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Maya Bhandari | Team Uplift

Maya's Students of the Year Fundraiser

Jan 19, 2021

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page, welcome! 

My name is Maya Bhandari, and I am in 11th grade at a public high school in San Francisco. 

A year ago, my most influential teacher, mentor, and coach, Ms. Hadley, was diagnosed with cancer. Although Ms. Hadley fought against her cancer like a warrior every day, she succumbed to it and unfortunately passed away in December. 


Ms. Hadley giving me my first basketball trophy. 

In honor of Ms. Hadley’s memory, I am leading a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Our goal is to help cancer patients get lifesaving treatments, provide financial assistance to patients who need it, and continue supporting breakthrough cancer research. This is a targeted 7 week campaign that lasts from January 19th to March 6th. We named our team “Up Lift” for that is what we aim to do for all cancer fighting warriors. We would like your help with our fundraising goal of $50,000 so that other cancer fighting warriors can survive and thrive with additional research and resources. While we cannot help Ms. Hadley anymore, we hope her battle against cancer was not in vain and can instead help others.  

I encourage you to join me in supporting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) by making a donation to my fundraising campaign. By donating to LLS, you support the many facets of LLS’s mission work from investing in groundbreaking research, providing education and support to patients, and advocating at the state and federal level for legislation to help those living with cancer. My appreciation for your support cannot be overstated — each and every dollar donated to LLS brings us closer to our goal to end blood cancer and makes an impact for cancer patients and their families.

As a global leader in the fight to end cancer, LLS is committed to doing more for blood cancer patients and families than any organization in the world. LLS’s signature fundraising campaigns drive critical support for its mission, including a nearly $1.3 billion investment in cutting edge cancer research worldwide since it was founded in 1949. Since the 1960s, survival rates for many blood cancer patients have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled.

Every facet of LLS’s mission – research, education and support, and policy and advocacy – work in harmony to put blood cancer patients and their families first. LLS has helped millions impacted by cancer throughout its more than 70-year history, even funding breakthrough blood cancer research to advance lifesaving treatments and cures that is now helping patients with other cancers and diseases. That is why at LLS we say that beating cancer is in our blood.

Please visit my website as often as you can and share it with everyone you know who would also like to join us in the fight against cancer. Together, we have the power, the passion and the resolve to achieve a world without blood cancer. All donations are tax-deductible.

Every dollar you can donate helps in incredible ways. Thank you so very much in advance for making such a positive impact on so many lives. Just by sharing your positive energy, you are providing an Up Lift.

On behalf of cancer patients and their families everywhere, I sincerely thank you for your support!



  • Sarah Lawrence

    My son Sam loved Ms. K’s teaching style and always felt supported in her class. She is greatly missed.

  • Joy and Justin Oliver

    We're so glad you're raising money for this, Maya!

  • Ellen Reller

    LLS is a tremendous help to everyone touched by cancer. Go Team!

  • Malkin Family

    Good luck, Maya! My mother has a genetic condition that increases her chances of getting blood cancers. Drs caught her Leukemia early a few years ago and she was a trooper during her course of chemo followed by 2 years of chemo maintenance. She's monitored regularly... but we are hoping it never comes back. My step-mother-in-law also had Leukemia..

  • Paru, Ritu & Diya Kathpalia

    Maya - this is such a great tribute to the teachers you lost. Thank you for your efforts as we all know people who've been lost to this deadly disease.

  • Nina and Sachin

    Proud your drive!

  • Vaibhav Kothari

    Hi Maya I know it's not easy to have back to back losses. Teachers do a thankless job and its great you showing your support in such a honorful way

  • Sarika Parekh

    So proud of your efforts for such an important cause.

  • Melindah Sharma

    Maya, At such a young age to face the losses you have, and find ways to support such a dreadful illness is commendable. Keep it up. Thanks for being a light for other.

  • Parul Dave

    So sorry for your loss. So proud of your thoughtfulness.

  • nina shah

    What a great cause Maya. We are very proud of your philanthropy. Best of luck, dear!

  • Shashank & Soniya Sheth

    Great and honorable work Maya!

  • The Harlans

    Go Maya! I love that you are doing this in Ms. Hadley's honor. Great job and good luck! The Harlans

  • Tyler Graff

    Karen Hadley

  • Sujung Kim

    Maya - thank you for raising money for this important cause on behalf of Ms. Hadley. She would have been so proud of you.

  • David Lang

    Sorry for the loss of your coaches Maya. Emily's great Uncle Tom Chin was a great teacher in his 97 years, and we dedicate this to him.

  • David E. Salomon J.

    I’m so very sorry for your losses and thank you for your efforts.

  • Melissa Pond

    I’m sorry to hear you lost your coach/teacher Maya. It’s great that your team is doing this in their honor! Melissa

  • curtiss sarikey

    Maya - thank you for your leadership and compassion for this important cause in honor of Ms. Hadley.

  • Karen Warolin

    Thank you, Maya, for taking the initiative to raise money in honor of the amazing Ms. Hadley.

  • Christine Pozniak & Matijs Dijkgraaf

    A lovely way to honor and remember amazing teachers in our lives.

  • Nelly Fabre

    Hi Maya and team, Great job and excellent cause. Thank you for doing this. The Fabre family

  • Pallavi & Amol Dixit

    Such wonderful work you're doing, Maya!

  • Emily Risk

    Maya, This is such a kind and generous endeavor, one that will make a difference to many. You are awesome!

  • Mousumi Shaw

    For Maya Bhandari's fundraiser for Ms. Hadley

Contact us by email or call 888.LLS.7177.