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Katie Rizzuto | Team Rizzuto

Katie's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Feb 10, 2023
Thank you so much to everyone who donated so far! I’m so proud of everyone on my team and grateful for everyone who’s supported me and worked with me so far. Thank you and I’m so excited to finish out these seven weeks with you!


Jan 19, 2023

Happy Kickoff everyone!

Today marks the start of the seven-week campaign, and I'm so excited to start fundraising after all the preparation myself and my team have done! Thank you for your support and have a great day!


Kickoff Countdown

Jan 15, 2023

Hi Everyone!

It's officially the week of kickoff, and everyone's been working so hard to get everything ready! I'm so excited to kick this fundraiser off and to share my story with all of you. I've recieved a lot of support from my family, my wonderful team, and my awesome campaign manager Morgan. Thank you to everyone who's helped me, and I'm so excited to see the outcome of our work!


Katie's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 08, 2023

Hello! My name is Katie Rizzuto, I'm a junior at Carmel High School. 


I'm running in honor of my grandma, who passed away from cancer when I was three. She recieved her diagnosis almost 15 years prior to this, but because of research that was experimental at this time she was able to meet me and my brother. I want to honor her, and give my family a space to honor her as well. Her story is why I'm running in support of the research pillar of LLS. I want to contribute to the development of new treatments for cancer, to give another family the opportunity she had.


This is my second year fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and I'm honored and excited to be able to continue my work from last year. Thank you all for your support in the fight to end cancer!



For more information about LLS, please visit




  • Paul Ashley

    Great work...keep on asking becuase the #1 reason why people give, because they are asked!

  • Rachel Rizzuto

    Congratulations on all of your hard work Katie! So proud of the commitment you've made to this cause!

  • Jaemy & Kara Hwang

    Thanks Katie for doing this campaign. GO team and GO LLS

  • Tom and Alison McKee

    Wonderful memories of Aunt Janie!

  • Stephanie Lesher

    So proud of your dedication and gift of time and talent, Katie! I hope your fundraising is a great success!!

  • Jon & Cristal Schmidt

    Enjoyed hearing about your grandma, what a great way to honor her! -Jon & Cristal Schmidt

  • Aunt Patricia & Uncle Tom

    With loving thoughts of our sister-in-law Janie.

  • Pam Walquist

    Great work Katie !

  • Heydt Family

    You are doing great work!

  • Michelle Weltens

    I donate in memory of my wonderful Aunt who I loved dearly and have great family memories of Love The Weltens family Nice Michelle and her husband Kevin and children KJ and Sarah

  • Joe & Tarrah Pollaro

    Great work, Katie! Good luck on your campaign!

  • Daisy Konen

    Supporting Katie Rizzuto's incredible drive to raise awareness and funding!

  • Susan Rusnak

    Your grandmother was a gracious and kind soul to everyone she met. Katie, you are doing such a great tribute to her memory by raising funds for Theis Leukemia &Lymphoma Society. Susan Rusnak

  • Ray and Laura Glaser

    Great work, Katie! (From Ray and Laura Glaser)

  • Mike Bensi

    Thank you for leading the charge, Katie!

  • David and Susan Crook

    Way to go Katie! We are happy to support you and your goal!

  • Erin McDonald

    Katie, this is a fantastic effort and I wish you the best of luck.

  • Michele M Teters

    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to support such an important cause!!

  • Vince Todd


  • Esther Dora

    Keep up the good work Katie!!!!



  • Market Share Brands Inc.

    Katie Rizzuto

  • Josh & Catherine Martin

    This is such a wonderful tribute to your grandmother! I can still hear her laugh!

  • Paul Ashley

    Keep up the great work!

  • Karin and Craig Veatch

    Katie, you are a role model for your peers. The world needs more young people who think about the needs of others! Congrats to you and your awesome parents.

  • Meghan Rizzuto

    I am so proud of you and all that you have done Katie, and your "Map" would be too. You are destined to do amazing things in your life ❤️

  • Kari Young

    Joel Priddy, always in our memories.

  • Jaemy & Kara Hwang

    Good luck with the final push! Thx and congrats Katie!

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