: We have a few Dine to Donates coming up! Those include Papa Johns this Thursday-Sunday, Crave on Saturday, and Ale on Wednesday. Check out this D2D calendar for more info:


Day 2 Update

Jan 20, 2023

As I near the end of Day 2 of the campaign, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the support I have received from my friends and family. Whether you live across the street or halfway across the country, just know that I am sending you a million thank you's. There is still a long way to go in this campaign, but I have a feeling of pride for my team's progress so far. LET'S CURE CANCER!



Jan 19, 2023

Today, January 19th, marks the beginning of this year's Student Visionary of the Year program! I am incredibly grateful for all of the people stepping up to support blood cancer patients and survivors through supporting this campaign. And not only that, but I am also proud of all of the other 2023 candidates...even though we are competing against eachother, to a greater extent, we are a collective effort fighting blood cancer. And most of all, I am excited for the next seven weeks--it's going to be a crazy, hectic, and stressful time, but I know that it will be worth it. Once again, thank you to everyone who is supporting me--the fact that you reached this fundraising page is a good sign! LET'S CURE CANCER!


Shout-out to Let's Roam and Adventures from Scratch!

Dec 11, 2022

Let's Roam and their sister brand, Adventures from Scratch, have made an incredible donation to the campaign! They are extremely excited to partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They have provided a donation package of a variety of their products worth more than $700. It includes family and date scavenger hunt ideas and team building event vouchers!

Check out Let's Roam at and Adventures from Scratch at



Friends and Family:

Jan 16, 2023

As you may already know, blood cancer affects hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma. Unlike other cancers that manifest in tumors, lymphoma starts in cells called lymphocytes, and leukemia begins in your bone marrow and lymph system. No person should ever have to fight such a deadly disease; unfortunately, this is our reality.

For these reasons, I decided to become a candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Student Visionary of the Year Campaign, a philanthropic competition in which candidates form and lead fundraising teams. I am asking you to consider donating and fundraising for this worthy cause. Over the campaign period (from January 19th, 2023, to March 10th, 2023), we will be accepting donations of any amount in hopes of benefiting the LLS. Through this campaign, we hope to drive the mission of the LLS forward, which is to find a cure for blood cancers and improve the quality of life of patients and families.

Today marks a time during which you can make a difference—a real change in someone else’s life. Through this campaign and through the LLS, you have been given the opportunity to fight blood cancer. As the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society states, “We call on those strong enough to fight for others.”

Please consider supporting my personal fundraising page; with your help, we can create awareness for leukemia and lymphoma cancers and use donations to save the lives of others. Together, we can make a difference.



  • Shauna Burens

    What amazing work you are doing Samaira. Donating in honor of our good friend Laura who is in remission from AML, with much help from LLS.

  • Maribel Solano-Mullen

    What an exciting opportunity and wishing you much success in your efforts. The Mullen Family

  • Jeni Bates

    Samaira, Good luck with your mission and so proud of your dedication! Jeni Bates

  • Steve

    Love the work you're doing Samaira. Grand Uncle and Auntie Steve and Miyeon.

  • William Dering

    Samaira, Many Blessings Always and in All Ways. Love, Aunt Lou and Uncle Bill

  • Kristen Filer

    What a great cause! We miss you!

  • Anonymous

    Great Job Samaira, best of luck with the campaign.

  • Drew & Sara Huntzinger

    Samaira, you are amazing and we are so proud of all you have accomplished! Best wishes on meeting your goal!

  • Tara Johnson

    What amazing work you are doing, Samaira!

  • Krista Mullinix

    Best wishes in your endeavors with this very worthy campaign! Krista and Jason Mullinix

  • Sam & Charlotte Kilmer

    Keep up the great fight for a great cause. - Sam & Charlotte Kilmer & family

  • kevin ritter

    Great job Sam ! Keep up the good work - Hope to see you in California again sometime soon - Ritter family

  • Jon and Courtny Aljancic

    Keep up the great work Samaira!

  • Indiana Stumps

    Very proud of you Samaira and glad to contribute to your volunteer team's goal for this cause.

  • Amber L Rinkenberger

    What a great cause, good luck Samaira! - Amber

  • The Holmstrom Family

    Good Luck!

  • Michelle Forslund

    Love supporting anything you do Sam!

  • Damon & Maureen Blechen

    Samaira, so great that you're dedicating your time, energy, and talents to raising money for a great cause!

  • Schwartz/Dodek Family

    Keep up the great work for a fantastic cause!

  • Erin Long

    Thanks for your commitment and efforts, Samaira!

  • Beth Giacomo

    Good luck in everything!!

  • Kendrick Tunstall

    Samaria, I am inspired by your willingness to give back. I’m sure you parents are very proud of you and I’m honored to call you a part of the Edward Jones family. Continue to do great things to support and uplift others Kendrick Tunstall

  • Andrew Hayes-Stoker

    We’ll done Sam! Keep at it.

  • Matt Stump

    Samaira, I wanted to express my gratitude for involving me in this fundraiser. Your exceptional leadership and dedication have been inspiring, and I feel honored to contribute to this cause. Additionally, I appreciate Boston Scientific's generous matching donation. Your hard work and commitment to this worthy cause is admirable, and I wish you continued success in your efforts!

  • Doug and Ann Regula

    All of the Regula’s admire your hard work and dedication for such a worthy cause. Good luck with your fundraising campaign!

  • Ali Lewis

    We wish you the best with your important mission! Ali Lewis and Family

  • Renee Oldham

    Great Job!

  • Jason Eder

    Glad to see young people making an impact!

  • Shannon Flynn

    A great cause - I’m so impressed with your campaign Samaira!

  • Green Touch Services

    Great Job!

  • Rachel Lieberman

    Samaira - congratulations on an amazing campaign!

  • Mona Gould

    So proud of your philanthropic heart:)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to all the team members for being leaders in the Community!

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