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Jan 24, 2019


My Story and Why I'm Supporting LLS:

Many of you may be familiar with my personal connection to Leukemia, but for those who don't know my story, here it is. When I was just seven years old, my mom was diagnosed with AML, a deadly form of Leukemia. This terrible news struck my family hard, and had a noticeable affect on me as well. I can still vividly remember the sleepless nights spent wondering if I was going to see my mom alive the next day, how hard it was to look her in the eyes because I could hardly even recognize her due to the drugs that had distorted her face, and those scary hospital visits. This horrible experience gave me a personal connection to cancer, and is the largest driving factor in my campaign. LLS helped our family by giving us a small stipend, but for families without insurance and other resources, they offer much more. Plus, LLS funds extensive research. 1.2 million Americans live with blood cancer in the U.S, and many are being treated with therapies LLS helped bring to life. Some of these new treatments would have drastically changed my mom’s treatment had they been available sooner.

   Eight Years Later:    


What is Students of the year?

The Students of the Year program is a seven-week initiative in which select high school students from around the country participate in a fundraising competition to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). This year, a total of 23 high school students will be raising money for LLS. The student who raises the most money during this seven week period is named the 'Student of the Year,' and is awarded a $2500 scholarship. The Student of the Year Program's Mission is to not only raise the most money but also to bring attention to blood cancers like leukemia, which is the most common form of cancer in children and teens. When I was nominated to participate in this campaign, I was honored and knew it would a great opportunity to give back and support an organization that is fighting to make sure no other family has to go through what me and my family went through eight years ago. My goal is to raise the most money during those seven weeks, and win the competition.   

All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. They'll not only support my campaign, but will also help provide critical information and support for patients, support LLS-funded research, and support advocacy for laws to ensure patients can access the care and treatments they need.

Please visit my website often and bring friends who would also like to donate! If you have any questions or another way to help, please email me at

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you for your support!

For more information about LLS, please visit




  • Laura Sharp

    In honor of leukemia survivor, Karen Salem Momper

  • The Morrical family

    Good luck in your campaign, Xavier! We are so grateful for your family's good health and the good health of other friends who have come through blood cancers, and we mourn losses with you and those in our own circle.

  • Mary Murphy

    Keep up the good work Xavier! All our best, Ed, Mary, and Peter Murphy

  • Kelly Martin

    We are so proud of you Zavier. And we truly feel honored to have known your family during that time. Big hugs to all of you.

  • Amy & Ken Dice

    Go Xavier! So proud of you for honoring your mom and family this way. And not surprised at all. Your mom Is truly one of the strongest people I have ever met. Looks like she is passing on that amazing quality to you. Portland misses you all!

  • The Todd Family

    So proud of your entire family! Thank you for supporting LLS.

  • Jennifer Rhodes

    What an amazing story you and your family have, Xavier. I didn’t know your mom during these sick days. I’ve only known her as she is now - healthy, vibrant, joyful...You have such an incredible mom. Her gratefulness and love for life are unmistakable. I can’t imagine the darkness of the days your family went through and, yet, look at all of you on the other side of it. I feel blessed to know your mom and to get to see God’s hand so clearly on your young life. He uses all things for the good of those who love Him....

  • Rosemarie Sochacki

    Wishing you success in meeting your fund raising goal!!

  • Monica Brase

    Xavier I'm so proud to know you and to see you working to honor your mom by helping others facing the same disease. I'm thankful that this gift can be made in HONOR of your mom and not in memory. The funds you are raising will help make sure many others have the same opportunity.

  • Peggy Alderman

    You’re awesome Xavier! Keep up the good work!

  • Katherine & David Kreutzer

    Xavier, thank you for fundraising efforts and helping make a difference in the treatment and lives of LLS patients and their families. We look forward to hearing of your success! The Kreutzers

  • James Trippi

    Way to go Xavier; you are a SOY in my book! Making Mom proud too.

  • Noreen Regan

    I had the privledge of teaching Xavier in first grade at St. Thomas More School in Portland Oregon. The Momper Family is a strong, giving and compassionate family who inspires others to count their blessings and give back. The best of luck to Xavier and Karen in their fundraising efforts.

  • Stephani Smith

    In honor of Karen Momper’s courage and in memory of our dear friend Chris Crawford!

  • Jill Geer, Paul Souza and Hayden Souza

    Thank you to Xavier for your efforts and the Sheetz Foundation for the donation match! Donated in honor of my mother, Bernice Geer, who died suddenly of leukemia in 1999, and in honor of your mother.

  • Kathy and Jerry Schumacher

    Good luck, Xavier! So proud of you!

  • The Hall Family

    Cancer sucks. Glad we can help in finding a cure and celebrate Karen being cancer free!

  • james gajewski

    Xavier Momper, you and your brother are the reason your mother is alive today. She fought through much adversity because she loved both of you with all her heart. She wanted to be there for you as you grew up. Thank you for this volunteer work honoring your mother and the disease she has so valiantly struggled against. This effort bears witness to the faith and values your parents raised you with and to your character as the adult man you are about to become. God bless you and the Momper family.


    Celebrating the life of Karen Momper and honoring the memory of Erin McGinley Gamble, mother to Garrison and Tyler, gone too soon!

  • Konrad Reinhardt

    In honor of the those that endure treatment and live on. You are my heroes!

  • Jay & Evie Horn

    Xavier, we are so proud of you for saying Yes to honor your Mom and represent Brebeuf.

  • Loretta Fulkerson-Bird

    We have know several people who have benefited from the past research and I have known several people who died from leukemia. I would love to see this disease become irradicated.

  • Amy satkiewicz

    Keep going Xavier!!!

  • Catherine Robinson

    Good luck, Xavier!

  • Jill & Davorin Baricevic

    Much love to you and your sweet family! We miss you all! xoxo

  • Debra Moorcroft

    In honor of other "Karen Mompers" out there! Please keep fighting this terrible cancer.

  • Brian Muncy

    Good luck with your campaign Xavier

  • The Crisp Family

    Xavier, Our thoughts are with you. Sincerely, The Crisp Family


    Xavier, Good luck with this. Give my love to all! Aunt Gerry O'Scannlain

  • Erskine family

    We support you Xavier! -Erskine Family

  • Kristi & Coley Gaynor

    Good Luck Xavier!

  • sean

    Cheers xj good luck bud

  • Cathy Strawn

    Xavier, you are a brave young man and we are thankful you shared your story and your Mom's journey. My Grandpa had Leukemia and I applaud your desire to help others. God Bless you and your family.

  • Luke & Kelly Wessel

    Keep up the good work! Good luck with your campaign! Happy to support LLS!

  • Keesee Family

    Nice work, Xavier! Our gift honors your mom, her donor, and all her caregivers, friends, family members, and prayer warriors. It's also in memory of our mom/grandma who fought hard and lived with AML longer than any one expected. Research and family support are important in eradicating this and all cancers. Thanks for doing what you're doing. -The Keesee Family

  • Karen Momper

    We support Xavier's efforts as we honor our lost heroes, Chris Crawford and Jack Klein

  • Thomas Green

    Good luck, Xavier!

  • Amanda Henry

    Keep up the amazing work Xavier!

  • The Danielson Family

    Great work, Xavier! Good luck in hitting your goal. In honor of your mother, Karen Momper-a courageous, beautiful fighter. And my Aunt Mariann, who lost her battle with AML in 1997.

  • Jerry Flynn

    Great job Xavier, please tell your Mom and Dad and JJ I said hello. I hope you win. Mr. Flynn

  • Bruce and Sarah Seidel

    Go Xavier!!!!! XXOO The Seidels

  • Betsy And Pete Morse

    Go Xavier!

  • Bill V

    Xavier, Thank you for engaging in this very worthwhile cause and living the Brebeuf motto of a "Man for Others." Fr. Bill,SJ

  • The Suschas

    Xavier, your commitment and energy to LLS is what we need to save lives. Thank you for stepping forward, telling your family's story and making a difference. Now, win this thing! The Suschas

  • Kari Wendowski

    Good luck Xavier. A very good cause indeed! The Wendowski Family

  • Pattie O'Connor

    Great Job, Xavier!! Mrs. O

  • Joe & Cathy Dezelan

    Xavier, your letter was touching and well written. Good luck in your quest to help others who are on this healing journey. I love working with your mother. I am sure she is very proud of you. Best of luck raising funds to helps others. Joe and Cathy Dezelan

  • peter forsee

    Great work Xavier and thanks for all your efforts! So proud of you and your family.

  • Gary Weinreb

    Hello Xavier - I am a neighbor of Owen Speer and I am happy to make this donation for the LLS. Best wishes to you and your Mom and your whole family. Gary Weinreb

  • Laura Kline

    Rob Held asked me to donate for his birthday! Good luck with your goal!

  • Anonymous

    Xavier Momper- Rob Held Thank you.

  • Jane Stinson

    Way to go Xavier!

  • The WolfPack

    To support our new friends and amazing neighbors...The Momper Family!

  • The Lowe Family

    Kudos to you, Xavier! Such a blessing to share your talents in honor of your mom! You've got hero in your blood! God bless you, your family and all of those whose lives are made easier because of your efforts.

  • The Liffick Family

    Sending you support from Defiance, Ohio!!! The Liffick Family!!

  • Keith & Erika Cheney

    Xavier, Good luck in your fundraising efforts. We are grateful for your mom's health and proud of you for embarking on this campaign to honor your mother and father for all they endured. All our best! The Cheney Family

  • Beth Franzosa

    Xavier, thanks for your great work for this important cause! Ms. Franzosa

  • Barbara Soria

    Good Luck Xavier!! Awesome what you are doing in honor of your amazing mom!!

  • The Klein Family

    Nice job Mompers!

  • Alisha Valentine

    Way to go Xav! You make your momma proud.

  • Julie Fritz

    In honor of your amazing mom, Karen Momper.

  • kim meyers

    Xavier, Here's to celebrating your Mom's beautiful smile and positive energy! Tom and Kim

  • Christopher Cleveland

    Good luck Xavier...wish you and your family all the best! And go Dawgs! CJ Cleveland

  • The BIngham Family

    We are happy to help support such a great cause!

  • Dwight & Edwina Wright

    We are honored to share our blessings for such a worthy cause. Dwight, Edwina, Myles, Gabe

  • Gaede Family

    Good luck, this is a great cause. Best wishes to your family!

  • John & Molly Creamer

    Good Luck

  • Jay and Laura Taylor

    Hi, Owen and Xavier. Keep up the great work to find the cure! Jay and Laura Taylor

  • Anita DeCecco

    Xavier and Owen, This is awesome. Keep up the good work! Anita De Cecco and Michael Boehm

  • karen peterson

    Way to go Xavier! Thinking of you and your family always.

  • The Nester Family

    Donating in honor of that brave woman you call mom! Good luck to you Xavier...& thank you for your dedication to such an important cause.

  • Brian and Beth Thamann

    We are so Proud of you Xavier.

  • Matt Taylor

    Xavier, you are setting a great example for all with your efforts. I look forward to hearing more about your success with this, college, and more! Matt Taylor72

  • Heather Hartung

    Routing for you Xavier! Best of luck to you with all of your efforts for this amazing cause. The Hartungs

  • Heather Butler

    I donated on behalf of my father, who also battled AML. Good luck with your campaign!

  • Vince Todd, Jr.

    Xavier, as a blood cancer survivor, I thank you for turning your emotion into action! Good luck.

  • Yasmine Khalil

    Good luck & congratulations on making a difference, Xavier! (I'm a friend of your dad's from Miami Lux)

  • Glenn Campbell

    Good luck Xavier. You have a wonderful mother and what you are doing in her honor is awesome. Hope you reach your goal man. Glenn Campbell

  • The Purdie Family

    Good luck!

  • Kate Smith

    In honor of my Cousin (in law) Karen and her wonderful boys. Way to go Xavier!

  • The Gramelspacher Family

    Good luck, Xavier! Cancers, specifically leukemias and lymphomas, have impacted so many families we know and we're happy to contribute to the fight.

  • Valerie Esposito

    Good luck, Xavier! Great cause!

  • Jessica Gillespie

    Matt Lavery and Jessica Gillespie

  • Tish Pyritz

    Dennis Pyritz

  • Stephanie Midkiff

    Way to go Xavier! The Midkiff Family

  • Edward Mottola

    We love you mom! God bless you forever! Kathy and Eddie

  • Michelle Schwanekamp

    Good luck Xavier!! Happy to support such an important cause!

  • Mark Satkiewicz

    Love your parents Xavier and best of luck hitting your goals!

  • Pater Family

    Good luck Xavier! So proud of you!

  • Denise Ramsden

    Good luck, Xavier. I am proud of you! Mrs. Denise Ramsden 2nd Grade Teacher, St. Thomas More School, Portland, OR

  • Emily Momper

    Good luck, Xav. What a way to honor your family and give back.

  • Peggy Duncan

    With Love and Support, Barbara & Mike Duncan

  • Peggy Duncan

    Love you Xav and so so proud of you! Love, the Duncan Girls and Uncle Mike

  • Janine and Alan Bercovitz

    In loving memory to our sister, Deb, and in honor of those who are battling or have battled this disease.

  • Doug & Jane Rush

    Happy to support this cause! All our love to you, your mom and family, Doug & Jane Rush

  • The Sylvia Family

    Amazing job Xavier & Momper family of helping to be a force in raising awareness and funds to fight blood cancers!

  • Steven Sullivan

    Thank you & good luck, Xavier!!

  • The Mitchell Family

    Best of luck Xavier! Happy to support such a wonderful cause!

  • The Grogan Family

    To the Mompers, for their inspiration to us. Thank you!

  • Molly Baute

    Proud of you, Xavier! Molly Baute

  • Emily Watts

    What an amazing young man. Love you Karen!! You’re such a strong woman. ??

  • Randy & Sue Hershey

    We honor your strong mother, Karen Momper. We’re friends with your grandparents, Jerry & Cathie Momper. Good luck, Xavier! Randy & Sue Hershey

  • TOm Jennings

    Great job Xavier!!

  • Rob and Katie Held

    Best of Luck Xavier! Lots of love to all of you! Rob and Katie Held

  • Morgan Shine

    love u javi keep it up!!!

  • Bruce & Angi

    Xavier, I have followed your family's journey as your Mom has fought and beat this awful disease. We are proud of you for getting involved to help make others lives better!

  • Dave & Jen Findlow

    Very proud of you Xav! Jen & Dave

  • Tom and M.C. Brennan

    So happy to support your efforts! Good luck!

  • Marianne and Roger Staubach

    Xavier, We are so proud of you! Marianne and Roger Staubach

  • Ned Flanagan

    For the very strong Momper family and all other families that have had to go through this awful disease

  • Patrick Deighan

    It is important for today's youth to undestand how banding together on a cause can make a difference. Although we are only 1 person by ourselves, together the impossible becomes possible!

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