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Jan 14, 2020


Everyone has been affected by cancer in one form or another. As someone unable to ever meet or truly know close family members due to cancer, I’ve always wondered what more could be done to combat this terrifyingly prevalent disease. More specifically, I’ve wondered how I could have a tangible influence in this fight. This fall, I’ve found that opportunity and decided to take part in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student of the Year campaign! From January 16th until March 7th of 2020, I’ll be in competition with multiple other students across the Bay Area to raise the highest amount of funds for LLS and their mission to cure blood cancer and improve the quality of life for patients and their families.


The money donated through my campaign would help fund LLS’s crucial blood cancer research, which has previously resulted in cutting-edge treatments. Since 2017, LLS has funded 41 out of the 47 FDA approved treatments. While their initiatives have a focus on cures for blood cancers, treatments discovered through blood cancer research has been successfully applied to other forms of cancer.


Today, I'm asking you if you could contribute to my campaign and LLS’s cause. Any contribution, whether big or small, is greatly appreciated. I can only take part in this program once as a candidate so I would love if you could spread the word of my campaign. It’s my goal to not let this opportunity pass without being as impactful as I possibly can. My team and I are working to make a difference, but we need your help to make a genuine impact.

Thank you,

Ana Huseby




  • Jonathan

    You've got this! Jonathan F. LLS

  • Anne Stuhldreher &Tim Wirth

    Go Ana!

  • Todd Isaacson

    Beautiful cause Ana... All the best wishes! Sincerely, Todd

  • Lucinda Macdonell

    Good luck Ana!! Fantastic cause and effort on your part. This is for Niki and Noah!

  • Chris Zak

    Great job Ana! My gift is in honor of my sister Stephanie Jerome, Member of the House of Representatives in VT.

  • Mott Hupfel

    You go girl!

  • Donaldson Pillsbury

    Go Ana!

  • Jenny Crist

    Ana - I love that you're supporting such a wonderful organization! About 10 years ago I did Team in Training, which supports LLS too, and I ran the San Diego Rock 'n Roll. Best of luck!!

  • Brad Bowers

    Thank you for your efforts Ana.

  • Peter Dominguez

    Great cause. Good luck Ana. My donation is in memory of my father.

  • Marie Blue

    Good luck Ana, on fundraising for a great cause!

  • William and Tineke Triggs

    Great cause. Good luck!

  • Robert Tyndall

    Always a pleasure to support a Huseby.

  • Eileen Treanor

    Best of luck Ana!

  • Christopher Cordani

    Thank you Ana for your efforts to help combat Leukemia - wonderful to see.

  • Drew Curby

    Go Ana!

  • Virginia Royster

    also in memory of Ann Starr Widmann and Susie Lynd. Thank you, Ana!

  • Fernanda

    Good luck, Ana!

  • Gardenia P. Cucci

    Great campaign! and good luck!!

  • Christopher Donoho

    Bravo Ana for your effort helping this terrific cause!

  • Agnes Liljegren

    Amazing work Ana! Such an important cause. Want to dedicate this in honor of my dear friend Victor, the first friend I made in SF a decade ago. <3

  • Molly Cooper

    Well done, Ana!

  • Ted, Heather and Teegan Heyd

    We are so proud of you, Ana!

  • Holly Kennedy

    Ana - Uncle John and I could not be more proud of you, and AS and Aunt Mol would be too! All our love to you from San Diego to San Francisco.

  • Kevin London

    Ana, I met your Aunt Heather when she was doing amazing things for the LLS in SF. Keep up the great work and good luck with your campaign! best, Kevin London

  • Paul Seu

    Good luck, Ana!

  • Rachel Yeaman

    You go girls!

  • Yoko Senga

    Good luck Ana, great cause!

  • The Hunt Family

    Important cause, thank you for making this happen, Ana! Xo

  • Martha Coolidge

    Good for you Ana, I am sure you will reach your goal

  • Katharine Norwood

    Go, Ana!

  • Christine & Sean Guinness

    Go Ana!!

  • Adam

    Jenny Carey

  • Ana Katharina Drechsler

    Ana! So proud of your efforts here. You are a powerhouse. I am dedicating this to the altogether too many people we have loved and lost to cancer. They are cheering you on.

  • Marian Mullally

    Go team!

  • Patricia Starkey

    You rock Ana. I hope you reach the goal.

  • Janicke Eckbo

    Hi, Ana! Keep up the great work and best of luck with your fundraising! All the best from Norway :-)

  • Sara O'Malley

    This is a great cause Ana. I hope you reach your goal!

  • Chris Howard

    This is such an important cause, Ana ... I'm so glad you chose it!

  • Douglas Busk

    Proud to support Team Ana for this worthy cause!

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