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Jan 22, 2019

I am so incredibly honored to have the opportunity to help fund the 2019 Students of The Year Program for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This is a seven week program in which students from across the country raise critical dollars for our honored hero, Riley and for those who do not have the financial needs to care for themselves or loved ones fighting blood cancers. But, I am also doing this for my personal honored hero, Karen Coyne Volpe. She is my “WHY?”.

If you are involved with LLS the name Karen Volpe may ring a bell. Karen is in her third remission with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, AML-M3.  I was witness to much of her fight for life. Two bone marrow transplants, 200 skin cancer surgeries, 6 joint replacements, tongue cancer and neck cancer for a start. She was the first American to use Arsenic Trioxide as a form of chemo. Her treatments success has brought Arsenic to the forefront for use in APL patients

Over Karen's 16- year battle with cancers and for her health, she shared with me some of the many things that she learned along the way. She wants us to appreciate your health while you have it, don't take it for granted. Suffering is a journey of spirituality and faith. Since it is a caring world, she realizes that she has pulled others into her suffering and that is very difficult for her. Karen is thankful for her God given opprotunity to survive crisis after crisis because raising her children is her highest priority. 

Hearing these things was truly inspiring to me and has driven me to work as hard as I can for this campaign..  

Of all dollars raised, 79% of funds fo to the mission. Patients services, Research and Advocacy are all addressed with the money we raise. Karen has benefited directly from research. She has successfully participated in drug programs that have extended her life. Let's give so that more can live!

Thank you!

To read and learn more about Karen visit her website,

For more information about LLS, please visit





  • Rebecca Lantz

    Love your support and pray that these donations can touch lives, God Bless!

  • Kathy Webber

    Thank you Lexi for helping to save lives. Good luck with yur campaign. Kathy

  • Anonymous

    Your strength and determination are inspiring! Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way, Karen!

  • Sandra Kirkwood

    Thank you, Lexi, for sharing Karen’s story. I’m grateful to be able to contribute to this cause. Prayers will be offered up for Karen, you, and all involved in this effort to raise awareness of this disease.

  • Anonymous

    good luck, take care...Dave Strack

  • Kelli Singell

    Good luck sis! you got this

  • Teresa Ott

    Thank you for your amazing work for this cause, Lexi!

  • Kristin Dufek and Curtis Parker

    Lexi! You're an inspirational young lady, who will move mountains! Your dedication to a wonderful cause for an amazing woman Ms. Karen is inspiring. Thank you for spearheading this cause :) We love you! Curty and KK

  • Tom Yeager

    Any friend of Karen's is a friend of mine :).


    Great work Lexi! I work with your auntie Kristin

  • Tricia Ray

    Way to go Lexi! Proud of you for bringing awareness to such a destructive cancer and rallying us all to help support those who are fighting for their lives!

  • Amanda Oster

    Lex-- So proud of your dedication to such a great cause! Giving is always better than receiving and you are giving so much of your time, talent and treasure!

  • Jeff Cox

    Happy to help

  • Dwight & Liz Frost

    Lexi- We are so proud of you and your dedication to this campaign!! Your kind heart shines through!!

  • Jeanine Currans

    Good luck, Lex!

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