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Rishica's Student Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 18, 2024

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was built on a vision of a better world - one without blood cancers. I am a visionary and my vision is to improve the lives of people suffering from blood cancer and do my bit to contribute to this cause. I am ecstatic to be part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS), Student Visionaries of the Year Campaign, working towards this goal. Support me by donating to my Visionaries of the Year campaign and helping out with achieving this noble goal!

I personally was strongly affected by a great deal when my close family friend was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. It took a huge toll on their friends and families as well. My uncle & grandfather were also diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and every time I visit them, I realize how much willpower is needed to live with cancer. 

My team and I are extremely passionate, fervent, and dedicated to helping out in any way possible to find a cure for blood cancer. It affects the lives of a great number of people and our one hope is to help make this vision into something real.  

Please consider joining this fight by making a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. Please visit my website often and tell friends who would also like to donate! Here is the inspiring and powerful story from a good friend:

Akanksha is a friend of our family and we met her at Vintage Hills School. We were blown away by her positive and high spirits and then we found out that she was diagnosed with Lymphoma 3 years ago. We met with her to learn about her story and she would love to share it with you all!

Akanksha was diagnosed with Lymphoma 3 years ago in June 2020. She is a joyful mom focused on her family. She did not smoke or drink, her body had no caffeine, she ate healthy, and lived a perfect life! or so she thought until cancer came to disrupt her life. Akanksha started chemotherapy. Her passion for photography and writing helped her cope during the arduous times. She tried to never let cancer control her and also tried to train her mind to look at the bright side. She had just started to regain normalcy, when the cancer relapsed in May 2023 and doctors immediately started treating it having caught it early on. She is living a healthy life now, but the fear of a relapse lingers on. 

Please help me raise awareness and support in the research for a cure to benefit people like Akanksha!

Akanksha's Touching Story Video

Thanks to your support, my efforts will help ensure this generation is the last to see cancer.

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you!

For more information about LLS, please visit

Photo of my family and my uncle & grandpa



  • Dipanwita Dutta

    Thank you for the initiative.

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    Good Luck Rishica!

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    Wishing you all the best Rishica!

  • Sheela Kamath

    Glad to see you working for a wonderful cause, good luck !

  • Satya Ravada

    To all the people who were able to fight and beat the cancer. Here's to resilience, good health, and a bright future ahead

  • West Family

    From The West Family Hope you reach your goal!

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    Laudable objective. Passionate and committed efforts

  • Ragavan Manian

    Good luck with meeting your lofty goal - from paddy perima

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    Good luck Rishica From Raj uncle


    That's a great cause Rishica! Keep up the good work and all the best for all your efforts.

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    Wonderful to see you helping out with this initiative. Keep up the good work Rishica

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    Hope you are able to meet your target. All the best Rishica.

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    Great initiative Rishica! Best wishes!

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    Way to go Rishica campaign !

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    Dear Rishica, Proud of you for this amazing endeavor From love -Alok uncle.

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    Wishing you all the best

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    Great purpose,and effort Rishica. Good luck.

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    All the best Rishika.

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    All the Best Rishica! Maneesha

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    Go Chilloo!

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    All the Best for your efforts, Rishica!

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    A small contribution

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    Rishica - Good Work . Keep it up!

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    Great job Rishica

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    Rishica Awasthi, SVOY Golden Gate"

  • Srilekha Krishnamurthy

    Great initiative Rishica, wishing you all the very best from Srilekha Aunty.

  • Surabi Nama

    Contributing to Rishica’s fund raiser effort. We need more youngsters to do more such things social good.

  • Joe Hong, CLU, CHFC

    Rishika It's great to see young people of young generation who aware and want to involve in doing a good part to support humanity improvement. See You at the Top in 2024 !

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    For the cure for blood cancer !!

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    Good luck Rishica! Way to go!

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    Om Shanti

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